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THE TIMES, CLAY CENTER, KANSAS. Sur-Tc; sending 21 one-cent one-cent one-cent binding for 31 stamps. Book were sold in cloth a half million copies edition is now ready Address World's Dis-fensaky Dis-fensaky President, Buffalo, N. Y. PRESCRIPTION good enough outside wrapper its no alcohol and forest roots TASTE appreciated wherever a showing of good disastrously to ones own is a different matter. show your good taste by Laundry Work Steam Laundry, which top in the Laundry of Patents. residents of Kansas, as reported by Hy. and patent solicitor, Kan. Lawrence, making Manhattan, cloth-measuring cloth-measuring cloth-measuring and J. C. Stoops, Ne-odesha, Ne-odesha, releaser. Pittsburg, screw driver. and at all times Pine-salve Pine-salve will be found just for burns cuts and here by Gowenlock. sale at this office. Auctions. Having decided to will sell at public old James Simpson southeast of P.roughton, north of Wakefield, and 3 miles south of north of Gatesville DECEMBER 21. o'clock sharp, the horses 2 black mares, 1 gray mare, weight mare, weight 1,350; weight 1,300. Shorthorn cattle 6 soon to be fresh, 2 the rest with calves; sucking calves; 2 1 yearling heifer; 3 calves; 5 spring heifer bull with whom given. Poland China shoats. R. I. Red chickens. 1 six foot Deering Deering corn binder; Columbia grain corn planter; Moline plows, one new; 2 walking lister; 2 three-section three-section three-section harrow; cutters; 1 one-row one-row one-row cornstalk feed grinder; alfalfa cutter, new; hay 1 lumber wagon; 1 Purely Personal. A. M. Oren was a Green visitor last week. Ray Watts was in Junction City last week. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fullington were over from Idana Friday shopping. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Trechsel of Idana were in Clay Center Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gramly were Concordia visitors Thursday of last week. Miss Ethel Sorrell returned Friday to Palmer after a short visit with friends here. Mrs. Kimball was over from Hering ton this week visiting her mother, Mrs. Walker- Walker- Guy Martin was a business visitor in Monument, Kans., the latter part of last week. Miss Bess Ransdell was a Kansas City visitor the latter part of last week for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Barnwell went up to Concordia Thursday of last wee to attend a play at the opera house. Clayton Fullington was visiting his mother and brother in Idana this week and also spending a little time here. Mrs. Hogue joined her husband in Kansas City Friday night, they expect expect to make their home there hereafter. hereafter. William Drake returned last week to Lincoln, Nebr., after a visit with his brother James Drake and family in Exeter. Mrs. Margaret Flinn left Friday for ElDorado, Kans., after a visit of a few days at the G. M. Stratton home in this city. Mr. and Mrs. ' Roy Ensign came down from Fairbury, Nebr., last Friday Friday to visit friends and relatives in this county. Mrs. J. H. Ferguson came up from Junction City last week expecting to attend the funeral of her brother, Scott Gillespie. Amel Olson north of town, left last week for Portland, Ore., to visit visit his sister, expecting to spend Christmas there. Mrs. Dr. Attwood returned Friday to her home in Randolph after a visit visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Branfort. Miss Carrie Woerner returned Friday Friday from a visit with relatives in Saline county. She also visited over Sunday at Wakefield. Gus WToerner was over from Kipp, Kansas, over Sunday visiting his father who is rather poorly. Gus returned returned home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hodel returned Monday evening from an extensive visit in Oklahoma and McPherson county. They had a fine trip. Miss Lottie Stratton and Mrs. Margaret Margaret Flinn were Clifton visitors, with the Smies families, a short time the latter part of last week. E. A. Walno of Tabor, Iowa, who formerly lived north of Green, was visiting in the city last week. The family but recently moved to Iowa. Rev. A. Xeal of the Free Methodist church went to Solomon and Minneapolis Minneapolis Friday on church work, expecting expecting to be gone for about ten days. Mrs. S. Stone and children returned returned Saturday to their heme in Leonard ville after a visit with Mrs. Stone's parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. Milholland. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Campbell and daughter Jennie, returned Friday to NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA If You Have it, Read This Letter. Fullington & Held Guarantees Mi-o-na. Mi-o-na. Mi-o-na. Mi-o-na. Mi-o-na. "I was taken last August with a severe stomach trouble. The doctor said it was nervous dyspepsia. He gave me medicine for that. I took his treatment four weeks, didn't feel any better at the end of four weeks than I did when I commenced taking taking his medicine. I took everything I heard of. The first day of December, December, 190S, I got a box of Mi-o-na Mi-o-na Mi-o-na Mi-o-na Mi-o-na tablets. tablets. I took them that afternoon and the next day and haven't had one bit of pain in my stomach since the 2nd of December. I took five boxes. Feel well now, sleep good that is something something I haven't done in a number of DROPSY TREATED FREE. Franklin Miles, M. D., LL. B.f the Well-Known Well-Known Well-Known Heart and Dropsy Specialist, Will Send a New $3.75 Treatment Free. Many "Hopeless" Cases Soon Cured After After 5 to 20 Doctors Failed. At first no disease is apparently more harmless than dropsy, a little swelling of the eyelids, hands, feet, ankles or abdomen. Finally there is great shortness of breath, smothering spells, sitting up to breathe, cough, faint spells, sometimes nausea and vomiting, even bursting of the limbs and a lingering and wretched death if the dropsy is not removed. Dr. Miles has been, known as a lead ing specialist in, these diseases for 30 years. His liberal offer is certainly worthy of serious consideration. You may not have another opportunity. The Grand Dropsy Treatment consists consists of three dropsy remedies in one also Tonic Tablets, and Pura-Laxai Pura-Laxai Pura-Laxai for removing the water. This treatment is specially prepared for each patient and is at least three times as successful successful as that of most physicians. It relieves relieves the first day, and removes swelling in six days in most cases. Mr. J. B. Harm, 119 W. Maryland St., Indianapolis, Ind., cured after two physicians physicians failed. Mrs. Sarah A. Boyd, Oelwein, la., cured after Riving1 up hope. Mrs. W. H. Bertwell, Willis, Kans., suffered suffered 25 years, cured in 4 months. Mrs. Tennie Hubbard, Teagues, Mo., cured, whole body swollen, could not lie down. Mr. C. A. Killinger, Shippensburg-, Shippensburg-, Shippensburg-, Pa., cured after four physicians failed to relieve. relieve. Mrs. Julia Brealt, Dusdale, Minn., cured after being' pronounced incurable by three physicians. Mr. John T. Alexander, Alexander, Elwood, 111., cured after 4 failed. Many cures from your state sent upon request. All afflicted readers may have new, Dropsy Book, Examination Chart Opinion and a $3.75 Treatment free. Write at once. Describe your case. Address Dr. Franklin Miles, Dept. D., 437 to 447 Main St., Elkhart, Ind. their home in Seiling, Okla., after a visit at the Charles Remington home here. - A. M. Story of Manhattan visited over - Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Story in this city, returning Monday morning. He leaves shortly for Maryland Maryland to live. Miss Anna Gillespie came up from Topeka Friday, coming here on account account of the death of her brother, Scott, expecting the burial to occur in- in- Clay Center. George McCormick returned Sunday Sunday evening from the San Luis country country in Colorado. He says the sun is shining out there. But in western Kansas he struck a bad blizzard. F. J. Petermeyer of Albuquerque, N. Mex., was here last week on business business and visiting friends. He formerly formerly lived at Morganville and says he would like to be living there now. Rev. Albert Head returned Friday night from Topeka where he had been ten days attending an Episcopal Episcopal Theological school. He conducted conducted services at the church again Sun day. Mrs. John Hanna and son, Mayer G. W. Hanna, were in Garrison Sunday Sunday to attend the funeral of "Walter Puckett, formerly" of Riley, who was Mrs. John Ilanna's brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They brother-in-law.-They returned home Monday. Ray Temple is expected home shor: ly to spend a few weeks during the holidays with his mother at the Bon-ham Bon-ham Bon-ham hotel. He has been traveling for about two years with the Dunbar bell ringers and this will b-3 b-3 b-3 his first trip home. S. Beach of Garrison visited old friends here last Thursday and Friday. Friday. He is an old settler, a member of the 7th Kansas regiment and came up here to see Tom Sanders, L. Laflin, T. G. Ryan, Henry Avery, George Thomas and Jacob Mall, his old war companions. A Vision. Strange as it may seem to you that a vision has been kept so secret for almost 20 years and not speaking of it but very seldom. "Tell the vision to no man, not until the Son of Man be risen again from the dead." The desciples were under obligation to make it known as they did. So are we to speak of the things He has made known unto us. What is the Vision that has been seen? Christ sitting on the throne with the rod in His hand, that he will come to judge the People. Psa. 2, 9. "Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's potter's vessel." The rod is God's word. ALL OVEE THE COUNTY. INDUSTRY. Dec. 13. Your correspondent was snowbound away from home last weeltf" and unable to get home in time to write the news last week. Miss; Eunice Harvey returned home Monday from a visit with her grandparents, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Harvey at Talmage. Its nothing new now days to see people take tumbles. John Greep and John Kisling from near Longford took dinner with Howard Howard Benders Saturday. Gladys Akers is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bender. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Johnson, Mrs. Backus and Mrs. Al Buffenmire took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bosch Wednesday. The Woman's Missionary society met with Mrs. Eiselene Thursday and made two nice quilts for the orphans home at Toledo, Ohio. They will be sent there for a Christmas present. Mr. Howard, our miller, returned home Friday from Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bosch spent Sunday with his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Bosch. Inez Gibbs, Eunice Harvey and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bosch took 6 o'clock dinner with Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Johnson. Johnson. Inez Gibbs, Eunice Harvey, Ida Ber-ger, Ber-ger, Ber-ger, Clara Berger and Nancy Howard Howard and Mrs. Lewis visited Sunday afternoon afternoon with Mrs. Eiselene and Florence Florence Eiselene. We have friends that never forget the needy in times of storms. They are missionaries. Lizzie Eaves came home Sunday from near Longford where she has been staying with her sister, Mrs. McCune. UNIONDALE. Dec. 9. If this weather keeps on until Christmas, Santa Claus will need his sled and reindeer and not an automobile. We heard that the wedding bells will soon ring again. Winnie and Lizzie Fowles took dinner dinner at Mrs. Adams Sunday. Frank and Gifford Yarrow spent Wednesday evening at Mr. Hammonds. Hammonds. Fred Thurlow, wife and Raymond visited at F. Martin's Tuesday. Mrs. Sam Adams cousins from St. Louis spent a few days with her a short time ago. Mr. and Mrs. Jevons, Lucille and Myra drove to Clay Center Friday. Mrs. Hubbard of Manhattan came Saturday for a short visit with relatives. relatives. Bert Fowles visited with the Yarrow Yarrow boys Saturday. Mrs. Emma Yarrow visited with Mrs. Fred Yarrow a few days lately. Steven Reed, Fred Thurlow and A. W. Yarrow marketed hogs in Wakefield Wakefield Monday. Annie and Winnie Fowles visited with Mrs. A. W. Yarrow a short time ago. TABOR. (Too late for lst week.) Dec. 6 King Winter is surely here, robed in his dress of white. Roads are in very bad condition for traveling. Born to John Welch and wife last Wednesday a lino baby girl, also to Mr. Duel and wife a baby boy. Miss llattie Hill and Dora Hagberg visited at Mr. Kemp's and Doig's last week. Miss Maggie Lindsay is working for Mrs. John Welch. Frank King and wife visited at Fred Hagberg's last Friday. Mr. Thompson, the Tabor minister visited at R. U. Blackwood's last Wednesday evening. A few other young people were invited in. A Timely Caution. Don't give any one bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac or pictures pictures unless you are morally sure you know his taste. Presents that must be displayed are apt to be a great strain on the affections. No matter how the receiver may lint.1 tliem. he must father father them aud deface his rooms with them v.v insult t'i;' Lrivt-i-. Lrivt-i-. Lrivt-i-. Lrivt-i-. Lrivt-i-. Now. a book, for instance, even if th' receiver doesn't like it aud doesn't want it. can be tucked :;vay amon.r o: her books and forgotten, but an ugly vase we have always with as at least tilt we can smash it. Choked to Death is commonly said of babies who have i&W s Hillill I'M 1 KM ALCOHOL 3 PER ppvt AVcgetablelVeparationforAs-siiailaling AVcgetablelVeparationforAs-siiailaling AVcgetablelVeparationforAs-siiailaling theFootfaMRegula ting Uie StomarJis andBowcis of .oca Promotes DigeslionJCkerful-ness DigeslionJCkerful-ness DigeslionJCkerful-ness and Restontains neither Opiuni.Morphiiie norMiocraL Not Narcotic. ftmapkta Seed" jUxMMta JbdidttSdk- JbdidttSdk- jtnheSeed ftpprrmint -Ik -Ik larkauk SjJa Worm Seed' Clarified Snqtr . WuUayeeti Haror. u7!m Aperfecf Remedy for Consllpa-lion Consllpa-lion Consllpa-lion , Sour Stomach.piarrhoca Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish-ness .Fcverish-ness .Fcverish-ness arulLoss or Sleep. Facsimile Signature of V-. V-. V-. nE. a NEW YORK. '" .I'll Hi ; Guaranteed under 1 Exact Copy of Wrapper. J. E. PETERSON, LICENSED EMBALMER AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR. (Successor to Fletcher & Finch) v g2o,:.ji; S?2ay tesFHrdeed under the l- l- Located at the old establishment, Day and Night Calls Office Phone 360. J. W. C. VINCENT Practice in State and Federal Courts. VV. P. BOAL, Bus and Baggage Transfer. At Chas. Beck's Barn. Baggage delivered delivered to all parts of the city. Cor. 4th and Court. Phone 130. Novelty Repair Shop. H. E. ANDERSON, Prop. All kinds of REPAIRING done neatly and promptly. Gasoline Stoves a specialty. specialty. New and old Bicycles for sale. Under Bonham Hotel Office. Hawaiian Christmas. Birds are sinsins everywhere. Happy, merry Christmas! Flowers are showing beauties rare. Merry, happy Christmas! Here in ocean drilled home. Here in pleasant tropic zone. 'Neath a Rlorions summer sun Comet Ii merry Christmas. Day which si vet h 'nv to all. Happy, merry t.iris! Toor ai il rich m:l gie:t nr small Merry, happy Christ mis! Day when any. 1 voices rail Praife to him. t'v I.umI of all. And peace, food will, to mankind fall ' On every merry Christmas. Santa Clans comes here alway Every merry Christmas. Sans the reindeer, sans the sleigh

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