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FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 61 YEARS YOU CAN OWN A SHARE OF ONE OF OUR MOUNTAIN WEST'S BASIC INDUSTRIES volume in 1958, $5.952,000.00 i ~ ^*u*&»*r. jr-*?.w The McFarland Incorporated PJanr, assessed excess of $1,000,000.00,— gross UTAH PUBLIC OFFERING McFMIMD MtAT PHOOUCTS Of MtHIT INCORPORATED GROSS VOLUME 1955-$5,280,000.00 1958 -$5,952,000.00 CAPITAL STOCK OFFERING UNITS OF 10 SHARES Two shares common, eight shares preferred, 7% accumulative. $3,000,000.00 capitalization, $1,000,000.00 to present stockholders, $1,500,000.00 $1,500,000.00 in public offering. Balance to be held in treasury. All stock has the same voting, rights. MCFARLAND INCORPORATED IS BECOMING A $3,000,000.00 PUBLIC OWNED CumPAHY The McFarland Meat Company, one of our great mountain west's bask industries, was established by -Mr. Archie McFarland in 1898 in North Salt Lake. In 1900 Mr. McFarland leased the Niper Packing plant at Second West and Twenty First South Streets. This plant burned in 1918. Mr. McFarland and his'son, Archie Rae McFarland, then purchased Murray Meat and Livestock Company—the present location of the plant at 2922 South Main Street. In 1930 Archie Paul McFarland joined the organization. organization. At this time the company was a partnership. In 1936 Mr. A. Paul McFarland assumed active man- agership. Since this time, Archie McFarland and Son has shown steady growth. In 1948 a family corporation was formed. In 1959 Archie McFarland and Son'becomes McFarland McFarland Incorporated. For the first time in 61 years this privately owned corporation is becoming a public owned corporation: BOARD OF DIRECTORS A. Paul McFartafld, prcsi- dtnt and general manager, manager, McFarland Incorporated; Incorporated; presfdcnt of Utah Packing Co.; director of W««t«rn M«at Pacfcen Ann.; Gradual, of Chicago Chicago University in rr.eal cackina. scienc*; director and !r«aiurfr of Salt lck» County Fair Board. W. Howard All«n, vies president, sales manager, Brookfield Products Co.; past president. Salt Lake Executives Assn.; director Granilt Securities. Curl W. Evehner, cJiatrmon of beard, luehner Block Co.; vie. preiidenr. Brook. field Products Co.; director. director. Old American Life Insurance Co.; director and J«r«ary of Sunset town Memorial Park; president. Beehive State Bonk. Jamil I. Fault, lawytr, graduate University cf Utah B.A., l.LR.t Slot, legislature 1943-SO; presi- atnt, Gr«en Ditch Water Co.; vice prtjidtnl, Paulsen Paulsen Engineering I Menu- LDS Hoieital. ' ' U> "*' Elmo W. Hamilton, director. director. Valley Stale Bank; director, Provo Reservoir Wofer Uier* Co.; president, president, Salt Lake County Form Bureau; dire«1or. Utah State Farm Bureau; president of Salt lake County Farm Labor Aisn. Earl I. Howe, partner, Howe Bros. Dairy Farms; past preside-nt of Salt lake County Fair; director. South Cohonwood Lions' Club; truirr-. Salt Ink* County Coftamvood Ssm- tcry District: president, GRHAW irrigation Co. Farley Probsf, livestock coocher; Fl'/ing U Ranch, Kebcr City. Utah; Parley Probst Ranch. D-lta. Utoh. Ass=etated with Production Production Credit Assn., 7i yean; oirector. Courtesy Finance. S. CoKin Sorensen. second vice presic'enl. South fast Furniture Co.; director Amencon Guardian life Insurance Co.; post president president cf Utah Furniture Assn. McFarland Incorporated ~ "~ """•-*—— —• P.O. Box T44 South Salt lake City, Utah Phone EL 9-9364 Gentlemen: Please forward o copy of lh« Mrfarfand Incorporated prospectus. 1 understand I om under no obligation to purchaj* because of this request. NAME ADDRESS CITY PHONE NO. READY FOR EXPANSION McFarland Incorporated is on the threshold of the mountain west's greatest expansion period, preparing themselves Jo expand with this dynamic dynamic growth. The influx of outside industry, utilizing the vast resources of our area, has made it imperative McFarland Incorporated make this public offering-trie first in 61 years of business. McFarland Incorporated has chosen the best men ova.lable 1o help set the cours* fc r its greatest expansion. There are livestock men, a lawyer, bankers, and successful businessmen, «per,enced men, available to give counsel ond cdv.ce m helpmg McForlond Incorporated expand expand w,th our growing mountain west. With 'ne plant, equipment, populotion growth, expending expending economy, and wise guidance - 1he M T- <h 1 n d ° yblin 9 P rese " income is p«Ses " the re ° SOn °f flood business Clip Out and Mail This Coupon Lynn M. Cory, LaMar Midgley & Associates, Underwriters ^ X

Clipped from The Salt Lake Tribune04 Nov 1959, WedPage 15

The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah)04 Nov 1959, WedPage 15
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