Pension $ for Adolphus posted in local paper- chronic rheumatism

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Pension $ for Adolphus posted in local paper- chronic rheumatism - THE PENSION LIST Ala meda Csaatr, With th...
THE PENSION LIST Ala meda Csaatr, With th Causes and AiatnoU. The following is a ; complete list of United States j pensioner id Alameda county, stating the name of the pensioner, or her postufhee address, the cause tor which he or she' was pensioned, tne montn- montn- rate, and the date of the original allow ance, in the order named: Adam, Charles Yf., Alameda,-g. Alameda,-g. Alameda,-g. s. w, arm, S22 50, Dec.; lo67, Franklin, Wm. H.i Alameda, g. s. w head and breast. 815, Oct., 1873. Julees, Henry; Alameda, g. s. w. r. arm IW.. 1872. i . i - Herle. Bennett. Alameda, loss r. leg, 94 Anir.. 1874.! 5 Smith. Wm.. Alameda, total blindners. 72, Dec., 1874. ; f, Kmarv. Elsie S.. Alameda, mother, $8 Campbell. John F.. Alameda, chro. ft. . '' Crozier, Robert, Bay Farm Island, g. s, H thicrh. S4 Daci 1881. Casev. John. Brooklyn, loss I. eye, fe, Mar.. 1875. 1 . -. -. True, George H., Brooklyn, g. s. w. r. wrist, 6, Feb., 18661 White, Cornelia F., Brooklyn, widow 1812, $33. July, 1883LI , Thornton, Ann Eliza, Brooklyn, widow 1812, 8, Mar., 1879. Coleman, John W.J Centreville, g. s. w. If. arm, $12, July, 1872. Pester, John HVj Livermore, tniury to abdomen, S3, May, 1876. Coleftock, Wm. W., liivermore, loss r. leg, 18, Jnly. 1867. Pullen. Clark J., Livermore, rheu., ?4, Apr., 1881. i 1 Bellamy, Benson C, Livermore, g. s. w. If. inn. i: Dec. il807. Mandenhall. Sarah. Livermore. widow 1812, $8, July, 187'.. , Dulmage, Byron A.,iLorin, g. s. w. leg, $4, May, 1882. Simmerman. Lina, Midway, injury &hdometi' 4. Feb.. 1870. if. to Thatcher, Hannah, j North Temescal, mnthar S8. Mar.J 1870. Webster, Edgar, Oakland, wd. both lege, $12. I , Hassard, Richard.Oaldand, loss l.thumb, SR f. 1S82. i Hart, Lucius S.'; Oakland, consumption, 84, May, 1871. I , ! Gibson, Eikanah L, Oakland, loss r. lff. 818. Oct.. 18fi6. Gage. Norris L.. Oakland, g. s. w. knee, A Sarit.. 18;6. Baker. Chas. W Oakland, wd. r. thigh, 8 Fob . 1XC.7. Brown, i 'rancis Uakiand, neart qis., $16, Sept., 1873. ! . Bromley, .John L., Oakland, in). J. band, ay,184S. Adauo. Wm. H., Oakland, g. s. wrist. 612, Jan., 1874. I Carroll, George,' Oakland, wd. If. arm. jss. JjiIv. ixi:9. i Curtis, Charles, Oakland, wd. If. thigh, S3. Fickett, Iiaac SL, Oakland, in. L leg, S24, June, 1881. Hoinet, Ueo. W., Oakland, ftyi. haad. 12. Sept.- Sept.- 1875. 1 ' (arriian. Thomas. Oakland, wd. If, hand. S18. Sent.. 1864. i CowomiK. GillepieBJ Oakland, disloca tion Iff wrist. 4. Dec. 1882. Carver, Lewis M., g. s. w.; rheu., f4. Oct.. 1S65. ; Connoissier, Fired. L.. Oakland, wd. If. thic'n, 810, Apr., 1870. Wilson, .Joseph, Oakland, g. s. w. r. arm, S18. Jan. ISi j. Tuller, OrlandeP.,Oakland, chro. diarr.,. Sept,, 1881. Hallam. David V. B.. Oakland, dis. eves. SI 8. July. 1880. ! Hays. Edwin B.. Oakland, tr. s. w. 1 hand. 85. Jan.. 1874. Hussey. Wm. H.. Oakland, e. s. w. L shoulder. ?8, Aug., 1872. Quackenbush, Charles McG., g. s. w. r. leg, S2, No 5, 1878. Potter, Wm. 15., Oakland, inj $4, June, 1881. i Nelson, Melvin, Oakland, g. s. Oakland, . r. hand, . w. L foot. $6, Feb., 1867. p Barrett, John, Oakland, g, s. w, head. S10. Nov.. 1876. ! face and Murcb, Nawm, Oakland, g. e. w. 1. foot. 88, Mar., 1873. ! Champion, Albert C, Oakland, g. s. w. rt. arm. $18. June. 1867. Crandall. Benjamin C, Oakland, loss arm. $18. Oct., 1866. I Roundy, John L., Oakland, wd. L foot, $15. Juiy, 1865. Donley, Adolphus, Oakland, chro. rheu $18. Kirkiatrick, Robert R. Oakland, wd. rt. leg. J8o0. I Whitcomb, Judson, Oakland, g, foot. $4. Oct., 1865. f i. w. Kcrwadle, Harvey G, Oakland, dis. If. eye, $4, Dec, 180. Thomas, Wm. R., Oakland, g, s. w, leg, 311 Zo, JNov., iso, Brown, Horace IS. Oakland, wd.

Clipped from Oakland Tribune15 Jan 1884, TuePage 2

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California)15 Jan 1884, TuePage 2
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  • Pension $ for Adolphus posted in local paper- chronic rheumatism

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