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Rye, Tom - Iowa Boys Serving - visit and He concluded Vancouver, of poultry...
visit and He concluded Vancouver, of poultry attributed in Guild the the , stated have reported on Y -- f l o y d in according of daughter hospital. include Mrs. Jake and ol and at Mr issued of the Moe 3 late a year the Your Neighbors in the * * * * * * * KHAKI AND BLUE NORTH 1OWANS IN UNIFORM AT U.S. CAMPS AND AIR BASES UNDERGOES OPERATION'-- Sgt. Thomas Rye, serving with, the U- S. marine corps somewhere somewhere in the Pacific, recently underwent an appendectomy, according to word received here. Sergeant Rye was stationed stationed for a time in Iceland. He was associated with his father. Carl T. Rye in construction work before he entered the service. ----V-- IS ENGAGED--Announcement was recently made of the engagement engagement of Miss Maxyne Tenenbaum. Tenenbaum. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tenenbaum of Waterloo, to Lt. Mickey Kaufman, Kaufman, son of Sirs. Lena Kaufman, Kaufman, 312 Second street northwest. northwest. The wedding date has not been set. Lieutenant Kaufman was employed employed by Jacob E. Decker and Sons Packing company until a year ago when he went into the army at Fort Lea verm orth, Kans. In September, he went to Fort McClellan. Ala., and ihen to officers' training at Grinnetl where he was schooled in army administration. He was commissioned on Feb. IT, 1943 and has been at Fort Snelling, Minn., since. y IN" MARINE CORPS--Col. William William M. Newman, Sr.. has returned returned to his station in a naval ammunition depot at Crane, Ind., after spending a 10 day furlough with his wife and family family at 1425 North Federal avenue. avenue. He was employed at (he firm of Jacob E. Decker and Sons prior to entering the service. service. (Russell photo) y IS CORPORAI^-Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bond have received word that their son, Lloyd Bond, a, mechanic at Grenicr field, Manchester. N. H.. has been advanced advanced to the rank of corporal. Their address is 362 Twelfth street southeast. Corporal Bond enlisted in Ihe service a year ago. He attended the Mason City schools. (Frank Free photo) Pvt. Peter P. Allos has arrived at Kansas State college for a course ot army air force instruc- ion lasting about five months irior to his being appointed an av- ation cadet. His wile and sister, Ann Ailos, live at 421 Monroe avenue avenue northeast. * # * Pvt. Robert L. Hubbard, son of Mrs. M. F. Lakin, 844 Sixth treet street southwest, is at Fort Cnox, Ky., in the armored force replacement center, taking basic raining. * # * Robert W. Lewis, 410 Second street northeast, is noiv graduated 'rom Shaw field, Sumter, S. Car., laving completed basic training. He was the only lowan in the class. * * # Leo John Skyles, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Skyles, 517 Fif- :eenth street southeast, began his -ecruit training at Farragut, ,daho, this week. * * * One hundred and thirty-one men Irom Iowa are in the latest class ot pre-flight aviation cadets o start training at San Antonio, Pex. Three from Mason City are Robert F. Cookman, William A. Taylor and Roger D. Wilcox * * * Pvt. A. J, Feeney, son of Mrs, Arthur J. Feeney of Rockford, 111., and grandson of the late Dr. Charles H. Marston, and Mrs. rtarston, who lives at 710 Caro- ina avenue northeast, has spent he last week taking examinations at Oklahoma A. and M. for fur- her college training under, the new army specialized training program. He has successfully paossed the examinations, and .'ill go to one the nation's uni- ersities for a period of study. This group of men will presumably presumably be used in the work of re- labilitation. He entered the army Feb. 8, 1943, and has spent the ast five months at Fort Sill, Okla. :5e is a graduate ol the Mason City high school and attended col- "ege at Grinnell. » * * * Raymond Frederick Kunz, Jr., and John Adams Kunz sons ot Dr --V-Airmen --V-Airmen Uncross Fingers as WAVES Prove Their Worth and Mrs. Raymond Kunz, 80 Linden Linden drive, were both called to active active duty on July 1. Raymond will remain in Iowa City, where he was a student in the college of dentistry, dentistry, and will go into training for the dental corps of the navy. His brother. John, who has been in the Mason City junior college, will go to the State Teachers' college at Maryville, Mo., for a course in pre-medics. * * * Pvt. and Mrs. Max Lundstrum are spending a furlough visiting his mother, Mrs. Oscar Myhre, 15 Twenty-sixth street southwest. He is with a medical detachment at Fort Dix, N. J. He has also been stationed at Camp Berkeley, Tex., and Camp Gordon Ga. * * * Pfc. Pat Curtin. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Curtin, 426 Pierce avenue southwest, is in a naval hospital in California, his parents have learned. He has been on active active duly in the Pacific for one year. It was not learned whether he has been injured. Private Curtain Curtain left Mason City in January, 1942. He is a graduate of St. Joseph Joseph scool, and had worked in drugstores in Mason City, Duluth, and Minneapolis prior to enlistment. enlistment. Pvt. Leon Meleney has returned to Camp Englewood, N. J., to com- ! plete his training in ordnance j work after a 10 day furlough with is parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meleney, 315 Ninth street northeast. northeast. * * * In a. letter to the Globe-Gazette, for which he was a former reporter. reporter. Capt. J. E. van der Linden tells, of the intense heat at Camp Young, Cal., where he is working on desert maneuvers. He says it is so hot they don't look at the thermometers thermometers any more, but that nothing nothing yet tops the hot, humid, summer summer days in Mason City. He has compiled and had printed a small manuel which is to be carried by all combat soldiers taking part in the manuvers. Captain van der Linden is also working on a script of a narrative to go with a moving picture which is being filmed there of the maneuvers. --V-- Second Class of 25 \ - Girls Take Places as Tower Operators Are WAVES necessary? Are hey really performing an essential war duty? Or arc they just a junch o£ nice looking girls in flattering flattering navy blue uniforms? These questions, which are on the minds p{ many a young woman who is thinking about her place in the war and of many a parent whose daughter has been talking about joining the navy, got at least one pointed answer in a recent article in "Time," the news magazine. magazine. Under the heading "Rulers of the Air," the article read: * * * "In the control tower of the Atlanta airport WAVE Haujch- fon bit all the lipstick off her lips last week. Cause: Nervousness Nervousness at bringing in her lirst plane with an admiral at the controls. But four hours (ater she sent him out as smoothly, calmly as if she had been run- nine an airport-control tower since Kitty Hawk. This time there was no damage to cos-, metic. She had heard the admiral, admiral, George D. Murray, who commanded the "Hornet," pronounce pronounce her work excellent, "Tall, curly-haired Jane Haughton Haughton has been an airport-control airport-control operator barely ,t month. But in that lime she and 19 other WAVES, in lowers at half a dozen naval fields, have proved themselves, themselves, in a job once reserved exclusively exclusively Tor men, on the grounds Jhat it calls for cool, quick thinking thinking in the pinches, a level head at all times. "Air-control-tower operalors are a kind of remote-control traffic cop. No plane may move about the field without their clearance. By radio and signal lamp they issue priroities in landings and takeoffs, takeoffs, clear and assign runways, give directions for taxiing, direct planes to hangar's, cite wind direction direction and velocily. At a busy field, tower operators have no time for knitting. "In emergencies, lives depend on their fast reactions. One WAVE, on duty during a thunderstorm discovered static was jamming her radio. Quickly she grabbed a pair of corie signal lamps, blinked directions to two planes approach- i n g f r o m opposite directions averted a bad tangle. * * * "Airmen had their . lingers crossed when WAVE tower operators operators were proposed. They doubted if Ihey could master complex regulations, charts, procedures, procedures, meteorological a n d radio skills, were suspicions of how women would bear up under control-lower pressures. "But now the navy is sold. Thi; week the second class (25 WAVES 15 she-Marines) finishes the six- week course at Atlanta naval ait station, comes out with third class petty officer technician ra!incs, Soon they will be graduated 7.i lo a class, will eventually replace 6tl per cent of men operators for airports overseas. The Globe-Gazette Is redoubling redoubling its efforts to obtain complete information a b o u t every serviceman in Mason City and C«rro Gordo county for its files. When you call at the Globe-Gazette newsroom for your flagr. you are not only paying tribute to your son or husband but yon are Riving us valuable information about him in the most accurate way possible. possible. This information uill become become part of a permanent record record of the servicemen of this community. R e t u r n postage should accompany written request request for ihese free Hags. y Marine Wins Cash, Fame in Trade Deals (The following story, written by Sj;t. John F. Reilly. New Hampton marine corps combat correspondent, was distributed by the Associated Press.) SOMEWHERE IN THE PACIFIC, PACIFIC, (Delayed)--They are calling Pfc. Harlow J. Benton. Chapman Lane, Cold Springs. Ky.. the Dav id Harum of this outpost. Within two hours Private First Class Benton, starting with a sinke of $10 and a 50-cent jackknife, jackknife, traded himself into a 17- jewel wrist watch, conservatively valued at S45, $5 in cash and a pocket watch. Here's how lo do it, a la Benton: Benton: He bought a wrist watch from a seabee with the 510. then sold it for $15 and a S2 pocket watch. He then traded a 50-cent jackknife jackknife and the $15 for another wrist watch, and sold this wrist watch for S30. Next he bought still another wrist watch for $25 and traded it for the aforesaid watch worth S45. When asked why his trading ventures were so successful Private Private First Class Benlon innocently innocently replied, "Oh, I never let them think they are cheating me unless I can make a profit on the deal." The chubby and deceptively innocent youth is now searching for a man who wants lo bargain him out of the pockel watch and the $5 left over from his previous series of trades. IS ADVANCED -- R i c h Jones has been promoted A the ratine of quartermaster second class, according to information received by relatives here. He" is at Melville, K. I., in the base office at a. f-T boat training 'center. His brother, Edward Jones, is with a medical de-. lachment at Camp White, Medford, Medford, Ore. y IS PROMOTED--Glenn L. Holt has been promoted to a corporal at Camp Chaffee, Ark., it was learned here. He is the son of : fi Mrs. Esther Holt, 211 Madison if? avenue southwest. He is with * tank commander unit. ; »'. __v_ ; ii HAS LEAVE--Russell Allison, storekeeper second class, is spending a. 20 day leave with parents, Sir. and Mrs. George Allison, Geneva, Iowa, and his brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allison, 242 Crescent drive. He has been stationed in Trinidad. Before entering the navy, Allison was employed as accountant by Frank J. Enbusk. He took his training for the navy at the Great Lakes station. .y Uf TO FIRST--Mrs. Oscar Larson. 1012 Third street .southwest, .southwest, has been informed that her son, Lew Conway. has been promoted to a first lieutenant at Hattiesburr, Miss., where he is stationed as an instructor in communications. L i e n t e Conway was in Ireland for nine months, returning last September September to take officers' training training at Fort Benning, Ga. He went overseas with the first contingent of the national guard in January, 1912. He was attending low* State Teachers* college at Cedar Falls at the time he entered the service in February, 1941. His wife is with him in Mississippi. (Russell photo) y BB.V War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-GMette carrier tor.

Clipped from The Mason City Globe-Gazette13 Jul 1943, TuePage 12

The Mason City Globe-Gazette (Mason City, Iowa)13 Jul 1943, TuePage 12
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