Liquor seizure - Island Home 1923

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Liquor seizure - Island Home 1923 - (government's Case Based on Alleged Unloading...
(government's Case Based on Alleged Unloading of Cargo CREW OF SCHOONER SEIZED NEAR HERE RELEASED ON BOND Upon charges of violating section 28C7 oC the revised statutes of the United States, which guards against the unlading of merchandise within lour leagues (twelve miles) of shore without authority^ from customs officials, the master, mate and purser of the British schooner Island Home, seized off San Luis Pass Friday by customs officers, were bound over yesterday morning to await the action of the grand jury, which convenes Jan. 14. The six other members of the .crow were als.o held under bonds of 5250 each,'or half the original bond allowed them. All pleaded-not guilty. The section under which the government Is holding the men seema. to specifically place- responsibility on masters and tnaies of vessels Involved; It was stated by Mr. Dibrell, but he added that he saw fit-to bind over all\ihe crew under the charge in order that the grand jury could determine as to whether all,were a party to the proceedings alleged. · . · · in fixing, the bonds United States Commissioner C. G. Dibrell declared that tho district attorney's office would center Its prosecution of this case on violation of.the-.unlading clause rather than violation violation of the federal prohibition act or customs laws. The crew originally originally WES charged with conspiracy to and unlawful importation of merchandise, to-wlt, whisky. Ills Crowd Attend.. The hearing was held in. the United States district court room because of the number of spectators spectators who attended, the office of Deputy United States Marshal Frank P. Tlernan having been found too small to accommodate them. The defense was .represented by D. I). McDonald, who offered no evidence at tho examining hearing. Witnesses Witnesses for the prosecution included Captain John P. Stelnhart. officer In charge of. the San Luis Pais; ,H. T. Baird, customs inspector In charge of the party which boarded the Island Home off San Luis Pass; Captain Albert H. Deravln. master of the customs boarding vessel Kalita, Kalita, and H. Worth Jones. Pictures taken !n the hold of the vessel were presented In evidence- by Mr. Zlnh'and are espccled to be an important feature in the prosecution. prosecution. ·Govftrftraenf'ufflcialB.-'Ifis understood, hope to partly estabr )lsh by these pictures, (n Heu of a manifest showing exactly how much cargo x the vessel departed from Georgetown with, that the 565 cases of liquor and two barrels of beer found aboard the veasel did not con- ·tltuto her" original cargo in substantiating substantiating their charge of unlawful unlading of merchandise without permit from the customa service. Fragment of Cnrfiro. Commissioner DlbrcU touched on this feature in summing up the case and giving hla reasons for binding the nine, men over to tho grand jury. The pictures ahow, ho uald, that the Island Homo had only a "fragment of cargo," as compared with her capacity, and that this cargo was but "loosely slowed," despite Its highly breakable nature. Captain Steinhart, Interrogated by Mr. Zinn. stated that the schooner wan sighted Wednesday morning, Nov. 21, two days before nhe was Ukcn by customs authorities, while she won cruising up nnd down the coast In fron* of the pass about three miles out A fog then Bet In, Captain Stclnhnrt slated, and he saxv no more of ( her until the next day, when tho fog lifted nnd she waa seen at anchor about six miles southeast by south from Ihe station. station. Ho added, however, that the court guard station was ttltuated three milch from tho pass nnd stood 600 fcot from the water's edge. Thin mnde him view the schoonor from an angle, ho said, and did not Indicate Indicate that she was plx miles off shore, but simply nix ml Ion from the point at which the station Is located. located. Tn Thrrr-Mltr Limit. "Was she ever w i t h i n the three mil" limit?" Commissioner Dlhrell queried. "Yen, sir." replied Cnptoin Steln- hart, "she wns w i t h i n the throe- mi Io limit Wrdnesdn;'.' 1 Captain Stelnharl next told of Feeing two Immche* coming from tho direction of tho schooner Thurs- WILL PROTEST IF VESSELS WERE OUTSIDE THREEMILE THREEMILE LIMIT. Schooner Captured Here Known To Have Left Havana With Cargo of Liquor, Report The British motor schooner Island Home, now in custody customs officers here following seizure Friday off San L,uls Pass, known to have departed Nov. G from Havana for Georgetown, Cayman Islands, with a "heavy cargo of whisky, rums, wines, liquors." This information, which was originally transmitted from American embassy at Havana to the state department at "Washington, In the hands of government officials here* several days before venae! was brought Into port by Galveston customs officials, learned yesterday authoritatively. The name o f - the consignor Havana "and the consignee at Georgetown were also given In dispatch, which stated that the Island Home and another vessel tons were to depart that day for Georgetown with'-liquor cablegram was dated Nov. 8. ' Tho vessel exhibited to Galveston customs officials a from Georgetown to''NaBaau, via Matamoros, but. according to Assistant Collector Sam T. Zinn, there, was no manifest to show of liquor ahe carried OB cargo. In the hearing yesterday, pictures were Introduced which showed plenty of space available .the stowage of additional cargo, and the present load of 866 whisky and two barrels of beer can not by any means be a "heavy cargo" for this vessel, marine authorities state. Two Two Boys Held for Questioning In Bomb Outrage; Order Issued To Hold Them in Bexar : 1 By AwocUted Prow. ^ | London, Nov. 27.--Tho British i government has requested of its' charge d'affaires in Washington a full ^ report on t - the }ilrcuni«tances surrounding the seizure of the British British schooner Tomakii' off the New jersey--co'aat" ';add;;xthe ~~ BrltHH*- schooner Island Home off the Texas coast by American officials. If tho, report establishes that the vessels "seized are British-owned and were taken ' outside -the three- mile Mmit, Great Britain will formally formally protest their seizure on tho ground that tho, treaty giving··**·* (ContJnuod on Pagn 10, Column 1.) Br Associated Preic. San Antonio. Tex.. Nov. 27.--An . order restraining the removal from j Bexar .County- of Santiago Slendoza and-Haul Fernandez, two boys being questioned' In 'connection with the| Corpus Chrlstl bomb outrage, wan Issued by Judge -TV. .S. Anderson-of the'thirty-seventh district "court on application of Sheriff James Stevens late today. Mendoza-'and -Fernanor are being being lield by" the sheriffs .department followlng r t a statement concerning ~thV. express Ing- 'ol'. the' package "which resulted in the death of J. A. Barnes and - h l a - 7-year-old son in .Corpus .Chrlstl.on Nov. 13. . According to information In the hands of the sheriff's department, Mendoia was-standing In front of a store on Medina street when a man .-Jrove up In an automobile anf call- rlght to confiscate alcoholic contra-p n gr him to the car offered him 25c band beyond the American three- mile limit neither has been algned nor ratified. In the reports concerning the negotiations negotiations for the treaty tho British officials appear to bo Interested over constant references to "the twelve-mile limit" as though Secretary Secretary of State Hughes' proposal for an extension of the usual three-mile limit already has been enacted Into law. They say they desire to make It clear that there Is no such thing as a fixed twelve-ratio limit, but under the pending agreement tho American right of seizure will be limited by the general term "an bout's steaming distance from American shores." :o take a package to the express of- 'ice at .tho International-Great Corthera depot. The other boy, Raul Fernandez, was standing across tho street. The man also called to him ,o come over and offered him 25"C to ship the package, ho said. Ths one first approached agreed to ship the package and denartefl for OVERTAKING THE FUTURE. The future Ja already here, as far as the beginning of Galvea- ton'a Industrial survey is concerned. concerned. A few weeks ago the survey survey was spoken of as something that ought to bo, done and that mtgh^ be undertaken some time In tho future. At that time no money was available to hire an industrial engineer and no certainty certainty existed that any would bo forthcoming. Today tho engineer is on the job. services was 'Retontton of his marie possible by voluntary contributions form public the express office. The other at the request of the man. claimed that there was wrong with his car, Examined At this juncture, Mendoza quoted as saying he returned and the sender what the package tained. After a few moments' liberation, the man declared-that contained magazines and -was at $16 or 516.,The boy then to the express-office and utcs later came b a c k , package. · , - . . - ' ' .',' ·',, "* Whetr-"questioned" by'membt the sheriff's department aB ho had given the name of rales to the express rlerk, declared that U was a and was. the first one which into their minds. According cers investigating the cas'e n boy claimed, to know the rales who Is being held in. Nouces County jail on a murder. 1 Juan Morales and Victor his stepfather, who were N'ueces County on information nlshed by Texas rangers In tlon with the Barnes 'tragedy, cers arc convinced had nothing do with the case. OKLAHOMA!* SAYS COMMEE- CIA1 PRODUCT SHOULD BE SO RESTRICTED. FACES TWENTY-SEVEN MENTS; BOND SET $29,000. Convention Program At'10 A. M.--Meeting of the executive executive committee at Hotel Galvez. Galvez. At 2 O'clock--Theater party for ladlea, compliments Galveston Commercial Association. At 2 O'Clock--Business meeting of convention at Hotel Galvez; addresses. At 6 O'Clock--Dinner dance at Rogers* oyater resort, given by the Galveston Commercial Association. Association. . · "W. P. Davis of Alvln, the defunct Hitchcock State was arrested late yesterday noon by Sheriff H. E. Kirk ty-sevcn indictments returned the Galveston County grand t week charging him with forgery, passing of forged and having alleged forge'd mcnts in his possession. *. Mr. Davis JaM May waived Hmlnary hearing at Alvln bound over to the grand under $3,000 bond In the failure of the Farmers' Bank of Alvln, which was tho state commissioner of some months ago. Following- his arrest' and

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News28 Nov 1923, WedPage 1

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)28 Nov 1923, WedPage 1
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