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bkn life jan 19 1924 p 14 Lisbeth 2x - Mrs. J. Duke Harrison, Mrs.' George H.'Iler,'...
Mrs. J. Duke Harrison, Mrs.' George H.'Iler,' "Mrs. Stephen W. Giles, Mrs. Frederick E. Hamlin, Mrs. R. H. Weatherly, and the Misses Josephine Carpenter, Theda Kenyon, Brenner Crafts, Dorothy Tuttle and Elise W. Stutzer. Among those present, besides Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, were Mn and Mrs. Walter M. Meserole, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. I. Sherwood Coffin, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lauderdale, Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hicks, Dr. and Mrs. George D. Hamlin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Soper, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Furey, Miss Page S'chwarzwaelder, Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Merwin, : Mrs. Edwin E. Lindridge, Miss Alice A. Driggs, Mrs. - A. John- John- Lundstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.. Cabaud, . Mrs. Charles M. Bull, Mr. and Mrs. August H. Brake, " Lr ana Mrs. ueorge vv. niwicy, mia. jvuu w muiwn.!, Mrs. James D. Carpenter, Dr. and M r s. Henry C. Holch, .'Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Malcolm . Montgomery, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Schluter, Mrs. W, Ffothingham Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. . Paine, Dr. Louise Ball, Mrs. Willard S. Tuttle, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Hamlin, Miss Hazel Meeker, Mrs. Henry- Henry- H. Wilson, Miss Josephine Mast, Mrs. Kenyon . Parsons, Miss Jessie L. Barnes, Mrs. Harry G. Derby, ' Mr. Charles A. Ditmas and Mrs. Alfred E. Loveland. ! IT' Ifnnf trio a naira anil Aft da JHctcrina I ' " Miss Elizabeth H. Fish will give a bridge party at her home, 91 Joralemon Street, on Wednesday? afternoon, January 23rd, in honor of Miss Elizabeth Deyer and Miss Lisbeth Higgins. , Miss. Kunkel to Give Bridge ? ; Miss Lorraine Kunkel, daughter of Mr;, and Mrs, Robert Sharp Kunkel, will have as her guests, for a week the latter part of this month, Miss Dorothy Reynolds, of Winchester, Mass., and will give a bridge party in ner honor, on January 30th, at her home, 357 Jefferson Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Putnam, Mrs. S. Edwin : Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Leeming, Mrs. Charles J. McDermott, Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson, Miss Rachel Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Callender, ' Mrs. Horatio C. King, Mrs. Percy R. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Goetze, Mrs. John Eadie Leech, Mr. and . Mrs. I. Sherwood Coffin, Mrs. John Van Buren Thayer, . Mrs. James Guthrie Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Spelman, Mrs. Rich G. Hollaman, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton .. A. Burdick, Dr. and Mrs. Glentworth Reeve Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Du Val, Miss Grace Farrar, Mrs. John R. Farrar, David Gray, Mrs. pdwin L. Garvin, Miss Elsie . Hepburn, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Gunnison, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young Crafts, Miss Bremmer Crafts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Griswold Hall, Miss Dorothy Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. William Pitt Rivers, Mrs. Joseph C. Hale, Miss Nella Brown, Mr. and ' Mrs; Richard S. Maynard, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin P. 'Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Duke Harrison, Mrs. Otto Heinigke, Mrs. Henry . C. Heissenbuttle, Mrs. Charles M. Higgins, Mrs. Francis L. Hine, Mrs. William A. "Higgins, Mrs." Gustave 'AfU'elm, Mrs. Rich G. Holla- Holla- man, Mrs. Franklin W. Hopkins, Mrs. W." N. Horner, Mrs. Edward T. HorwilI,Mrs. Charles ?A. Hough, Mrs. . Alex. C. Howe, Mrs. William D.'Hoxie, Mrs. A. R. Hoyt, . Mrs. Charles A. Hull, Mrs. Henry Meday, Hume, Mrs. O.'P. Humpstone, Mrs. J. William Greenwood and Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Blum. iilisg Haviland's Wedding Plans .. Miss Jeanne Thibault Haviland, daughter of. Mr. and :Mrs. James William Haviland, Jr., of 9 Marlborough Road, has chosen January 26th as the date of her wedding ' to Mr. Charles Edwin Snedeker. It will take'place eight o'clock in the evening at St. Paul's Church, Flatbusli. Miss . Haviland's attendants will be Miss Lillian Mac- Mac- donald, as maid of honor, and, as bridesmaids Miss ; Helene. Weeks, Miss Helen Richards, Mrs.! Russell S. .Benedict (Isla Mai Dwyer), of Great leck, and Mrs. Amidee Tebo Haviland (Eleanor Whitings jEvans), of . . Garden City. Mr. Snedeker, who is the s5n X)l Mr. and Mrs. Charles Le Baron Snedeker. of 177 Eighth Avenue, will have his brother, John Drew Snedeker, II, as his best ..man. His ushers will be the Messrs. G. Hilmer Lund- Lund- beck, Russell S. Benedict, Amidee Tebo Haviland and : James William Haviland 3rd. , -The -The Marmelns' Appear for the National League A . . . . . ...i...1--i ...i...1--i ...i...1--i ...i...1--i i! 1 v!CAMnM4. m ' -Anenieriammeni -Anenieriammeni inai was cuiHciy uiuctcm, a uounu novelty, was that given under the auspices of the National IacTie for Woman's Service last Saturday evening at v the Academy of Music, when : the Marmeins, Miriam, ' Irene: and Phyllis, appeared in their first finished pro-. pro-. pro-. duetion of Drama Dances. The stage settings, the 'costumes, and most of all the dancing, accompanied in many cases by the spoken word, 'all were fascinating. The music included Chopin, ' Tscherepaine, Brahms, Verdi, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Grieg and others eighteen selections in all from a program of forty. . - The change from comedy to tragedy was rapid. "Chi- "Chi- nese Porcelains" was followed by "The Vengeance of Kwan Yin" depicting a goddess who comes to life and strikes blind a Manchu girl who has stolen a jewel from ' her girdle. In "Undine," by MacDowell, the action takes place under the seas, and the effects of the waves are startlingly lovely The Octopus was a marvel. "The ;.; MISS HELEN SIMON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Simon, whose engagement to Mr. Laurence M, Lloyd of New . York City was recently announced The program girls (Mrs. Edward T. Horwill and Mrs. Frederick D. MacKayi chairmen) were the Misses Constance Boody, "Beatrice Cantwell, Elizabeth Deyer, Charlott Deyer, Katherine' Du Bois, Virginia Fuller, Elizabeth Fish, Margaret Grout,; Louise Goetze, Emily Goetze, Ruth Greason, Lisbeth Higgins, Ethel Hanan, Virginia Hanan, Arvilla Hammitt, Anna Lehman, Ruth Lohman, Helen Leeming, Cornelia Livingston, Gladys Talmage, Louise Little, Janet MacKay, Dorothy Mac-Donald, Mac-Donald, Mac-Donald, Margaret Pray, Margaret Snedeker and Priscilla Payne. - ) be of 3 an .after-' ' ' . no of , as 1 , . . a - ' V. i

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Brooklyn Life (Brooklyn, New York)19 Jan 1924, SatPage 14
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