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bkn life mar 22 1924 p10 week in society lisbeth - Pomeroy, who is one of the program girls; Mr....
Pomeroy, who is one of the program girls; Mr. John McLean Lachlan and Mr. Bruce Stewart Lachlan, Jr. Program Girls for "Fashion" The program girls for the benefit performances' of "Fashion" will be the Misses Priscilla Bowns, Eleanor Field, Gertrude Van Brunt,' Elizabeth Deyer, Lisbeth Higgins, . Louise Little, Elizabeth Fish, Helen Harmon, Constance Boody, Elizabeth Thayer, Zorka Polak, Emily Goetze, Barbara Whitmore, Tony Liebman, Florence Sparks, Leslie W. Pomeroy and Mrs. Walter St. John Benedict, Jr., Mrs. Edgar Beamish, Mrs. Bruce Bromley, and Mrs. W. T. Wrightson. The Misses Blossom to Study at Fontainebleau . Miss Dorothy and Miss Janet Blossom, the daughters of Mr, and, Mrs. Frederick W. Blossom, of 266 Henry Street, who had made application last January, heard this week that they had been chosen as two of the one hundred students who have the privilege of studying at the Fontainebleau Fontainebleau School of Fine Arts from next June to September September 25th. This is the second recognition of Miss Janet Blossom's talent, as she won a scholarship last year in the New York School of Fine and Applied Art, and it implies a good deal for Miss Dorothy Blossom's gifts, as she has had comparatively little training. She will study painting and Miss Janet sculpture and painting. One of the interesting things about the summer will be that the students will live in the -village -village in the homes of French families. The Palace of Fontainebleau, France, under the patronage patronage of the French Government, has been turned into a Music School, Refectory and School of. Fine Arts for American students. The Music School for Americans Americans has functioned now for three years with great success, but this will be only the second season for the School of Fine. Arts, which is for American architects, painters and sculptors. The executive committee in America includes Mr, Whitney Warren, Mr. Ernest Peixotto, Mr. Edwin H. Blashfield, Mr. Howard Greenley, Mr. Thomas Hastings, Hastings, Mr. J. Monroe Hewlett, Mr. Hermon A. MacNeil and Mr. James Gamble Rogers. . Lack of beauty is really what is the matter with this country, so every American should be most grateful to France for this leaven which she is giving us through our gifted ones. The total expense for a student for the summer is $500, including the voyage over. Additional Patrons for D. II. Dance Elizabeth Read, who was ver badly injured in an automobile automobile accident last summer is slightly better. Acceptances for The Dansant at Woman's Club The following are some 6 those who have accepted invitations to the The Dansint, which is to be given for the benefit of the Boys' Camp of the Brooklyn Home for Children at the Brooklyn Woman's Club, on Saturday afternoon, March 22nd: The Misses. Constance Boody. Katherine Walden, Dorothy Jackson, Gladys Mars, Elizabeth Deyer, Charlotte Charlotte Deyer, Harriett Love, Alexandra Downs, Glover Van Cott, Elizabeth Garvin, Florence Read, Virginia Gibbs, Delphis King, Katherine Du Bois, Esther Bayliss, Alice Bennett, Elizabeth Greve, Isabel Mills, Marguerite Williamson, Virginia Fuller, Arvilla Hammitt, Elizabeth Quinby, Elizabeth Rhoades, Doris Bergen, and the Messrs. Royal Parks, Defano Wood, Phillips Cotton, Donald Snell, John King, Richard Warbasse, Richard Hibbard, Paul Folwell, .Langdon Weyman, Lambert Barrows, Halstead Brown, John Campbell, L. B. Mendes, David de Beixedon, G. S. Braislin, Allen W, Betts, Robert Bergen, Lee Boynton, Edward D. Gray, Charles Hester,' William Swaney, John Ingersol, Maxwell Lester, Jack Bowers, Warren Blossom, Arthur Spears and Edwin L. Snedeker. Miss Siney to Give Tea Miss Stephanie Lysbeth Siney will give a Tea Dance on Saturday, March 29th, from 4 until 7 o'clock, at her home, 607 Fifth Street, to meet Miss Margaret Jane Simms. ' ' For Miss Rachel Higgins Among the affairs that have been given recently for Miss Rachel Higgins was a' dinner party last Friday evening, March 14th, at Sherry's, given in her honor by Miss Lisbeth Higgins and sMr. Tracy Higgins, The guests were, besides Miss Higgins and her fiance, Mr. Alfred Hall Everson, the Misses Katherine I. Magner, Agnes Callender, Rosamond FarrelU Alice Hall, Gladys Underwood, Tony Liebman, Elizabeth H. Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burdick and the Messrs. Jack Williams, Todd Tiebout, Edward Ward, Joseph F. Cannon, V. Hall Everson, Jr., Franklin Everson and Jere Collins. Later in the evening the party went to the Club Royal. Mrs. Gianella's Tea for Miss Higgins Mrs. John Gianella. of 608 Fifth Street, will give a tea in honor of Miss Rachel Higgins on Wednesday, Aprilnd. v . Mrs. Granbery Bails an informal tea on Tuesday afternoonMarch lfcth. There was an informal talk and discussion of the proposed plan of the Maternity Center Association on the Mother Craft Club branch of the association. Mrs. Robert E. Henry and Mrs. Samuel T. Brown acted as hostesses with Mrs. Truslow. Miss Leete, . director of the Maternity Center Association, ably outlined outlined the proposed Mother Craft Club to a large group, who were deeply interested, made many helpful suggestions suggestions and were responsive to the plan, ' This is the first of a succession of informal meetings on this subject which are to be given at the homes, of several members of the Board of Directors of the Maternity Center Association ' in the near future. Among those present were Mrs. Henry R. Lathrop, Mrs. Ralph Rost, Mrs. Palmer H. Jadwin, Mrs. William G. Kelso, Mrs. James S. Lawson, Mrs, Robert H. Hogg, Mrs. Linsley P. Baldwin, Mrs. Aubrey N. Shaw, Mrs. A.' Y. Blomeley, Mrs. Seymour Barnard, Mrs. Otto Heinigke, Mrs. Clinton A. Bennett and Mrs. Graham Townshend. Program Girls for "In the Next Room" The program girls for the evening of March 31st, when the Alumnae Association of Packer has engaged the Vanderbilt Theatre for the benefit of the Alumnae Fund for Packer, will be . the Misses Lilian Scharman, Alice Tiebout, and, from the class of 1923, the Misses Cornelia Livingston, Frances Schafuss and Dorothy Brown. The Flower and Candy Venders will be the Misses Alice Alvarez, Grace Koster, Flora MacNaiigh-ton, MacNaiigh-ton, MacNaiigh-ton, Arietta Smith, Class of 1924 ; Elizabeth Pratt, Elizabeth Rhoades, Elizabeth Baldwin, Margaret Quinby and Ethel Boehr, Class of 1925. The boxholders are Mrs. James Taylor Bryan, Mrs. F. K. Rupprecht, the Junior Class, the Senior Class and Dr. Denbigh. The general committee in charge are Mrs. Gustav O. Zeller, Chairman; Miss Katherine Sloane Pratt, Miss Ethel Chapman, Miss Kathleen Holton, Mrs. Russell Fairbairn and Miss Clara Buttling Pitcher. Poly Senior. Prom on March 28th The annual Prom of the Senior Qass of the Poly Prep Country Day School will be held on Friday evening. evening. -March -March 28th, at the, Brooklyn Woman's Cub, 114 Pierrepont Street. Members of the Senior and Junior Classes are. Robert H. Bergen, Edwin C Cornehlsen, Walter W. Bennett, Lee F, Boynton, Gilbert L. Butcher, Jr., Robert D. Calder, Edward B. Codwise, 2nd, Adam Cook, Alfred B.

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Brooklyn Life (Brooklyn, New York)22 Mar 1924, SatPage 10
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