Austria 1860

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Austria 1860 - on has hi' de the yon, Eng. to pro - will a tha...
on has hi' de the yon, Eng. to pro - will a tha at! of - 75c 10 76o. : . 92f. 3f. In oa - of - AUSTRIA. (rtox otm ows cosntiroxnssT.) TIES N A. Die 23. The leading Vienna papers hare subjected M. ron Schmerling's circular to a critical analysis, and they, on and alL "damn it with faint prsisc" The SutU Naehricktcn .contains an imaginary letter rrom a retry wnacuior ana imperial Royal SUdt holder" to the new hfjidster of SUte, ia which the latter is given to understand that he will not do able to usury oat bis proposed measures unless he has the support ef freely - elected representatives oi tne ceo Die. xne letter, wnicn is rail oi rauierr. is ia auDetaooe aa iouows Ia reply to the latter part ef rear SxeSeacr'i ctr calar ef the 224 last., I take the Ubertr of matins a rsw ebserrssicBs, ia tn last twelve rears I bar beea Stadtbolder ef th Freriao ef and darinc that period hsvs seen maay ehsnges la tha highest official dreies, with eorrespeadlas chances sa tha poQUcal InsUia Uses ef ths eeaatry. Oa th receipt of yoer Ksceneaerli etrcBlsr I felt seme UtU treptdattoa, It baring been my lot to nodv very many mtradlctory rdinant and lnstra. ttonsrroB.tas Hoa DpartaMnt, Oa readlac tha doca ment, hewerer, I was (raatly'pleased by. its tenoaa Ths dr. eolar eontalns ths expression of "nHVt ldaas and ex. eeileat malaUons, As ia daty bosai. I commaalsated yoer Excellency's plans to the ehlefx of my bnreaaz ana nqeaiea tawm to assut m la arrjlac them ens, to my remt l loend tnat mr sabordlnatei wer leaf pleased with the contents of your ExosUeoay'a etnolar than 1 bad been. They appear tJ bar grown ttdlfferent. and ia their Unjnae then is a mlxtare of despair and 'rosy. If thoas' political tnstltatloos which have been so long talked of were latrodaeed, the mploylt auxht per - asps b roased rrm tb apatsy into wbteh they have falka. at r eonfidssea ia vattr Ksoellean'a eharaeieru mti hat I most ooofns that I should feel mora at ease If te Government, Government, braseries of liberal measares. eara'unmlsiakatila proofs af a firm reaolva U enter Into th path of ooostlto! - Uonalism. Toor EzeeQenar wllrexeose this remark whan tob call to mind thaelrealsr lamed by Dr. A. Baah, the aOnlster of theinterlar In I849,aad th secret Instructions which were snbaeqnentlr forwarded by him to the provincial anthorlties Dr. Bach's circular ot the 15th of Anenst, VUS, contained the Ideas which are in yoer Excellency's circular ef the 22d cf December, 1860, bat they war expressed more clearly, more crodsalr. For a time I eonrned tha nrovinea la. trasted to my ear in the sens ef Dr. Bach's drealar, beta harp and oaUaaal fir of rescripts, ardinsoocs, and ooa - fidenttal oonunsnlaatioos forced ma to fall back on tha old system. I remained In Oee, however, because I fait that I was aa popular as any Stallholder ooold be andernoh elraamstaases. Should what I hare written giv onanoa, I shall be sorry, bat It appears to ma that at such a critical moment perfect candour Is necessary. From to - day I shaU eonsider mvself Stadthelder ad interim . but shall ba well cUaeed to remain at mroost If tha Provincial DIM - wnien i trust win m mrecea as, speeinjr as possibla - snoua puouciy aeeiare tea it aeam a wortny to eoatlaa to maaac th a7aln of tha prartnoe. The costs of M1w?tii - of Commerce and Minister of PubUo Instruction are still raeaat, because fittinz men cannot be found. There is no dearth of talent, but it is extremely difncult to find high intelligence intelligence and perfect recti tad united in one and the same person. M. Meager has come here from Cronstadt, and it la rumoured that he is about to take ouioe, but persons wbo know the constitutional constitutional burgher" Intimately tell me that he haa not the requisite knowledge for a Minixteo Commerce. Some days ago you were informed that there was a great political ferment ia Bohemia. aad I now learn that Messrs. Rieger, Palacky. Braoner. and other leaders of the Czechs hare uib - lished a political programme, in which they strongly Hum on tne Historical runts ana privilege o( tne Kingdom of Ttohemla. The 'Czechs, who mar' be considered the aborigines of Bohemia, demand : " The maintenance of the runts of that kingdom In its relations with Austria. The maintenance of its rights ia its relations with the German Bund. The right to self - leeislstion in all matters which are not In connexion with foreign affairs, finances, war, and commerce, ine privilege ot sou - govern ment, wltn administrative organs widen shall be respea Bible to tne rronneiai JJiet. mere It no wish on the part of the National petty In Bohemia to quarrel with the nobles, but it cannot admit that they, "by right of birth alone, bare ft right to special politic u privilege. The Czechs declare that they consider the Slaws in Moravia their brethren, and wish to be oa theihoit Intimate terms with them, but they positively deny that they cherish Panslaristio ideas. The Gali - ciana, being unwilling to be'surpa - sed by the other nationalities, intend to petition the uovemment to appoint a Court Chancellor for Calicia, to em Dior natire Galicians in the administrative and judicial departments oi tne province, to mate use ot tne Polish language in the' public offices and schools and to place the different confession on an equality. Dr. Smolka, who was President of the Austrian Diet in 1843, will be the bearer of the petition, petition, if he can obtain permission to travel to Vienna on anch aa errand. There is a great ferment la Russian Poland and ia the Grand Duchy of Posen (it belongs to Prussia, but there is no good reason for believing that there is any direct understanding between the Poles and Hungarians. The two nationalities bare little or no sympathy for each other, the one people being crafty and intriguing, while the other is devoid of guile ; almost the only quality which they hare in common is personal bravery. The demonstration in Warsaw oa the 29th ult. was a serious affair, but people here appear to know nothing at all about it. Great crowds of oeonle went on the dsr mentioned to tha ehnrr.h In - n t: i.: - ir .J T ! U4 IUBVUW6UW!. WU16U WU UaOU UB A prtSUQ IOr was at an end small portraits of the leading men in the War ot liberation were distributed. " Poland Is not yet jost having been sang in chorus, the congregation congregation withdrew. The police were ia great force, but no attempt was made to arrest any one. It is rumoured in the political circles of St. Petersburg that an army of 159,000 men is to be concentrated in ttussian Poland, and also that a loaa of 100,000,000 ron Dies win oe raised in uussia rroper. J The Ministerial Donau ZcUmn prints ene article alter another on the subject of Venetia. and the sense of ail of them is that Austria, is resolved not to part with Venetia unless she Is forced to do so. It has long been rumoured that Lord Cowley is coming to Vienna to treat with Austria fn the, sale of Venetia, bat it stands to reason that there can be no truth in the report, as Lord Bloomfield. the new Ambassador, will be here ia the course of the next month. Another report Is that Mr. Cob - aen u coming to negotiate ft treaty of commerce, but it is entirely deroid of foundation. It has. however, however, beea hinted to me thai Co ant Bechberg and Lord A. Loftus wen just preparing a convention when the latter received notice that he was to go to Berlin. Messrs. lioeback and Lever are still here, and It must be supposed that they hare re - unqmsnea tnexr ongmai pua, as It Is now stated that they are trying to make arrangements arrangements with Government for ft direct nrnr")id4nrt by means of steamers between London ana Trieste and name, and for a railroad betweea the last - mentioned place and aatet, on tne Bare. There Is no news of Importance frost Hungary. Count Lsdislao TafeU has been sent to the fortress of Josafstadt, la Bohemia. Hit arrest has caused ft gnat sensation ia Hungary, but the Inhabitants of thai country do not Mum that bis His Is In dan cer, it nay be nmarted tost Telekl. as a political offender, wu Knrendered to Antria t& rlrtaa ot ft federal law. A I hare often told too. the Bond ts tittle mare thaa police rhllihrntTitoaftgraad asaia . - 4 1C. Sbarar. wha at aa evsaOesJ nnitss af the Osaahsartr tath Aastdaabkt totSts. BCPa. atesy is a raaowaaM m . to of of on you and was nas hat The I have the with tion on to

Clipped from The Times31 Dec 1860, MonPage 20

The Times (London, Greater London, England)31 Dec 1860, MonPage 20
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