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Shamokin News-Dispatch - 3-27-1931 pg14 - BOY, 13, IS KILLED BY A FALL OF ROCK IN MINE...
BOY, 13, IS KILLED BY A FALL OF ROCK IN MINE HOLE Continued from Page 6ne Carl and Francis escaped unscathed unscathed but the father's leg w as caught I le managed to extricate himself, however, however, and started to search for the boys. Minchoff. who Is an employe or the Sherman Coal Company, and the boys had been working In the test hole for some time past without any Inkling of danger, despite the sharp pitch of the working and the dangerous dangerous condition of the hotel after It flattened out The hole runs almost perpendicular for a distance of a-hnnt a-hnnt a-hnnt 25 feet and then levelling off runs some 16 feet beneath the surface. surface. The reoent rains, however, had weakened the top and shortly after six o'clock last evening while all fou were In the level the top began to give way. Minchoff, who said that two boys and himself were farther into the opening than Christ, fled as the top came down. Two of the boys escaped but Minchoff Minchoff was caught by the leg. He managed to extricate himself and with the aid of Francis started to dig feverishly at the four to six feet of debris which covered Christ. They worked until exhausted as Carl summoned help. . In the meantime word of the mishap mishap had spread to the Yorkville section section and hundreds of residents went to the scene. George Roos, an official of the Reading Coal and Iron Company, and A. C. Silvius, chief forester of the Reading Company, were among the first to reach the scene and they summoned Daniel Holahan, of Potts-vllleuper"!,,r','," Potts-vllleuper"!,,r','," Potts-vllleuper"!,,r','," "l raks'iip and one of the most widely known men of r region. H took with him to the scene Samuel Brown and Ed ward Larkln, also skilled mining men and the three started the working of trying to reach the boy. Mine inspector inspector Charles G. Fromm and Charles Kinzley, special officer for the Ihieh Valley Company also went to the scene. Roos took charge of the rescue work, assisted by scores of miners who. returning to their homes don ned their working clothes and volun teered to assist. Holahan and his helpers, however, up to a late hour Insisted on carrying on the danger ous work in the hole themselves. As the enormity of the task de veloped, the Yorkville Hose Com pany was summoned and their men policed the scene, running a rope a-round a-round a-round the immediate vicinity of the accident to keep back the curious. Shovels, picks and lighting appara tus was also furnished by the com oanv. When trie nee a or nmoenng me workings became evident, John Pe trey, of the Wertly firm, secured the truck of that company and taking the needed lumber from the yards of that company hauled it to the scene. Coffee and sandwiches were sup plied the workers by residents of the sections. Later in the evening police officers were sent to the scene by Chief of Police Dewald to check the crowd, the movement of which threatened to disturb the surface. The bag of coal which the boy was filling when the accident oc curred was found shortly after ten o'clock and hopes were expressed at that time that he would soon be reached but these were banished when the surface showed signs of weakening as the digging progressed and with four and a half feet of debris debris and culm still In the hole, Superintendent Superintendent Ross ordered the men out until additional timbering could be placed to protect the workers. The work was slow, every shovelful shovelful of debris obtained having to be moved from the hole and then carried carried to the surface to protect the workers and permit them free egress In case of danger. An ambulance and pulmotor were taken to the scene early In the hope that the boy might be reached be fore hope of resuscitating him had vanished. Both the father and brother told the rescue workers that for an hour after the mishap moans had been heard and early In the eve nlng hopes were entertained that the boy might be reached alive. As the hours wore on, , however, hopes that he would be reached alive sank the minutes passed and there was much sorrow as the body was recov ered. The Minchoff family consists the father, mother and nine chll dren. of One Killed, Another Badly Wounded in Duel, Mahanoy City Continued from Page One men. Bronkovlch is in a critcai con ditlon suffering with bullet wounds of the head, left side and left arm. His left arm was fractured by a bullet. Mahanoy City police believe there were several eye witnesses to tne ai fair and were endeavoring last even inar to eet the names of the people. It was considered likely that when the Mahanoy City residents rushed to the scene they saw the actual snooting taking place. It was the consensus or opinion a mong the police authorities that the two men after they had drawn their 38-calibre 38-calibre 38-calibre revolvers and fired the first shots, that they resorted to ambush and continued with their shooting. Chief of Police McLaughlin spent considerable time with the other members of the boarding place where Bronkovlch and Rancovich roomed in an effort to learn If they had quar reled prior to drawing up the pact. Police authorities early today were attempting to communicate with the both According to

Clipped from Shamokin News-Dispatch27 Mar 1931, FriPage 14

Shamokin News-Dispatch (Shamokin, Pennsylvania)27 Mar 1931, FriPage 14
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