Nov 24, 1975 Judy Rivera: Santa Cruz

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Nov 24, 1975 Judy Rivera: Santa Cruz - Girl May Clear Convicted Couple SAN BERNARDINO...
Girl May Clear Convicted Couple SAN BERNARDINO (AP) -In -In 1965 a 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old girl was found abandoned in a San Francisco Francisco gasoline station. Eight months ago, A San Bernardino woman and her divorced husband were convicted convicted of murdering their 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old daughter in 1965. Come Christmas, a 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old 13-year-old girl will visit the convicted couple with all three, as well as the girl's adoptive mother, defense attorneys and a district attorney's investigator convinced convinced that the abandoned girl is the child who supposedly was murdered. Mrs. Merla Walpole, 35, and her former husband, Antonio Rivera, 38, were brought to trial earlier this year after the bones of a child were found in a crude grave about 10 miles from where the couple lived in 1965. Throughout their trial, Rov-era Rov-era Rov-era and Mrs. Walpole insisted that they had abandoned their daughter Judy in a San Francisco Francisco gas station because she was seriously ill, they were desperately desperately poor, and they believed her only chance for survival was to be found and cared for by someone else. Defense exhibits at the trial included a San Francisco Chronicle newspaper story about the 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old 3-year-old found in San Francisco in January 1965, the time when Rivera and Mrs. Walpole testified they had abandoned Judy. But the jury convicted, after which trial Judge Thomas M. Haldorsen set aside the verdict and ordered a new trial. More important to the ultimate outcome, outcome, Judge Haldorsen ordered further investigation into the case. Timothy Martin, an investigator investigator for the San Bernardino district attorney's office, took up the search for the San Francisco foundling, given the name "Judy Gasse ' because of the gasoline station angle. Martin found her last month, living near San Francisco with the woman who adopted her after the child had spent two years in San Francisco hospitals hospitals and institutions. No one connected with the case would give the name or address of the adoptive mother. But Defense Attorneys Larry Freeman and David Call said blood tests and certain physical similarities made it appear likely that "Judy Gasse" was the supposedly-murdered supposedly-murdered supposedly-murdered Judy Rivera. Subsequently the attorneys arranged a meeting between Judy, her adoptive mother, Rivera and Mrs. Walpole. Reported Freeman: "Not only are Rivera and Mrs. Walpole convinced that Judy Gasse is their daughter, so are the girl and her adoptive mother." mother." Freeman said the girl and the adoptive mother will visit the Rivera and Walpole homes at Christmas time. Although all charges have been dismissed against Rivera and Mrs. Walpole, there still exists the mystery of the other child whose bones were found in that crude grave in 1973. "Judy's real mother and father are now exonerated but somebody buried that other little girl," said Freeman. "Somewhere someone has been watching this case and now that someone must be feeling fear." Oil Lease Suits May Be Too Late LOS ANGELES (AP) - Will lawsuits filed Friday by the state and a coalition of local governments be too late to block federal government sale of oil and gas leases off the coasts of Southern California. Legal sources quoted Monday Monday by the Los Angeles Times voiced general pessimism, but some saw at least two possibilities possibilities that might delay the lease start date, now set for Dec. 11. One would try for a temporary temporary injunction against lease sales until the federal district court in Washington makes a final decision on the two California California suits. The other would seek an outof-court outof-court outof-court agreement from the Department of the Interior, the federal leasing agency, to voluntarily voluntarily delay start of leasing until the Washington district court reaches a decision. The Times quoted its unnamed unnamed legal sources as saying either approach would "strain the talents" of attorneys handling handling the state and coalition lawsuits in Washington. It was considered almost certain certain that the Interior Department, Department, committed to a federal energy program that calls for accelerated sale of offshore leases, would refuse to voluntarily voluntarily delay the December start date and would vigorously oppose oppose a temporary injunction. Train Wreck CLARKSDALE, Miss. (AP) Two Illinois Central Gulf freight trains with brothers as engineers collided head on Sunday Sunday night, killing one crewman and injuring three others, authorities authorities said.

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  1. Santa Cruz Sentinel,
  2. 24 Nov 1975, Mon,
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  • Nov 24, 1975 Judy Rivera: Santa Cruz

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