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jewry - la a to tiecea-aary. to In a the de ex- ex- to...
la a to tiecea-aary. to In a the de ex- ex- to be Ad to ex be orders The far are of $1,000,000,000 FUND TO REBUILD JEWRY Six Million Souls Will Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended. LOANS WITHOUT INTEREST Committee ef American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humani tarian Task in History. The Amerkan people. Jews end hon- hon- ewa alike, w ill soon b askea le lena or contribute the larger part of A fund of r proximately $1.0oO.00.00O to carry out plana for the reconstruction of the Jewry of the entire world. Announcement to this effect, together with the general plan of procedure, was made public last night, following a meeting held yesterday yesterday In Uie ffk-e ffk-e ffk-e of Felix M. Warburg of Kuhn. Ixeb at Co.. Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferer. Sufferer. While the appeal wilt go out to the en tire world, the people of war-ravAged war-ravAged war-ravAged Europe, it Is believed, will not be In po sition to further the plan financially te Any large extent, so thAt the burden will fall upon the t'nlted States. Canada. And perhaps England. The money for the proJet. tl.e largest purely humanitarian undertaking tn history, history, w ill not be sought aloe through contribution, but wilt embrace toaea. and will be accepted from non-Jewish non-Jewish non-Jewish as well as Jewish sources. The exact date and the duration rf the campaign for the bllllon-dollar bllllon-dollar bllllon-dollar reconstruction fund was not announced, but preliminary week ha already beg-iin. beg-iin. beg-iin. The plan Is the reault of months ef study by the Joint Distribution Com mittee of reports f"m vry country in which Jews have been made to aurrer through the war. and Includes the sending sending of commlaalons of Americas Jews, ex Dens In. hllanUroy. aortal aervlr. education, and bualneas. to Itusata. Hu man '.a. lolarxl. I'aleSUne. ftereta. Greece. UulgarU. and other lands a soon as the international situation per mit. The work ha already been Initiat ed la several countries where recent al lied eucccesses have mad a beginning possible. ; ,. tee Jews Need Help. From reports from repreeentaUTes abroad it la eati mated that of the .- .- OOO.OOO to 12.0tst.0uO souls making up the Jewish population, of the world, exclusive of the S.00O.U00 Jews In the t'nlted States, a quarter of the number are destitute, starving, and bomeles. and fully half will need assisu.ace te be come self-supporting self-supporting self-supporting Again. Loans without interest will be made available to Jews In various parts of the world so that business enterprlaea may be reconstructed. The only se curity will be the stability of the In-1 In-1 In-1 Hchoenberr. dustrles after they have been put upon i J" ! r, ... , . i Hoealakr. on the by this The that case dis bill, cus or a cus the ac they of with In In able this a con In a deposit form no for Nw fur. star about ,, In rooms ba-tonslnc ba-tonslnc reals Navy tha and be de youl to be you to must you A me as re Added to lbs eslatence suffer th ery of four Instance homes and .ton. died, and eery large cent., wlil e-eonatrurtlon I pon burden and way la object th people, and Dtettlbu-tlon section of Itself te The plana to Jewrv and to list a ."There Jewry every f sitriess-ful cTrryln EnpsH-snce. wherewithal Dlatrlbutloti enroll In thousands pest to every In America.- The Joint tinder whose rehabilitation the Central, Relief the sending the In-forms tlpa situation to be It has tain, a BJttce In report ritories disbursed Albert returned to nps-llon trip Th lief tV th and Csmmttte. trtbutlon iti contribution aingl doe. not contribution of Cross and U larser ollected rtuuta. and Th IWtribu-tlon Warburg. Lehman of Laaard Lucas. bers: Juilu Wlw, Cutler, Henry Judah I stein. Ja-ob Cyru Ii. BlmmeB. r-mlk. Weil. V. TravU. Tstelbsum. I'llia-deluhia, Abram a sound business foundation. The only mortgages. It was said, will be " mortgages mortgages of honor " on the word of the Jewish people. The work has already been Inaugurat ed through -the -the or sanitation of three commissions. Mlas M, GoMman. daughter of it. Julius Goldman of New York, is now on ber way to Salonlkl. and she will visit Serbia. BulgArls, and Rumania as soon as possible to establish a branch of the committee la each country. Dr. Solomon Lowenstein. Superintendent ef the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York, ts on his wsy to this country, fol lowing la Inspection trip to Islsatlne on behalf of th committee. Dr. Boris D. Bogen. Secretary of the Field Bureau of the National Conference of Jewish Charities, has applied for passports for Vladivostok. And will go there under the easptcss of the commute. Reallatna the Immenelty of tha task ef reconstruction and th labor, fund, and scientific knowledge required, the Joint IHstrlbutlon t Virnmtttes haa Inaugurate,! study of the bun problem, with A view to being prepared a rapidly a conditions allow to enfer upon, a pro gram of permanent rehabilitation, suited to th especial need, environment, and circumstance of th Jews in different part of th world. Th commissions to D sent -rrom -rrom America will perform their labors and render American assistance through representative Jews of the nation and localities to which they go. following out the present policy of the Joint Distribution Distribution Committee la disbursing th more than t30.0oo.000 raised by American Jewry for war relief since lt14. Oetllae ef Korea. traction IMaa. It Is planned to give reconstruct ion work the benefit of American system, energy, and resourcefulness, reinforced by American millions. The scops of the undertaking In Its broad outlines em braces the following: 1. Isnnvsdlat and temporary assistasr necessary ts pavs tb war tor permanent reeonstrurttos. vis.: th uppltt( t road, ctothlne. shelter aad endicaJ attestios. X. tftri.ntirto study is, tha smwsd ef the vaneu ftmtl reconst rsct ion .bail laae, arrerdinc ts ths pi. da t th several several population. A. Kmpioyment ef labor. through the pl.nnin and carry! a out pra;rte by vhlra worker ser bs arnt a4anlao. suaiy and ec noon k alt y mad etf out .port-ln .port-ln .port-ln and tb public ws'.far ful-lAest ful-lAest ful-lAest ad-vanred. ad-vanred. ad-vanred. 4. Repatriation sf refuae and hs rs-asiabliab'nonl rs-asiabliab'nonl rs-asiabliab'nonl sf tb family asd been. &. 8upp!)ln af raw snatertala asdd fee the Industrial life sf the corn rm, nil y. A Vsrstissal and torbnleal Srbsoia far tb tralnln sf ths yous. T. Umiiuth Chaaodtrn the ertensiea af frss leans loans wtthsut tttterest 4s ths deaorvtn. for ta psrpaaa sf esalaaT bs vaeful bualn and eeupatlana. S Prevletea for the splrltsal and enral welfar. tbrouch aastataw ts tb pebble. pebble. Y.ahivolh .Jewish Thoteiral t'nl-v-. t'nl-v-. t'nl-v-. t'nl-v-. t'nl-v-. ratty I. Talmod Tnrabs ltsiliwa fVhooi.i sod sther rei'tros and kishee educational factors BUal ts the J.w-lah J.w-lah J.w-lah faith. . The retem I tb. I'nited State sf Amertras cltUens. ealled tbrouch tb war in enemy an neutral esustrtes. reuatuaj ftnni i. ftoeir ii Itpson. Marcotles. IsMen. ateln. Ihman. loul J. Kamalky. Joseph. Hlrsrb, himtnona Meyer KrledenwaUI. -A'T, J. nke. -1acheL -1acheL Engelman. N. Callsrlft. rtrown. bocrn. locu Asch. " Members of th Joint Distribution Committee, desiring to antHpat th tremendous heed and the magnificent opportunity for eervWe presented by the reconstruction problem of Jewry, hare for many month been considering th practical step to be taken, once It ahouid b possible to enter upon th task, th Immensity of which .tatters ths Imagination." said Mr. Warburg le th statement accompanying . th announcement announcement of the plan by th Joint Distribution Committee. " To that end." he continued. numerous numerous conferences have been hold, budgets budgets for ths beginning of ths work are now In preparation, and tentative plana have been laid for the methods to be pursued and the policies te be followed. Leans Verses Cat libation. " America has learned through the Liberty Loan the value of loans and bow these can be made to accomplish what cannot be accomplished by contributions. contributions. There Is no doubt that a large part of the moiyy required te carry out the program for Jewish reconstruction reconstruction will be obtained through loans whjch will repay not only th orlrlnal principal advanced, but dlvt. dends of gratitude of the Jewish people an.l tna noon to the individual con-sr-lencs con-sr-lencs con-sr-lencs con-sr-lencs con-sr-lencs whlh cornea from nobis denla. Tti opposlunlty wiU b given to ensbie as large a number as possibl to be come seir-auppoitiiig, seir-auppoitiiig, seir-auppoitiiig, and In this way the principal will be amply secured. for. once this purpose is accomplished. It will be possible to arrange for repayment repayment of the sum advanced. European Jewry, the Jewry In Russia. Russia. Poland. Palestine, lias ever been a people that has struggled hard to obtain DEBATE House poil'tral Wr action 4Tee4 Leaders morrow charge thAt this discussion la the the work were dlarueelon for clerk dltlonal which Madden ds-rtounced InefTlctent It was Repre-ssatatlv P.epubllcAn. compllahlng A short c Kanfed bureau a delay families. In ths eluded ts rul Tork Ftk-llcaas. mitte oil--dlture. r'Sbilcaa in of re-ferrtng swv-eral w-ith w-ith w-ith " House Per fcii.nn. -pr tat Ion passed as-proprtattons wer section enlarged f r llnouid ts-morTow Herat ad-iournirig V'tnanr War Majority ths would Military l-fKlesvcy l-fKlesvcy While dofv-locy dofv-locy dofv-locy naed ef months Cor (Ts ssevtrs troop War estimate TO Lansing Profiteering W expsne rv-rpe rv-rpe rv-rpe Sscretary diplomatic eoftintrtes, a -v. -v. I frrftcn Tt federal peraon diplomat prosecuted. attorney concerned lm-prlaoned and Ceurv"

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 18 Oct 1918, Fri,
  3. Page 12

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