Speaker of the House elected

Mr. Pennington, representative from the state of New Jersey, elected Speaker of the House. Reported in The Daily Delta, New Orleans, Louisiana, 7 Feb 1860

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Speaker of the House elected - -THE DAILY DELTA nTniRTY-tUXTU CO K(t...
-THE DAILY DELTA nTniRTY-tUXTU CO K(t BBSS-FIRST SESSION. Below wo give a report of tho Congressional Vroceeding on the 30th ult. It will be recol looted that the proceeding on the 31st were reported iu the Dolt of Saturday evening. I jThe roport of proceeding, on the 1st itint. fans not yet como to hand. Washington, Jaa. 30. ... Kbnatr Mr. pavls, from the committee on military efleira, to whom was refeired the bill ror the better or- :giuir.,ilim of the U. H. Armjr, reported It b' k and HulimUte4 reiiort on the subject, which u ordered ,tnd;o he printed. jmm Mr. Grimes called attention to a statement of Mr. .wfToomht in his speech of last week, that nine States hid ifiaasrd laws to render the provision of the fugitive lave law inoperative, Including Iowa. Mr. ti. denied ,lliat Iowa hid passed any such law. nr Mr. Toombs stated tli it he did not Include Iowa 1n the nine 8tntes to which he relerred. Mr. Nicholson made a spew h, controvortinir the doctrine of Mr. Seward that there Is an " irrepreaalbl io!iflii-t'' between free labor and slave labor. Mr. N. iad the resolutions adopted hy the Legislature ot Tensas 4,P1(.,. m reference to the outrage at llarper'a Feny. 'hey were couched In strong and severe laugusge, ' hich wjs too more worthy of attention as coming 'trom a etilm and conservative Bute. It is because they " took npon ilie irrepressible conflict doctrine as threat- ning the destruction of this Union, that, they charge. terii!e it as treasonable, find call upon conservative men f all parties to unite in crushing it out. They believe tt to he tatnl to the prosiierity of the country, and a Oes.lly eaenijr to Its liberty. Without tom ning tha tnestian of tnorslity as connected with slavery, be would proceed to ducnss the two systems of labor In their relation to political economy. The leading pm-sp, 4lurt of fiee labor were directly d'hVrcnt frum the A leading prooucu of slave labor, and there could be bo 4,,'eompetition or antngonism between them. Tha chief product of slave labor is cotton, and free labor pro-dncea no cutiou. The chief proouot of free labor is Diamifacturcs, which are iea extensively carried on at the Houth. Mr. N. read some statistic, to ahow tout fc the Southern people have abundant euiue to lie satisfied with the practical workings of their peculiar Instl " tution. There was a conrliet which did exist In all countriesa conflict between capital and labor. Tbe error of the Hepunllnans eonslstcd Insetting up their coDcieD'-a as a higher law, above the Constitution. es.ln religious matters, lei conscience he supreme ; In .political matters, the true rule was to hold the Consti- iutiun as the supreme law. He proceeded to point oat, In a clear and lucid manner, tha sectional character of the Uepubliran party, and the dangers threatening this country, in ouaatqtieDOa of the fanaticism prevalent at .the North. , Mr. Fltcrr obtained tbe floor, and after executive session, the Senate sdjnurntd. Hoi se. The gillrries of tha House were more """densely crowded this morning thin at any foriaer pa- riod during the treeent session, lly 11 o'clock not a "eat was to lie procured ; crowds were wedjiid in the various doorways, white the lobbies were alike t uncomforlahle with persons of both sexes. The seats ..epecielly at t apart lor the diptotn.tlio aorps, with the exceution of the front tier, wcte occupie d br ladies. Members and otiiers were fiatlieted in groups on the UOUr, SnU 111! KOlll'iei MUV in ukwimci us.' 1111 f excitclllf ut. The lluii.e was cal'el to order at uoon. Rev. Mr. Kcninard opening the proceedings with prajcr. In the courso of his pruyer, the reverend gentlemen implored the Almighty to come to the deliverance of the country from the piesatit excitement and danger, and to renew the bond of conhdeuue which formerly existed us to our Confederaev. The Oeik staled the pending nestion to be on the motion made by Mr Wieslow on Friday to proceed to vole lor Spenker etcw ro'W. ' Mr. Davidson a. ki d leave to olTar a resolution that the Doorkeeper be directed tu exclude all persons, not catiiled to the privilege uuder the rules of the House, fium the floor, except the employee actually eutfeged iu i lie nan. Mr. Clemens gallantly asked Mr. Davidson to ex ept Uie ladies irom thatiueratiou of the resolution. Alter much discussion, the ladies, to the number of forty, retired fiom the lioor, Hnd tiie iiooyof ui House Delii cleared ol ail perrons not memueis Mr. Btanton prouoaed that no debate or explana- nations be uilowed during tbe roll call ; but this was . objected to. The House, amid much excitement, proceeded to vole tor speaker. Mr. bhermiui made a few snlriled remark, in which bo expressed his gratitude tu hie Irieuds for having voted lor mm tnrouguout tnts proiongea contest tin now, and, id coocidsiob, said i ut usa one favor w atea, it was thai tin v would come in unbroken columns. with a firm boot and unwavering iiua, aud east their jsvotesfor Uie lepubbcau candidate. The House man voted, with the following result : whole nmnlier ol voUm 'I'M ; ueeessary to a choice 1 16. Of which Mr. Pennington received 115; Mr. 8tnih.of Korth Carolina, II 1 1 lr. l uvi. of Indiana, i) scattering 4. Tne Hnsse again proceeded to vote, and there was as much, it uoi mure, iuterest mauiiested than on the lifsi trial lu-oav. The result was announced aa follows: whole aumhar of voles 'I'i'l. Mr. Feiioinutou and sir. biniih not voting necessary to a choice 117. Mr. Pennington 115 ; Mr. huilth, ul North Carolina, IU; Mr. liavu, ol Indiana . 2 : Mr. Allen. 1 : Mr. H icock. 1. Tneie being uo cuuice, Mr. Win. low moved that tho House aiijourn. Mr. Clemen-' wanted to know whether his Demo erauc friends intt tided to resort to pat tiautcntiry tuctios to pi event sa election. Mr. Hnu-.hin iunlertood that no such thing was in-tcnied by his Den oeruue fricinls. Tiie m ition to ailjonni waa lost yeas 1(W, nays 12:1. Another vote was had. Vh u the w.iuie of Mr lt'ggs was called ho said tliut he U.d beeu informed hla' vote for Mr. renniugtou would trt'ect his election. 'tnererore, thtmuh not desiring to identity liiiutell with the lit publican paity, he cast his Vote iu that uiroctioa. The remiU ot tne vle was anuoaneed. whole uunl tier of votes 2:1.1. Sensory to it choice 117, ol which Mr. reuulngtun received 115. Mr. smith 113, acatter IngS. . lk-fure the result was announord, Mr. Brlggs made a personal explanation, s.yiog he wou'd now vote for air. nmitn, according to me party pieogo, but ue anticipated the time would come when he could vote fia- Mr. Pennington. He accused those who on Fihlsy voteu tor sir. nimui, imo tneu ouangeu to Mr. reuuing ton. as being molty of infamous conduct. Mr. Higgs withdraw his vote for Mr. Pennington. Mr. Mom, of I'eniHylvauiu, iiidigiiuutly repelled liieuusrge oi sir. tinges. The lloue then adjourned. Since preparing the above for the prena, the prooeedings on the let have come to hand. Wamiinhton Febiuary 1. " Rknitx Mr. Clay offered a resolution calling on the President for luforuiatioa iu leard to the proposals h tieatiug the capitol, in. A message was received from tbe Prealdent. " ' Mr. Halo Introduced i resolution thai tbe Committee on Military Allans be in-tr u.-tci u, inquire into the ex- edienry for paying the ollleers of the ariuy a groai eutn per annum, instead of allowances. Mr Uriines moved an aiueuduicut, to Include marines. Adopted Mr. I'ujjIi's resolution relative tu tha repealing of a certain portion of tha law of New Mexico and Utah, was laid upon the uble lor the present. Mr. llwin intiodoced a bill granting the right of way to a rettaiu party, lor a line of telcjjrapu te the PaciSc. Mr. Mice Introduced a resolution that tha Oommittea on Territories be intruded to report a bill for the organisation of the Tetrltory of Dacotah. , Mr. (iriiuea muvod, as uu amendment, that ao much of Miunesota not included iu the boundaries of tuat Btale, be auuexed to Nebraska. Laid over. Mr. Browu's resolution waa laid over until to-nior row. The Senate then went into Uxeculiv aesslon, and af-terwataU a. joutucd. Ibit'sx. The praceedlngs wore opened with prayer fey Itabbl Huphuel. It aliouudud with fervent ly ex-, priauad patiiotiu and religious sentiment, lie implored oivuie messing io direct tue nuuse iu the eltctmu of a tipeeker who may preside without iuvor or feur, and that the members might speak and uci for the glory and happiness of their cotamoo eooutiy. The prayer was iiaieie-ii to liu tusi sen aneiiiiou. ' Th'i OieHt hjviug stated that the tpiestlon pending, was the Motion ot Mr. Hhernian, that Uie House proceed to voi lor Koeaker, ou niotioa of Mr, i'helpa there waa a call of the Uuuse. llefora the iiruceedings uuder the call were completed lr. N'leack moved that Mr. Clark, of New York, be excused ior non atteudanoa. He staled that a uuiuher ot gentlemen were abs nt and that his motive iu making the motion waa to give them time to arrive. Mr, Uooock moved that all tun her proceedings under tbe call he dispensed with, auU dvaiuudcd the yeas aud nays. Alter soma discussion the House proceeded to vote. When the name ot Mr. Clark, of Mo., wsi reached, lie rose lo nuke an exp unatiou. Mr. Ilutchins called htm to order, on the ground that he could uoi proceed without geneiul couseut, and that tha discussiou would he iu violation of tha spurt of the ugreauieiit entered into yesterday. Mr. Clark then t-uid, Ihongu disagteeiug with Mr. HcClcrnaud nu the qurstiou oi slavery Iu tha Teiritu-rira. ha voted lor h ui as a national man. Mr. Cobb said ha waa opposed also to squatter sovereignty, but he respected Mr. McCleruand lur having la former years voted sga'Ust the Wiluiol Proviso. He eras Battened thit would be lb last vote to day for (Speaker. Ilia raauit waa a luregua eouclusiuii. Mr. Hamdlon referred lo a remark made tbe ether day by Mr. Mo ri, of IVnn-ylvania. that as Mr. Bmith, of North Carolina, had refused to tell him how, If be was elected, he would construct the Committee of Ways and Means, he would wlihdraw his vote from that gentleman. As Mr. Morris now voted for Mr. Pennington, he presumed Mr. Pennington hsd Informed Mr. Morris how he would foi nt the Committee. Mr. Keltt made a speech, In which tie alluded to Mr. Hherman's remarks accompanying his withdrawal, asa mrmrnful valedictory to his cc-erting tronp. That gentleman lord said the Dewincrsev was demorslired by seeking nlltiluti'iB with the elements of opposition to the liVpunlican psrty. Pray, gentlemen how do you stand f Por eight weeks ton have made an tflott to elect yeur nominee, and failed. You failed In vour ffort to adopt the plurality rule. You wore obliged to tnke down yotir man. whose name was connected with tho Helper pamphlet, and adopt as your candidate a man who Is iu favor of the Fugitive Mave l.sw as It now stands. Let me ask these ranic gentlemen whether they think by uuing for a man who favots that Inw. and who was an old-Una Whig, as he calls himaelt, they dn not dsniornlir.e themselves by the slhtlation Tiim aoeeAMMir .if Mr. tiuldjnirs sunoorls hint. Mr Keitt wanted lo know whether Mr. Pennington hid eiven Mr. Morris, of Penn.. HllV nledge how he would construct, the Committee of WrtVS end Means. It will due lo Uie House that tide question should beau pwered. Mr. Demons nliieeted to tht Interrogation Mr. Pettit objected to anyone tuk.ng the floor to rtply to it. t c Mr. Florence.' My colleague, Mr. Mnrt.s, can repiy when his name is caiteo. Mr k'iti rr I barl rtot bseh Invited bv Mr. Morrii in suit, tlia inonirv. 1 should never have thought of It I ak him whether Mr. Pennington has given him a pledge how he will oon-titict tha Committee ot ways ami Means. The Bentlctnau li om Ohio (Mr.Cnrwiii) said the other day, that when slavery was profitable la warm climates, he would protect ft : but, according to tha Republican theory, slavery la wrong In morals. It can go nos-hrre. I understood Mr. Pennington to lake txactly the B-me ground. Any msn can pet my vote to beat theKepoiiitnn, no inane who Re la. I Vote for Mr. Mills. fUughter.l Mr. Leach, of N. C, said when the Heme crate In a mass voted lor Mr. McCleruand be would do ao, but not b.tore. Mr. Smith, t vote for Mr. Mr-demand. Mr. tlsrksdale said he voted for that gentleman with tha ss-iirance that if the whole Democratic vote was given, he might be elected, but he desired to say. In so voting ne nan no idea or inanrping sir. ct lentaoo s souarter sovereignty views. He asked Mr. Leach whether. If all Ilia Democrats V lied for Mr. Met ier hand, all ihe votes ot the gentleman's party would be given to aim! Mr. Leach renlied. he was sincerely desirous of de testing the Republican candidate. He could not ssy whether all his political friends would vote ror Mr. lie demand or not. Mr. Harksdsle replied thit by a concentration of votes. Mr. Pennfngtou could hedel'cattd- It Mr. nington should be elected oa this ballot, the gentlemen and those who n fime to vote for Mr. Mcl'lernalid, will be responsible for Mr. Pennington selection. Mr. Skinner ohiccted to the trentletnairs nroceeding The Clerk remarked that Mr. Haik.cljle had ol, tamed the floor by auaniwoua oouatut, to make his explanation. ' Mr. Ilnksdale concluded, saying, If Mr. McCtor-mind's vote was not increased in tbe manner suggested, Mr. lVmitngtiin would be elected, as one gentleman (Ihlvgs) had declared ha should, iu a certain coutm gency. vote tor linn. Mr. Mtllnrv nsked whether he understood Mr. Barks dale to say that Mr. MoCIi inand could be elected by a combination of the Democratic, and boulh Ainsili.su vote. Mr. Biirksdale. I tay ty such a union Mr. renning ton esn tie defeated. Mr. Sherman made the point that all this dl-cuslon wa" out of older. Mr, Hill said tint Mr. Keltt bad made a favorable show of Mr. Penninulon. Mr. Darkndale said If Mr. Tennlnglon was elected the ltepresentatlves of slaveholding territory would be resnonsible tor it. Hut for the vote ol Mr. Davis, id Maryland, Mr Penuingion could not be elected. That gentleman, loo, waa a tuember ol the American paity Mr. -Sherman again called Mr. Harksdale to order, There waa much confusiou throughout these proceed' lugs. Mr. Moore, of Alabama, began to sneak-. Mr. Hherman. Does the gentleman propose to change his vote? Mr. Moore. Yon have no right to ask that question ii,- Mr. Rherman. I enter my rolemn protest againat tne gentiemau maamg a apeecn. Mr. Moore. 1 don't acknowledge the right of tbe gentleman to inlet rupt me. Mr. Sherman. I insist upon my point, 1 will not withdraw mv objection. Mr, Moore, the gentleman has no right lo besnarf HI g Hera. . Tha Clark said the gentleman had a right to ob ject Mr. Cox. I ask my colleague to withdraw bia ob-lection. It will facilitate the ballot. Mr. Moor. I ask uo favor. 1 will not be indebted to hi in. The Clerk said be eonld assign reasons for changing bia vote. Mr. e-herman, with that understanding, withdrew Ills Vl'jeuiloll. Mr. Moore denounced those who had acted with him who hsd iuetiv degree contributed lo the election of ltcutilican. If others would ngrec, he would stsy nere until me tin ol March, ihttt, nciore tie would le 11 llenublicatl Ilia the hneaUer s chair, tint he was sure that could Uot lie HCcoiudirhed. He had the highest personal respect lor Mr. Mefiernaiid, hut ditlered with liim on an important question, fie therefore voted lor Mr. Bovca. Mr. Davis, of Miss., had not voted fur the man Mc Clernni.d. but lor the Ctaiutrv. Mr. Floit nce had been governed by patriotic motives in voting ror sir. -nciernsiiii. Mr, HriAgs, who was one of the tellers. Raid, just be fore the result of the vote was announced 1 rise for the iiuroose id cheuglng mv vole. It will be recol h-e.ted that a day ur tao since I made a staleuiefll as to what 1 might do in a certain contingency, that eontlinjeney has now arrived, and ft becomes niy duty in MHie iny reasons ior ins vise I am snout to give, The tiuie has come when mv vole will elect aftneaker. i nave Htin on several occasions that t could cast my vote for auy conservative gentleman Ilka Mr. Penning ton or Mr. Corwio. Mr. I'enninglon now ha- I IU voles, and 117 votes will elect hiiu. I give my vote t a gentleman who, I am assured, will act lai'lv aud im- partially to all aealions of the country. Aw. rent the responsibility which I ussuine in o doing. Mr. Clerk, l now withdraw niy vole lor Air. r-lcijlernitiid. ol I . and cast it lor Win, PeiiBingtou, ol Mew Jersey. (Prolonged applause ) Mr. D.Uitas siood at the desk watching Urigga dur ing trie wuoie ot uis i t mat ks. (Impatient cries ot " Proclaim the vote."! The vol waa then announued : Whole numlier of votes, necessary to a choice 117. Mr Peuuiugtun, 117: Mr. McCleruand. hJ : Mr. (Jiluier. lii. The announcement of the result was lUluwed by ep-ulause. The Clerk declared Mi . Pennington elected Spiaker oi loe House. Mr. Hiudman rose to eall the attr-ntion of theconntiy io some isos eoBiievwu won tue aierTuon, bui mere was luud and prolonged cries of " older. Mr, (irow, elevating his voice to the highest pitch, said, a Speaker having been elected, nothing ia in or. der nntil he is conducted to the chair, (Criea of ' mat s ao." " Let linn lake his t ace.i The Clerk anatamed the suggestion, mid appolnhd Btrsers. iioeocs ami niierinau ui conouttl Mr. feoning. ton to the chair. These gentleman at onea entered upon the poiioiutauce of their duty, and escorted him to the chair. The tspeeker, amid a quiet which strongly contrasted wiin trie excited and uisorneriy proceeding whh q previously prevailed, spoke as follows i Utnthnun of thr oustro yiresetifalieas I return vou my grutelul ar-kuow ledgineiits lor the distinguished honor vou have been bleated to coiif--r uunn me in electing ine Hpesker of this House. Coming here for trie arst nine at the preseut session, to bo associated with you as a member, uo event could have been utora unlocked for than lhat I should be called titmu to pre. side over your deliberation, and my li lends will dn uie the justice to say that I have uot souuut the tof lion, as I tarteinly never desired It- I am. nevertlie. less, as conscious ut lire ill Jhliy and lllioortatice ol lira mgii iiince as any gentleman can lie, nut -nouiu havu been lur butler blessed could lis autiee nave bsen Intrusted tu abler and more expeiienced hands. Alter almost Insmiuounuihle obstacles iu the way of au orgauixalion of this House, I eame tu the conelusiou that any gau'leutau of ari party, who could eomu. snd msiorny ul tun yores tor npeaaer, was uoutiri lu dek-renee to public exigoneica to aoct pi the lesponsl-biitty, as an act ol patiiotsc duty, aheintr It was Bgteeable to his ptrsonal leelipgs or not. A that choice baa unexnectedlv fallen on me. 1 have not hesitated lo accept ii. lu the execution of Uds high trust, my ol ject will bo to do my duly with linpaitialily and Justice to all. I shall have great ne-cessiiy. genilrtnen, for your indulgence In the new position in whu b I am placed, utid I feci t-utiie coutidence thai I shall receive It at your hands as a Representative Irom the siiute of New Jersey, upuu whose real so inaiiy brilliant achievements were accomplished in the Itevolulioiisry war. and whoau itrnole have ever beeu disiingiiishsd lor devoliou to the Uuioo sua! Constiui-Hon, I pray tu the Or, at Arbiter of our destinies tint I may do no act to impair the jniegnty of either, but tint, hy wise and pcuceiul counsel, peace and older may yet lemaiu m our pu t-t, and oar tree iiuiitutioiis may be i.ernetnau d to our descendants. I u el mat I have a national heart, embracing all parts of our bless-ed Uuiou. Aeaiu, lit inking yuit lor your kluduesa, I uow stiter upon the duties of that arduous uuJ oinpli-oatetl slaUuu. . . Mr. Phelps administered tbe oath te the Speaker, request ot tne ciera. '1 he memhera were sworn In bv delrrrittlont. Mr. Wsshhurno offered n reselnthn, lhat the rnles the 85th Congress he adopted for the government i this, and that a Committee i.f Ave, consisting nf th Speaker and four others, report sitoh amendments, from time to time, as they see props.-. Alter a running ehte. it was adoptrn. Mr. Phelos here asked leave to Introduce a bill nrsk Ing appropriations to supply the dctlcicncica In the rost t lllce nepariineui. Mr. Htetihens nllleeleil. Tha Speaker raid no legislative business could be transacted until a clerk was elected. Mr. Fentoti offered a resolution to Inform the Setutta that Ihe Houe had elected a Spcuker and was ready procetd m nnsiness. . Mr. instow aara oeiore urn coum ne gone tliey lllltsi eit ct a V o re. Mr. Sm'th. of Virginia, moved that John C. Allsn. the late (berk e the Hiaise, he declared Clerk ot tha present House, and moved the previous question. The Speaker said as .nr. rentals resolution was pending he couhi not euverinm tne question. Mr. tliow remarked that under the rules adopted to day, Mr. Alleu wuuld cuntinuc until a C.erk waa elected. Mr. Homton. The law snys what we shall do. Mr. Sherman moved that, whvn the Uus adjonrn be till f i nlay. Mr. Burnett. let ns pass the Post-pfllce Appropriation hill before we adjourn. Th Speaker announced that Mr. Fcntoa's resolution was in order. Various gentlemen on the Pcnncratlc side had some- thing to aay, and tits proceedings were generally a is- Mr. 'n.nksdate salit that Mr. Fenton's resolution engirt to be na-sed. He appealed to hla Democratio frietirf td williilraw their obiections. Mr. Farnswotth moved that the House adjourn till r r'd ry. Mr.'Koitt (in a tone that could not full to be heard) 1 hat s your reason tor tnar motion : Mr. FRrnsworth. I'll not give niy rea--nne. Mr. Hill. I want to get gentlemen nut ol difficulty fVVhat else he said was mingled with cries of order. Mr. Farnsworth withdraw his motion. Order waa at last partly restored. Mr. Hill moved that Mr. Allen act as Clerk until one te elected. . . - Mr, (iiw Interposed a point or order. Mr. Clemens hoped gentlemen would take their seats, and. Isiliug to do so, that the Chair would exer cise his aulhorily, and designate gentlemen hy their nanus who were out of order. The Speaker rapped repeatedly, and sailed tbe House ts, .irnor. Mr. Morris, of Pennsylvania, moved that the Bouse sojourn. i ilr. Clement pro'ested against something, but what It was i as lost in stentorian cries of order. He subsequently ssld he waa endcavoting to call the House bank In a sens of its ewu dignity. It was a quetiioa tt gentlemanly rourie-y. Mr. H.irrett called Mr. Clemens to order, ns a motion was pending to sdjonrn. It was not in order to debte or call back Hi Dignity of lbs House. (A voice, " Dignity ! a, ha.' ) Mr. Stevens ross to move that when t lie Hons ad Jnurn It be till Friday, when he was called lo eider from the Democratic side. The Speaker stated the question, (Cries of " Call the roll." Mr. Kellogg wanted the post-office dtflcieucy DPI passi e. Ai'j turned till Friday. A ratlior nurtoiiH phenomenon lias been ob- Bcrveal in iiroeeter. Mum. All artcman well lias lic n aut.k to the depth of nno hundred anil twt-litv-tlireo feet. Sovcrnl Vi'ina of water liuvo beeu elriifk, but tint sufficient to raise tho water to tho mirfuco. Lately the wntor in the well lias been observed to rise nud fall at nearly uniform porioil", the fliictiiutirni continuing from day to day. At tho hlghr-nt, the water rixe one hundred and eighteen foot, or within a few feet of the etirftiee. and fall to one hnO' dred and nix and a half feet. No satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon lms as yet beeu obtained, , , ,, ,,.,,.., Cotton Hurnt.The tlliarleaton Mercury, of the let inst., eaya : " rive car loaila of cotton three hundred balee, woro burned at the twenty-nix mile turn-Ant on the South Carolina Kail- road, yeaterday afternoon. The train, of which these oars were a part, wa the through freight tram it iu Augusta, aud tuo cotton burned was Georgia and Alabama cotton, llioloee is euu mated at CILoon thousand dollars." Defalcation of a Cushitr in Charlttton Tho Charleet n Mercury, of tho 2d inst., says: 'Tho ditmppearaiico of a cahhier and book keeper of one of our merolianU i aecouutod fur by a defalcation of ftllkltl to KfOOO in tlw balance of bis books Uo ia reported to have 8(iiaudercd the nmney on a wanton, who accompanied him in bin flight, as far an Krnnck- vine, v.-in re nfie contriveii to eitnio nun iy faliinr- tho return truiti to the city. It is the old story tho I'uiu and tliagrace of a dupe." OrKRATMXR in OorroM at Moitit.it. Tlip Mobile Advertiser, of gulida1, '5th, eays : The t xporta of coitou la-t week were the largest aver knoarit. They amounted lu 4u,t l.i hales. At it. rate ol r.iOper lialo, Una would iiuinunt to ti.MU.i.M. lire sales of cottou yesterday were 12, UU bates. This ts the largest sale, we be liuvo, ever made iu Mobile, aud lias only uteu icaciied once rieiore mis svoaou. At tho Into annual tnuetiiig of the Montreal Telegraph Company, it was uUted that the Vie rectors contemplated extendi""; tho oxieting lino downward to tho count of Labrador. The lino, if laid, will bu pi'irloiigcd by luud to Cape (Jliam, and thence extended by submarine cables for a (liatunee of some five huutlicd rjiilug to the coaet of Labrador. Kxtsskivk turtiii'iusk. Tbe liriatol (To"-liOHHee) News alutea that I eepniiaililo drovtirg of Virginia, Teuiiossuu, and Kentucky, have set on foot a project for OHtahlialiiint ut that place au extetiHive pork iiackinir entabliMhnieut on the joint etnt k principle. It will require a cupl'ul oi c.iiMl.iitio to Uecjiu with. : No fewer than twenty-aix uieuibora of th OiiliaU i'ecniL'e died dtirinur tho laat year; to theso miint bo lidded lwcity-l wo baronets, twenty-two kninliU and four moiiibera of the House of Commons!. Wo learn from the Mobile, papers that Bish op I'ulk and Elliott, of llio Krisoopal Churoh, arrived iu that city on the 3d hint. gFALDlNU'tS I'TlKi'saUlTu 'uiTiTit bl'ALUlvua I'JtKPAIiU) ULUB1 PPAl.niNll'S PIllci'AllKl) (il.UKI ava tu pikuksI glJONCIty I UUPATCH " A irirttH je visa ssvre sisaM At mnUMU ultl As;-ts. Is r l :,,,J.a.J iisuhss, II M VBrj Si.irsl.'v lo lisvs sraiiu i-iasp srsl ausvstaslil ws tor IspsirUig Kun.loits, Tns, taut-ssiy, as. HI-A I,M1' 1'KM-Al tU lll.LK kisiat sll suck suswgsaclss, snd ne hr-usclailJ mu alf aS u bssiilain u. it is Miasms tssUr siiS iil to ins si oking I'ulul. Ihsis U ia) lmastsiMeMsli ler SuiBlss clt.hs, n ibtcie4 vm,s.r, l,wsdlw sel.s, ai4 Ur, ksn eisdlss. It ar ji.sl ib s.l'1-U; fur iM-as. .hull. si'S Mias vrussiiiulsi aiNs. sspsps-lar w!tn Is.lies st rtlhasutni si d imis. This siliiiirNti s , isiursliou is sad eol.l, buln uhsalusllv ksM Is sul iiLuii, si.S tsisssliaf all lis vsluslils susUtiss t,r Uis lasil eslilnst- mslisih' l.'ua. Jlttis U used lu Uis pises ut soilssrr atuvilags, bshig vas.lr mors arlliesivs. "isfcrub IN tvxmr tliiUSk." K. H A brush seeumiisiass ssch U,ills I'rlrs, V osets. Uksislkl llspal, lis. SSlsdar vttv, hmw IsiB. A4'lrsss iikmii e. i r.u.fiMi co. bus No SJi,0, Xwv Voik. Put ur fi r th'u'srs 's essss easlalbl' a f ur, slsla sud Iwsl vs dusss a bssulitut filSafrSiib thuw usol stasis (niuy mm sneli pscSsgs, A sngts lsai: of seal IIIMU'S PUKI'AHKll UbUJt sUI ssrs tso Hd-ss lis cost aeinially bj svsry liouhslaad. , Bias by sll boauiustn blsilcuvia, lliu,aottt. listdasreaial rsfsl- tar llisltia, lirtcsis, St U l'la- uses. l ewniiySTaei.hui u ia...il i iusSm s isas ef Sasidn a's Ptsuafsl lilut, ehrs sastaig up ibsb list, ll 1H sUtud sur sllns s. ViIta.SJai CANNKL, COUa-Wa are iu IfV'.li-t Ut (),M kNtl uf -.m MIX rliM-ANl lUrttkl' f.l li ll,, In Hi (,.. vu , , Klt, fry nil Mi.W, UU ('UM i, VHKM.LM Midi Hif U't K. tl.js lliaiihMt ir I fail CI. fat. lutvt ful lu.t.-ii fa. uUU In dl tKia H,l .1 f i' 'rll, mi U : tt tli.ik MILil lur.siii ItlslHta'l tfl ll.f b Ml K 'til. all lUliliwi fef) lllKIIL'tl, ll W Wl I afll II. Ull-latr K fttil Wt4N-sIIW 4ii4. tt.rti.or TUf-tiaaa Itasal U atlktam leasf -SB 1 MtLfsiaaeUut. lit kUif tu y i4 it. bi no t riUv-OX JUlsLA fit ft HARKKIj Ml M Wiuiwr fstl lftuij Hiltl Qiioi.

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Delta,
  2. 07 Feb 1860, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • Speaker of the House elected — Mr. Pennington, representative from the state of New Jersey, elected Speaker of the House. Reported in The Daily Delta, New Orleans, Louisiana, 7 Feb 1860

    mesteckley – 03 Aug 2017

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