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j ! , j i i GREAT INVENTION NEARLY FORGOTTEN Direct-acting Direct-acting Direct-acting Steam Pump In World Over Invented At Danville. Use IT EFFECTED II REVOLUTION Thomas Thatcher the Inventor, Original Original Pump Still In Use At Big Mill. The fact that Montour county is the birthplace of the inventor of the type- type- writing machine brought out m a re-. re-. re-. ;K"ewWr syTanL printed in tJse columns 1 Wednesday has aroused a great deal . sec-th '"olTthneTamniarrtt in ltrtl histo7v of o r town it has r:dalohrgestth0al;rMonrur bounty, is associated with several other fam- fam- 4. t.rt 1 Kainir t Vw ! OUS lIlveilLiuiis nui liic tccni uiL.."e 1 Hirect-actinc Hirect-actinc Hirect-actinc steam pump, perfected at the iron works here now operated by the Reading Iron Company, the principal of which is employed the world over and which has revolution- revolution- Jzed the entire system or pumping A direct-acting direct-acting direct-acting steam pump is one in which the steam piston rod is di- di- dis-rectly connected with the pump rod. An example of such a pump in its most modern form may be seen at the water works at this place. Up to some forty-five forty-five forty-five years ago, when this pump was invented, the pump and the! engine were separate affairs, the lat- lat- ter possessing a fly-wheel fly-wheel fly-wheel and com- com- municating motion. to the pump as it Wash-would to any other piece of ma- ma- chinery. 1 The direct-acting direct-acting direct-acting steam pump was o-the conception of Thomas Thatcher a resident of Danville and during the 60's and the early 70's an employee of the "big mill," then owned and operated operated by Waterman & Reaver. The direct direct action pump was invented at Waterman - & Beaver's works, and what adds immeasureably to the interest interest in the fact that the original pump, which revolutionized machinery machinery of that kind, is still in existence and in daily use, the sound of its exhaust exhaust being one of the most familiar noises about the "big mill. At first of course the self-acting self-acting self-acting steanl pump ,was only a dream. The thing, however, seemed feasible, and the proprietors consented that a pump of that type might be manufactured , at that plant. Mr. Thatcher, of course, : was the inventor of the direct-acting direct-acting direct-acting steam pump, but those who assisted in the making of the first pump, which has given such a good account of it- it- f Adam8 who still sur-Charles sur-Charles sur-Charles Bird and E. C. Voris, deceased. The direct-acting direct-acting direct-acting steam pump found immediate favor. An order was received received from Indianapolis, Ind., and in due time one was installed in the water works at that city. It was not long before the old type of pump was practically out of existence. Improvements Improvements of course were made, but the world-over world-over world-over the principle of course remains remains the same as employed in the original pump that is still in commission commission at the Reading Iron Works. The plant here operated by the Reading Iron Company was already famous, as it was there that the first E rail the type of steel rail in ca. That the direct-acting direct-acting direct-acting steam pump was invented and first put to practical use there is a circumstance that adds not a little to the plant's distinction. It is also worthy of note that the inventor of the famous DeLong hook and eye in use the world ovei" Mr. Frank E. DeLong is a native of Montour Montour county and at present has his residence here. I j I ! j t-gta t

Clipped from
  1. The Danville Morning News,
  2. 19 Jun 1914, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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