Tried To Kill An Attorey

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YDA ADDIS STORKE AND THE MAN SHE TRIED TO MURDER tmvelrpay fromManlWyto th - JbHKI IliulAVAl Ism Wmlu 1 7 sWJ fflkHvsWvvVYlkm V iJ - l u n lr Q rai TRIED TO KILL AN ATTORNEY YdaAddis Storkes Night v Visit to Her Former Lawyer USED CHLOROFORM AS Hfc SLEPT HE AWAKE 9 BEFORE BECOXISO CJtCOJJSCIOCS AXD A FIGHT ESSCES Tli Secamtrle Wman Wields a Pie tol bat la Pat la Jail aa Chara - ed With Attempted Marder fill up the ranks of the regiment r ganized by Otis but it is now likely that the skeleton commands will be completed by men specially enlisted for that purpose thus not interfering with the recruiting of the ten other volunteer regiments With two regiments in thePhllipplnes complete the command of Otis will be re - enforced by nearly 16000 men giving hlpi a total force of 46000 men two - thirds of whom - will be regular The met who have decided to enlist in the skeletor fegfments will each receive tmtcesjforiglmir enlistment - In the united States amountingto about 1450 most cases and at the expiration of their terms of service in the provisional army will receive free transportation to their homes in this country The enlistment of men for the ten new volunteer regiments will begin throughout the United States to - mbrrow MUST REMAIN LOYAL TO THE REBEL CAUSE Prominent Filipino General Knows the Rebellion Is Hopeless but Refnses to Sar - render MANILA July 6 via Hongkong July 9 Friendly Filipinos in Manila have bean the medium of communica tions between the American authorities the military leaders of the insurrection in Cavlte province which for some time prOmised - to result in brlrfging over prominent General and several hundred of his followers with their arms If negotiations had succeeded the outcome would have had a great moral effect for other defections - doubtless would have followed Were the Gen erals name given it might lead to ac - I similar to that which has befallen other Filipinos suspected of friendliness Joward the Americans He had foreseen the failure of the in - anSVt AttogiefGrjtAJksof sideratlon figured In the discussion with his friends RUMOR 0FA CftlSlS JN THE WAR OFFICE Miinn an ih aii - h it i aa k sent word to the Americans that having sworn to support the insurrec - he must remain loyal to the end Slmilur negotiations are said on a - oo - l Slgolflcartce Attached to the Fact That Atjrer Was Xot rresent at the JRoosevelt Conference WASHINGTON July 9 Political Washington attaches considerable Importance to the fact that Secretary Alger was not at the conference at the White House last night In which Governor Roosevelt participated That clr - cumstance combined with the fact that the President has taken the fortnatini of the volunteer army entirely out of me nanas of the Secretary nd I tending tp HvgersohaUy with the aid of ujuiam - ucncrai sorbin forces thfe impression mat a crisis in the War vc iiiumnem icis asserted that the Preldentahd - members of the Cab - lSf fVe CW 8h0n their desire that Alger resign TO BEGIY RECRUITIXC Orders Received at the Station In St Loots ST LOUIS Mo July 9 - Captaln H K Bailey U S A In charge of the recruiting station at St Louis received a telegram to - day from the War n partment at Washington innnMin authority to have been conducted with him to beein Jiu7 wrucung member of theCabinet of the so - called w th i Vin2rrow un Called rlAr th t - swtsfi A4A a nwrrort ktmi t vucr me resident Initiative Some form of money con - SEVEN KILLED that additional troops be raised for duty In the Philippines Children Struck Crossing in City of the seven members ofthe family ISTER otT AT SEATTLE Report of a Special Train to Carrr Volunteers North oca ini y asnj July 9 It Is stat wuUi ion arrangements have about been completed to bring the Washington volunteers to this city to U uuoreu ouu qpon their arrival at San Francisco jfhey will be put aboard a special train chartered by Seattle citizens The train will have a pay car enroSte th troop wUI b P off CONGRESSMAN SULZEfi TRAILED BY A WOMAN The Xew York Democratic Politician SpscUl Dispatch to th Chroalels y SANTA BARBARA July 9Tda Addis Storke again languishes In jail Uus time under the serious charge of attempt to commit murder To - morrow she was to appear In the Superior Court for sentence for criminal libel she hating been convicted of this offense three weeks ago a stay of execution having been granted while her attorneys could prepare their bill of exceptions and motion for a new trial Pending this she has been allowed her liberty on the nominal bond that had been accepted shortly after her first arrest It being thought that she had not the nerve carry out the supposedly idle threats that she had made against the Uvea her enemies Last night however armed with two pistols a bottle of chloroform another of prusslc acid and potassium a glass cutter and a putty knife two strips of narrow bunting eight or ten feet long and a liberal supply of cartridges matches and string she entered the residence of Grant Jackson her former attorney and now her arch enemy and attempted he claims to chloroform and kill him She was restrained only after a most desperate struggle during which a pistol in her - hands was discharged but without damage the ball passing harmlessly through the noon With her bands tied so that she could - do no further Injury he was - closely waicnea oy me one wnom sne naq sought to kill until an officer arrived She was then conveyed to Jail She refused at first to talk to the officers but this afternoon she told her story freely to a Chronicle reporter difc avowlng any attempt to injure Jackson by claiming that she had gone to his room a she had frequently done be fere at that hour this time to get him divulge the evidence she says he possesses that woultf - lear her of thecharso of writing the anonymous letters which id to her conviction for libel Jackson states that when he awoke shortly before daylight he had been disturbed by something tickling his mustache He turned toward the window and in the faint light saw an object sitting on the floor at the bedside and a hand on which chloroform could be plainly detected was withdrawn from his face He asked Who is there and the person whom h then recognised as Mrs Storke replied It Is me Have you got a gun When Jackson answered that he had she told him to give it to her addlngr Ive got the drop on you He could by this time plainly see a bulldog revolver pointing at his head and concluded the wiser course would be to deliver his weapon Then with one revolver in her hand and two ethers at her side on the floor she ordered him to remain quiet He tried to appear unconcerned and to draw her Into conversation until after half an hour or more she told him to get up and take In the screen which she had cut In order to gain an entrance Some one passing she said might think that a burglar was In the house and send officers to Investigate While he was going Into the other room she kept him within close range of her revolver When the screen was removed he was ordered back to bed but grasping tne only opportunity he had had seised her unexpectedly by the waist and threw her over gripping the gun at the same time She struggled violently and It was several minutes before he had her under control Then he tied her hand and the tables were turned she lying quietly on the bed while he stood guard A few minutes later when mistaking the quietness of his prisoner for weakness after her exertion Jackson was a little lax In his watchfulness sheleaped from the bed and seised one of the re volvers In her two hands He rushed at her securing a light grasp of her wrists and held them down until the weapop was discharged After a short delay a neighbor was aroused and dispatched for an officer Deputy Constable Shoup arrived shortly after oclock Shoup says that Jack -

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 10 Jul 1899, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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  • Tried To Kill An Attorey

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