The Storke Case

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The Storke Case - THE STORKE CASE. Tommy Denies the Old Hen With...
THE STORKE CASE. Tommy Denies the Old Hen With Whiskers Story. A Remarkable Letter Offered in Evidence. All of the Evidence In and the Case Submitted. The Fena Letter and Its Peculiar Statements—Tommy on the Witness Stand—The Case Submitted on Briefs. The divorce case that has been on trial before the superior court all last week and is ahout ended, has about this status, says the Santa Barbara Press of Sunday: Yda Addis Storke has brought suit against 0. A. Storke for separate maintenance on the ground that she cannot live with him because of his bad treatment of her, etc. In answer 0. A. Storke files a cross complaint asking for divorce on the ground of cruel treatment and insanity prior to marriage. If the testimony bears out his allegations the laws of this state will permit such a separation and leave the parties in the same relative positions they stood in before marriage. If the judgment ot the court should be in the plaintiff's favor, it will also decree that she receive a separate maintenance. The trial proceeded as usual yesterday with none present but the parties in interest. A jetter written to Mrs. Pefia, at Alameda, by Yda Addis Storke on December 24th was offered in evidence; the following is a nearly complete copy of the letter: When in San Francisco in the spring of 1890 I learned that some time previous to Mr. Pefia's embarking in the illfated Senora be had deserted you and that you had followed him and prevailed on him to return. This confirmed my belief that he was not dead; that he only pretended to go in the Senora in order to gain the time to get away during the days of her absence, and that he had taken advantage of tbe loss of the ship to escape from you under the cover of apparent loss at sea. My love for you led me to investigate the matter, which I did with infinite patience and at no little exp use. Mr. Storke knew of my doing bo, and when we met in San Francisco urged me to tell you, which I refused to do, fearing to arouse false hopes which might not be sustained. Now see how carefully Providence adjusts details for us. Ouly a day or two after I had written you telling how unwilling I was to bring you into my trouble, yet how imperative it was that 1 should do so, I received the final returns from the last money I had been able to expend for you. This told me that Francis lYfia is alive, well and prosperous, living with a handsome woman and beautiful child, a boy. I have been aided in the research by remembering the whereabouts of people who knew him when he was studying at Vallejo or Benicia, I forget which. Thus God punishes you for your treachery toward me. After all that you have said concerning Mr. Storke's monstrous behavior to me at the Lick house, you swear that his conduct was rational, reasonable and hot unusual, yet you profess to be a Christian woman! I will not inquire whether in this you were actuated by motives of spite against me •'for dragging you into it." or by more sordid considerations offered you by Mr. Storke. I believe I could have you convicted of perjury, but —you were once my friend—l will leave you to lie down and rise and eat and live and die—for you must, remember that you have to die —with the memory of your false witness ever resting upon you. If I should die, you would be in part my murderer. I shall not die. I shall live and keep the secret of Francis Pefia's whereabouts. . . . The letter was written a few days after Mrs. Pefia's deposition had been tiled here, Mrs. Peila is the lady referred to as being present at the time of the scene at the Lick House in San Francisco, and in her deposition denies that any such scene aa described by plaintiff took place. Defendant Storke says emphatically that the allegations aud insinuation's in the foregoing letter are utterly false. Mr. Bnrßon testified to the incident at the shoe store which was practically the same as Vance's. C. C. Hunt testified that Mrs. Storke had unlimited credit at his store: Mr. Newman testified to the morphine poisoning incident at the drug store, already related. Dr. Caesel, who relieved plaintiff's stomach at that time, testified that he saw no signs of poison. Dr. Knox testified to the effect that if the case, as presented by defense, be true, plaintiff is subject to hysterical insanity. Tommy, "the naughty boy," declared that he never referred to plaintiff's aunt as the old hen with whiskers; always obeyed her wishes; never disregarded her will. Defendant Storke denied that he had ever said he would rather have a snake touch him than her. Among the witnesses who testified in the afternoon was Rev. Mr. Thatcher, who stated that when be acted as peace commissioner between the parties, defendant spoke kindly of his wife; said she could come home whenever she wanted to; plaintiff insisted that Tommy should be sent out of town; never saw anything irrational about her before her marriage. Piaintiff in rebuttal; said she sent for Mr. Boyce during the Lawrence trial because her husband wanted her to find out what Boyce knew about the defense. The defendant was placed on the stand and denied this. A letter written by plaintiff to B. F. Thomas, stating that her husband would not supply her with necessary mean.- of support and asking for help as a daughter of a Mason, was introduced. J. W. Taggart denied that there had been any antagonism between the attorneys in the Lawrence trial. Several depositions from Los Angeles people who knew plaintiff were read, stating that they had never observed any signs of insanity in her. The Misses Leland testified to the same effect. The testimony here ended, and plaintiff's attorneys moved that $250 alimony be allowed their client. The defendant having paid $70 of her expenses thus far, a compromise was made on the amount, allowing her $120 more. The case was then submitted on briefs. COUNTY FUNDS. Facts from the Report of the County Auditor. The county auditor yesterday submitted to the board of supervisors the following report for the last year, showing the receipts and expenditures: On January Ist, 1891, the balance on band footed up $827,341.52. Some of the principal deposits for the year areas follows: Recorder's fees, $31,661; clerk's feeß, $34,758.81; sheriff's fee 5.526,646.42;.526,646.42; money from statu account fund, $223,480.62; state poll tax, $29.479 55; assessor's collections, $23 609.51; tax collector's collections (1890 91), $125, 852 34; tax collector's collections (1891---91), $634,459 54; 80 per cent of purchase pi ice of old court house, $80,400 ; sale of court house bonds, $209,913.84; Orange county award to Los Angeles county, $14,081; loan from Los Angeles National bank, $50,000; total, $2 360,627.50. The disbursements foot up 1,995,---813 11, leaving a balance on hand on January 1, 1892, of $364,814 39. REDONDO. Yesterday was bright and beautiful, and brought many visitors down to the beach, some for a day's outing, while others will remain a while at the hotel. On Saturday the people who visited the seaside were treated to rather an interesting sight, which consisted in the spouting of a large whale a short distance out in the ocean. The monster remained in sight quite a while, much to the delight of the spectators. Mr. and Mrs. Fallon spent Sunday at tbe beach. Mr. and Mrs. John Sutzer of New York are among the late arrivals at the Redondo hotel. Mr. and Mrs. John Ruggles of Brookline, Mass., are registered at the Redondo. Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Winans were down yesterday and had a pleasant visit. it. J. Church and family of Brooklyn, N. V., are among the eastern people stopping at the Redondo. Other late arrivals at the popular resort include Fred. A. Woolsey, Wyoming, Neb.; E. C. Chapin, Chicago; Mrs. R. F. Greeley, Miss Marion Greeley, Miss N. F. Greeley, Master Russell H. Greeley, Boston, Mass.; R. I). Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wier, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wack, Edward Wack, Los Angeles. B. POISON OAK CAN BE CURED. 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SsNN » Penetrates, Re. llevex. Cures. /V'/WVVVN Au druggists.

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