Brownsville Herald, October 26, 1975

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Brownsville Herald, October 26, 1975 - M.Gt\>r..--VHE BROWNSVILLE HERALD—Sund«y,...
M.Gt\>r..--VHE BROWNSVILLE HERALD—Sund«y, Octobtr Cues From Camilla Camille Cast Lives Up To Reputation BySAMSTIEGER For the past several weeks, this column has been devoted to singing the praiae of the Camille Playhouse and the seasons opener, "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." In fact, since rehearsals started the improvement of the cast has been nothing short of unbelievable. But until the opening night of the play, last Thursday, I had not seen the entire production. Imagine my surprise and delight when 1 found that everything I had written about the cast members members turned out to be true. Three or four cast members battle their way through the show with the end result being an outstanding redition of this Tennessee Williams classic. Dolli Salinas as Maggie, shines, (as we predicted) and is the center of attention for the first few minutes of the drama. Then, the stage belongs to the rest of the Camille Players who participate in the seasons opening production. Les Brecht is so perfect in his role as Big Daddy, you may have trouble watching his TV interview program after seeing his performance. Never before have I seen such total involvement in a character on a community playhouse stage. His speech, his actions, his moves on stage are that of the 65 year old millionaire, and not those of a somewhat younger television host. Jo Ann Windel is another member of the cast that seems to get totally into her character, character, Playing the part of Big Mama, Mrs. Windel again shows her great ability at stage work, and cast as Big Daddy's wife, the part is indeed a difficult difficult one. Now I must confess, that while the acting of the entire cast is excellent, there is one couple on stage that displays such terrific timing, that it's hard to believe that they've never worked together before. Carol Guion and Wiley Kuna are cast as husband and wife, and the match is perfect for this show. Carol, who's appeared in many Camille Playhouse productions has to peddle fast to keep up with the pace set by Kara, who's making his first appearance on the Brownsville stage. The work of these individuals is so good, and highly polished, that they over-shadow the other members of the cast which the theater goer will enjoy watching. watching. The part of Brick. Maggie's husband is played by a newcomer to the Camille, Harms Derke. The acting and portrayal of Brick, by Derke is indeed interesting to watch. Doc Baugh, played by David Penque and Lacey played by Manny Garcia and the much needed finishing touches to the production. And leave us not forget the kids that work so hard at portraying the grandchildren grandchildren of Big Daddy. Roberto Elizondo and his casting committee committee are to be commended for the great job of putting this company together. While on the subject of Camille Director. Roberto Elizondo, I would guess that some individuals go to the playhouse just to see what this master has done with the sets. This entire play takes place in the bedroom-sitting room of a southern plantation, and the set is nothing less than magnificent, magnificent, lopped off by a sparkling chandelier which must be worth thousands. The work, not only on the seta, but with the actors exhibited by the local director is far superior to that found in most community threaters around the country. Now about the play itself. Although the acting is very good, the productions run a little little long, about two hours and 45 minutes. The first scene, which involves Maggie and her husband Brick is laboriously slow, dragging in many places. Maggie has many long speeches which are used by author Williams to set up the rest of the play. There doesn't seem to be the liming in these first fifteen minutes or so of the production, which is so evident throughout the rest of the play. This is a very serious show, which deals with the behavior of some very explosive characters. characters. It is by no means a comedy, but it is a great drama and I highly recommend seeing, "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." at the Camille Playhouse. Good Fortune RENO, Nev. (UPI)- Apples are nice for bobbing on Halloween, but they are great for fortune telling, too. Marjorie Stevenson, nutrition specialist at the University of Nevada, Reno, says one can see his future by counting the seeds in an apple. "Four seeds or less foretells an early marriage, nine or more great wealth. Five seeds denote a legacy; six, a sea voyage; seven, great fame, and eight, possession of any gift desired." "There's not a bad fortune In the lot, and the apple tastes good, too," she says. Sports jacket designs popular in America for some time, are in European collections for this fall and winter. They are the aviator look, the topper, waist- length ski designs and the anorak, a hooded jacket with knit cuffs and zip front.

Clipped from The Brownsville Herald26 Oct 1975, SunPage 32

The Brownsville Herald (Brownsville, Texas)26 Oct 1975, SunPage 32
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  • Brownsville Herald, October 26, 1975

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