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Hihn Will - The will left by the late F. A. llihn, a...
The will left by the late F. A. llihn, a comprehensive document of five closely written pages dated May 23, 1893, and a codicil attached, drawn four years later, was filed for probate this morning by Attorney C. B. Younger. Younger. The petition for probate was signed signed by the surviving executors named in the will, namely: Mrs. Thereae llihn, widow of the late capitalist; Mrs. Kute C. Cope, August C. llihn. Fred O. llihn and Mrs. Agnes llihn Younger, all of the surviving children of the deceased. The will was drawn when the late Mr. llihn was sixty-four sixty-four sixty-four years old and was witnessed by .the lute C. B. Younger and James L Dili ton, then an employe of the F. A. llihn company and now a resident of Santa Cruz. The hearing on the petition for probate probate was set by Superior Judge Smith this morning for September 22. The will follows in full: "In the name of God, Amen. "I, F. A. llihn, of the age of sixty-four sixty-four sixty-four years, and being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare tliia my last will and testament. testament. "1 I hereby doclnre that Therese ITlhn Is my wife, and that Knte C. Cope, wife of W. T. Cope; Louis W. llihn, August C. llihn, Frederick O. llihn, Tessle llihn and Agnes Hllin. are tho children of my said wife and myself. "2 I further declare that all property property which I possess Is community property, and belongs to me and to my said wife, Therese llihn, and all the money and properly granted and given by me to my Bald children, or either of them, was part of said com munity property, and was transferred to them by myself and my wile and with her consent. EXECUTORS ARE CHILDREN. "3 I appoint as executors of this, my last will and testament, my wife, Therese Hihn; my children, Kate C. Cope, Louis W. llihn, August C, llihn, Fred O. Hihn, Tessle Hlhn and Agnes Hihn. I direct that no bonds he required required from said executors, and by a two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds concurrence of all the executors executors who have qualified and shall be acting at the time, they Bhall have the power to sell, lense, hire, repair or Improve any or all personal property property and real estate belonging to my estate, without first obtaining permission permission from the probate court, and without without requiring Biich acts to be conferred conferred by the Bald court. "4 I give and bequeath to my beloved beloved wife, Therese Hlhn, all my right, title and Interest In the household furniture, piano, pictures and books in use at our home. SPECIAL BEQUESTS. "5 I give and bequeath to the fol lowing named persons the Bums set opposite their respective name, to be paid to them monthly, on the first day of each and every month during their natural lives: To my sister, Charlotte Huhn, $50 each month; to my sister, Emma Huhn, $50 per month; to my brother, Carl Huhn, $50 per month; to my brother, Hugo F, Huhn, $50 per month; to my brother, Otto Huhn, $50 per month. Provided, however, that all other Bums of money or property which either of said par ties named In this paragraph may receive receive after my death from other sources heretofore or hereinafter pro vided for by me, shall be deducted from the sums above provided for to be paid to such parties. CLERKS AND 8ERVANT8 REMEMBERED. "6 I give and bequeath to the fol lowing persons, the several sums of money set opposite their respective names: To my niece, Louise Hlhn $1500; to each one of the clerks and bookkeepers employed at the olfice of the F. A. Hlhn company at the time of my death, $250; to each one of the servants employed at my residence. including the head gardener and head stableman, each $200. "71 give and bequeath to my nephew, Albert Hlhn, 25 shares of tho stock of the F. A. Hlhn company, and to my nephew, Edward Hihn, 25 shares of the stock of said F. A. Hlhn company. Should all of said stock have been sold before my death or should my executors desire to give my said nephews money instead of said stock of the said F. A. llihn company, company, my said nephews shall be entitled entitled to receive each $2500 instead of said stock. CHARITY FUND CREATED. "81 direct that my said executors create a fund of $10,000 to be known ns the "Hlhn Charity Fund," and that such fund be Invested In mortgages on real property in Santa Cruz county, county, or City bank or in City Savings bank stock, and that the profits and Interest accruing from such fund, af- af- -ter -ter payment of expenses, shall be for a term of five years expended by them for such charities, In substantially substantially equal amounts monthly, as they in their Judgment may determine. After After the expiration of said five years the said fund shall be divided equally amongst my said children. I request,. however, that unless prevented by necessity, my said children and their descendants, or such of them as can afford it, preserve said fund or their shares of It, and expend the profits for charity. "9 I desire that my body be Inter red in a suitable burial place outside of the city of Santa Cruz, and where It Is not likely to be disturbed by re moval, and that my beloved wife and children lie burled in the same plat with me, and that a Btiltable monument monument be erected on said plat on which shall be engraved tho two clasped hands united by a chain, ns shown on the corporate seal of the F. A. Hihn company, and that the plat be planted out in flowers, plants and Bhrubs. GRANDCHILDREN $5000 EACH. "10 I give to each of my grand children that may be living at the time of my death, $5000 or Its equiva lent in value In F. A. Hlhn company stock, should my executors prefer to give such stock Instead of money. "11 I give and bequeath the residue residue of my property to my said children, children, to be divided by them In equal shareB, after deducting from each share the money or value of property already received by them from me during my lifetime and charged on my books ns donations to my said children. "12 I declare that the real estate and other property conveyed by me to the F. A. Hlhn company In trust for certain purposes declared in the-deed the-deed the-deed conveying said property Is not Intended to be affected fey these presents, presents, and that In case the said deed of trust should hereafter be annulled' by me, one-half one-half one-half of the property described described therein shall go to my said children and their children, each one of said children and each one of their children receiving an equal share, and the remainder to my said wife. EXECUTORS TO ORGANIZE. "13 I direct that my said executors as soon as they have qualified, organize organize as a board by electing from their number a president, a secretary and a treasurer; that said board have regular regular monthly meetings; that the president president he allowed $150 per month for his services; and the secretary and treasurer each $100 for their services; and that the other executors be allowed allowed each $75 per month; provided, however, that the deduction of $25 shall be made from said allowance for each non-attendance non-attendance non-attendance at said monthly meetings. At the expiration of two years after my death the pay of the executors shall be reduced to one-tenth one-tenth one-tenth of the several amounts herein, I (Continued on page four.)

Clipped from
  1. Santa Cruz Evening News,
  2. 30 Aug 1913, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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