7 3 1926 Request 4 mil in appro

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7 3 1926 Request 4 mil in appro - TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE ASKS OVER EOVR...
TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE ASKS OVER EOVR MILUONS FOR NEXT BIENNWM-BEFORE BOARD AUSTIN. July S.^—Texas Tech-j cience building. $2$2,0W for an noloctcal Colbge needs $4,087,580 engineering building and $75,000 to complete the p*»erer plant. In the second year the folWwing is crease expected during the next two years. for the next ‘lieanium. according to repreaentatmns made to the i^tf Board of Control Tuesday in an argument for appropriation ;ecoir.mendations to the next Leg- ááatwrv. tlm newest State institution institution wants $2.255,890 the first year and $1.088 S.240 for the eec- t nd year, Tho>t amounts cover maintenance and also buildings to take care of the !.irge number of matriculataa, a> well as the hi­ I The amounts reouesied are di- vided a.^ fallows. Curmit genenU expense«, first year t307,50i. requested: Two additiooai wings to the textile building, $175,000; men ? gymimsium. $225,000; extension extension of the htune economics building. $150,000; extension agricultural agricultural building, $250.000, and a library. $250,000. An imi^ortant discloaure in the budget i« that Tgxa? Tech is asking asking to be placed on a salary bashi on a level with the State University. University. which pays the highest salaries salaries of any State-supported educational educational ««itutiwB. TW? would five the president of Texas Tech $10,. ^ admin:«rative iHiO per anaum. the same as oaid a,salaries, first ymir $9i,jao aec-Ulie ond frmt $92.590: instructional >*^*Went of the Imversity, cctmpmr^ to his present $7,50«. scarte,?, fir* ywar $400.000. me-1 The preeert Taxa» Tech salarie* oad year $491.050; baidings now rank with the Colleg« of Inand Inand eq.; r»«»t ñm year |i,4«l.-Ídastriai Aru which i? next to the H. T 000, and second year $950,000. . Arpe&nig before the bemrd in behalf .vf the appropriations were I>r. P. W Hera, preehient of the CoUege; R. M Chitwood. bQatn«(&? nsanager; Amoc G. Carter, Port Worth. iMra F. X A and M. CoUarr- In addttian ta the auitandl ad-l vanees in faculty and administrative administrative salarie- gwopased. the number number of places IS practically doubled doubled Presldeat W. P. Horn said, af the eefan«s;tbecaas* of the doubling of the col- Drane, Corsicatta, anddige registration. ”11 is necessary Kimbro. Lubhock. reg«au.hv Anuble the number of facultr They were acewmpanlad by W. C memhers," said Dr. Horn, “in^ Hedrick, of F.rt Worth, architect ¡der to ba able to teach the Increas for the cc'Jege. and W Uiam R.,ing number of tSodants. We had 1 ! Watkias. of Hcuston, Rxe las«-, o43 students last >ear which wa¡ architect and amociai« archi- much more than many exoeeted of Texas Tech. k, »a- JT tl« buUdii:, «liy«, ,<«k. .hkk d» m,ui. .ddi- ÍKJ.OÍ-O -.o «jaip Mme; «íTS.OOO^.iomI «udí«t, ad mor, tnck- , chemiátry-physics mmu »5 me eno or tne loortn year Four new buildtngs are request-¡will eaaiiv have ower 2,000 stu-^ led the first year and fhe the me- dents. Thus w« must provide for’ 1654,000 kithb large tncraam. By that time the first ymr to compiete;we wlH be giviag third and fourth -a*.

Clipped from The Eagle03 Jul 1926, SatPage 2

The Eagle (Bryan, Texas)03 Jul 1926, SatPage 2
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  • 7 3 1926 Request 4 mil in appro

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