1933-12-24 BDE Karikatur Charles F.Lehrenkrauss und Julius L.

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1933-12-24 BDE Karikatur Charles F.Lehrenkrauss und Julius L. - MI BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SUNDAY,...
MI BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1933 Leading Figures in the Lehrenkrauss Bankruptcy Proceedings Freeze Coast Traffic in Still Is 15 Towns . Louis R. Bick, who Is presiding at the Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings of the J, Lehrenkrauss Si Co., as sketched In court by an Eagle artist. ABC to Receive New Applicants Reduced Rum License Fee Is Sought-2,460 Sought-2,460 Sought-2,460 More Permits Granted New applications for licenses to sell wine and liquor in stores for off-the-premises off-the-premises off-the-premises off-the-premises off-the-premises consumption will be received beginning Tuesday, Edward Edward P. Mulrooney, chairman of the State Alooholic Beverage Control Board, announced yesterday. The decision to receive more applications applications brought up the question of reducing the license fee for the period ending April 1, which was set last month, at $400 for stores and $500 for hotels, clubs and restaurants. restaurants. Seek Reduction Inasmuch as one of the four Interim Interim months, during, which the board is in power, has already passed, there has been some agitation agitation for a prorated reduction of the fee. Mr. Mulrooney said he would seek an opinion from Attorney General General John J. Bennett on the question, question, but expressed the conviction that the board had no discretion in the matter. A total of 2,460 licenses of all types have been granted in the city thus far by the board, Mr. Mulrooney Mulrooney said, and only 20 more applications applications are now pending. Aftei Jan. 1, he said, he will open hearings on the liquor license applicants who have been refused, of whom there are hundreds. 231 New Licenses Licenses to sell both wines and liquor were Issued yesterday to 59 stores, 117 restaurants, four clubs and eight hotels, and licenses to sell wine only were granted to 38 restaurants, restaurants, three stores and two clubs, thus bringing the day's total licenses to 231. Brooklyn was favored with the greatest number of store licenses. Approved premises are at 471, 956 and 1601 Kings Highway; 451 Howard Howard Ave., 1663 Sheepshead Bay Road, 1618 Avenue M, 450 St. John's Place, 264 Grand St., 182 Hoyt St., 416 Kingston Ave., 139 Columbia St., 1557 Myrtle Ave., 513 Avenue S, 562 State St., 4911 12th Ave., 328 Van Brunt St., 266 Prospect Park West and 123 and 453 Bay Ridge Ave. Eleven stores on Jamaica Ave. were approved. They are at 33-08. 33-08. 33-08. 84-27, 84-27, 84-27, 90-26, 90-26, 90-26, 101-19. 101-19. 101-19. 113-17, 113-17, 113-17, 113-04. 113-04. 113-04. 146-04, 146-04, 146-04, 162-04, 162-04, 162-04, 168-10, 168-10, 168-10, 175-25 175-25 175-25 and 216-04. 216-04. 216-04. Farley Gives Charges Blank Continued from Page 1 closeted with Mr. Farley in his suite on the liner. During the Interview with reporters reporters Mr. Whalen stood by somewhat somewhat in the nature of a "guardian angel." Silent on Walker Concerning reports that the former former Mayor contemplated returning to re-enter re-enter re-enter politics the postmaster was without information. "I didn't ask him any such question. Nor did Mr. Walker give any indication of it." A noncommittal answer also was given by Mr. Farley to a question concerning the recent attack on the power trust by W. Kingsland Macy, Republican State chairman, and his demand for a full Senate Inquiry. "I am not cognizant of the facts of the situation," said Mr. Farley, "and, therefore, I am in no position to comment on it. But I am going to study the situation." NAZIS BAN WAR NOVEL Berlin, Dec. 23 M5) Prussian police police ordered today the confiscation of the war novel, "All Quiet on the Stay Federal Liquor Control Legislative Problems Confront U. S. Board Plans . Are Changed . Washington, Dec. 23 (JP) Enactment Enactment of a permanent Federal liquor control method by1 Congress will be delayed by the Administration until until after many of the problems confronting confronting the Federal Alcohol Control Control Administration have been straightened out. This was indicated in Administrative Administrative and Congressional circles today today when it was disclosed that the legislative proposal previously suggested suggested by the President's Interdepartmental Interdepartmental Alcohol Committee would not be considered by the House Ways and Means Committee until after the projected liquor and general revenue bills are through the House. Congressional leaders were given to understand that the Administration Administration felt that until after the Immediate Immediate post-repeal post-repeal post-repeal difficulties relating relating to production, distribution and sale of liquor had been worked out,' no proposals for permanent legislation legislation should be submitted. At first it had been planned to send the liquor control bill up for action immediately following the revenue measure. Uniform Whisky Labels Favored Washington, Dec. 23 IP) Dr. James M. Doran, supervisor of the Distilled Spirit Institute, said today today that a proposed set of labeling regulations would be submitted to the Federal Alcohol Administration next week. He made clear that the idea behind behind this step is economy. "We want to have a uniform label throughout the country," he said, "In order that we won't have to put different labels on bottles sent into different States. "If we had to do that the price of whisky would be higher than it is now." Christmas Play Given at Museum The dramatic club of the Brooklyn Brooklyn Museum, one of the children's groups under the direction of the educational department, presented its annual Christmas play at the museum yesterday before an audience audience of 500 youngsters and grownups. grownups. For the occasion the children dramatized a Norwegian folk story, "The Trolls' Christmas." The children children made their costumes, with the aid of Mrs. Michelle Murphy and Miss Hannah Rose, who also assisted with the general details. Garner Hangs Cotton Sock for Santa Claus Uvalde, l ex., Dec. 23 (JP) An old-fashioned old-fashioned old-fashioned Christmas, free from the hustle, bustle and elaborate preparations preparations consonant with the day in many other parts of the country, will be the choice of Vice President John N. Garner. In his quiet home in a pecan grove here, Mr. Garner will hang up a cotton sock and hope for the rest of the country the same tranquility tranquility that he has known. Find Fossil Remains Of Miniature Monster 120,000,000-Year-Old 120,000,000-Year-Old 120,000,000-Year-Old 120,000,000-Year-Old 120,000,000-Year-Old Dinosaur of New Species Julius Lehrenkrauss, president of the company which is contesting creditors in their effort to have his company declared insolvent. Hereditary Changes Caused by Violet Ray Rice Institute Announces Result of Experiments Sun Tan May Lead to Mutations Depends Upon Whether Genes Are Disturbed Houston, Tex., Dec. 23 (JP) The ultra-violet ultra-violet ultra-violet light which tans a girl's cheek Is also capable of causing the "mutations" which are one of the sources of evolution. "Mutations" are hereditary changes by which new types of men and new species of animals and plants come into existenqe. Announcement of experiments experiments verifying this power In the rays was made at Rice Institute Institute through publication in Science, the official Journal of American scientists. The experiments indicated that sunshine Itself is possibly rarely or never the direct source of rays which produce mutations, the alterations alterations in tiny living practices known as genes, which control heredity heredity of everything that lives. The sun's ultra-violet ultra-violet ultra-violet is screened by the "tissues" of human beings, plants and animals from reaching Decision Near On Money Plan Continued from Page 1 Reconstruction Finance Corporation's Corporation's purchases of gold is to continue, continue, and that experimentation with the managed dollar will not be abandoned. Meanwhile the President President has bound himself to an international international silver agreement, which he regards as an earnest of what can be accomplished with respect to gold. The probabilities are that whatever is in the President's mind with respect to gold, he will await the effect of the silver program program before coming to a decision with regard to what he describes as the "other bases" of currencies. The President himself, in expressing his hope of stabilization, has never used the word "gold." Opinion Divided on Silver As to whether silver will set the pace for a perceptible rise in the prices of commodities, economic opinion is divided. To the average Eastern citizen, taught to believe that a return to the gold standard, standard, no matter on what basis of devaluation, would represent financial financial salvation In a world of shifting shifting values where the horizon is clouded with the dark threat of paper Inflation, 'no answer can be given as to the administration's intentions. The general opinion here is that the President's ratification of the world agreement on sliver was calculated calculated as a political move to disarm disarm the inflationists in Congress. If that was the Intention, the results results must await the event, for the Immediate reaction of such inflationists inflationists as Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma and Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana was to deprecate deprecate this move as insufficient, the genes which He burled in the hearts of body cells. But there is another source of ultra-violet ultra-violet ultra-violet which appears to originate in the cells themselves and which can apparently apparently readily strike genes with its rays. This body ultra-violet ultra-violet ultra-violet is named "mitogenetic" rays, and is a recent discovery of science. At first its existence was disputed, but lately evidence of existence of these queer invisible rays has been piling up in numerous laboratories. They have been detected streaming from human human eyes, noses and most parts of the body. Frequently their source has been traced to ill health. and to whet their appetites for full remonetization. Inflation Ranks Reduced The silver move, on the other hand, coupled with the President's intimation that he will seek in time a stabilization of gold, will have the effect of reducing the following of the extreme inflationists and of giving pause to members of Congress. Congress. Between the, two, the administration administration hopes that general opinion in Congress will be patient with current fiscal experiments, attentive attentive to current developments in the disordered world of currencies and amenable to a middle view of the whole problem. The President's general objectives are the restoration of purchasing power through the return of idle men to work, the resumption of the flow of credit and a jacking up of prices to the 1926 level. The multifarious multifarious major devices of his general recuperation program are directed to these precise ends. 1926 Prices Not Reached Restoration of prices to the 1926 level is still to be reached, and therefore stabilization on a gold basis, even if accompanied by the rather fantastic scheme of Senator Thomas to seize about $4,000,000 in gold from Federal Reserve banks, declare a 50-cent 50-cent 50-cent dollar, with the Government taking the "profit," appears to be a matter for the indeterminable indeterminable future. Whether the administration has arrived at the opinion that the present gold-purchase gold-purchase gold-purchase program is ineffective as a means of sustaining domestic prices, whether Professor Warren himself has arrived at this conclusion, whether the other experts experts regard stabilization as the most certain road toward a sustained sustained general increase in price levels none of these is apparent at the moment, but all are being discussed discussed here as possibilities. Picked for Bushwick High School Senate Seniors at Bushwick High School who have been elected to the Senate Senate of the school were announced last night by Henry Meissner, faculty advisor. Those elected were: Sylvia Appel Ruth Boesewlll Mary Cacioppo Joseph omandrlllo Cecilia Cent rone Louis Chlbbaro Roalyn Engerow Hermlne Puchs Sylvia Ooldateln Marie King Salvatort Lovullo Mildred Mackin Philip Michel Ann Rus.so Rose Schelck Adele Sloman Sidney Ullss Har,el Wfldmann Robert Wels Bert . Lehrenkrauss Case Watched Continued from Page 1 procedure in bankruptcy matters Is to wait until there has been an adjudication adjudication as bankrupt of the firm or individuals against whom an Involuntary Involuntary bankruptcy petttion . has been filed; then to initiate action on the formal complaint of the referee or of the trustee elected by the creditors. "Upon receipt of the complaint from the referee or the trustee, it is forwarded to the Department of Justice at Washington, Follows an assignment of department auditors to check the books and records and correlate the evidence they disclose. Then we present this evidence to the grand jury and prosecute in court the defendants named in any Indictments the grand Jury may return." return." The House of Lehrenkrauss was formed more than 50 years ago by Julius Lehrenkrauss, father of the Julius who Is now its head. It passed to the present Julius and another son, Herman, when the founder died. Herman died in 1924, leaving his Interest jointly to his widow, Kath-erine, Kath-erine, Kath-erine, and their son, Charles. Shortly Shortly thereafter there was a realignment realignment of ownership, when the present present head of the house gave a share of his interest to his son, J. Lester M. Lehrenkrauss. Then John Kaiser and Herman Rlchter, old employes, were admitted admitted to the partnership. Kaiser and Rlchter received a 2 percent interest interest each, leaving each side of the present Lehrenkrauss family a 48 percent interest. Charles claimed on the witness stand before Commissioner Bick that his participation in the affairs of the concern were confined almost almost entirely to its insurance business. business. He said he resigned last October, October, when he discovered that mortgages were being created without without the requisite preliminary surveys; surveys; that participations were being sold in excess of the value of the mortgages of which they were supposed supposed to i a part, and that mortgages mortgages sold to the public in the form of participations were being hypothecated hypothecated with banks for loans. Like other witnesses, Charles claimed that since the present Julius Julius became head of the House of Lehrenkrauss in 1924, it has been a one-man one-man one-man concern, the present head functioning as an absolute dictator. Roosevelt on Air Again This Week Washington, Dec. 23 (JP) President President Roosevelt again will speak to the country next Thursday evening evening when he addresses the first national dinner .of the Woodraw Wilson Foundation, commemorating the War President's birthday anniversary. anniversary. The address from Washingon will be carried over nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide hookups hookups of the two leading broadcasting Archibald attorney for creditors of Lehrenkrauss (above), and low) Charles renkrauss, who testified testified last week he resigned as partner In the firm when he learned participating participating mortgages wering being sold above their face value. Laundry Jury Nears Finish Continued from Page 1 lng trial of Red Jake Mellon and two of his aides, Edward Lollo and Morris Rothenberg, on charges of conspirihg to wreck the laundry of Philip Schlanger, for his refusal to take Mellon's orders. Schlanger's laundry, incidentally, was thoroughly torn apart. Replete with evidence that attempts attempts were being made to intimidate intimidate and bribe the State's witnesses, the trial proceeded sensationally for ten days until the defense counsel were due to put the defendants on the stand. . Then, in a surprising move that followed mysterious negotiations, Mellon, Lollo and Rothenberg pleaded guilty to conspiracy before County Judge Alonzo G. McLaughlin. McLaughlin. The trio were Jailed for two weeks to await sentence. Judge McLaughlin on Sept. 1 suspended execution of a penitentiary sentence on the trio, making one of the con- con- ditions of their liberty that thy carry out the terms of the NRA in their laundries. Accused of Violating NRA 'Charges that Lollo has violated this term of his probation were filed with the NRA Regional Board on Friday by Charles Solomon, Socialist Socialist leader, and will be tried shortly). Judge McLaughlin's leniency aroused a storm of criticism, one of the critics being District Attorney William F. X. Geoghan, who denied he had been a party to the plea and probation pact. Geoghan moved to bring Mellon Rothenberg and Lollo to trial on a second laundry racket Indictment and it was while preparations for this trial were being made that reports reports of a $4,500 "slush fund" being raised during the first trial reached both Judge McLaughlin and the prosecutor. Governor Acts After gathering in several checks bearing Mellon's signature, all ol which were made out while the trip I was in progress, and totaling $4,500, Judge McLaughlin early in October wrote to the Governor asking for an IndeDendent invpst.lirnr.lnn Inrn tho whole laundry racket situation ueognan, whose Inquiry had been independent of that pursued by Judge McLaughlin, sent a similar request the same day. The Governor a week later acceded acceded to the requests by commissioning commissioning Sunremft Cnlirr. .Tiistif Pierce H. Russell of Troy to preside over a special term of the court and an extraordinary grand Jury with almost unlimited powers of inquisition. inquisition. Attorney General John J. Bennett Jr. designated Mr. Conboy as special prosecutor to supersede Mr. Geoghan. The second Mellon trial resulted In the acquittal of the three defendants defendants by a Jury before County Judge John J. Fitzgerald Just prior to the convening of the State investigation investigation on Nov. 13. Nina W. Putnam's Husband Weds 'gain Nacogdoches. Tex., Dec. 23 (JP) Arthur Ogle, divorced last Summer Seattle, Dec. man brought mas gift to the Pacific Northwest peratures to stem have caused 13 thousands General relief lngton, Oregon lumbia, although motor still was in,-western Fifteen cities undated in whole more were planes and rising, adding to ready of 'Prophet' William of doom," of is building an deluge that will earth, chuckled inundation of a sand acres in said: "It's only genuine flood will declared in prepare for watery All rail traffic except from Grays Harbor, slides and said they did much between ern Washington central blocked and were marooned. Homes In north Idaho down from the wrecking houses as communications Coeur d'Alene Wallace, Mullen, Burke-for a time. where earth had wreaked motor traffic, were much Chicago and almost mercury, jumping hours, hit 56 the all-time all-time all-time and made it since 1904. Dives And Richard today how It feels is also finding the effects of a ice cold water. results are due -taneous action rescue of an into the water St. about 4:30 Richard, whose Clinton St., saw a boy about 15 feet According to Jumped into the boy and swam where the lad peared. Other employes concern found for the hero and home. France Billion Paris, Dec. 23 ernment loan francs (about authorized by the uties today with 170. Of the total, would be applied tion of loans 10.-000.000,000 francs to pay for til the 1934 taxes F J. Young h payment to all their of 5 oercent of Lost Loet ana Pound week will each "IMS Lou mm tattm tmtrm sue) HIiKton BAG Lost; leather; karata: in taxi; Ave. to 10th Ave., sentimental reasons; 4-3868 4-3868 4-3868 DOQ Lost; male, Avenue M and Nightingale 4-1491. 4-1491. 4-1491. DOO Lost: Boston answers name, chest- chest- half white Prospect Part

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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)24 Dec 1933, SunPage 2
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