Machine guns on Drill Hall 19Jun19

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Machine guns on Drill Hall 19Jun19 - STRIKERS HOLD MASS MEETING Bij Crowd in Arena...
STRIKERS HOLD MASS MEETING Bij Crowd in Arena Hears Ad dresses on Situation From Messrs. kavanagh, Smith and Others. SAY ARREST OF LEADERS WILL NOT STOP FIGHT addressed from the platform at the Arena Wednesday afternoon to an audience of between four und five thousand people, which included quite a larsre number of women. A collec tion taken up, the proceeds of which, it was stated, would be distributed in tote anions the, families of sinkers in actual need, amounted to $714. In cidentally stern warning was issued to any undeserving persons who miRht be contemplatinp a raid on the fund that they had belter think twice before dotnp so. The chair was taken by Mr. Charles Edwards, chairman of the strike committee. committee. Perfect order was maintained maintained throughout the meetinp. The note of enthusiasm was not perhaps quite so insistent as at the meeting held last Saturday in the same auditorium auditorium but there seemed to be no falling off in the spirit of quiet do - j termination that prevailed. Tim "Kcd' 'I dement j Brieade iSerat. - Major Kenny. the I , 'first speaker, said the "red" clement' COliCCtlOn Taken On liChall OI;tli:it was asserting itself from coast,' , j to coast, ran in the veins of the work - i ramilieS 01 MnkerS KC' lers of the continent. I - .eonomie no - ressity was f orchis them to assert nnrt, - l in ppi j themselves. The myth that they Exhortations that no matter what ; happened the strikers must allow nothing to Induce them to be guilty j of disorder or violence, assurances blindly obeyed the call of their lead - ; ers had been shattered at Toronto, i where the leaders had endeavored to t prevent a strike but. the rank and file had demanded it and the leaders had ' compromised by delaying it lor a . '',.L - If t' - n. w - Aiir l.'ji'i, iinu r.i - that even If all the strike committee j vomei out to Ins' hearers, ' they cere arrested another committee 1 would onlv make the struck - harder later on. The returned soldier would pet his rights, lie prophesied, the right to work when he could preduru .1 profit. The returned soldier mu; - t a clear vision. His I ifcihls. K interpreted from his ov. n proper viewpoint, would be seen to be identically identically the same as the rights of the other nun of Ins class. He must maintain himself in efficiency as a wage - slave until the "red" element eliminated slavery for ail time to come. He urged fortitude if in a week or so their children cried with hunger. Mr. James G. Finith, secretary of stood in the backevound ready to lake the places of the present committee committee at the table and "function" In their plate, and dc - kitai Ions that as I he strikers had ail omc out to - iiether thev must all so back together this latter with special reference to the Winnipeg postal employees were PUBLIC IS TOLD ABOUT TANLAC Authorities Now Show What This Medicine Reallv Is. Just ; now an onportunitv to repeat there In a reicnt unie cf t):! p., per an - ;!s mistake at W innipeg. 1 he scttlc - r.ounccment wa, mde that Tatilac "'' he declarer, must take into has the largest sale ol any i f - ' - ''derdtioii the postal worhcis nirdir.i... ..f it i,,, - ,.r i .n,tA Tney had come out touMher and the strike committee, Rave a resume I of the history of the trouble! at Win - nipeg for the benefit of those who had not attended previous meetings. He said the strike had started m I Winnipeg on a simple industrial is - sue. Two days apo another strike. had started m Montreal on an in - I dusUial issue so the government had . and that more than twelve million bottles had been sold eiuring the past lour years. These ate unusual figures, and the q nstion naturally arises in the mind of the leader why this phenomenal success and why Iihs this preparation so far out - stripped all other medicines medicines of its kind. It is only natural, therefore, that the manufacturers tJHVild offer some explanation to satisfy public interest. In the first place, Tanlac Is manufactured manufactured in one of the largest and most modernly equipped laboratories in this country. Its formula Is purely purely ethical and complies with all national national and state pure food and drug laws. Altogether there are ten Ingredients Ingredients in Tanlac, each of which is of recognized therapeutic value. Many of these ingredients have been individually known and used since civilization first began, and some of them have been used and prescribed by leading physicians everywhere, but until they were brought together in proper proportion proportion and association as in Tardac formula, formula, humanity had not heretofore realized their full value and effect. In referring to one of the more important important ingredients of Tanlac, the Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica says: "It has long been the source of the most valuable tonic medicines that have ever been discovered." In referring to others of the general tonic drugs contained contained in Tanlac the 13th Edition of 1'otter's Therapeutics, a standard medical text book, states that "they impart general tone and strength to the entire system, including all organs organs and tissues." This same well known authority in describing the physiological uctlou of still another of the Ingredients of Tanlac which is of value in treating what is .ommonly known as " a rundown rundown condition" uses the following expression: "It Is highly esteemed In loss of appetite during convalescense from acute diseases." There arc certain other elements in Tanlac which because of their - influence influence influence upon the appetite, digestion, assimilation assimilation and elimination Improve the nutrition and vital activity of all Hie tissues and organs of the body, and produce that state of general tonicity which is called health. In discussing another ingredient the; Encyclopedia Britannica says: "It is one of the most efficient of that class of substances which act upon tho stomach so us to Invigorate iligcstion and thereby increase the general nutrition. It is used in dyspepsia, chlorosis, anemia and various various othr diseases in which the tone of the stomach and alimentary canal is deficient." Concerning still another another ingredient this same standard authority says: "It causes dilation of the gastric blood vessels, Increases secretion of the gastric Juice, and causes greater activity in the movements movements of the muscular layers in the walls of the stomach. It also tends to lessen the sensibility of the stomach, stomach, and so may relieve gastric pain." The United Ftates luspensatorv manes tnc roiiowing comment I were going tn together. (Applause).! The local position was stronger, New Westminster had come out at one j o'clock and Victoria was being asked i to take part In tho real labor move - I menu It was up to Victoria. Possibility of Arrest j Asserting on the authority of the i mayor that being sworn In would not legalize whatever a special constable might do, the speaker adverted to j tna possibility that he and - Mr. Kav - the statement outlined above us to the readiness of the organization to meet such a situation. "Xo matter what they do," he continued, "you must obey the instructions of the committee and maintain law and order. order. Do not be stampeded." Mr. Smith concluded with a strong appeal on behalf of those of the strikers' families who were already feeling the pinch. Mr. Battersby, of the outside civic employees, announced that owing to the action of the Daughters of the Empire in supplying the places of striking telephone girls he would I ,,flo,hln , h o.,,., show to be lield by the Horticultural der named v" - ' ' r - 1 Mr. S. J. Gothard, Comrades of the I Great War, wanted to know the rea - son for the posting of machine guns on the drill hall and casually gave ' the opinion that they had been put there by "a poor bunch of amateurs." 1 Heading the names of the strike com - mittee with the respective parts of j the world in which the members were ' born, he pointed out that they were! not aliens. There must be some! reason for that large audience fol - lowing those leaders. He had comelto home from France to find that what j cost one dollar when he left cost four dollars now. There was a "bunch of Klavelles - right In this city. would not be possible for tho abuses permitted by the Ottawa government. ! The man who had done his bit had nui coma udin 10 ngni againsi v,.,.. i.u B"v mh uu the men who had carried him across. , Disclaims lA - adcrslnp I Mr. J. Kavanagh professed his pre - ference for being notified by tele - r phone that he was wanted, in which case he would he ready to come when sent for. rather than being awakened out of his sleep to be taken. He de - I dared that the onlv reason ho and 1 others wcrn remarried n.t le.irleia that the mess had set them un on pedestals. They were no - nrfr.nt from anybody else. In what respect ! was a so - called statesman great ? I Could he lay brick? Could he do car - 1 penter work? Could he multiply the! thincs necessary to human life? He I was great only to those on their knees, not to any man who stood on egard - ing another ingredient: "H may be j ing." Used in all cases of pure debility of the digestive organs or where a general general tonic impression Is required. Dyspepsia, atonic gout hysteria, and intermittent fever are among the many affections in whicl. - it has been preparing while they had proven useful." I lighting. They had been told There are certain orther ingredi - ! great quantities of Canadian his feet. The only great thing, tho only force was "you people." "Talk about creation," he continued, "you who have taken the ores from the mines and turned them into ships ana inaciiiiiei y, mere never was a god as powerful as you! Yet they say you shall not have collective bargain - i "b "ii.miic iiM iiiimns 'oi - 1 ioiiiK iij hi. me M'Mi Bcomeu tho idea that a great wave of pros - Inl wmll.1 fnllnw h Her In . - 1 i ! tL ; .. been thut imhi.r ' 'I cuts described In the Dispensatory end in other smndard medical text books as having a beneficial action Upon tho organs of secretion, whose proper functioning results in the purification of the blood streams passing through them. In this manner manner objectionable and poisonous ingredients ingredients of the blood am removed, and the entire system is invigorated and vitalized. Tanlac was designed primarily for the correction of disorders of the stomach, liver, and bowels. At the same time, however, it Is a powerful reconstructive tonic and body builder, ,or it naturally follows that any Medicine that brings about proper assimilation of the food and the thorough elimination of the waste products must therefore have a far - reaching and most beneficial effect upon the entire system. Although Tanlac's claims for supremacy supremacy are abundantly supported by the world's leading authorities. It lis the people themeelves who have Ireally made Tanlac what it is. Millions Millions upon millions have used It. and have told other millions what it has done for them. That is why Tanlao has become the real sensation of the drug trade in this country, and that lis also why it is the most widely talked - of mediaine In the world today. today. Tanlac is lt In Vancouver by the Owl Drug Conmany. Limited, under the personal direction of a special representative; in South Vancouver would bo needed when billions of feet! cut In Norway and Sweden during ! the war period were waiting to bo shipped. The employers had a falling labor I market and depression of trado In their favor but against that they had the political situation created by the great war. "We," Mr. Kavanagh said, "who went to South Africa, were regulars. It was our Job and we had no claim when we came back. But the men who went to France went to fight for the country country and now they want it." Laughter and applause). He touched with some bitterness on tho fact that while the strike bulletin was prohibited In the military hospitals becauso of its inflammatory, inflammatory, nature the returned citizens' bulletin was all right. "Of all the things ever brought out to incite people to disorder!" he exclaimed. exclaimed. It was brought out by people people who wanted disorder that force might be used to break the strike. The government was not stopping the movement which was not one of individuals individuals but of the masses of the workers. He again pointed out that the strike committee drew no pay and even those who had been on pay and were entitled to pay were in the position that their "meal ticket" had ceased with that of the rank and file. He insisted that there was no inflammatory matter in the strike bulletin. Their quanrel was with no individual but with conditions. - CUSP TO OKAM1 lOHk

Clipped from Vancouver Daily World19 Jun 1919, ThuPage 8

Vancouver Daily World (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)19 Jun 1919, ThuPage 8
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