Marriages and Deaths

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Marriages and Deaths - j jj cdun-tjvwhild tveek, for the stalks wore "...
j jj cdun-tjvwhild tveek, for the stalks wore " 1 fecun- - lAj white jaian was sold for vagran cy, for the loaned the sum of twenty-five cents, the other, day, in Ogle count', Illinois. Illinois. His! 'purchaser not being able to make the: change, the "chattel had a family.! lecessary sum. ' in of The man nn ! ': infer 01- Gov., Dorr U warned fr chu I' ins- lice "uf. the Snprrine Guurt ltd 1 1 if Slate oftlilrode island. i i i In Ayinchrrstpr, Mar. Robebt P Mm MAR.T DAKKELi. In Winchater. Jr. Willi i Obear audi Mrs. Elizabeth Swokds. latfsl Jiifrs head. use KkW Ohleaxs, La. --"Coffee has been' rather hrisk, saled of t,he week 346G bags at 89e. This article is still declining in price and will continue 'to do so, until a large portion of the accnmulatinu of stock on hand m disjxwed of. The stock, lauding a carpo arrived this morning, morning, new, amounts to 90,000 bas. Tho im-jtorts im-jtorts of Coffee to this port, for Mie year end ing lstinstl reached 381.53. 1 his trade has been incre.'iiine rapidlv for several years,! and last vear's limirjes show that almost one-half of the Coffee finj ported into the United States DIED. tn this couiilv; on Mulberrr'Snndav. 17th insir., ol an anection of the lungs B. Flack aged about 30 rears, WILLIAM 8TEWABT. I V. W. OWEN. Stewart .j& Owen j MAXUFACTUREBS (IF lrn Ware, tTIarket Copper, Tin and Sheet Opposite Lanirr & Bro., j si., IVnshvillr, Tenh. Keep constantly onharr.l all bind rr improved COOKING, WOOD ' MD COAL rom Rio cae't0 ew Orleans, a very signifi-, cant fact. J,' i I Ways, flugar Veek sales of this article, CJ50 hhds ao cnange o note in price, inienor , com- m fa r4(-57'. SunMes have been x i I ' O M. M. I liht and demand limited I ! ; Jfolasses 1100 bbls. sold last week, inferior j and fermenting parcels 11(3 14. Keboiled 15(3 18;. 'dull and prices drooping. Ch att a 9000 a, Texv. The river is so low and bu.siuess generallv dull, ihat it is quite a this 'J?11 mter to; give full :uket reports.-i 1 Corn remains scarce at oOc O Lushel. Verv lit- ; tie doing in the cities about j Atlanta, Ga!. The dernand for Bacon thin Williams, who has a large quantity of both ar- : tides m store. i Jutter isdull at 12u lo f' lb; a-mi;iKeather.- I10ne in market, but a few could be it s"''l at "lc 11. ! Grain Corn has decliped 1 sincfl we have bp(ln favored with soma refresh- ing.showers of rain," and largo lots could not 1 T J : ... ' 1 n.hrn. 1 .....1 UUSt for good and choicedotsof B icon, and 10c for uo hoiuw in the citv has y on hand, except J, E into Prime Lard' thoULTh 11 . . 1 even a moderate isuppl FLUTED PAKLOIl, HAM. AT KXAFLKID Amy PL A IX MANTEL GRAjTSS. tied, ' and b and de$f(, Job Work solid with ncalnes Feathers, Beeswax taken in Exchange for work. Julv 21,1853 lv -t" ai otf , to be sold for more! than 50(G0c V! bushel Meal SO do; Oatis 40 do; Wheat 7o(o.80 do; , Flour 5,'j'(3$6pbbl., (scarce,), i I I i ' ! ; : :'!"' AtrnuRTA, Ga Corn Supply still light, and holders are getting 90(1 1" bushel the price bv small lots latter' bvl retail. These l prices, however, cannot long be maintained; if j is ottered on the market. A lot i ' X Favetteville,' or night, 11th inst., al taming several notes small sum of monev. on P. W. Walton, foh 18o3; another on J. M Hill. for. $72, due D Jessee McAfee and W Dec. 25, 1853; anotl $12, due Dec. 25, 18d McAfee, for, it is be pers left at McElroy & or at this office,' will M thajnkfuliy rJ They can,be qf no use t as their paynjent has j-een jsloj'ped. sons are forewarned fr Julv 21, 1S53 It. rSTISAI "PAKEN up by I 2 fan's rewter arid lld Copper jMonllav, in I'ockof larok con of hand, and One 3501 of the due ( Harris ami c. 25, 1853; . P. Collins, f. jer on Jtolin H 3; ant anotlu level, io, Hester and ! Mr. Wilky : progressive to is execilted'-Yenesst arc., t'.on heday or ne', perhaps a iotcs was ictober 25, Orran rI nother on $65, due pper, for pi on Wm. fue Dec. j 5,, 1852. Any infoniation rertjecti jijthe pa- McKinney's drug store, ) any f)ne but tflie owner, m trading for them dllAKLES C. tlK ceived. All per- 1 JL trict Xo,14, Julyj 7, 1B53, one H;vj Nurse. Has dark legs, mane arid ta-Jl, shod all ;lr dson. in fivil ih. aooui xo iiainis one inch a years eld. ;Yalued at $55.! : i ! N. O. WALLACE, R.L July 21, 1853 3t. E. also, free three to apply medicines. dis and, 8j ft fr ' 8DV quantity .'of 3(XH) bushels have sold this week delivered, : to the buver furniMiing the sacks at 85c cah. No Peas. Oats or Iye in market. Bacon Trices tend downward. ' We understand understand a lot was sold this week at 8c, the hog round, and a lot of j hhds. Western sides at 8'.c. We 'quote hog round 8(o,9c these are win de-sale de-sale prices. . . ' W heat. There jis a good demand 'for wheat, and jood Red is selling at SOSjljand White at ftl-20($l 25 bushel. Flour e havf no change to notice m pri ces. Uoo.i supply on nana, ma superior a n-CTsta n-CTsta canal is sell Jug at 5(5 G, and old extra Familvat SiCt,;7'bv the Quantity. Newex- tra Family is retailing at 8. Denmead's Flour h retailing at $"(. 6, in bags. . ...... j. nre ill aiij'ounciiiig to n! fit' ! rt'i-s rf this-and n djoitning com that he is c'-iistaiitly rceeiVTtfg in ad rw,..xr..r, 1?Ii, f..1t.. ;.,..ti ! iiiue siotK. lar-j u:,u s pit oi lam uiai i.iMiK'iiai ie i Ui j-art consists of tic to:. own anv Bureaus, from 12 to 15 prices from Sit t to $50. Mahogany Dnsing Bureiius.wif Ji glasfes at $U:a!il uimard. A splei"i:d lot of ir:i bo;h-comnion and fine; also French do. S5edirad "TniT.dhi Bedsteads, Bedsteads, low por-t Bi:!steads, jfommon redstcails, j hiiu curtain !; odagor. dc, miss, s (o, serpen i ..ll ..'.Milium vi'llTVW'! toil liiiai lu.r, c tr.rii , . -i, i 1 . i i I i ' i cottage do, r rencli st ta ;. b.. inahoganv do Mitchell's after no w mg about U It 10 i Ior l icavj-. . Sales lit 10'4a 11c. Prices firm. Chapi.eton of j rsi Flour oniet 3 fiOKS3 75: whisker 18?;'; to u(10(1 dprnaTul fpr iard,ih. sales of i(o i.bis of t9': sugar, good demand, loO hhds; sold at Jv ('".. sates ,u ings conee nt y.tjy; S. C Cotton The market ;is The $htyviZlc mid the South !as!ivi!Je "rHi niture JIaESiirtj tnriiii; Cotu- pussy 1'itiU'd. j nrUE it:di'.rsigncui takes i-leas- lition to t:did "lots niture wiifdi in art:-ies: Mah'j-lill'erent Mah'j-lill'erent stvl.j-ji nolasses 2325. Nothing done in grain. 1 Onr lloiher ! Our passions and bur wilfulness may lead us I ! : 1 'Dh i;i- r Z'r , in iCIlies: 'girl hand co::-nr':d eff.M-t i1!r es I li iiie .- tiieabt arn to pain onr fond mother's kind heart, to j j-,r;(.Cs fa m S.2 50 to $ . TaSiIes-iron- iS rtpnose her wishes, to disobey her mandates, to , ing tables, break fa.-.t do, desert do. dining do. violate her. commands, to trami-le unon her ! extension do. side do, center do, card do ? I . . i" fi , ...... - . . I . nriCRs troiii I nu.i. 1 ir-r, iii)io!. iilt l O-t'lii:::, vt o llifiv urLuiuc iini, iir.v. , , . , , . , i " i do, cane soat do maliog.mvjand walnut panor froi ga.'ndevenangry et her counsels, or oppo- p,. ftockirg do. -.owing and nnrsir-g do. Mtion: but when death has stilled her monitory scroll and t lain Bot'lccrs, Idi'ierei.t. stvies of linira ..i.l ..nll.ln.tlmt Mlni mmmrv rimninit t lillZalttl Cfta. C ' H aMri.l'CS SMI riV?.-er UK V y i ..,.ni,. .. !;..... .,.,,! ......,..,o i. .1 -.1.1' 1 tit C i 11'" cllltt V I il'li'-."-, UiLlll.-l ch.'li I'll' '1.1. lltf, ll'll J-'Ul" to recapitulate her virtues and good deeds, nf- , 1 .' . , , , n , , ' , I H t and niattrass'f, staiaw at-d was a staids cn- ;fi'ctioni like a flower beaten to the ground by ( dosed and plin, ' ivritit:g 'desks ami sof sfc hat 1 the t'.ist storm, raises; up her heal and smiles racks and whatnots, foot) stoijiis and' mirrors 'tmmiifli(.riirs M i &c. kc. tic. &c.. all of w h ch are m niiil'act tired I i t ' i.i i rii i. .1 ,t 1- i '. by the South Nashville fclaujifaoturing Com I i ' . panv ari l i&irninted i rnan clings with fond.afft Mion. It is a halo of; anvVo m i le we. corner M.iy I to hi ivptal in goodness to rn made in ( uv ch-kioui rrv ami wir.cti g-lory, around which iour hearts are entwined. I M-ork I wnll seljl at their An.rj' Nashville prices i in onr most useful ditvs. thought stamped npoi our leans nie em wii;eu, i w or:-. i w in seii at luuu t l; . smi v 11 in j ir .ces It is thei firstj deep i without any a iiiitumrd chnrje fin-freight. AW, .... .It i I will make Liberal deduction on large bills, infant hearts; when r, . . .,, : . . i. . : i- an t"aP!,'j '" fpfpi'i'ns ,,irst profound liji pressions, and all the alter feelings ot the i world are but trivial in comparison. Round th hlen. as wo havej said, the mind of man and even when the i Mng-S " 11 11 lonu i:it i;i.oii, 1 i I 1 ! ' earlier reriod of our loss force,; mpmorv to be! : The greatest pVissible care is taken in packing 'to send at a distance. M. C. MOULTON. Shelby ville; July 14,1853-4ly. Important Io Slaveiloiders. Dlt. MOHPJS having peminently located in Nasivjillf, resi.tcifdlly tenders his oT remembrance, services to the suffering pul i-rnf.,!a, Ul unf finrtr rnllin ihe t1.1C ind twines the imaga of our dead parent with Veers, (, letter au I lung Worms, treated n garland of graces ah 1 beauties, and virtues, a scieritifie manner. Medicines gentle, but ac .1 i ivliirh we doulit not i I ! 1o., do not put oav W ouKt you value mon .g!y: .f J?"r nt find ease to her pains tl- She is afflicted with a jomplaint peculiar to her smx. c urge vou to ae: a liooie oi tnattri- iniilmphant medicine, thkt universally acknowl j edged female friend, "Dromgoolc's Vc tle Bitters," and her spirit will creep Ttl ase wi'il in,Ju('e her ifpiritto take its'everlxst- i he possessed. Our feeble ! tive and effective, their us3 jbcing attende,' 1 toother is now rapidly wending her way to the .dark tomb, her sufferings on earth' are many Siie cries aloud for hell'', for ease.for assistance. Young man. voung girl, can vou stand unawed .1 : - ' amid the cries of vour motherVsvnjce, without I I Nv"n tr,Jn9 10 ttx& relief? Awake, arouse ' rind flv to tho rescue.. INiow is the time for vou Would' you value mon- i ig flight, and she will die without a groan you, -we urge you, jto take a kind friend's advice. For stile by Druggists gen ially. ., i L MARRIED, In Bedford county, i Mr. ; JAsrr.a Hciple- ston and Miss Martha E. Wilrs. ! In Shelbyville, Mr.f Vikcest Maiimadure and Miss Julia A. Eakln. ; . Ia Bedford county,) Mr. W, IL Bcckser and Miss"3ifARY S. Bowers.; Tin Bedford county, Mr. W. P. Haslett and MissMlAKY M. Bobo. I In Madison county. Ala.,' Mr. Asprew IIestz tad Mis Jllu'E. M. SiimixR. with no' unpleasant conseqaencils whatever, re-j quiring no restriction or hindrance from ordinary ordinary .business pursuits, lie wishes Jit under stood that he has settled in your midst, not for the purpose of humbugging or imtosing upon you, but to relieve those who maybe suffering suffering with diseases which are destroying bv piecemeal mauy of your deserving and useful citizens. , ' Gravel Stricture, j and all diseases of the genital organs are tV.orrtn rlilv lin.lerKtitoil anil ijiieeea.-.fiillv treated I byDr.M. " jj To those who may doubt the Doctor's- sft:ill in the healing art, he would respectfully pro- pose that they lring forward a case of any of tho above named diseases, (ihe J$ orst that they can conveniently find,) And j 'ledge themselves to see that directions, are strictly followed To -a reasonable time; Pr. M. will then give hi$ obligations obligations to furnish such medicines as may be necessary, and iu such quantities from time i to time as the case may require, and, until a Cijire . 1 j -i- '' ..I.-. i. -i. -.j r .1. - melolon. ceiveu, ami Tinr-uaj ve vsn-'jtiwi j'ia c rcv . n . icine'i, no vmrnc v.mUvcr wdl be vm le n J geous, low SJable, houses, of C'ijrtfr. pifmot (hew; SejJer, good ?s weetel fiuesl tna i perior articles call. J attending of public I June N. M ff the medi fcralvia or meiicuvs- 1 attention of masters and-owners of si r yards is particularly invited to the abo Those having servants afflicted with & r' f(M. H Grovel, stiffness or soreness of the limbs and j joints, would find it to their ad vantage to cifn- j suit Dr. M. :- His treatment is imild . and in:ro .'". cases will it be necessaiv to fiose time while i VB-Tgi 'j-lisiiig therii'3licine3. Cnargesi reasonable Respectfully, ' . ANtTIIUMBCGi All commnnicat'uTS from persons at a dis tance, post paid, inclosing fivd dollars, will be yS promptly attended to. , -, " i : DR. W. MORRIS;- Offiee over Mutual Protection Insurance Of fice, Cedar st.. near Post Office, L"S ashviue, l eimi July 14, 185.1 Gm, Mav-d All tie 'latiisifand most, fashionable out. THOMSON BUCHANAN April 21, 1SL3. ! I R-,Or r.A April Feb

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer21 Jul 1853, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)21 Jul 1853, ThuPage 3
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