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Ernest Darling - Fruitarian - LIVES LIKE BUSHMAN TO REGAIN STRENGTH....
LIVES LIKE BUSHMAN TO REGAIN STRENGTH. rorllmiil riijslrlnn--. "miii lvnles a Itcllirn I In- Ull Prhiu'ial. iu:ii-iiuo si'i:ciA) INirtla.i" Ore. .M.y II A s-"n of a 1'orl-I.ind 1'orl-I.ind ih.lri.i.i li.i. creat-l a Mn.itio:i In the scientific world b tl- lnrtIinK "! no el methoil ol liiins -nlileh In- adopted, and ahleh he n.lvises .ill to suiort nho desire perfect health and a ruRqul constitution. .l.-i(loailFsa return to the primithe way of HrinK by discarding clotliinK Umest V. Dnrlinp. son of Doctor J. V Darllns of this t-iti. Is tl.,- man who advocates the return to the vans primeval Until a year :iro h luol in I'ortl.iiKi 1 ut was compiled to ek a sunnier elinie on necnunt of his he:t!th Tor the past M-ar ho tos livtd on the summit of a hill on the outskirts of Los Anceles. CaL Ho docs not occupy a houM?, nor even a tent. The sole habitation of TChicli he can bonst is n bed that consists of a holo in the ground nt .lb n t 7-sl fei id 1 !' in ,l-pll In th it in- ti r rl, uraoj i in 1)1. . kt i he st,-K i.l 11. is .Hi .inlrM "f iiitiii. i.i I,,':. v.- U his nu tn mI ! Iii inu ! i: .tii t ivimnune mo-e i !- I it it- ln i-illilt- foims .ind at t jinii tun. I. iiM .j. li- ou.tiii'("'i. ni-lih n.i l .li ,.. ";ihh1 i' is ihi' llrst rcquieIte for irlliinn 'r M.tliini; l " h -i n-hen l :i sii in,ij . .ii., , mini; Iu. ivivel idea "I tlimU Ih1i. i, if we t?ki- ivTfert i-e of our he.ill i. .tiolilini; all a-elil. nt or ilis-1'iM'. ilis-1'iM'. Uf Iiall ll.--te-,.aiiv in tli--- of oiii I.tT ,rion should l:trn grad-tiall) grad-tiall) to ll .'UtiliHirs ami to Ue on tial-uial tial-uial fKd- tha l. f.iil jut as it comes from ttic h:inl ot imtiire IVrsonallt-. I pn-fir the (rult of the troplrjc lnnsnas. IvrsimnoiK. s. .lutes v, Midi lm. Ihui pniv,-.l to sin- as Krnl str. nctli and ti-duranrv ti-duranrv :ih 1ih-s an mixisl ,Iiet. "The olj.t in liiiiB on natural food arv: "First Ti make ns more natural in llioutlit aid in artioii. "S.x-otiil-l'rom .m ee.nomie:il stand-rsatil. stand-rsatil. it i rl., apr wni-re thee fruits Krott It is nrll knouti Ii- tnieler' in the tropin that we ean li on 1 .( month. r li- "Tlitril Thri. .s a r decided liunun-Itarian liunun-Itarian issue ti this diet No animal Ins tn siinVr imprisonment and ilnal I.inpliter in order to feil the fruitarian The f: n: nkc his mini .Ilrcctly from th Irwi ami rat." 3!r Uirllui; has. ctidcntly found thtse r,!-ilro ,n 't'j moilr m life, for he has IjiiIU hlaiself ii wondtrfiiHy Whyi h ! ft Portland i :ico h v.elRhit PO joundi while .ion he weighs in the neighborhood if IT, pounds It w is done without i drop of medicine It was while a student t !-l.iril Stanford. Jr I'nlversitv that ttif de- n to pet ' to nature's he i-l" . ..m- uMin hint, nnd h scrluded himself He rlei at .l.ollKht. takr-i a aulck cold iliowir hath, then runs h ilf n mile or :o, throw mi; off suis-rfluotis clothlnc Th-i lie sro. lliroiiKh . erl. of ralisthenlo .-jit-rises lMfoir .MtitK lre:ikfast. of tm t He dulans that he atr regularly thre llms caeh ihiv and nlnajs has a ccmI appetite. TEXAN FEARSHYDROPHOBIA. IJ.iIhK .Alan m V:iv to .St.' Louis for Treiitnu'iit. prnoi i Ialla. Tex.. Slay II. -Winnie H'tiry. a iaumlrj man. was bitten one m-nk .lc) iy a de. and Is to lie sent to the l"asteur institute at St Inl to-nlcht. Henry three days nco besan to suffer pain from the bit I en hand. rhe iIor liocnme iolent!v mad and was killed Doctor Camplx-U Insisted that Hen-r Hen-r hnrd hj dnphoWa slijns to Justify -sending him to "it. tjuUj for treatment.

Clipped from
  1. The St Louis Republic,
  2. 22 May 1904, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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