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 - Sun-. Be- Tefe- Buf- to in ths a be by snd Mr....
Sun-. Be- Tefe- Buf- to in ths a be by snd Mr. LOVE DID NOT LEVEL. Capt. Taylor, U. S. A., Makes an - Alleged Mesalliance. . HE WEDDED , HIS SERVANT. Sad and Sensational Evidence to Be Heard. ; ... What tha Mysterious Court-martial to Convene at Fort Wayne, Mich., : ..-.v Is Called For. '4: V V V Orders have been issued from department. headquarters in Chicago for the assembling of a general court-martial at Fort Wayas, Mien., Feb, 7 next The detail of the court is as follows!' - " V; Colonel James F. Wade. Fifth Cavalry ! Co lonel 8imoa Snyder, Nineteenth Infantry t Lieo tenant Colonel Samuel OTohiB, Fihaeoth la- fautry i Lieutenant Colonel JUai 11. Carpenter, Fifth Csvslrrt Major Edward & Williaton, Third ArtiUery: Major Theodore A. Baldwin, Seventh Cavalry; Captain Casper H. Lonrad, Fifteenth Infantry; Captain Frank D. Baldwin, FiftS Infantry ; Captain Stephea B. Stafford, Fifteenth Infantry ; Captain John F. Stretch, Tooth Infantrv : Cantata Allia Capron, First ArUtlnry ; Captain Georse A. Cornish, Fifteenth Infantry; Captain James Allen, inai corps; nrst bleu- tenant nen Swift, Filth Cavalry, Judge Advocate. - -: - Jndaina from the hlsh rank of the members of the court, it seems probable thst business of more than nsuarimportanes is to be trsasoeted. Two days ago ths above announcement was published, and all efforts mads to find out what business was to corns before the suguit body proved unavailing until yesterday, when it was learned that tha court is convened to try one of the most sensational cases that has been brought bjfore a military tribunal for years, Charges have been preferred against Cap tain Alexander H..M. Taylor, of tbe Nineteenth Infantry, charging him in the formal language of the military order of being guilty of "conduct unbecoming an officer and . a gentleman." . This charge , in the army . covers about as wide . a range as "nervous prostration" doss in the language of a physician and may be used to bring an offioer to trial for almost any offense. The reason that tbe specific: charge against Captain Taylor was not made public was that there was a determination to uaa all means possible to keep tbe case from the press, at least until the time for ths trial, which is to occur at Fort Wsyne, Mioh., Feb. 7. . -. Who tba Court Will Hear. When ths court convenes testimony will be introduced to prove that Captain Taylor wss msrried last August to a woman that ths other effiaers st Foot Wayne , can not allow their wives or lady friends to meet, without compromising weii-aanned rules ot propriety. To bats s womsn of ths' sort that Mrs. Taylor is alleged to be thrust upon the domestic life of a military gamsoa is more than the offljers at the fort are inclined to stand snd ths trial would have been brought long ego if 'officers of high rank in the department had not mads so effort to suppress item account of ths seaadal that ths affair was certain to produce snd ths tsfieclion likely to fail on the service if tbe charges against one of its officers should be proven to bs true. Regarding ths matter ss an ugly thing thst had better be settled than allowed to - continue to be a source of an noyance to the garrison ' at Fort Wayne and - a Sobj3ct for endless gossip Jn Detroit society, a court martial baa been ordered as stated, and when it convenes the whole story will corns out - At the-time of the trial it is alleged that testimony will ba offered to show that previous to their marriage Captain Taylor met the woman became infatuated with her snd brought her to bis quarters as S servant. His Unfortunate Attachment. Although be waa very devoted, so much so that her presence in his house even as a servant caused considerable gossip, the woman did not seem contented with tbe knowledge that she bad Captain ' Taylor infatuated. but set about making additional conquest. Undoubtedly . she was a little deficient in discretion and - in .that', nice distinction in regard to rank that is a character istic ot all who are near to j the army, and the queer spectacle was presented of an offioer ot the army and ths enlisted men of bis command becoming rivals. Twice last summer ber stay under Captain Taylor's roof . . . . . 1 1 . . was toieraiea nnaer tne somewnai gauzy piea that she was a servant She went out during the evening to a dance hall in ths suburbs of Detroit with soldiers. - On each of these occasions Captain Taylor followed ber, and, en tering ths dance ball, persuaded , the woman to leave the company ahe was in. One night she was missing snd ths Captain waited for her return until a lata hour, when she earns with ons of her friends from ths ranks, who wss met at ths door by Captain Taylor and ordered never to presume to take the woman out again. ' , r Be-lBiBg ef tke Eod, The soldier bad what might bs termed in tbe French Canadian quarter of the ; City of tbe Straits "on jag petite," and on this ac count be failed to remember . that the differ ence in rank beween himself snd lbs Captain cave the latter a percentage in the event of an argument Holding that all : was fair, in love .. and war, and that ' tbe circumstances by- which hs wss surrounded msds a fight permissable under either clause, ths private resented the interference, snd ths events that followed are likely to be told when the court meets, finding that it was impossible to keep ths woman from straying out of ' ths " path ' in which bs ' had - directed her, - Csptsin Taylor resolved to - merry ber, snd bs ; caused a social upheaval among ths members of ths garrison and their society friends in Detroit ons day last summer by announcing that he had promoted bis servant to the position of mistress of his qusrters. . Society said, wWe. will sot call." -"..- i : -r- Then came plenty of trouble in the sooisl circles around ths fort, for ths people of a military post are merely a big family, 'where everybody is supposed to bs polite and courteous to every body else. . ' " X Fravekea Beyead Eadaraatee. " " - Some of ths officers felt so indignant that they started the talk about a court-martial, which has now developed into tbe holding of an inquiry. If the charges are proven to be true, and it is established that the" womsn was of questionable charaoter before Captain Taylor married ber. and that he knew it, his dismissal from ths army is likely to follow. Csptaln Taylor is an Englishman who first entered ths srmy as a privets in Company B, Eighty-third Nsw York, when ths first call tor troops was mads during the civil war. Hs was transferred to tbe general service, and without gaining a commission be served tor the snd of . ths . , war." " - In 18G6 . bs received bis . first eommisBioa snd wss attached to the Seventeenth Infantry, until the general reorganization of. tbe army In 1870, at which time he was lost in the discard. His next appearance was as a hospital as was if - - s constructed in .

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