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Grandma Peterson Acts as Elections Judge (?) Middle of the Page - Reports From The Harlan City Officials OTF1C1AL...
Reports From The Harlan City Officials OTF1C1AL PUBLICATION -- ~ CITY COUNCIL City Hall. Harlan. Iowa, June 13, 3»54. 7:3» P. IT. The City Council of the City of Ilarlan. Iowa met pursuant to the rules of said Council in regular session ia the Council Chambers in the City Hall at 7:30 P. M. on the above . . date. The meeting was called to order, by J. M. Frederickson. la or, in the chair, and the following named councilman present: H. "W. He41ma« Jr.. Gaie Vanden- bert. Harold Boysen. C. A. Tredway. Gerald Kelley. Absent: LeRoy J. Chri«tensen. On motion the following claims were allowed and the City Clerk was instructed to make payment of same: 103 Cfi.VEHAL FVXD Federal Power Commission, rate book for State of Iowa t Payroll Fund, payroll transfers last half of May . . Payroll Fund (A). Payroll Transfer, First Half of J u n e Petty Cash. Expenses paid from Petty Cash Iowa Employment Security Commission. Int. on F. O. A. B. Potter Electric Shop, Maint. Upkeep at City flail .. Harlan Tribune, Publication Office Supp Koch Brothers. Election supplies Jc Office Supplies Burroughs Corporation, Office Supplies The News-Advertiser. Publications M a t t Panott Son.s Co.. General Office supplies (City Treasurer' League of Iowa Municipalities. Dues Matt Parrott ft Son-i Co.. Office Supplies Farm Service Co-op. Kui-1 at City Hall LeFebure Corp, Voucher check* 11 F. ETi^nbHch. City Hall maint. repair THKKT F l . \ U j Payroll Fund, payroll trans- 1 fers last half of May .. 400.00 i Shelby County State Rank. , Int. on Warrant held .. 6l7.;b ! Debt Service Fund. Corret-thr { transfer for warrant No. j '-'OOi'O S.S.S4.74 Debt Service Fund. Corrective transfer for warrant No OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Chambers Christenosn. supplies for swimming pool 195.SO The News-Advertiser, swim- jnlng poo! 4.4S Tnompson Hayward Chemical Co.. chlorine at pool 36.00 Ed Pat ton Music Co. Inc., l-anfl inusic 2S.7G Witness Machine Shop, repair on swimming pool l.".2j Payroll Fund, payroll transfers last half of May .. 12r,.09 UKBT SERVICE Harlan National T3ank, Int. paid sewer revenue 1st series 50.08 Carleton D. Beh Co.. Cth St. improvement bond No. L'. Int. coupon "No. " on bond No. -. Int. coupon No. 2 on bonds No. 2-» Incl. .. 1,SCO.00 Carleton D. Beh Co.. *ew«r nnpro\ement bonds t int. on bonds 2,017.50 Carlc-lon D. Beh Co., Int. on on bonds J6.2j Shelby County State Bank. Mre-t improvement bonds fc int 2,516.77 1'r A, R Lnn. coupons paid on .«ewt-r improv. bonds f.C.2o Harlan Nat. Uank, Int. on coupon no. S: sewer revenue bonds 1st series .. 90.00 Max Elsie Ettler, coupons paid on .-ewer improv. bom!;- 37.50 Sparks d.. sewer improvement bonds i Coupon .. 5.105.00 Carl»ton 1. B«-h Co, Pmt. of sewer improvement bonds, Int. coupons on sewc-r j improvement bonds .... 3.1S7.50 ;.43 Carleton IX i'.i-h Co., Int. coupons on seWer revenue -r.d s e r i f - 323.00 Shelby County State Bank, int. couii'.ns No. S on s-t-wt-r r e x e n u v bondi 1st K r:es . 29«.00 Shelby County State Bank, int. coup'in No. 33 on Liberty Memorial bonds DJ7.JO Ha: lan N a t i o n a l Bank, int coupon No. 13 on Libertj Memorial bonds 133.00 Shelby '«ninty State Bank, Int. pani on f«ew«r rev(1 nu«- 1st series ... 100.00 Con way Brothers, bond paid sewer improvement . . . . 1,000.00 j " IMVHOLL Fl'XU : Soren Cia'i^.-'n. salary, week j ending ,"-:;-34 ..." $.00 j August Wfndrfoky. salary. j w-.-vk i-ridmg 5-22-,".4 " . -iS.OO Hl!ii'-r J. .\l'-Jlain, salary, week " 02 0.00 61. U 4T, CO OFFICIAL en-iiiis; ;.-.'J.r.4 J u l i u s J. Wle"e. salary, week ending ,".-2i:-54 ··alnriesi. nrrk rMilliiir Maj :-Harvey Ar.dert.on .... Marv Louis Arent .... -, no.; . i ^ r j u i ^ .^.lei 11 ( J o h n Baker j I.loyd L B - n n i n Pa.v f*r. First half of June Carleton D. Beh Co.. Attorney's fees preparation of proceedings for Bond Sale for payment of Street Improvement Hirlan Lumtier Co.. Cr. ·liock for streets Alex D-X Service. Tire Sr tube_ for street truck . . Alex D-X Service, gas for truck Highway Kqulnrnent Supply Co.. street tfqaip pair on equipment VawJcnbcrg Motors. g»r ft repairs for street eQuip. Piper Calmtnson t Co., Strict, posts bhell's Super Service, gas tiff truck Chambers At Christinsvn, Suiplie» for street llarl»n Auto Supply. T r u c k expense Lee Murphy. Labor for cleaning k difElfrg- culvert .. la.-Ncbr. Transportation Co., Inc., Freight on supplier for street Harlan Cement Works, pavement repair- materials MIddleMaies Construction Co., Pavement repair material Pt'ULlC SAFETY Fl'M Payroll Fund, pajroll transfer^ last half of May - - 1'ettv Cash. Expenses paid from Petty, Cash Payroll l A ) , Payroll tran^fc-r, first half of J u n e Andersen Ffr% Equip. Co- refills foam liquid for Fire Dept Vandenberg'Molurs, for truck ( f i r c i W. s. Darley Co., Fir* Dept.. supplies Harold f5. Hamme?, E'^pcnses. 5 men to fire school in Ames, ift Ilarlan LunVbrr Co.. vx- Pl'n-:e for roof at Fire Ilall ( r e p a i r ) Ben ton Motor Imp).Co.. Police car repair Sparkey'y Standard Sen-.. Police car expense .... Vandenbcrgr Motors, repairs 6 gas for polio- car . Shell's Super Service, g»s for police far Schwab A Bacon, polio-. supplipj,' Alex D-X Sen-Ice, police car expense CaporsI A u t o Parts, battery for polfce car Wiffnt'ss JUchijie Shop, fire truck exjK-ne Krown Firf E'liiip. Co.. t.i|uii. f"r fire dept JiAXlT.VTIO.V Payroll Fund, pnyndl trnn.-- ffcrs last half of Jlav Petty Casli, Expenses paid trbm Petty Cash . P e t t j Cash, expense.-, paid from Petty Sinking Fund. Sewer-Kevenue transfer of sewer i e \ e n m receipts for payment of Rends SS iMyroll ( A ) , pavroll transfer first half of J u n e Ilarlan Lumber Co.. too! lioti.- nt disposal plant Mid-Continent Petroleum fuel at disposal p l a n t ItetOan Tribune, jiost cards for general expense . . . . Chambers Christens-on. m a i n t . ivi'.iir Alex ivX Service, gas for cleaning at disposal plant M I Mrip.ii. KTI-:IH'HII-: Debt Service. Corrective transfer to cover payment of Interest on airport bonds UF.CHKATM»' l'a«roll ( A ) , payroll trans-fer first h a l f of J u n e Petty Cash, expenses paid from Petty Ca^h . . . Payroll ( A ) , Band salaries A. V. Parker I n s u r a n c e Asen- cy. Insurance at Pottei's Park At City Ball Park Dolphin Swimming Poo! Co- supplies for swimming pool ITarTan Tribune, ad for swimming pool Potter Electric Shop, s w i m m i n g pool, m a i n t . ma-terial A. V. Parker Insurance Agency. Liability Ins. for swimming pool. Insurance on' Swimming Pool Bl.lg. Walter McCoy. H a u l i n g d i r t to s w i m m i n g pool park. Park improvement .... ICconomy P r i n t i n g Co.. ad swimming -pool tickets H. F. Enenbach Shop, plumb- 'rtg at .pool National C**l) Register Co.. sutpll«s at ssWiimnlng pool. c*»h register adjustment -·#. 540 00 Donald Hcndricks Harry C. HoMren .. . ^Vijjiam D. Koli! Harold I^arsen H e n r y Lauiu- Boit-e Iushru»h . . . . o ,, , v , Joan Potter s " i Donuld Alan Ro^erow , - - Howard L. Smith .... 1 '"'- Don»ld E. Wittnip .. T ., T ·, Gt-ori;e J. Wyodhoiiirc Harold W. Baker Roy Dale Banssey Harold Benoit 40.00 40.00 Half *f K2.50 100.00 S2.30 156.00 310.50 130.00 13o!oo 280.67 12J.30 139.75 ne.oo 126.00 216.73150.00 100.00 51.01 :i. S3 41.50 G.97 r. :o J 4 . S O Sherman Buss Frances Goodner -Margaret Anne Nielnon . f la!ord W. pHUl-y .... Jialpn L. Philsen " Kusctiie A. Peterscn William J. Reid Harold L. West Salarlr*, weekly- payroll 130.00 H«.T5 29S.T5 125.00 130.00 137.50 52.00 72.00 123.00 1J3.00 112.50 125.00 112.50 Auguit Hendricks Robert E. Paulsen Associated Hospitals Serv.. p a y m e n t of Blue Crots A- BItii» S'livlii for Juno, 1S54 f^ajT«ll for we«k Suren Clau.ven A u g u s t Hen-drick? Robert E. Paulsen Elmer W. Pundmann. monthly 4S.OO 21.00 100.4" 4S.OO- 10.09 70.»0 45.36 r.o.oo 50.00 3'. :r, TG.i'l r.o.oo 72.00 325.60 123.00 112.50 "3 CO 12S.06 J 12.56 310.80 120.00 150.00 55.00 loe.uo 14 S.? S ^85.73 123.00 3 1' J.OO 137.30 100.00 129.10 1 2.'.(M! C.3l l.-U ".0.00 1000 70.00 HS.TN Hemlrieks. net salarj' for week endint f-12-r4 Federal Keser\-e £ank of Chlcapo. witiihol*lnsr tax for Juno. 2nd quarter .. I'«J roll ( A I:-James J. white Harold Benoit Slierman Bass Maxine Lucillp Errett .... Francis (Joodner t Barbara Lucas Margaret Anne "iels-en .. jGaylnrd \V. Pnuloy Ralph L. Paulsen j Eugene -\ Petersen (·posse Thomas Potter .. William I.! Harold L \\Vn William 1. Kohl Karnld Larson Boist- Mushnish Robert E Paulsen Joan M. Potter Holiald .Man R o ^ f n o w .... Howard U Smith 1'onaUl E. Wittrnp 'Jofirg* J WoodHioiisr . . . . Harold W. Baker Hoy Dal" Bjunscy )-lar\ev Anderson Mary Louise Arent John Baker Ll»yd L. Bc-nning N a t h a n i e l P. Bo-nil OUT rcll n. Hunjer V a l e n t i n e S. Carl Sr,i,-n Clausen Robert Grcirorv .. . . . . . . . C l i f l i i n l F / H a s k e l l 1'nnaUI VTf-ndricks Harry C. Holdren ;.\: OI*TIUBITIO.\ I ' a \ r o l l ( A ) , payroll transfer first half of J u n e Pa roll Fund, payroll transfers last half nf May .. 72.00 Ntrgaard Imig Co.. office supplies for gas 2.1'0 The Kegis-ter Tribune, gas distr. j'liblication 10.OS Omaha World-Herald, adv. for ga ,"2.')0 Uai Ian Tribune, publications * of.'icc supplies 171.IS The N"W.«-AOvertiser. publication R'".20 nurioiiglis. Corp.. gas: office e q u i p m e n t 292.50 It wn.s moved by Councilman Riiyseri and seconded by Councilman ll-eilman that the following applications, made out in regular form for permits to sell Cigar- -tte.«;. Cicarutte Papers. Tubes and \Vrajipers. each accompanied by Surety Bond in the amount of tl.- Ofln.OO, or a certificate continuing in force, bond previously posted, together with a deposit of $75.00 oach in f u l l payment of the Tax to J u n e "0, 1957: The Hearth Cafe -- :112 Chatburn Ave Walteit. Cafe -- 100." 7th. Harlan's Prug Store -- 617 Court Street. Evergreen Inn -- Chatburn Ave. Norgaard Drug Company -- 112] 7th St. L. N. Greiner Cafe -- 540 Market. Jake's Tavern -- 1020 6th St. West Side Tavern -- 1017 7th St. Jaccbsen Grocery -- 101S 8th Stieet. The Chicken l i n t -- So. 12th St. .Uaid-P.ite G r i l l -- Co:. Durant. 350.00 110.00 12X00 G4.0U 150.00 200.67 72.00 Kast Side t i t h .st. Parlor 1022 Hotel Savior Coffee Shop -- 1103 '·til St. Pexton Drug Store 1019 7th St. Dodc's Cafe -- 11 OS 6th St. Baiter's Super Market -- DUTBnt St. «07 llulsebus Drug Co. -- 1007 7th St. Swnnson's Super Stores -- u21 M'nrUpt Si. Harlan Gojf Countrv Club -So. 12th 6t. Mac's Steak Hous* -- So. 12Ui St. Mickel'» Incorporated -- So. 12th St. American Leffion Club -- 1103 Sth St. VFW Club No. JM1 -- 1014 6th St. Sparky's Standard Station -Chatburn Ave. Harmony Inn -- 301,". 7th St. Cozy Cafe -- 5JS Market St. liar Ian Super Valu -- 1060 Chatburn. HouU Savior -- 7th ft Court. White Star Lunch -- 517 Court. After due consideration by the Council, the Mayor put the question ·nd the roll bein£ called tne following named Councilman voted: Aye: 11 W. Heihhan, Jr., Gale Vandenberg. Harold Boysen, C. A. Tredway. Gerald Kelley. Nay: None. Whereupon, the Mayor declared the motion carried, said applications and bonds duly approved, said permits granted and Instructed the City Clerk to proceed -with the is- · ilng of permits. After due consideration, it was moved by Councilman Vandenberg and seconded by Councilman Eoy- that the applications for Beer Permits and bonds be approved, the City Clerk instructed to issue permits as follow? for one year and forward copy of each to the State Permit Board: Harlan Golf Country Club -lass "B" Club -- Effective Date -J u l v 2, 1954. The Chicken Hut -- Class "B" -Effective Date -- July 22, 1954. Jake's Tavern -- Cl'ass "B" -- Effective Date -- July 3, W4. Evergreen Inn -- Class "B" -Effective Date -- July 22, 1934. The Mayor put the question and a vote was had -which was unanimous in favor of the motion, which n-as declared" carried, said applications and bonds duly approved and permits for the sale of Beer duly granted. It was moved by Councilman Heilman and seconded by Councilman Kelley that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, it is the opinion of tlie City Council of Harlan. Iowa. that i» is for the best interest of the citizens of Harlan. Iowa, and for the further devlopment of the City of Marian, Iowa, that the City be authorized and empowered to enter into B contract with the Northern Natural Gas Company £or the purchase from the Northern Natural Gas Company of natural gas to be used and sold bv the City of Harlan, Iowa, in its m u n i - cipal sray d i s t r i b u t i o n sv.nem. NOW, THEREFORE. "BE JIT RESOLVED by the City Council of Harlan. Iowa, all as follow.-: Section 1. That a special election of the qualified electors of the City of Harlan, Iowa. be. and the same is hereby called to be held on the 13 day of July. 1954 at which tiinc there ,sha.ll be submitted to the (qualified electors -to be by them voted upon, the following question, to-wit: "Shall ikr City nf Harlan, I» w a. eater IB to a contract ·nlU the .\ortaera Natural Gnu atnnl limit an an net out In ^·e f»ll»»lBF Br*pv»cd COB- tract r* ·SERVICE A3iTCEMh;NT FOR - "CD-I" RATE- SCHEDULE Contract dated April 13, 19»-1, by and between City of Harlan Iowa (hereinafter calk-d "Gats Utility"! *Ti(J 7TDRTHRN' NATURAL GAS COMPANT (hereinafter called "Northern"). The parties agree together a*- follows-: _ SECTION!. Gas tn be Sold. Northern agree* to sell and deliver at the delivery points detailed in Appndix A attached hereto and made a. part hereof and the Gas Utility agrees to purchase and receive natural gas for general distribution and use m the communities listed in Section " hereof, subject to the provisions of Northern's Rate Schedule CD-I and any other applicable rate schedules in effect during the term of this contract. SECTION 1'. Communities to be served and contract demands. The communities to be served and the Contract Demands applicable to such communities arc as follows- Community to bo Served -- Harlan, Jghelby County. Iowa. Contract Demand -- 1.43S MCF. SECTION .';. Additional Volume? of Gas. The Contract Demand for a community may be increased or decreased as provided in Northern's Rate Schedule CD-J. Northern shall have the prin r right to contract for and supply, under said schedule, any additional volumes of natural gas The ja* Utility mav desire for -general distribution and use in communities listed in Section 2 hereof, and Northern agree" to supply such voHwnes. Kub'ect to the provisions of said Schedule SECTION 4. Term. This contract shall become effective with the billing m o n t h of November }S54 and shall continue in effect until f K»f rt'hrt-i- "T 1 O»"« OFFICIAL ttJMJCAHON and between Cky of Harlan. Iowa, (.-hereinafter called "Gas Utility"), and NORTHERN NATURAL OAfi COMPANY (Hereinafter called "Northern"). The parties afree together as follows; SECTION 1. Gas to be Sold. Northern agrees, to sell and deliver at th* delivery points detailed in Appendix A attached hereto made a pan hereof and' the and Gas Utility agrees to purchase and receive natural gas for general distribution and use in the communities listed in Section 2 hereof, «ub- ject to the provisions of Northern's Rate Schedule CD-I and any other applicable rate schedules in effect during the term of this contract. SECTION 2. Communities to be served and contract damMda. The communities to be served aad tile Contract Demands applicable to such communities are a* follows: Community to be Served -- Harlan, Shelbv Countv Iowa. Contract "temand -- 1.438 MCF. SECTION 3. Additional Volumes of Gay. The. Contract Demand for a community may be increased or decreased as provided in Northern's Rat* Schedule CD-l. Jforthern shall have the prior right to contract for and supply, under »aid schedule, anv additional volumes of natural gas The Gas TTtility may desire for general distribution and us.e in communities listed in Section 2 hereof, and Northern agrees to supply such volumes, subject to the provisions of said Schednle. SECTION 4. Term. This contract .-hall become effective with the billing month of November. 1S54, and shall continue in effect until October 27. 19S9. SECTION 5. Taxes. To the total monthlv bill computed under Northern's Rate Schedule CD-I and General Terms and Conditions Northern shall have the right upon filing with an acceptance by the Federal Power Commission of new and superseding rate schedules, to add all or any part of the amount by .which the cost to Northern of the natural gas delivered to the Gas Utility is increased in any month by any new or additional excise tax levied after December 31, 19,--2. SECTION 6. vious Contracts. Cancellation of Pre- This contract supersede? and cancels, as o f ' t h e effective date hereof, the following town border contracts between the parties hereto: None. SECTION 7. Notices. Notices to4 Northern under this contract shall be addressed to it at -.23 Dodge Street. Omaha. Nebraska, and notices to Gas Utility shall be addressed to it at Harlan, Iowa. Either party may change its address under this section at any time upon written notice. SECTION S. Succession and As- *ignment. This contract and each of its terms shall bind ami insure to the b e n e f i t of the parties hereto, their rcspectiie successors and assigns. The parties hereto have accordingly eiecuted this contract. "Northern" NORTHERN NATURAL GAS CO-MPANT (A Deleware. Corporation) Bv Attest President Secretary "Gas Utility" CITY OF HARLAN. IOWA Ey Attest President . 1969. SECTION :.. Taxes. To the total monthly bill computed under -Northern's Rate Schedule CD-I and General Terms and Conditions. .Northern shall have the right upon l i l i n g w i t h an acceptance by the rcacral Pof, er Commission of new and superseding rate schedules to add a 1 or any part of the amount oy which the cost to Northern of Uie natural gas delivered to tire Gas U t i l i t y is increased in any mcmth by anv new or additional i'J-i so t a x leV!e J a f t e r December SI. i y t _, SECTION \. Cancellation of Pre-' ·nous Contracts. Tins contract supersedes and cancels, as of the effective date hereof, the f o l l o w i n g t o w n border contracts between the parties hereto: None. v ! ^ l ' TI O^ 1 " ". Notices. Notices to Northern under this contract shall ·f addressed to it at zTMs Dodg» 'treet. Omaha. Nebraska, and no I Mccs to Gas V t i i i t y shall be addressed to i, a t 'Harlan. Iowa Cither party may change its a d dress u n d e r t h i s .section at anv written notice. , f,^ This contract and each of its terms shall bind and insure .0 tlie benefit of the parties hereto si ens rcspcctlve successors and as. The parties hereto have accordingly executed this contract. NORTHERN l e NATUnAL GAS COMPANY IA Deleware Corporation JrV _Attest President l!y Attest Secretary ' fias Utility" ^ HARLAN. IOWA President Secretarv o MI.VLL THE FOLLOWING ME.V!n-nE BE ADOPTED' Shall the City of Hnr- lan. lon-a, enter i n t o a contract with the .Northern Natuial Gas Company for the purchase of natural gas a« set out In the fo3- hiwing proposed'- contract? SERVICE NO TV**. 'by Secretary OFFICIAL PUBLICATION City Hall. Harlan, Iowa, J u n e 2H. 1954. 11:30 A. M. The City Council of the City of JBarlan, loiva, met pursuant to the Jules; of said Council in special session on call of the Mayor, at the time and place designated in tlie following call, a copy of which. jrfgned by the -Mayor, had been per- flonally served on each of the Council or left at hi* usual place of residence a sufficient time before s»id meeting, and service of which had been d u l y accepted by each member. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION To Harlan J u n e J4 Iowa 1834 Councilman Dear Xou are hereby n o t i f i e d that a nreetmg of the. Council of the City of Harjan, Iowa, will be held on the 29 cay of June, 39r!, at the 'Council Chambers in the City Hail, Harlan, Iowa at 11:20 o'clock A.M.. for the purpose of approving the bond furnished by the Mid States Construction Company and to authorize the signing of the tontrac.t for the construction of a natural fas distribution s,\vtem in the City of Harlan. Iowa, and to transact such other business as might come before said meeting Respectfully, J. 11. Frederickson, Mayor. I her~by accept s*-r\ ice of the following notice and acknowledge receipt of a copy of sanu. Signed this 1U day of June. 1954. C A. Tredway. H, W. Ht-ilman, Jr. H. E. Dovsen. L-Kov J. Cnnstonsen. G. E. Kelley. Gale Vancienberg. The meeting was called to order bytlit- -Major, and the roil being called, there were 225.4 r. 11.9o 10. "C Present: , J. H. Frederiokson, Mayor, in the chair and t'le following named Count. ilmen Present: Gale Van'lenbc-rg. Harold Bti\brn, C. A. Tredway, G. E. f-) "and LP.ov .1. Chri'-ttns-en. Ali.-e.n-: 11. W. Heilman. Th- Mayor read th- foregoing call ar»1 re-ported that s-en'iee thereof a* ai'ove suited hat! anri accepted. It wa.- movd b made C o u n c i l m a n Bojsen and seconded by Councilman Kellty ti.- Conti actor's Performance Bond, dated May -JO, 1954. in tin- a m o u n t of $.12n,G9T.4 T .. exe.ui-d b} tne Mid States Con- ·u '.ion Company of Mt Vernon, Illinois a* Pnni-ipal and th* American Casualty C u m p a i i y I'f Reading. J*enn-j!vania as Surety be anil th. sam- i.-. nerr-by approved and a_- ·ceptrJ and the Mayor and C i t v Clerk are dir-ct-i! to execuf t h e N a t u r a l Gas D i s t r i b u t i o n Contract Activities of Harlan Water Department The Board of Trustee-; of t h e Water Plant of the City of Ilarlan. Iowa, met in regular session w i t h the following members present: Morris Fredericksnn. C h a i r m a n : A. V. Parker and Elmer Potter. A t i t e n t : None. The following claims were ap- prove.l and ordered paid: Petty Cash, expends paid irom Petty Ca?h $ 4.7J Payroll ( A ) , pajroll transfer first half r.f J u n e 110.00 McKesson Itobbins. chemical at plant Northern Gra\cl Co, maint. material at plant Wigness Machine Shop, maint. repair at plant Sparky's Standard Station, gas." oil. grease for truck, dist H. F. E n e n b a c h . capital o u t lay extensions Farm Service Co-op, fuel for stove at plant 2 7 7 2 No further business appearing. t-ie Board on motion adjourned. Morris Fre.denck.son. Chairman. C. F. Haskel!, City Clerk. Activities of Harlan Light Department The Board of Trustees of the Municipal Light Plant of Harlan. Iowa met in regular i-f-tsion p u r - suant to law and the rules of fcaid Board in the Council Room in the City Hail at Harlan, Iowa, on June 16. 133-!, at 7.30 P. M. The f o l l o w i n g members of the- j Board of Trustees of the Municipal | Li^-ht Plant of Harlan, Iowa, were present: Morris Frederickson. Chairman:! A. V. Parker and Elmer Potter. Absent: Nonr. A motion was ma'le and u n a n i - mou.-ly carried t h a t a new Electric Mett-r Tester will be purchased. On motion the following claims were allowed and the City Clerk was instructed to make payments o:" same. Petty Cash expenses paid from Petty Cas-h J Ci.K-agr, R ] P a c i f ' c It. P... f r e i g h t on fiel uil at plant OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Earl May Seed Nursery .Stores Light Plant seed bulbs 14 74 United Telephone Co. of Iowa, long distance phoi.e calls 1 4 7 » Electric Supply Co.. di-n., stock i.~. ; 7 Exline Engine \Voik-. plant maint. material repair 2 0 iL'.Su Weptinghou 4 -e Klec. Supplv Co.. plant maint., Material repair Sl.i'7 Sparky's Standani Station, t?a?, oil, grease for t r m k , (l! n t 24.11' Fulton Iron Works, plant m a i n t , material anJ repair 3 , J 2 » 0 Henningson. Durliam it Richard'-fn, Inc . plant maint., material and repair 5ufi la.-Ne-br. Transportation Co.. f r e i g h t on maint. material repair- plant 10. Honah-Crane Corp., p l a n t maint.. m a t e r i a l repair i ' ' i THE NEWS-ADVERTISER Ilarlan, Iowa. July 6, 1954 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION' *.!i wall p l a n t \ V i g n t s ? Ma B! on. s u j at . Ro k 1 - l d H ' l .Mi.t i i k«on. ' i k . SAVE A DOLLAR! Subscribe to y o u r H a r l a n newspapers for two years at one time and you get a $1.00 discount. FOR EXTR4 PROFIT | 2 u. 0 4 on behalf of th w a. Tue M ^ \ o r put t h e r n . t i f i n a n d t h ed, t r c f illowir.jj C:ty of liarlan, t"f oivstior on nil! he:n^ call- ni:n-il C o u n n l - i-es- Vaniieri'ierg:. Briyte.n. Tredway, Keller and Ci.nter.beii. N a - : Non-.-. said motion C o u n c i l m a n P a y r o l l (A i. plan; salaries wage- week ending G-."-."4 1JS.OO Petty Cash, expenses paid from Petty Cash a fiS Iowa Employment Security Commission, int. on F.O.A.B :.44 Chicago. K. I at Pacific Railroad Co f u e l at plant 25S.1S Payroll Fund, payroll trans- - _ . . . fer " 4S.OU 3'avor «ec!arc-d Payro'l l A i , p a j r o l l transfer first half of J u n e .. 2,M7..j() proposed the following' resolution and moveil it's adoption. Councilman Bosen the moticin to a'lo^t The rol! was called an1 the votVwas: Ayes: Van'-lenbertr, Cr v~en. Tr e d- Way. Kelley and Clir:s: e nstn. Najs: None. T.'r.ereupon. t'.io Mav.r declar-''! the following Resolution adopted as jollows. KE.«OLVTIO.\" or, Ma- _0. 2 f o--. in ileriSlant* National Bank, int. paid on Electric Reve n u e Bonds Cnicag-o R. 1. Pacific Railroad Co.. freigln on fuel at plant dearie Petroleum Co.. f u e l at plant Be!! Oil Gas Co.. fuel at plant Carter-Waters, f u e l at plant C A T T L E F A T (On the hack of each ballot s'n-al! ' pursuance to a Resolution hereto- ' E - )r Christen«en A u t o Co. be. printed the following:) i fore passed by tin;- coum il, Did? fnr 1 dSt., truck expense .... 73.00 1.5C8.27 631.14 SS4.S'i Public Measure Ballot, Iowa. July 35. 1954. For Special Election on the ques- Harlan. I t!lfc construction of a i:a.-- distribu- tion of enteri into contract with the "Northern Natural Gas Company for the purchase of natural gas used by the City of Harlan. lovta. and sold by it in connection with the operation of the municipal gas distribution system. (Facsimile Signature) C. F. Haskell. City Clerk. Sectum n That the voting places for said election and the election board? *hall be -as follows towit: First Judges: Han? Hoogensen, Mrs. Olga Peterson. Mrs. James JU. Grieder. Clerks: Mis. Elmer Potter, ilrs. Kenneth Jorgrensen. Voting Place: E. SI. Christensen Auto Company. S«-e«Bd Ward: Judges: Jlrs. Winifred McCov Mrs. Kalph AshwilJ. L. E. H«flin" Clerks: Mrs. Lawrence Johnson. Mrs. Darlene Norgaard. Voting- Place: Court House. Third Wart: Judges: Jlrs. Chester Hansen. Mrt. Martna. CJansen. Mrs. L. S. Jamison. Clerks: Mrs. Rex Chambers, Mrs. Harvcv Jaco-bsen Voting Place: City Hall. Fo«rtli Ward: Judges: 'Fred Ixvuis, James AVit- trup. Ethel "Larson . Clerks: Mrs. Pearl Welsh, G*illard J. Nelson. Voting Place: Harlan Production Crc-flit Ass'n. Section 4. The Mayor and Clerk of this City are hereby authorized and" directed to prepare and publish in the Harian Tribune, a Jegal newspaper -published in Shelby County. Iowa, nnd of general circulation in the City of -HLarlan. Iowa, once each week for 'our consecutive weeks. notice of said election, and the last publication of said notice shall be not more than t w e n t y days nor less than five days uon system for tile City of Harlan. Iowa, were opened and a c»ntract for such construction work was let to Mid-States Construction Company, a Delaware Corporation, w i t h its principal office-= in itt. Vernon. Illinois, who was the low bidder: and. W_HEREAS, at u-e time of the Setting of the conn act and t'ae execution of thj- same. Mid-States Construction Company was making application with tiie State of Iowa for a permit to do business in the j State of Iowa as a foreign corporation, and. WHEREAS, there was a delaj in securing the permit to do bti.-inett in the State of Iowa and such permit was not. in fact, issued until June 7, 1554, and. WHEREAS. H 15 the desire of this City anil Mid-?tate* Construction Company to remove anv question as to ihe validity of the said contract. "NOW, THEREFORE, be it Resolved : That the contract heretofore en- tere.d into by and between the City of Hrtari. Iowa", and Mid-States Construction Company on May 20. !Sa$. for the construction of a gas distribution system ir. the City of -Barlan. he and the same is hereby ratlfied and confirmed in all respects as originally written. PASSED" AND APPROVED tins 29 day of June, las-j. J. H. FreJeric-kson. M a \ o r . ATTEST: C. F. Maskt-Il. City Clerk. General Electric Supply Co , dist . -tock r'red y?ur r3«!? VICTOR CATTLE FATTENEH. JTOtlH GKntE will Uke it -- because VICTOR CATTLE FATTOJEH i. highly c-latab'ir and keeps cattle coming to the bonks. 'YCMJ wOI tike it -- because VICTOR CATTLE FATTENEH'contains nutrients ^o balance corn ior fas', «o»7 low-cost gains and quality "fin, isheci' cutue. Order VICTOR CATTLE FATTENEH today. ' Wilson Hybrids Chatburn Avenue Harlan moved by Councilman Tredway and seconded bv Councilman Kelley that t h e City of Harlan. Iowa consent to the assignment by the Mid-States Construction Company of M o u n t Vernon. Illinois to the Live Stock National Bank of Omaha Nebraska of the whole or any part uf the contract entered into by and between the City of Harlan. Iowa, and the Mid- States Construction Company of Mount Vernon. I l l i n o i s , or any before the date of said eiectio~n""" ' TM on 'e;- due or to become due tin- Section ,*v. The Cilv Clerk' i.s ller sai(1 contract, provided the in- lu-reby directed to cause to b I M C - strument of assignment s.'nil con- pared all ballots, poll looks and ! tftm a clause substantially to the COOLS and dries more air at less cost! other necessary supplies for the proper conduct of said election. Section 6. The .polls shall be "pen on tne day of said election from the hour of eight o'clock in the forenoon u n t i l eight o'clock in the evening: the judges and clerks of election shall open the polls and shall take the oath prescribed by Seclion 41'.75 of the Code of Iowa PASSED AND APPROVED T H I S l.~ Day of June. 1954. J. H. FrederirkKon. Ma; or. Attest: C. F. Haskell, City Clerk. The planning commission appear- od before the Council and made recommendations in regard to tlio proper handling of trailer courts and trailers in the City of Marian. On motion the City Treasurer is. authorized to invest in conjunction with the City Clerk accumulations irom the Sinking Fund -- Sewer revenue. The Committee appointed by tin- Mayor to investigate the applications for a Gas Engineer recotn- L" e nded the appointment of Everett B. Denney as Gas Engineer at a salary of 1350.00 per month, beginning July l. 1933. On motion, this recommendation of appointment was unanimously approved. A Resolution Tvas unanimously earned in which the City Council approves and consents to the maintenance of all primary road extensions within said City of Harlan by the Iowa State " Highway Commission, with t h o understanding t h a t said maintenance is to be done by and paid tor by the State Highway Comjni»8lon. and that no chavg* will 'be made against the -ily of Harlan on account of such maintenance. There being no further business, the meeting on motion adjourned. ' J. H. Frederickson. Mayor dry Clerk.' ' ^_ .-.-_ ,-^.JL- "ffect that it is agreed t h a t the right of the assignee in and to any I monies due u- to become due t" the contractor shall be subjeit to prioi liens and of all persons, firms, anri corporations for services rendered or materials supplied for tlie performance of the woik called for in this contract. This consent is stil- .icrt to prior approval by the att^r- ney for the City of Harlan. TOW.I (.f tin- i n s t r u m e n t uf ab'-ignment, The flavor put the question on the motion and the rcll being: call- j cd. the following nanud Councilmen voted: I Ayes: Vandenhe'jr. P.nysen. Tredway. Kelley and Christensen. Nays: None. Whereupon, the Jlavor declared said motion d u l y carried. There being no f u r t h e r liu^incsi, the m e e t i n g on m o t i o n adjourned J. H. Frederickson. C. F. Haskell. ' aL ' ! " City Clerk. Research proves International Harvester Air Conditioners give more cooling and dehumidifying capacity...yet cost less to'operate! 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