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Jefferson Davis 1 - JEFFEBSOH DAVIS, She Tenerable Patriot, Soldier...
JEFFEBSOH DAVIS, She Tenerable Patriot, Soldier and U Statesman, : v Bipo in Tears and Sich in the Lore ; of Bis People, . V ; Passes Away from Life and . - the Great Immortals. Joins Ee Died at 12:45, Friday Uornin?. f Deo. 6, 1889, Snrrottnded by Mourning ; and Belatires. Friends Tie 8tory of a Typical American. - Iiraruin Tk&vf tf naA nta AVS In death flftAjm mlnnta twfnr 1 O'clock this morning, surrounded by all of his friends and relatives wkowen within call. ' f T6 liAndaome and - characteristically ' 1 .1 f Tnst. rhilaa TT fAn. bmiii i nanrii msiucuuu us. as uuaan mssw j . vw aer, at tbe corner of Flrt and Camp streets, - la at present an object of Interest to every - V friend of Mr. Jefferson Davis, because It la In the pleasant- pleasant- finest-chamber finest-chamber finest-chamber of this elegant home that the beloved old confederate confederate chieftain passed a way. ' The Feaner residence, built by Judge ' yenner's brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, J. U. Payne, is .one of the most comfortable and Interiorly . artlstle in all the city. It is of brown stone stuooo, two stories high 'with broad reran- reran- das and set In lovely grounds, where carae-, carae-, carae-, Ua bushes axe .spiked with . bloom and ranges nans; in clusters on the trees. The house has . a wide, hall - running through the center with drawing-rooms drawing-rooms drawing-rooms on ' one side, a library on the other and on the ; rear corner of the house In a lovely and cheery apartment, into which the southern auft streams nearly all day, lay the patient and DISTntGUISHED rafVAXID. - . It Is a wonderfully pretty room, with a ' rich toned, Persian hued carpet on the floor, shades and delicate lace curtains at the four windows two fronting to the east and two to the south.', Pictures are on the walls and , there are a lounge, easy Turkish chairs and pretty carved tables and a huge carved oak Victoria bedstead on which the ex-president ex-president ex-president , of the confederacy ues in toe emnraoe oz . death. . ' ' His constant attendant has been Mrs. Pavls.wb.ohas never left his bedside since ' bis' fllnesi began. . In comfortable home ' Istrant was always at the invalid's side, and If she left him for a moment he asked for - her and was fretted or uneasy until she re-: re-: re-: torned. ' ''..'" ' EIS -WOT -WOT BT HIS BEDSIDE. Friends constantly sent beautiful flow- flow- era. of . which Mr. Davis was very fond. but these were not allowed to remain In the sickroom for any length of time. At the ' outset, Jellies, fruits and all manner of . In Tallda delicacies were proffered, until Mrs. Davis was compelled to decline them. The : ' sick man's food was only milk. Ice, beef tea, and rarely a broiled chop. ' T f ( ., I V . . -T1 -T1 .-X .-X .-X , . by his wife and the capable quadroon hired - finru Lvdia. and Mrs. Davis own littla - brown-eyed brown-eyed brown-eyed handmaiden Betty, who at all times had entree to the sickroom. But little talking was allowed, and newspapers, let- let- "ers and telegrams were tabooed. On Wednesday afternoon . a reporter of the Picayune was fortunate enough to . have a few moments' conversation with Mrs. Davis. She was worn and wearied with service at the sick bed. but which she would not allow to any other, and her step was . lagging as she came Into the dining-room. dining-room. dining-room. She was very hopeful, however, of her husband's ultimata recovery. ' husband's i : .-, .-, .-, DXTTJCATS mSCOVSKT. "Mr. Davis has! always been an exceed- exceed- - mgij temperate man, ' saiu alts, Aavis, ; and no one could have lived more moderate- moderate- ; ly than he. Of course all this is In his :' favor. I do not mean to say that there '- '- would be no dancer if a doer were left pen or the fire in his room allowed to go out. He is as frail as a lily and requires . the most exquisite care. That he has. I ' believe he would not be alive to-day to-day to-day had this Illness -cams) -cams) noon him at Beauvoir ' where he- he- oonld not nosalblv have had the ' constant care of such physicians as Dr. Bick- Bick- ham and Dr. Challle, and the Intelligent love, tenderness and lnxurv that surround him in this home." ' ' : i .' THE LAST BOCKS. - : Mr. Davis . seemed much better during the early part of yesterday, and his lm- lm- ,.- ,.- proved condition was remarked by the doe- doe- MU9 1UU UaS XUUIJ. X1B UOU a pain IB MO bowels dnrinar the Jit. ' bnt th urlnm feature appeared Just, a few minutes be fore S o'clock. Then the Illustrious patient was stricken with a severe congestive ohllL The doctor were not present at the time, but Judge Fenner" s family and Mrs. Davis ( Aid everything to soothe the sufferer. '- '- - t US IXMT COV8CIOU8KESS after the chill and never sensibly recovered nis raMi iTiaa l :It was 7 o'clock before Dr. C J. Blck-. Blck-. Blck-. ham, vloe president of the board of administrators administrators of the charity hospital, and Dr. 8tanford . Challle,' dean of the medl-' medl-' medl-' eal faculty of Tulane University, and two . of the. most famous practitioners In the south, arrived and consulted . over the whuioi ox uio pauenb , ..' HIS CHJLSGB WAS STTXPKISS, totally unexpected by even those In con-eta-st con-eta-st con-eta-st con-eta-st con-eta-st attendance, and the skilled eyes of 1 5 i-f-Heal i-f-Heal i-f-Heal i-f-Heal i-f-Heal men saw In It the beginning c ! the end. They eontinued with the pa-. pa-. pa-. ;nt until his death, however, and made every possible effort to avoid the lnevi- lnevi- . table. ; . .: : .: . . : .. . ... -:! -:! v. -oavis -oavis remained In a eomstoM mniu tionandthe attendanu could see no signs of consciousness. .Mrs. Davis said she occasionally occasionally fdt a return of the pressure of the hand- hand- she held, although he tanu neither speak nor make a sign.- sign.- This was the scene tn the sick -chamber, -chamber, ' 19 the hoars passed. The only variation t - s tie arrival of Mr. Edwin H. Farrar, t z -v -v and of Mr. Davis' niece, and of Judge nr. 1 Mrs. Charles E. Fenner, who had been Ei-t Ei-t Ei-t f or at the opera. - ' .r y- y- - XT THB BXDSIDB w t- t- tni came were Mrs. Davis, Mr. J. U. rarne, tlx. and lira. Judge Charles E. Fenner, Mr. E. U. Farrar. Miss Smith, a rnnil niece of Mr. Davis. Mr. H. D. Fenner. a son of the Justice, Dr. CJ. Eictham and Dr. 8. E. Ciallle, -.' -.' 1 " -. -. ; Tie lamp of lira waael low as tho hour of. - of ex-president in - tne His one 1828, ana the the SO, altar Ideal of for f and "wi love subjects nntll an come

Clipped from The Times-Picayune06 Dec 1889, FriPage 2

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)06 Dec 1889, FriPage 2
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