R/Arthur F. Toenges, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Tues., June 25, 1918, p.3

R/Arthur F. Toenges, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Tues., June 25, 1918, p.3 - In a great measure freedom from disease...
In a great measure freedom from disease districts. Ills to be named city a city officer he satisfaction and difficult to All. $1,000 South Telephone Co. F. Pf ciffcr. Air until cerdal in sealed it. Continued From Page One. protects It has aroma. for drinks from C308 Heit Ave. Ind. "Famo" Wfr&K a minister of a Reformed church In Ohio. Secretary Edwin Pelrce, of the T. M. C, A. and all board charman will also be at the station to bid the boys farewell and to render all help possible. possible. The train Is scheduled to leave the station promptly at 12:10. Tho draftees from the three districts who will entrain tomorrow are: First District. August Nits, Ohio. David C. Woodworth, New Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Ind. Edward Stout, M uncle. Alvln Taylor, Indianapolis. Harold U. Wolverton. Lima. Q. Karl P. Pillion. 2215 Welsser Park. Thomas F Brunner, 2136 Holton. Arthur Hitter, 465 Riverside. Raymond dulse, 1414 Clinton. Otto A. Wolf, 1213 Huffman. Ernest Bollman, 217 Duck street. Koth Grime, 530 Monroe. Jacob Ilagan, 636 Montgomery - Frederick Shaw, 1702 Hayden. Karl Monroe Dinger, 1639 E. Lewis Kcnst Qerspacher. 427 E. Wayne John It. Thomas, 6 raid St., Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. Clem Ilevorhuker, 617 E. Washington. Washington. Barnard IS. Gotta, 71S Harmar. Waclaw Bohdilewlcs, 1136 Harden. Harden. Frank Kozlowakl, 1811 Welsser Fark. Ralph B. Hess, 4SS Montgomery. deorge Weberuss, 11 Wagner. Harry B. Prong, 20S Brackenrldge St.; Buffalo. N. Y. Clarence A. Wells, 11 27 Rrrermet Frank Adamskl, Fort Wayne, Ind. Wm. Sassier, 2308 Blrchwood, Fort Wayne. Elmer Henry llaugh, 1135 Oak St. Arel Q. Baumgartner, lilt Lake Edward A. Franke. 106 W Madison. Henry Becker, 1014 K. Jefferson. Itobert Chas. Bchank, 1412 Hanna. Arthur F. Toenges, 1229 Maumee. Freeman Quyae, 1414 Clinton. Otto August Wolf, 1514 E. Wayne, Ernest Ilownfln. 1 7 nnm ki Edgar Stout. 301 E. Lewis. Walter II. Weatenfeld, 1222 IS. Washington. Floyd IL Mock, 1 El. Main. Lawrence J. Blalslng, 20 Francis. August Nits. 1231 E. Lewis, Fort Wayne; Loralne, Ohio. Italph I'. Grime. Fort Wayne. Theo. C. C. I Urges, 1006 Liberty St. George II. Schmidt, 1111 Erie. Herbert O. Wolverton, 708 Ilaltes. Gale II Maney, 454 Maaterson. John Ilagan, 636 Montgomery. David C. Woodworth, 807 State Scholo. Edw. W. "Witte, 1215 Maumee. Frank A. Bougher, 111 Forest I'ark Blvd. Elmer It. Patterson, 1414 B. Clinton Clinton St. George Marshall Anderson, 1(21 Hillside. Karl F. Koeppner, 2418 Savannah. Clyde A. Furley, (30 E. Jefferson. Bert A. Coleman, Parkersburg, W. Va. James F. Zehendner. 221 E. Main. Ulrlch II. Brake, 1(16 Maumee. Arthur II. Horman, 1232 E. Lewis. Steven C. Ryan, 1405 Hanna. Nick Mathlondakrs. 102 E. Lewis. Walter F. Koenlg, 1410 Summit. Stanley Swets. 373 W. 118th St., New York, The Stratford. Boyd Robinson, care of Frank llartman, Monterey, Ind. Peter Herres, 1113 East Lewis. Bernard O. Smith. 1107 Oak. Chaa. A. Lonergan, I2( Hugh. Carl II. Menneswlsch, 1418 Francis. Herbert John Bourne, 1125 ParnelL Fred Bushing. 1117 McCulloch. Herbert W. Kochs. tit B. Lewis. Mike Davis. 818 Lafayette. Ham Mastromarco, (11 Hough. Martin O'Sliaughnessey, 'Monroe - vllle, Ind. George E. Jones, 615 East Jefferson. Alternates. Walter Golerrl. 1224 Hayden. John W. M erica, 816 Delaware. Jamea Moonan, Home hotel. Henry B. Fox. lit Harrison. Glen B Potts. 1707 Grant. Henry F. Bernlng, 2029 East Washington Washington Joel E. Sills, 264 West Canal. Jacob Miller, 1651 Spy Ilun Joseph Meyer, 811 Erie. Clarence W. Kelly. 1116 Hanna. Edwin Maler. 127 East Wayne. Sylvester Yaima, Plxley block. Arthur mens, 1220 Anthony boulevard. boulevard. Arthur Toenges, 1218 Erie. Michael E. Burns. 220 Crescent. District No. 2. Roma Vorhees, 122 Sherman. John D. Burton. 626 Greeley. Walter Menslng. 1801 Mary. Royal 8. Reed, Churubusco. Herman O. Ferber, 1(31 Boone. Harry Barnes, 1121 Van Buren. Qulnn MeMahan, (11 Madison. Kenneth B. P. Thompson, ttt Lake. Walter. O, Mummer. U EkUt, " ' Toronto, Canada. Stanley avenue, Hamtramck, Konstandven street. George A. Park avenue. Joseph Westrlok. avenue, Davenport. A. D. CummlnBS. Bowser Co, 66 ClLIIAff A. Poltcart Fifty - seventh Alvln Reeves, Detroit, Mich. Emll Sommers, York. A u rust Crawford. Howard D. street. Frank Yehl. avenue Jerome J. land avenue. Arthur F. Park avenue. George J. street - Edward W. street. James Martin. Albert W. Suter, avenue. Russell L. Crelghton avenue. Thomas IL avenue. Antlno Harrison street. Howard Merela Mar avenue. Herbert street. Bernard J. CarlF. O, Crelghton avenue. Fred L. street, Indianapolis, Harrod Bishop, Nosl M. Sixteenth street. John C. avenue. Ivan O. ond avenue, ouglas - Harrod. ton avenue. George F. street. Robert B. street Paul IL V, avenue. Wm. M. Canada. Frank Cramer. Akron, Ohio. Dent II. Wagner field street Dave Haas, ft. R. 8. Arthur Walter S. street Carl P. Roembke, Nelson avenue. Henry E, avenue. Howard hotel, Kansas Mathlaa Herres, avenue. John W. street Herman F. street Clarence II. avenue. Fred F. Ilalley, avenue. Sam C. Miller, Theodore Harrison strfMit - Henry Miller, MIChalo Carl Qelse, 24 Samuel G. avenue. .John W. Arlck. Lloyd W. Drive. Wm, C. street Dennis J. Shea, street Wilbur J. Salle street Clarence A. Broadway. Edward W. Albert F. Park avenue. Howard O. Truat Co., St Paul J. Williams street Raymond E. street Columbus, Theodore Peter J. Alt FredKannlng. Belmont E. street Allen A. Ward, Joseph E. Webster street Elmer W. venue. , .Ernest avenue.

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  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,
  2. 25 Jun 1918, Tue,
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  • R/Arthur F. Toenges, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Tues., June 25, 1918, p.3

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