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Lark Ellen School 2

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Lark Ellen School 2 - -:.8 5 CENTS. SUNDAY MORNING.. AUGUST 21. 1910-...
-:.8 5 CENTS. SUNDAY MORNING.. AUGUST 21. 1910- DRAMATIC T AUK ELLEN" JL EVERYWHERE. FROM BABIES TO BUILDINGS, SHE HAS ALL COVINA. A School. Fountain, a Street, a Railway Station and a Newsboys' Home Recite Her Name Interest-ing and Entirely Unique Personality of Famous California Singer. BY JULIAN JOHNSON. Now that Verdi Is dead. they have Verdi conservatories all over Italy: the 1 Scandinavians (Jelight to honor the name of Ole Bull also deceased; the name of Jenny Unci Is found in other than on her tombstone. asafpjaces But these great folk are matters of history. Only In one Instance, according- to the writer's observation, has the present generation so decorated any particular locality with the name .of a living celebrity In music. The exception la Southern California's own prima, donna, Ellon Beach Taw. and goes she must carry the memory jf i her covlna home, where she has been immortalized on all sons of institutions. Covlna. however, does not share all the honor of "Lark Ellen" nomenclature, for the newsboys' home of the same namo must cot bo forgotten. It has been a haven for many a strug-gling-llttle Los Angeles waif, and has put on the road to efficient manhood scores who must otherwise have grown up Into dwarfed mentality or possibly actual error and even crime. During the past summer the prima donna. save for a few outside concertshas been spending her time almost exclusively uson the "Lark El len" ranch, m airing occasional trips -oj town xn we Dig macnine ot ner jarwe husband, attorney-crltlc-traveler-Iec-turer-artist Vere Goldthwaite, and for tho rest, devoting herself to the sim ple and healthy tasks of outdoor farm life. The "Fountain of the Birds" is of Miss TaWs own design, and plays constantly for the bathing- and refreshment of the wee folk who axe to be found In such numbers about the Taw ranch. By the owner's orders it will never be 'hut down, and whether she la in China or Egypt, the fountain will still be sending its cooling; spray aloft. and the birds will be preening their wings and sipping daintily in the fail, int- shower. Miss Taw Is a chicken fancier of considerable reputation, for her pern 1 eaSSsM vl W ftall H . , T I vv . p j . . r i H 1 -Salts iszy a8S5eSSii-- V J I -v-y. miss I i x -r-ri-rXTTTr i ii e, aw nni-iH n mi as hi nan a i i i THE TIMB company THE DAT. tn 100. 9? -Was Scenes in a Prima Donna's Countryside. It Is not trausnal for celebrities to give their names to places and inanimate objects after their demise, but with-... ,.k. c,t nn Mrtr. hoa heen sa comnletelv overwhelmed by a sincle Dersonality as has the pretty orange grove district of Covlna by Ellen Beach Taw who is, after all not history, but a very lively and progressive reality. A street, a school, a railway station, several fountains and children innumerable wear the "Lark Ellen title, alter the lamous souwera uauioram. nigminsaig. night. Happened eastern Vera prima the "Tief-land" Co-vent himself d Albert's performances Germanyor the a of sum- it sailing as to Lon English Glasgow-born for pro trag season. Gil the Mr. Lon th' T-mr-e-t iri -ir.M'.wi An:if rame In the called lillg-und the locality orange-bo wered Covlna.' where all save a few public things are named "Lark Ellen." while the rem nant seems divided between -.tuen and "Lark." There is the notable -LarK tnen ranch, one of the prettiest places -n the valley. The "Lark Ellen school nas mo prima donna's name In large letters upon Its front, and tho young idea acquires it even earlier than the A3.C route. The "Fountain of the tsiras. re cently finished. Is Miss TaWs own do nation to the little leaxnerea iin!;-sters whom she has seemed to emulate. "Via. Elena, a bcaulirui strewn 01 eucalyptus-shaded. orange-bordered roadway, reaches ror more toan a mt In stone-fenced invitation, to an artist's brush and canvas. -Pneifle Electric not To be out done by the worthy citizen road-and- school-namcrs. nas put up i-an. And so it eoes. The name "Lark El len" Is made to fit all thlnss. One am- became noted at shows held hereabouts several years ago. She does not go in solely for celebrity and prom, however, but Is as original here as she Is elsewhere. Her chlckonsor at least the most influential members of the feathered community have distinct personalities and unique names, and they come at her call as obediently would old dog Tray. The secret of all this popularity lies in the sweet, simple, unaffected -pcrson-alltv of Miss Taw herself. I know; i"Ve been out there, and I have seen how she sets along with tho Covlna fotk. And. believe me. when you behold a woman who can take equal honors with Caruso an- Bond at Monte Carlo. make thousand, of Frenchmen-in the Trocadero rise en masse and acclaim her. get curtain call after curtain call In that notable iceberg, the Metropolitan Operahouse, and then come home, and while darning socks or sewing n buttons dlscusn with the village ladles the best way to raise sweet peas. the safest methods of canning -peaches, am the unrest wav to keerj a "hired bltious vouncner hai put It on a rac- i gin wen. you wm-w mmaai woo ing automobile which he hope wiuiaer. tnats au. tear honors iroro an nvaia. owner of the biggest and most lumbering traction engine in the volley, which ,1 ... in.,1. n? f-T-ain nr. m,t brand new ansle. It has remained for Percy MacKaye to weave a powerful story anil yet crowd it full of genuine fun. and all about the much discussed marriage game. 'Anti-Matrimony deals with a ser ies of Incidents in the lives of two brothers, the Rev. ElUott Grey, a Masachusetts clergyman newly mar- Hrl and with a nne sense oi numor. and Morris Grey, a socialistic dreamer who finds In marriage wnat. ne con- riHom thn curse ot numaniiy. t arrives at the minister's house after a prolonfred ab?ence abroad and brings with him his "soulmate." as he styles her The minister and his wife are hrct:e-J 1-eyond measure and QPEXDTHRIFT O AT THE MASON. ORIS MITCHELL. WILL HEAD CAST OF BROWNE PLAY. Belasco Promises Interesting Revival of Hoyt Farce Annette Kellerman at the Orpheum "Talk of New York" Will Continue at the Bur-bank Grand and Los Angeles. Monday night will mark the beginning of the nrst week of the theatrical season at the Mason Operahouse. when Frederic Thompson's production of "The Spendthrift" will be presented. This play In its conception and execu tion Is entirely different from "A Fool There Was." the drama which first brought Porter Emerson Browne Into prominence as a playwrlsht. It deals with the frivolous extravagance of a luxury-loving -wife, and the flnsnrlsl ruin achieved by her husband as a result of his efforts to gratify her ex- travazant whims. When she realizes are horrir.od ai -.- ""' .""" the direful pass to which tneir moae down by Morris Grey who Inveighs o. B& aas Droaght dem. he demands against mai-.- of his wife the sacrifices that are nec- aan-jers. ,i..., .i-ev.c-i-r --.T-o--iarlriir at the same time to make them himself. The wiles uie .honiTi'ir rlacd by Miss Crosman. nnrtnrt.-ii-es to straighten out the tangle by In.iuolng her husband to ap-nnrentlv 'all In with his brother's wild part-mo , I. uiMnH has been too easy, she has not sufficient stamina to face comparative poverty and with the Idea of reliev- y.-. pull twenty loads of grain at mit more than three miles per hour, has emplanted the name in patient, home- painted WWie lencra w head. The remarkable thing about this Is that not only l Mi Yaw still in our collective n.Mst. hut that iihe la a mmg orvn .V. r -ll" a Florenee Nlgl.i.ncil. . .' it'i !'' rr-tn-i- fame d.iting iik -.i rir i th- i"rlm'-4. th.-r.- muli I 1,1 tnl ac" i-easloti .f litr natm- ' j'.'. tlilnga in tK. ilmlr'.'-t ItJt -til! :t .the threah-hM of her iareer. it muat be Indeed flatterma-, to nay tli least Mla Vaw It mi to einhork upon (our of the world, and whervcr ah Ellen Beach Taw ha. Covlna. from babies to buildings, under the "Lark Ellen" sign because she's Ellen Beach Taw. She's original. There are no more like her. And that's all. ANTI-MATRIMONY." Henrietta Crossman Soon to Be Seen at the Mason Operahouse in Mackaye's New Comedy. !enntta f'ro-m.m. ihr commedienne Ah.' uil! ir t tlie MaHtin next .-k ::t v.v. Vvir-t four w.t:ka ao and liaa i.rewenteU hir sucvesa. "Anti-Mutrlmony." in only a few dues. This wilmlclal roisady. although provocative of laughter, daala logically w'th a question aa old as the hlUn, but It prea-mta the subject from a philosophy anl agree to it. Mildred , lng their monetary distress she bor- asks the tut--iage o. me rows a largo sum from a man rnencu bmthcr who r-.mi.y .- action hastens the inevitaoie cu- presscs her with the necessity of- the i max whtch ;n turn foUomed by an throwing off I Z' entire readjustment of the family rela- mony ana sn-. " ' 'J?IT -n,nit ' t,oas- Producing a condition more near- ta "itktousv on the part of the "soul-mate ' and a thousand and one com- nl.-tlorJ that seem lo gel inw from which there can be no extrication womaniy wn ana tu-."- . t. oemingly Impossible and marriage settles nown tlve romr.l' ' i... . . iii' duitlful huaband lmagln- 1. , i , - . r.t t;r.nt thr-e '. .., . . .j...m .it Iill- Waliuliu. . . i n- f.l fur UavU I, " ..ivl.l llasc returned to v J -k l-t week. Thla will be his ' -Tha Girl at the J.r!-vn'weit" and will be produced tnl O'-tu--'1'- ly approximating happiness than any that has heretofore obtained In the household. The Dlav Is In tour acts, the first three showing the lanishly furnished and tastefully decern tad Interiors of a well-to-do New Tork broker's home. The last, an attic room In a lower East Side tenement house. The company especially engaged by Mr. Thompson for the pn-ient tour ! headed by Harts Mltilnll. and ini-ludes Lionel Ailams. 1 '"i- McCall. Albert Huckett, Vivian Martin. Forrest Orr. Grace GIbba, and William Sullivan. offer Cod- The Belasco company wtll Hoyf a wau-ulud comedy. "A tented Woman" for the eotntns; ' This satire on "Votes for was written long before the meat for a general enfranchisement for woman-folk was started, and there have been a number of dealing with the suffragette written since, none has superceded Contented Woman for really f ul comedy treatment of this moch-dla- cussed question. When Hoyt seized upon the) 'women-have-a-rlght-to-vote law in Denver, the basis for his play, by running young husband, and wife against other for the office of Mayor, he provided' three acts -of rare fun. Of for the purposes of the play, th comes out triumphant at the polls, at the last moment when she that, after all. the proper sphere woman is her own home life, her political enemies make the convenient discovery that the Mayoress-elect of legal age and therefore, not to assume the or3co to which she been elevated. "A Contented Woman" will give Belasco comrjanv many for toe fun-mn lring and as this band of players Is always seen best In this line of stage endeavor. Contented Woman" may be counted upon to provide an diverting evening's entertainment. Richard Vivian will have the of Benton Holmes, the young while Helene Sullivan win be his wife, who wins success at the Ida Lewis will be the Aunt Jim performance and should gtv a impersonation of the hraband-bsJtlnsi female who goes so far to her for women as to wear mtsenUn even Including "pants." Following this hilarious farce, the Belasco company win for the first time by any stock -company. Charles Rann Kennedys Servant in the House." Hobart Bosworth will have the important Manson. with Frank Camp Ql draianian. and the others namann mffimrr in roles la Fttey will find mdtviduaa chances -Th Talk of New Tork" la acknowledged to be th best musical pMee clven at th Borbank Tbaaaw. this Gn(e M. Cohan metssal drama and mualo has proved so popular that It will be repeated week beginning with the ma fine today. Percy Bronson aa Kid Bum. th Dhst work be baa doa is I Kelan. He makas th slang res, Uve ohanctsr. with

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 21 Aug 1910, Sun,  Page 29

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