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it no the ot law ot in Newdisappeared—and In Tries of Missing Girl Not Information has been discovered more in tbe dark than ever as'date go hv ai id no hint of a clue is discovered, The, rouog woman has apparently disappeared disappeared as completely as tbo sbs had ilasoived into thin air.! v: whleji will lead to the solution of the mystery of tbe disappearance of Miss. Augftsta Jenoingfrom 8t. Alexander's' Hospital nearly three weeks ago. Nol sign of her has been found, no reason for ter absence has developed her, relatives and friends are A ^uinor was current last week thst %H- b}»dy of tbe unfortunate girl had beeafbund te tbe woods on tbe Albert hV*$ger farm In Milford. It repotted that she waa found seated at the foot of a tree, leaning against the •ruok, oe«d, whether from exhaustion or c&d or hunger, did not appear io the "report. The rumor spread all over the city aod country side end was-practically the same wherever ueerd but Us source could not teamed and It gradually died out, *eaving tbe mystery deeper than beforb. The story of the disappearance as tokl,|a our columns two weeks ago remains the seme. She had been •he hospital taking treatments for melancholia. The oursei and attendaotacould attendaotacould scarcely believe she bid *oyJerious mental trouble because ot her Jiiodly, friendly disposition and beeajaeshe was apparently rational wa'f|il mattera. ttbe complained at limeiof being worried and afraid that eusasfharm waa coming to her. She seu|d to feel that some one wanted to bart her but exhibited no other *lgns of dementia. Bbf bad several times asked the nurses if it could not be arraoged that the could stay at the hospital and work, because she felt so secure and ••eeaesesbe liked tbe surroundings The morning of the day she appeared she bad told tbe sisters that Whe wished to write to her brother, fiet.ry Jenoing of Morgan, to come hefoie Christmas and make arrangements arrangements that she might remain at the bOMf/Hcl indefinitely and a letter wrT 8ib was found after tier disappearance in which she also spoae of how pleasant she found it at tbe hospital and her desire to remain there. The sisters to please her bad promised to try to arrange tbe mailer and Mis •Imnings was particularly bright and cheerful tbe moroiug of tbe day sbe this makes the mystery harder to solve than if she had exhibited e'gns of dissatisfaction or extreme melancholia, Miss Jennlng bad been under tie special care of Miss Helga Bolstad while at tbe Hospital but Miss Bolstad was called borne and it was not ibought necessary to watch Miss Jennings closely. She bad been allowed to walk oo tbe hillside to get an airing at different times aod Thursday afternoon Dee. 19th, about two o'clock she was seen to come in from a walk acd tben to pass out again. She walked up and down he hill. No one has been found who noticed her acting at all suspiciously or speaking to any one but at four o'clock it waa found that ahe bad utterly disappeared. Search was made and it was found that she bad walked to tbe Chapel and back bat no other signs were to be seen. Search was made at once along tbe roads lesding through Milford, with oo result Inquiries at tbe local railway railway stat'oos developed nothing the local police discovered no trace of tbe missing girl in the woods aod fields about tbe Hospital aod in the eouotry adjacent. Friends, acquaintances aud relatives were all communicated with but to no avail. Absolutely no clue has been offered except that it was reported that a young woman answeribgto tbe description of Miss Jeoning bad been seen at tbe Omaha station vio St. Peter. A complete description of tbe miss'nir girl appears in another column of this issue. Any information or suggestions as to msking a eearch fir her in any possible possible place of hiding will be most gratefully received by tbose who are so anxiously awaiting newt of her. Tbe family can be reached directly by addressing Henry Jennlng of Morgan. bylier to a olece on DeceitrfteP"^

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  1. New Ulm Review,
  2. 08 Jan 1913, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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