Joshua Whaley Sentenced to Transportation

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Joshua Whaley Sentenced to Transportation - NORFOLK CIRCVIT. JTORWICH. TroDiT. Arait S....
NORFOLK CIRCVIT. JTORWICH. TroDiT. Arait S. CwwtCorjit.MBtvi Mr.Stfjnmt ArcHairr.v fen,, the orooertT of Anne Wrirht - 'orTiL 13 - .a of Jk,,.l Vr. Erxna waa coanael for the proeecatioif, M. 'J.Vx?Jr fr tie rrrioner. an. r occapies a 1 arm ia tne narua of ei Waile ran. 1 ne pruoaer u a laaoarmg taaa Ured in a eotte oppoaUe one of the talea IrainV ISo ih. 't, far whirA he mi no t!v raanri to A i before the 13th of JannarV eoe Mr. Peeir. wh rLiT ! i farm for tie pro - catrix. Uw the priaoaer u hewaTukine ,trir 'ntn tie Tari. and t - .J am te alz:T - tiyl rJ S.. T rtrtS J7 t5.Z. - ' - which be kaew I abhorred abore aU thin." a' Bred that he oaid be Oir carefal ia fjtare. The pri - ., - ., m.J. no r - !r to thia Vnt Wt . j.a a. of itraw. - ftia wai the ob!t niaierKai . tf, iSer' W thfrriLSk7, fTJ 1 i . , T f'ZZ ikT. - r '7 . .::" . . ' cutrix". preSSiex, law fintTgrMt moke aad din IbXS aa, ianuag from tb. Kaek - yard. xad oa aaktng aa alana HrmiMnaa in u(.uw mwrapiueu.Unjon, of the tucli of itnw oa fire. The wiai wai blowur ' i - .vt ,. lanJ tyJJ T. J.v.Tf. - T - - r - :.. . t , . M aviating, aiaong - t whom waa the priiomw. araCed not. and hia fiber aad therat of the family tapped between j ad S ! o'clock oa the afternoon of the flrt, after which the priwnec tookx tUJer - box aad ttraek x Kutrt, xad ixamediately left .v. tvV, - .h it Jo hi. hnL .H.ii.rJm. Vi 1 . e M . . - .4 hi.,v t.v i xtigaia.aU Uta ia the. tTt?' pSoo' "r th. reii She iidw'to bin! but be looked verv' taoumfuL"4 and xaid. If I did it I matt have been either drank or x fooL" She tJl hira " They Who do wicked things when drunk matt areooat for it whea tober." Afterwards, when he heard the wat to be a witaMi against hits. h. reqaeted her te mak. x bKnder ; or. if she could not, not to say more against him than ahe could help." A few days after th. fir Mr. Porter foand tk wooden " damper" of a tinder - box aad a fiiat within a few yard, of th place where the stak had stood, and tk.dxaxer - was proved to have belonged to th prisoner. It wat farther proved that about an hoar after th fire was first teec, tk. pruoner s wne went to tne collage x a cMgaeoar - to borrow x 'tixder - box. stating thar her own had been uaxccoaatxbly lost the same xfUraoou. The pri - socsr was seen jost before tb f re" standing awr th. gat. of tk proMcntrix '. premise., xod x f.w taytote aftor from tht stackyard, xad to go into hit wn cottage. Ia. hit route from the firit - mentioited gat. to that which h. got over before he went into hit cottage, he mart have pajaed in. mediately under the stack and eloee to th plac where th dampr 01 th under - Do 1 wat louno. I he pruoner having been taken into custody wa. conveyed to gaol in a Common van, xad in his way on of th.' pisswng. 1 VsikeAif any cf th. company had heard of the fire in question, " upon which," said the policeman, " I looked xt the pruoaer.'u much at to tay I. got him." AfUrwards, it haring transpired that the pruoner wat charged with th effenee. a f the peopl tsked him how he came to do it, to which he replied, " Mn. Shane wax a falee woman, for the aaiJ hit wat a woodm tiniiex - box, but it was a lie, for he Hi ii with a tia box." Mr. Coorcx addressed the Jury for the. prisoner. Th. learned SEXJKarr mnnW ap th evuieoo. with gnat car, aad The Jarr, after a few mlnates" d.libxtion, foxnd th prisoner Gttdtj. Mr. Serjeaat ATCHXXtlT. ix an unpresnre xdireu, te' tenced th. prisoner to be transported for TaSti

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  1. The Times,
  2. 07 Apr 1842, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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  • Joshua Whaley Sentenced to Transportation

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