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NORTON, Cora BEIDLER HAMILTON - Obit p. 2 - MARCH 15, 1934 PAGE FIVE ; ble government would...
MARCH 15, 1934 PAGE FIVE ; ble government would have sold to the and , country securities payable in gold II knethat" .the', promise, yes.' ..the co.venant,...eiBRoaie:jn .inese securi- securi- sum'tneri-t'IejA,wjaa sum'tneri-t'IejA,wjaa s'ijibioas-aa s'ijibioas-aa s'ijibioas-aa the Eresident bank lr 'One -of, -of, the: most r commonly,-re- commonly,-re- commonly,-re- commonly,-re- Ipeated . misrepresentations by Repub- Repub- Ucan. speakers', said Mr.' Roosevelt ideals know put and mat' gagged and wish that they off fun Rogers of has , say give as way up conven got- in naa a show. acpept though chango 'My wants repeal feel any Presl big -'have to the 'including the President, has been the claim that the Democratic 0 position with' regard to money has not been made sufficiently clear. ; The Presi dent Is seeing visions of rubber dollars. dollars. This is only a part of hla cam paign of fear. I am not going to characterize these statements. I mere ly present the facts. The Democratic - (Continued to page . eight) Dead Body Placed on Floor . (Continue from page one) : Special St. Patrick's Dance ' Saturday . and Sunday . evenings. March 17 and 1?. Music start at S o'clock. Chicken dinner, tasty sandwiches. sandwiches. SL James Hotel, Avilla. . FOR SALE, TRADE AND BARTER be was a teller in a Fort Wayne bank I Surviving are the son and daughter,' and also was employed in the Citizens land one grandson, Thomas Raymond, bank of Waterloo. He desired at one whose birth occurred on, Monday: , .time to return to the. University for latter her death. : : further, studies, - but. It was ; thpnghtl - Mrs. Norton was a quiet unauamini best at the time not to go. It appeared I woman with a cheerful disposition. that at that time there was a snap inland had the confidence and respect hla brain that caused him to lose all lot the community. interest in life and he went into, se clusion, declaring that he would never shave nor have his hair cut. As a young man Hamilton was well liked among his associates. He was nice looking, very neat and had a keen Intellect. He read the best of books and magazines and all during ttiesej S&lt-rising S&lt-rising S&lt-rising bread at Batl- Batl- seven years it is said that he kept up I er s Bakery on Friday and his reading of good books. His moth- moth- Cffl-J-v Cffl-J-v Cffl-J-v Cffl-J-v Cffl-J-v Alrt T-Tf T-Tf T-Tf rw er was kind to him and ' did every- every- r c t i j ' i thing to shield him, and humored him Buns tTCS. '5UnS In every way possible. It la believed and sweet rolls daily.,. IOUT that this condition preyed upon her patronage and orders appre- appre- to such an extent that she could stand Iciated. Telephone 12. - : ..--.- ..--.- ..--.- ..--.- ..--.- s . . it. no longer.- longer.- ' Coroner - Shook . expressed himself that Hamilton should be sent to some hospital . for treatment. It is believed that proper treatment will restore his mental condition. " Cora Blanche Beldler, daughter of Mr. , and Mrs. Solomon Beldler, was born in Waterloo, Ind., .Oct. 6, 1875, and died at her home In Waterloo, March 10, 1934, at the age of 58 years, months and 4 'days. . . ? Her' girlhood days were spent in Waterloo, where she attended school. She was united In marriage to Alexander Alexander M. Hamilton on June 4, 1897. Mr. Hamilton passed, away on March 7, 1905. To this union was born on? son, Harry A. M. Hamilton, who has always lived "with his mother. After her marriage to Mf. Hamilton they resided In Chicago. . ' Mrs. Hamilton was again married on SepL 9, 1907 to Joseph W. Norton, of Kansas City, Mo. After their marriage- marriage- marriage- 'she and her "eon joined Mr. Norton and resided, at Kansas City, Mo,' To ; this union a' daughter was born, Geraldlne Alice, -wife -wife of Bruce Shugart of Port Wayne. , After the death of Mr. Norton which occurred in February, 1917, the widow remained in Kansas City until the close of the school year and then moved to Water loo and lived with her parents, and and arranged .for the funeral service which was held at the home yesterday afternoon, conducted by Rev. C M Eberly. ; . ; ' . . ... When the doctor and coroner talk ed to Hamilton they found him at-' at-' at-' tired in the shreds of an old sweater and a short ; kilt which hung 'from a belt. ; His hair was grown- grown- long 'and if combed from - its matted condition would have reached to his waist. He had a . long . beard, indicating that he had not shaven, or had a haircut for the past ' seven years, when he went into seclusion, believed to have been caused by some brain disorder that took away . his pride for his appearance appearance that he was known to have had as -a -a young man. ; ,-, ,-, ,-, ','.-'.' ','.-'.' ','.-'.' - . A barber, was 1 called, to look' -after -after Hamilton and he cons sen ted to hav ing his hair cut and being shaved, but insisted on wearing a towel over his head with the ends hanging . to his shoulders. He was then attired in- in- new suit of clothes and' presented much his former appearance. . Hamilton Is about 34 years of age and was well educated He was . a graduate from the Kansas City high school . where .. he lived with his mother before .coming ; to Waterloo sixteen years - ago. - He . spent four years t the University of Michigan, and " was an expert accountant and after their death remained in the old had studied pharmacy. At one time Beldler , homestead, . on Elm streeL This department Is open to the poh- poh- lie. , Rates io- io- ads in this depart ment are one cent per word for the first insertlos and one-half one-half one-half cent per word tor each additional insertion. insertion. IF YOU WANT TO SELL OR TRADE SOME ARTICLE TRT TO DO IT. FOR, SALE ;No. 1 YeUow com and . . oats. New. and old shelled corn.'. MV E. Dove, Antwerp, .Ohio. Phone 85. FOR SALE--Thlrteen SALE--Thlrteen SALE--Thlrteen SALE--Thlrteen head of shoats . and one large boned Poland boar, weight about 300 'pounds." O. W. Crooks. . '.- '.- . . '. '"' . .'. FOR ABSTRACTS of TlUe, see C K S McCUntock, City National , Bank Building, Auburn. . .''.-'', .''.-'', .''.-'', .: ' WM. MAYNE 4im v v LOOK OUT lj

Clipped from The Waterloo Press15 Mar 1934, ThuPage 5

The Waterloo Press (Waterloo, Indiana)15 Mar 1934, ThuPage 5
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