Father Divine Dec 19 1931

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Father Divine Dec 19 1931 - Blind Man's Sight Restored And Other Miracles...
Blind Man's Sight Restored And Other Miracles Told About This Week By The . New York Age Reporter By Clifford Smith Sayville. L. I., N. Y. The white residents of Say - ville who were arousing such feeling of bitterness against Father Devine are, for some unknown reason, taking a sudden chance of heart and are letting it be i? ,i ,i . . i i x - i - Known mairectjy mat tney wouia iiKe mj nave mm remain. While they desire his continued residence, they would hive him re main if: (1) He keep his services quiet. (2) Stop at a reasonable hour. (J) Discontinue having such large numhtrs of visiting students, etc. Although Kev. Devine has not all supply, and will satisfy every good desire and - The Abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.'' But . the carnal mind, cannot hear this for "having ears they hear not and having eyes they se not and cannot understand." "Father's message is that of unity, fc. pluribus ununv (not union). It is life eternal to those that find it" yet the multitudes are searching in vain in the world of phenomipal' where truth i not to be found. Father Devine never gives personal advice or uses mesmeric or hypnotic1 influence or suggestions to secure adherents to his doctrine, but quite to the contrary, he rather tends to - turn all back to their own Christ within, their own faith in God, to I live the life according to the Christ 2 - quiet, vice, 7th door. Reverend M. J. Devine, and was led to write to him and later visit him .9rhino. ...mi;fij !. in his local place of activity, 72 Ma - whereevr they are or in whatso - can street, Sayville, Long Isalnd.' ver wilk o ,j(e ,hey may bft in Just what prompted this interest' although he is willing, and never too wun scii - eviaeni resu.u, i .'"occupied in his most busy life to as make known to a many as are in - 'sist alli wjthout monev and without terested in my reason for heartilly .: - , nrnviAn ihrUr stated such an arrangement to be 'advocating Rev. Devine's teaching doth'es, coal and provisions for the either agreeable or disagreable in any and rejoicing in the great privilege nfejy ones statement, it is felt among those near: of being called as a witness in the, j or one stjj jee tne great urRe him that he would not like his teach - court case recently brought to stop t0 kefp c)o5e t0 j,j teachings and ings ana nis wors oi uoa so nam - nis activities. elucidation of our Scriptures, for pered and that after such actions of; "Wen 1 first met Father Devine therein is revealed the "Pearl of the past would not lccl welcome as i knew within myself, that here waj'gmt price." Surely I am. greatly he wants wholehearted neighborship before me pne who had the secret honored to be one of the few called and love, not tolerance. !0f cerfect existence luddtn within 0n the witness stand in defense of 7th all i St St wife, na As he has been in New York he that little form, and mv first state has not given any idea as to what jmcm waFor the first time I have he has in mind but it is a known touched the hand of a man in whom fact that the city would and does there is no guile" I found Father expect him with open arms as let ters and statements show. Testimonials In the last issue of The Age, I promised to disclose some cures. Devine to be the most unassuming, quiet modest individual I have ever met. yet he speaks with such author ity that his spoken word "brings to pass whatsoever he saith. He has been described as a man. this new old truth." Annie M. Mawe Dr. P. F. Anderson to . Radio Talk on Health A radio talk will be given by Dr. nM ..... - - ,i i j . - v ruj im win dc etc.. credited to Kev. cvmc. n. e small ot stature wun a we, . an - pca p F. Anderson of 61 West 130th' names arc uiuiiirn uy itumsi nran. I lr nis siii nun uih j - a.. - . . - lirovtv i i . . .i . . . . . .. ., street, over station nniii on ur - i some instances, tne trutn oi me 0f a color indescnnaoie, amn asi mnA - r . . . n . ntMt a ...... . k - nKf nJ llnHor .1. - J . U . n is en vv..., y. - 1 uB v. u 1'" '.,"i;iLr,V (op c, dea ng w th quackery. oath if desired. soft that at times it is quite dimcult . . H . . to hear what he says. He is more' , , TC P"5a U.. .ri if tn hnmanitv tne ncann iniormatinn Diirrnu ot rent, $6. Sight Restored use active tn ligfh reap the benefits of the N. . Tiberculosi8 and Health) .... . Kea Utr m A blind man, irom and now a '"V an Association, and i. eiven at this IMS UUIC VlltlSt, iCBVHi.t, - - - . J . . .. . - a ' ft 1 .a 4sMa a A.J ha 1 m 8n n m Va1)! m ! M rathrr ijr iic " met vtuioiuiaj vai 'v Dr. Anderson is a member, of the ....'J..I AT VI . r I .m .rrii - .1 Ii .Cm flTIP .. .i.. - u six men nut toffctner. evening anting warm Vc . " "L.. V " i..a; .rm. hr.l asked for and was "ceived ty Father Devine and was told that hundred daily for months PKI"J , "faith in God" and an all around healing words of cotnfor to the overhauling of his soul would re - sorrowing. V ,rV . . . . . . j wit rtr lit o nn h nn n ttarniniT tie store his sight ihis man . stayed r . .fT h;.. outside of Rev. Devine'i pu. ' ; " . j : i - "a m,.nn tT.s,c f - .. n ttrt anA about nonesiy, nairea, manic, . cuhabu vj. au. - 'j. wno u AiaLOU i Q i i.i:.. .i i nain . - J .u - i:r. X' 1 tc 101 wa OBITUARIES It s neard praying aim "V jr.". t - .u.. r C. . :.i v j. ... J ilni' can see I can see! and and sm ot aiscasc. m n, is jne rourtn son ot aeccasca 11 - ihat h could see to all he is bringing to pass the words of ljam and ltvinia Adams of War - mat he couid u Christian scriptures. ''Out of wick Parish. Bermuda. Interment around home on daybreak shouting I gave proof present. . . kij trm ,a U, alt the na - WimlA R.rm.Ma kee? a,th,d and contaT "wiS s".' (odade man in His e children. two Christ" Latest reports say he has, image and likeness,; in place of nis brother5( one sistcr and tweive after leaving FatherDevine's and he curse of race tfrei'id'cc that has d c1lildren and a host of is . ill able to see. The narrators separated u7V L?he Christ friends ,0 mn ,heir ,OM - of this case were Mrs. S. M.. Mr. our Loving Master Jesus the Christ nm ofgmen. J, Mr.'E. S. and Mr. J. M. pdyed m 1 ! A loved one from us has been tak - Another case is a letter I was al - m answer to the request Teach us lowed the privilege of investigating, to pray. jjOW jn hurnble submission to The lady, whose name I shall omit "Father Divine has no new teach - our heavenly Father. but which is always obtainable, was ing, but the same teaching that has yt jhall meet you bye and bye. appealing for aid from a distance, heen advocated lor centur.es pa. YOUR LOVING CHILDREN Mrs. A. L. D., of Brooklyn, having He is without question, bringing to suffered illness, a nrc and legal pass, the lultiiiment ot tnese teacn - trouble, wrote Father Devine and ings. I myself know of, and have ailci - rl him to aid her by healing witnessed such miracles of healing h illness anH adjusting the legal as that of total blindness of five,! IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORIAM matter and to aid her children. .six. ten and twenty years standing. WtLLiAMSTn Father Devine answered the let - ft bXve andvoted Zr. Lul r ui nir w in hrlieve and have had not been raised above an or - , dinary table's height for six years. v""a "wi,y IJC"m" faith. Shortlv afterwards, he re - ... - .. ir i 3 I ceived a letter with iS. enclosed and in a iew noun a - ""k wh ch he returned to her explaining into the presence of Father Devine ber 16, 1921. To My Whole World that he does not receive or accept lull ireeoom ot action rcignru. i jt ,s so har(j to llve an(J know that 'eifu from anyone and he sent her have also seen many healings of Vou are not here and will not come 'a lesson to study and remember. lameness from dirterent causes, baclt to me j0 know that the The woman's only explanation is where crutches nad oeen used lor years De ,hey many or few will that she believes in Father Devine many years. 'be years 'of longing and thinking 'and the Gosnel he teaches and as Hundreds of homes have been re - of you. Would that I had died 'proofs cites that as soon as he an - stored to peace and harmony, many the same day you did, and our i . . .. . . - . ... t ' i i I. - - - 1 i . . t r i swered ner can and sne cowaucu cases o tsuocess in ousincss nave uttu. souis at rest wun uoa. ihim. she was healed and everything brought to pass, honorable work has! RICHARD WILLIAMS, was made alright at once witn ner hefn secured tor hundreds mat nao. mrt her family. .been idle for months. Those pro - IN MEMORIAM A witness in the recent court ac - pounced dead have been restored to, FRAZIF.R In loving rrwmorv of tion involving Rev. Devine writes an life. '.Three cases I personally know.our precjolls mother. Iura Fra - interesting litter as to wno ev. 0f, and case alter case in addition, ; ZIfr who d,f(j two year8 agri, De - Devine is to her. Her letter in part operation, have been avoided cember 14. 1929. follows: . through healing by Fathers lifting : j0 jjve ; hearts we leave be hind is not to die. Her Children: ANDREW FRAZIF.R MARTHA F. WIGGINS MF.LVIN H. FRAZIER HATT1E N. F. WALKER "A little short ot a year ago, i the needy one S cotkrciousness to heard through the newspaper re - faith in God. ports of tbis so - called mystery man.j ujs Rrfat mystery of the un limited supply of money Father Dc - vine spends, running up into ; thousands of dollars per" month j seems to be the main cause of so much antagonism against him, but surely he .is loving, kind, gentle,' pure, helpful and compassionate to al lthat he contacts and never turns j a needy one away. I I His table is loaded with some 'eighteen or twenty different kinds 'of the best foods' available, and it is; deliciously rooked and well served,1 land all are self served, as each receptacle of food, after being passed, through Father Devine's hand where ! he and mother Devine are seatea at the head of the table, is passed on to each one around the table, where some sixty are seated at one time, and there is no respect shown to persons as to choice of place. "In the very simplicity of Father Devine's words are hidden the profundity which has baffled men and women for ages, who have been Are You lonely? Then Join the . Washington Social Letter Club! Receive lots of letters from interesting men and women DONT CROW OLD ALL ALONE Write for Information today - Pout Office Box 8278 Washington, D. C ris. 1 All all FREE RENT Hal( - MoBth Free Room Apartments, strictly priratt, steam electricity, panelled walls, French doors, aewly decorated Rent 155.00 per month. Apply Superintendent oa premises. 1964 SEVENTH AVENUE near 4lth Street FOR SALE NEWLY RENOVATED HOUSE CHEAP 3 Doors from St Nicholas tab. I Bradhurst 1041 City and Suburban Property Co - operative Apartmenta S. J. COTTUAN REAL ESTATE BROKER 2303 Seventh Avenue New York City searching for what he has and is.j Hs, . 5D0 YOU NEED MONEY? I "Air Highest prices paid I J for diamonds, gold jjy and precious stones h J for conveniences,

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