Joseph Segliman open letter to Judge Hlton concerning excluding all jews from the grand Union Hotel.

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 - J Infnmg volume xm. GENERAL NEWS. Prince Milan...
J Infnmg volume xm. GENERAL NEWS. Prince Milan will Allow he Russians to Crass the Danube at Glodova. Preparations, - on a Grand Scale, now being made for that Event The Object of Wade Hamp" ton's Visit to the North made Public Unjust Rule Excluding Jewish Citizens from a Saratoga Hotel. Visit of to Marshal Fred, bis old. Home MaryUnd. Doug.'as in - Etc, Etc., to - junction TUG BAST. .. WAR NOT lis. - London. June 19. It is believed that Prince Milan - will sign,' convention with Russia allowing her tropps to - cross the Danube at Gladova. Seeleiman Pasha has left Niesics and entered Montenegro to effect a with the Albanians. The Montenegrins have abandoned Duga pass, and .are concentrating' at Ustroa pass. Lieut. Gen. Mehemet Ali has 'resumed the offensive. The position of the Montenegrins is regarded as critical; 70,000 Turks are operating against them. Trustworthy advices from St. Petersburg confirm the reported utter inefficiency of the commissariat at Armenia and on the Danube. The Czar is exasperated. The scanty provisions of the troops causes apprehensions, ENGLAND AND THE PORTB. London, June 19. In the house of commons this afternoon, the under secretary for the foreign department, in reply to a question by Dilluyn, liberal member from Swansea, said it was not "true that the Porte had .refused the request of Layard, British Ambassador at Constantinople, to permit the neutralization of the Suez Canal, for the simple reason that such - request - had never been made. The Porte has not ret answered .the intimation, contained in the publish ed papers. PREPARING TO CROSS. Sc. Pete'rsburgh, June 19. In a few days a manifesto will be issued by the Czar on the occasion of the crossing of the Danube, for which preparations on a grand scale are now making. REINFORCEMENTS. The Tnrks are sending reinforcements to the mouth of the Tymock, evidently suspecting that the Russian design is to cross the Danube into Servia at Gla dova. GREECE. Athens. June 19.' In to - day's sitting of the Chamber of Deputies, the Minister of Justice stated that the policy of the government was to ezpedi'.e military preparations, as Greece might, sooner or later become involved in the present war. TORPEDOES. London, June 19. The British Con' sul at Imyrnia announces that electrical torpedoes have been laid at the entrance of the bay. , OFFICIAL CHARGES.. . D. Jemil Pasha been - attached to the staff of Dervish Pasha commanding the Turkish troops at Batoum. Hanan Pasha remains Governor of Batoum. REVICTVATED. It's stated that Nicoies is revictuated for a year. eeoirfi of that penaasioo.' - ,'wbo''Jhaa in jured the. Union "to .the extent last season tnat lieaaquarters proposed to refuse them, namely: "Tell them "all, without exception", that all rooms, except the garret, are engaged." . 2?ow, permit me: dear Judge, in ydnr own interest, and inf the interest of ' Mr, : Stewart a estate, the lion a share of which, yon seem to bare' secured. - tp 'say you are adding to many serious mistakes which you made since yon inherited that . estate, by refusing admittance to the Union ;fiotel a large class of people irrespective of their respectability,' with a proper bearing', merely to "pander to the vnlgar rejudics, udder ijhe'; misfaken notion that by so" doin"gy&h will fill the house with; other nations. Yon will find yourself mistaken. "Yon are not a Judge of American character. The civilized world is beginning to move tolerant in matters of faith' or creed or birth than yon believe or ybu Would have' them. They dispiie intoWerahce, low' cunning and vulgarity, and - will not patronage those who seeks to make money by pandering to the Pied Judias of the vulgar. I regret yon are - running the Union at a loss. T regret yon, are making no headway in your ''wholesale dapartments fn New York and Chicago, and that even the Ninth street retail store, so prosperous7 - under the .management of the late Mr. Stewart, has Most its trade. A slight reflection must show you a serioif3 falling oT in your business, in not the patronage of any one nationality, but to the ..want of "patronage of all, and that yon;. Dear Judge, are not big enough to keep the hotel, nor broad enough in your business views to rutr a dry goods store. .You have tried competence with "experience and property, Jiousesln the manufacture of carpels 'and weolen. of silks and of - a rories of articles of minor importance. and you have succeeded in none; and - vou never wilL And I would respectful - , ly volunteer an ad - vice, for which' I charge . you nothing, although you once charged me $10,000 for an advice which was worth nothiug: That if you want to save the .rest, of the once valuable estate; - of .Mr. Stewart, that yon - ' ad vertise - a1 large auction and sell yonr merchandise and your hotels to the highest bidder, and no matter at what sacrifice, yoa get rid of them, you will come off better than by holding on to things which yon can not intelligently manage. Yon will avail yourself of this friendly and disinterested .advice. I remain, dear Judge, yours - very trulytruly - Joseph Seligman. FORT Uunploo ViilU flew Tork, New York, June 19. Gov. Hampton, of Sonth Carolina, arrived in this city yesterday, and immediately left for Ocean Grove, below Long Branch, avoiding a company of political friends awaiting him at the New York Hotel. He has two objects in view, it is said, in visiting the North at this time. He will attend the anniversary of the Shields Guards, at Auburn. N. Y.. Wednesday, and willH add to the interest of the occasion by exhibiting the flag' which. was the ensign of the Palmetto regiment in the Mexican war. Then it is said he will visit New York long - enough to negotiate a temporary loan, which the Hampton Legislature authorized to meet the expenses of the new; Sonth Carolina Government, until the treasury shall be replenishea by the regular tax levy. Gov. Hampton is hot expected here till Thursday; labor Strikes. Baltimore, Jane 19. The strike of canal boatmen on the Chesipeake & Ohio canal for one dollar per ton freightage en coal from Cumberland to tide water, is now general. A number of boatmen have resolved to. tie np boats at the Eight Mile level, and per mit no loaded boats to pass down. Most of the boats received sixty cents per tori, while a few received ninety. The latter are opposed to the strike. Sunday only thirty boats were et Cum berland to load. Patterson, June 19. Two or three hundred employees of Pamil fc Broth - era' Silk Mills struck to - day for higher wages, and; strikers, male and fe male, marehed through the streets. " UNJUST RULE, A Prominent Jewlan Banker Ex cluded From tke TJalea Hotel at Saratoga. Chicago, June 19. The exclusion. of Joseph Seligman,, banker, from the Urand Union Hotel, Saratoga, unoet. Operation of the rule established by Judge Hilton, successor of A. T. Stewart, ex cluding all Jews from the hotel, occasions much excitement in Jewish circles, and awakens much interest in all classes. Mr. Lawterbach, counsel for the Selig man bouse, says: i - eiters nave poured in this morning from al fources from religionists and others who included some of the most prominent men in the community, condemning 'the policy' adopted by Judge Hilton. Lawterbach; said he believed Jndge Hilton was amen - ble - civilly and criminally under the civil rights bill for... refusing a respectable man admission to a public hotel. Lanterback also aays it was true that Mr .SeligmatLwa a - mftfti - . ber, and was alSQ.Jrresidaovotar.Ad - ler's Society of " Ethical1 Culture, bni there was nothing in the teachings or tenets of that - society which - miHtatad against Seligman Teing as hie was and, called a Jew in race, and Joseph Helig man's brother James was a director of. the Jittn Avenue iempie iSmanuel. and his' brother Jesse, was. president of the Hebrew OrphaO Asylum, - the largest Hebrew elamosynary institution .in, the country, xney were ait prominently connected wjth.every Hebrew and benev - o.eit or oi ecu J ndge Hilton sent' an oral message 'to - day to the. Western Associated Press, saying that here was nothing to add to Lis tatemanvalread jsnbluhed. Mr. SeUgninjWjrtleireshly stung by! Wsj treatment - wrote a. letter to J adze ilil ton and sen a copy ;pfit' to':his brother, Jesse, with instructions to pabUan iti at A. Vraee of Accidents. St. Louis. June. Late last, evening a stranger, named John G. Heiugie. at tempted to board a moving train at the Kelay Uonse, Uast at. Liouis, ana ten under, the wheels, cbt in two, and instantly killed. Papers on his body showed he served in the Eleventh Illi nois Infantry during the war, but there was nothing to indicate where, he resides. Louis A. Conley. foreman in the yard of the Carondelet branch of the Missouri Pacific railroad, in the extreme southern part of the city, while coupling cars, last night, caught "his foot in & frog and was thrown down and four cars passed over his body, almost instantly killing' hint. Fire at BnrIlnton. Burlington, la., Jnne 19. The most disastrous fire which - has occurred here in four years broke out at 2:25 this morning in the rear of Wm Bell & Cc. s wholesale dry goods house. A storm of rain and lightning prevailed at the time, so that while many belie Y it to be the work of an incendiary, others belleve - it to be the - effect - of lightningr The fire raffed two hours, causing A total loss of about ISSOiOOO.'bn which "there was an insnrance of about 100,000. A. Kali Carrler'p Carrying;" 0tJ Riehmond.JJane 19 - B: U. Mosby; a mail carrier, has been arrested by speeial teted letters. - Mosby ia highly conheet - ixl anrl tmiA t ha m. eotisin OI Jobn O. U osby. He was. com initted in default of 3,1)00 baiLt'C i Of.JC X. 8; nsaw.Turler,piow,; :. CintlnnatL Jane 19. In the test case bronffbt befbra Shdaie JWiUbn. of this: Police Court; this morning,, as to - thole gality'iof.'.'tlie ;rJnriday! arietr; iibbws.'i was aeaaeo ine law pronioiiea sucn per formaneeii Banever' aaa lliiled. Omaha, Nebraska. June1 1. A Mrs ;McMahon, while. attemptinff to board

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  2. 20 Jun 1877, Wed,
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  • — Joseph Segliman open letter to Judge Hlton concerning excluding all jews from the grand Union Hotel.

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