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8 18 1889 The Courier Journal Louisville KY - Who Waa an Honor 8tat and tha People. the...
Who Waa an Honor 8tat and tha People. the Courler-JouTtiaa.) a coincidence In tha early of Kentucky Is to be found great men of the Ggxts, Samuel McKee, George Robert P. Letcher. Few men have held higher positions of them than those just them (Boyle and Robert-sue) Justice's gown for thirty combined, and all left their and National polities. and commenced housekeeping little, unpretentious log rooms) In the rotation In are above given, and other la Con grass in the was born in Virginia, McKee perhaps excepted, Kenruckians, and each devoted to the molding of tha of his State. as a lawyer. Jurist and had but few equals In the was bom In 1774, and by his parents when four Ills family went poor, and here his father located at but soon after removed Garrard county. Young of the greatest men this produced, alone aud unaided, his own fortune. His energy will surmounted every restless ambition wafted and the attainment of his State could bestow. with Hon. Thomas Davis, then a member of Congress, succeeded in thst capacity. Jeffersonlan system of politics, at that time. In the ascendancy, be served three successive being re-elected without He declined the race tor a practice of law Inspiring Interest than political life) Madison appointed him ol Illinois, but he exchanged with Klnian Edwards, the Court of Appeals, who Illinois, and the Federal consenting, the change was 3d uf April, 1M(. Boyle Justice of Kentucky, a position November, loiid, a period years. ol Judge Boyle's term as characterized by the bitterest strife known in the (.oiitlral Male, prior to the late civil and - anti-relief, or court contest, a subject readers of koiuucky history. attempted lelief from debt, recklessly Incurred through toe depreciated ourreucy of Commonwealth, a bank infirm foundation. Its charter it to even redeem lie Its paper soon depreciated value, and to relieve the enacted a law staying twelve instead of three was amended soon after Instead of one, unless Ihe take his debt In the depreciated of the Commonwealth Bank creditor was placed iu a position his taking one-half of whole, or waiting two years of getting it then. Thus were formed, arrayed under of - reliel" and - auti relief. first was ranged the great with a few able lawyers, Geo rue il. Bibb; William and Solomon P. Sharp, all order of Intellect, and sagacious leaders. Many prelermeot, among Governor, gave It countenance, proportion of the voting WILLIAM HEXRT TERRIX. FICKLE MAN. ne Plans To Elope With His TTife't Sister Six Weeks After His Jtf arriage. Canto, ?. T., Aug. lTMax Beatley Is day cashier at T. H. Moffat's restaurant, Sixth avenue. New York. West W. Bnntos, friend of Mr. Bentley, Is night cashier at the same place. Six weeks ago Benih-y married Miss Maggie Decry, who was also employed la the same place. Mr. Bentley ht about twenty-five, and his wife Is also twenty-five years of age. Mr. Bentley has younger sister, Miss Kara, and Bentley soon began to think her much mora precious than his wlfo, Mrs. Bentley soon had reason to believe that her husband and Mis Kora were greatly e name red of each other, and she kept a close watch oa their movements. One day she discovered that her husband had taken his portable effects from the house and placed them ta a trunk at a Chinese laundry. She took tha trunk home and found letters containing expressions of endearment between ier husband and her sister, and which also revealed a scheme by which they were to clop and go to housekeeping in Chicago. Meantime, Miss Nora had come to Saratoga and. assumed the role Oa a - pretty table girl at the Spencer House. When tha husband learned that his truck had been taken home by his wife, and that she had become aware of the secrets which it contained, he fled. But his wife suspectod that he had come to Saratoga, and sha came here, arriving on Wednesday night last, she started for police headquarters, aud on the way met Mr. Bentley's friend. West Burton, woo waa supposed to be at Laae Ueorge on his vacatiou. At her .request ne accompanies! her lo the police suit ion, out soon excused himself sou went on lo find Bentley and give him a " Up about his wife being here, but did not Bud him. - Mrs. Bentley swore out a warrant for tha arrest of her husband, who, It was ascertained, was slopping at the Commercial HotoL and a policeman was stationed there to arrest him on sight. Miss Noia s place of employment was visited at about iu o'clock by Mrs. Bentley and a policeman, but Nora waa out. The lauy of the house permitted tbe wife to occupy her sister's room, and she wailed there an night fur her mum, bat Nora did not come in that night. West Burton also sat up all night at the Commercial Hotel, so that bo could Inform Bentley ot the situation and enable him to elude arnsL But Bentley did not come. This was a suggestive coincidence. The police kept vigilant watch at th4 Spencer Houbc and at lit. Commercial unlit broad daylight. At 6:ao a. m. on Thursday morning Mr. Bentley with bis sister-in-law walked tight into the, flute h of the policeman at tha Spencer House. They had been out together all night. As tha guilty pair were about to separate, the policeman aaid: "Good morning, air. Bentley. - You are mistaken, sir. "Oh, come now, Mr. Bentley, is It not yon who are mistaken ! And he showed the handsome cashier has own photograph. This convinced him of his identity, aud he accompanied tbe policeman aud Was locked up. Meantime, Miss Nora fled to her room In the Spencer House, and to her consternation, Into the angry presence of Mrs. Bentley, who coldly said, addressing the policeman: " Well, here's my nice sister. Miss Nora fared the - situation bravely, but said norbtng- Sob que i tly Mrs. Bentley bad an interview with her husband behind the bars, and he persuaded her that he would behave better hereafter. she relented. A consultation was held with Chief Bind reft, and It was agreed that If Bentley would give his wife H5 of the f 14U which he had In his possession, and renew his promise to her to be a true and faithful husband, be would be released, and tne case dismissed. Bentley hesitated a little, but finally assented. Burton and Miss Nora were also present. As the quartette left the) station together, Bentley exclaimed: - You can Just bet, Chief Blodgett, I'll have a good time with the few dollars I've got lclu" - y- CONTRACTING FOI COFFINS. Yoar First OonsnK Requirements, Then fessional SeTea Thairaaaa 'Far a Place a Tklaj- Artistic Furniture . the Eye - POINTS FOR (Written for ' children may go and in time look reverence, not forethought and beauties and home possesses. be blessed, every remembered. How yon, the head study economy, the important do the arrangement 27ai should be in housekeeper's ideas, show of the and interior furnishing, should be First, yon requirement as rooms needed, how they can the least outlay architectural lines, to have a one, and an is always of more mere stupid block is so is simply only his trade; s?ih3

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 18 Aug 1889, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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