German Submarine Campaign

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German Submarine Campaign - court 1 re- in these das waiting England I...
court 1 re- in these das waiting England I officers of the flotilla would be sink- hears little else from the North Sea | ing German ships on patrol on efficiency is proved b w h a t was before referred to as minor successes German submarines have been attacked by "British submarines and sunk in the North Sea British efficiency has always been assumed, trolling the stretch" of water* from | but it must now be admitted t but of disaster to her ships Four cruisers h a v e now been torpedoed by German submarines and nearlj 2 000 officers and men are lost to the service The curtain that shuts out t h e fleet In its nerve raking d u t y of pa- the Skagerrack to Borkum is never raised All that England knows is that the line of battleships and the attendant cruisers are cleared for action readj for the sea fight t h a t n ^ e r he fought, and that the destroyers and submarines are on the watch for a brave and elusive enemy that strikes in its own time, selecting the Judges its opportunity submarine warfare the Germans nothing to learn from their rivals mpht as well as day work, although hitherto their attacks have been made by day, the trained to the hour Germans are From an English service Journa' we quote the following, which was published in the spring. "They (the Germans) have enor- of the box. to It The onlj tidings that come from mous confidence in their boats and ~the~hldden~~fleet "excepTon r a r ~ e TM c ~ - ~ ' - casions a minor Buccess, tell about the sinking of ships and mutila- tlon 4nd drowning of men, in every case almost the entire complement The other da it was three cruisers blown tip in a few brief minutes, and now a f o u r t h cruiser the Hawke, Is added to the list Englnjid waits in dread that the destruction of one or more of her first line of battleships Thv~c'Ta!m- fharthe ftnet of the naval personnel officers and men, is to be found in the flotillas, and any one w i t h first knowledge of the matter will agree that there is someth' ig in the Men and boats are Jways in the condition, ready to go anywhere do anything " So England had ample notice of the skiU and real nf the German submarine complement Moreover, Eng- mav be announced It is simply a land has a considerable superiority question of whether the enemv's submarines can get close enough to a capital vessel to launch the a n n i h i - lating torpedo If th» suspense is dreadful to the people at home, what must be the nervous tens.on of the the craft that "swim under the w a t e r ' Add the French submarines, of which a good many available for service m the North Pea, and the advantage of the allies should be overwhelming According

Clipped from
  1. Trenton Evening Times,
  2. 17 Oct 1914, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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