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 - no on showing INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--A-7...
no on showing INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--A-7 Long leech (Calif.), Sund.y, Aujust 12, 195* of 'LITTLE BUT ELUSIVE Looking over an 'R-cat' radio-controlled aerial target are (from left) SFC Donald Thorn of the 47th AAA Detachment at Camp Irwin and Capt. Loren McCannon and Col. Willis T. Lyman, both of the 234th AAA Group, Long Beach National Guard unit which has just completed two weeks' training at the Mohave Desert base. (Photos by Chuck Sundquist). -POW! And Another et's Full of Holes By BOB IVHEARLEr I bomber loafed along at what CAMP IRWIN, Calif. --Two seemed a maddenly-slow miles above the sun-baked floor! miles an hour. 225 of the Mohave desert, in a sky If you looked hard enough, as bright as it was blue, a B26 you could see the red and white target sleeve trailing a mile be- line, the red banner was hoisted. AERIAL SHARPSHOOTERS GO INTO ACTION A fast-working gun -crew of C Battery, 720th AAA Battalion, unleashes punch at a target sleeve (not in view) being towed by an Air Force over the desert. C Battery, stationed at San Pedro, is part of the National Guard's 234th AAA Group--which is headquartered in Long Beach. hind the plane. I It fluttered listlessly in the CHOW CALL FOR COMPANY 'A' The gun crews on the firing!scorching, 105-degree air. line saw it, too. They waited.] O n the firing line, men in red Upon the tower back of the'helmets--one behind each 90 millimeter gun--listened to the * I telephoned orders from the bat- t talion towers. One by one, they raised their own red flags in silent signal of readiness. The barrels of the big guns shifted almost imperceptibly, tracking the target. In the air-conditioned vans lined up behind the batteries, the electronic brains of the fire control system made their computation. Speed, altitude, fuse- settings--the system took them all into account. Then the order 'came from the tower: "Fire!" . ' . At first, there were dark puffs of smoke from the muzzles of the four guns in the firing battery. Then the ground rocked and the concussion tore at your eardrums. Dust and smoke s w i r l e d around the guns as the firing continued. And then it was quiet. The gun crews looked skyward, their eyes on the towed target. They waited. Seconds later, a scries of j black blobs of smoke dotted ; the sky arour.d the target. OKAY, SOLDIER--HIT THE DECK! It's not every soldier who is awakened by the commanding officer himself. And Sgc. Gordon 'Schell of Company A, 720th AAA Battalion, will shortly be wishing it was someone else receiving the honor. The colonel is Willis Lyman, Long Beach attorney who heads the National Guard's 234th AAA Group. National Guardsman of Company A, 720th AAA Battery, file past the serving line in their mess hall at Camp Irwin. The food was good, they agreed--but it will never take the place of home-cooking. LB. Vhifors Bureau HI Insfall Officers 3-Day Floral Exhibit Due Walter B. Havekorst, vice I I president and manager of the [Bank of America, 1st St. and i Pine Ave., will be installed president of the Long Beach; Convention and Visitors Bureau; Monday evening in the Cavalier j Room of the Lafayette Hotel. Havekorst succeeds Mason E. Kight, investment broker. New members of the executive committee will be Gus H. Lueking, Harold Bcckley, Sam Ro; wan, James Crocker, William W. Wcnzell, William Becker, ·David Tallichet, John Metzgar, Larry Collins Jr., John W. Hancock, Mason E. Kight and Aaron Long Beach area garden clubs, BACK T7NDER the shade of] the command tent, Col. Willis! The Long Beach area batterioS'R e g u l a r Army antiaircraft were firing for record. At stake was their designa- crews, Lyman maintains. out of their cots at 4 a.m. have been on the firing raiige What kind of men are these! before 6 a.m. Men who j never struggled with anything lion as special security forces, citizen-soldiers? .,,,,,,,,,,. t , ,-,,, , , 1 Young men. mostly. OnlyL lou S h f than a high school _ about 8 per cent of 626 nn-l l l r l S dummy have hauled ,40- T. Lyman of Long Beach lowered his binoculars and nodded his approval. "When it comes, if it comes,| IE they met Regu i al . Army! we'll be ready." he said firmly.: . , , " . ,, I about S per cent of 626 en-j'"' e """".'. 1J ' /"" c """" ·Til match these men with anv | statldards - a ! ld ««« was ^^listed men who came here for|P° ulld sh , eils fro f al TMTM .,. regulars." . | indication they would-700 men the two-week encampment are|£ u " emplacement while broiling The-National Guardsmen of.of the 234th AAA Group soon veterans of either World Warj u n d e r a sun that booste d tem- Lyrnan's 234th Antiaircraft Ar- would bc manning regular gun]n or the Korean war. Many P eratures as "'i" a s 112. tillery 'Group had been in train-1 batteries throughout the Long are students, some still in hislv There's been little t i m e ^ f ing here for 11 days on the day Beach area, an Independent, Press-Telegram THE EVENT 'of aerial school. ON THE OTHER HAND, affiliated with California Card- reporter and photographer vis-! . . . .. , .. . pn Pliih Tnr w-ll h irt tv, l i t e d the cam P- Cam P Irwin is attack ' the Erou P immediately i pei . cent of the group's 58 o f f i - j ' s to lee e i v-iuu, inc., wm noia a lnree -:i ocate( j nor theast of Barstow. would be called into 'action.| cers and j s warrant officersjack-ack : ; day floral exhibit in the lobbyj ~ V V -_ -_ -- - . LawyerS| stuc i en t Sp truck drivers of Wilton Hotel, Aug. 17-19. I THE REPORTER - photogra- and store clerks would head "Flowers in Summer" will be pher team was flown here in a for their gunsites to fight back the theme of the event, which ;C47 P iloted b y Ca Pt- Walter,at the attackers while most ... . _. .._ will font,,TM =^= n. t t J F - McDaniel, base inspector at;°ther reserve forces still were jcomos . Some --although they will feature arrangements of cut : Long Beach , s 2347th PAir Re . in the initial stages of mobili- wont - a d m = t it _ are that rare ! : hikes or parades. Lyman be- .lieves in first things first-- 'and 9d! tnc £irst Job for the Guardsmen learn how to handle their guns with the skill of have had prior service. Some have kept active in the National Guard so as to maintain their rank or supplement their in- professionals. flowers, potted plant specimens, serve Flying Center. Accom- horticultural exhibits and a panying them was City Council- complete, planted California pa- man C. M. Garrison. The two-week training pro- tio. Colored motion pictures of zation. This dedicated to a encampment 5850,000 a year, while providing has been a grueling one. The breed of men volunteer firemen" op-' cause. * eraticn is saving taxpayers! The two-wee gram was at the crucial point. ' t h e same measure of defense as citizen-soldiers have been rolled Davis Heads i Committee on Water .Albert G. Davis, past president

Clipped from
  1. Independent Press-Telegram,
  2. 12 Aug 1956, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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