Rev Horrocks Cock 14 April 1871

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Rev Horrocks Cock
14 April 1871 - - 1 t - - - El maATtoy Tt) Cx5sds. The first...
- 1 t - - - El maATtoy Tt) Cx5sds. The first party of emi (rsnte aMite.1 te CJiala by the eoCKsiltee of the British and Cotonlal Kmterauon rand tau seaerm emnnrtea yeeser - lav arternooo o board tbe steamship - jstdwse. 1 a veeeel was lyiot by the ity of tbe Ulsl basin iTs the Victoria Dock. Ia nearly all esses the nssiated eenigraata wer takinc wife and family t settle i tbe new domain, ami it was difficult to move without apsettiaf n or ether of: th little nrehins who twarmcl about tb ship. About 4 o'clock ao order was riven to clear thw ship, and every on naeia Seen sent on tbe quay, tbe enaigreata only were sllowed to return, eacn person pastina; wn Ite gangway being oblieil to prodc passage ticket. This precaution was necessary I a order to prevent any one who had not paid eoaeealiag himself 00 board, aad so getting - a free pasw out a trick which hat frequently bona . successfully pr - (MrmoL A optartanity ss, moreover, afforded to th ship's doctor of rnakiee; aa examiaatiaej ef the pna - sengers jasty. ows ewmcsenuy csvew iw prveens sco poeji Mlitr of anr on with smallpox or fever rettinc oa board. Captain (Venter, too, tb Govern ment Inspector for tbe port of Loud 00. visited the vneeet yesterday aad approved tbe arrangements for the eceommotatioa of th emicrsatt. The main deck it divided by bulkheads into three por tions, la the lore port ar the single men ; tae married people, with their families, an placed amidships ; and th spina ters. under tb care ef ' some married Deocle. i th after part. Mri Darke (of th firm of Temper leys'. Carter, sad Darks, who wa th this) hss noted th best arrangement posaihl ueder ta siren m - stsacee to be mede for Insuring deoeney. aad. with great forethought, bat enlered tn tble seaman to be ready la each division of th thin to wait o tha wbo may be proatrsted by to sickness. Of men. women, and children altogether about 420 will bw take oat, ami nf tnee TO are torn; independently of nay eenigrntioo society. Tb remainder are to erector or lea etteat " assisted by t!ube,by charitable iasti - tatioas,sudbj benevolent genueme erne acting independently of Haly, th no, secretary of the British sodOoloaiel Rmigratioa Fond, wa busily so - gazed i uperia tending matters onnctd with the depsr - tare of th party, which leave under the auspice ef tkie society, and which is mad p at 21) single men. Bee single worn, SI married coupie, SI cbildren. anil eight iaraau ia srms" in all 107 snals. The majority of th men' ar bricklayers, earptateia, aad labourers. All were oat ef mploymt, sad needed help to enable tbm to pay I or to Tiasaagn of taewseniTea nna lour lamiuee. ogas rjortion nf the moaev thev wer reasired U subecnb. local eeaigratioa nrnbe made ap the eaa to 6f.,tnd th aommitte of tb British and Colonial Emigration fund have advanced V. tor sach statute adult, providing bedding, ateaail, eta needed aa the passage eat ; aad. by makitg a 00a tract fur a large samber.they tavobteJd more favourable term than the emigrants, acting aingly, eoald In all raise have ntado for themselves. Each emigrant eaters iato na agreemeat to reonv th moocv njvaacol bv th society within three yean of his trrival in lb colony. Sine March last year apwarda of o.uuior tne poor aaompsoycq sirs neon asaiateu to rmicrato by th oramiUe ot thie fond, sad the re" port received respectiag theee emicrnnt aad their ret Utters soon raze th oornmittee to eoatino their work of giving a little timely help to those wbo need it ia order to reach n as Id of uaor ; not aaiortanateij, say th oornmittee, their f ud ' ar exhausted, sad ther are compelled to limit, if not to suspend, their operations : bec their srgeot appeal to the publi for fur - ther eubeeription. From th returns published by tb Poor Law Board it appear that distress ami paaperiera htv dmlnisbl eoneiHerably io the Ueieea and diatrieU from whiob riuigratioa ha bee ' goiag on. Tb N"stioosl Emigration Lmgn wee represented ea boaid the Madway by th Kev. Horrocks Cocks the bos, secretary, who was seeing off n party of upwards of 3UU emigrants assisted by that society. A third party v about 61) " assisted" emigrant eoc lilted of axricnltnral Itbuuim nad tbeir familiea fies Wiltshire, icing eat ueder the ear of the Rev. H. M. Fletcher, nf berry Hill, near Calne. Th Med way, of 1,340 to register, eommabded by Captain Hams, U to leave tb dock twain tt 8 e'clock this morning, sad I expected to reach yuebee ia aboat 18 day. Bikmisguam Ixox The

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  • Rev Horrocks Cock 14 April 1871

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