Assessment of roads to Modesto and Sacramento 1914

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Assessment of roads to Modesto and Sacramento 1914 - J rlllullmflrAlK - vs v - r Highway...
J rlllullmflrAlK - vs v - r Highway Coristnjctiori on the Famous Pass Makes - Tour ing Difficult and - Dangerous JsiBy LEONPINKSON Fpllowlnj Aumrou compUliits of b oonlltion oftH Altartvont pi niv me recent ijuntiorm rein - 1 tra Dy moivrisiBi wno 4iaa octovion to touv trom an JTancmoo ana uk - Uad Into ths Saortmento and San Joquln valley country tht writeiv tbv tile benefit of theeaderi ot The Chronlola apent n entire day thli iivaaVi 4 aIa4Ii iall ltinnda Iniliin gUHVUK kw iviviivs wuBri w tuiw ixne vraoiiivpraoiicau route rorr motor tourleti - whoi are desirous - of raaklnr the trip Into thVan dlettlote Tae exploration trip wai maae in a Bulok alx - oyllnder oar with Frank Murray and Claude McQee ol the Howard Automobile Company both keen road expert nemberi of the pfcrty - v fkttvl - n DltlAnri Uia trln vtilji miAa lLAit 41A llttiHAii mil wHIih oxrafl found to Je virtually ai lea of mud and praotleaAy eloaeif to tratflb bi eauee of the repalra under way The Chronlclee Bulok pathfinder then set bout to Uoeate the best practical route for motorlita tl travels and deotded that the eaileit tourln path dvrlntr the winter month la by way walnut croeK conoora jpittsourg iBtioon ureniwooa cyon potnany aiilthenion the main nirhway to Tram Thli route while far from be - lnr aljjerfeotly paved boulevardU t jeagt praotioai ana win no aouot rei main paasablt all winter while the Altamont paaa la1 a bottomless eea ot mud tof a stretch of twolnlles where It li In the rrlp of the State Highway contractor This two - mile stretch or gather lnktla In a disgraceful oon AltlonVandithe State Hlrhwar Com - jiBilaeloniwouiabefat from flattered o neariHiQMuekJv reiufn4 4nue oy travelers attempting to neoOatejth AJiamont tjuiohi le t u iniwia mvuvij ifromUhJajf1fUeitoiJlthilhterlor stjLxMriJLJnimdi 1p6tba3tj VltiiiVOlaimedttnatfXlamedaiobunty ipurohaed andpald4 cah i early last iaorin f or the State hi ch way bonds ooverlng thle road and yet the oon - traote were withheld untu just Jjetore Wtni - hTySlnjWr due when the road WMtortt up and oft dirt fills made - tylngi the road tipvi or aliwln - fMoOeeandJMurrayputithe - Ullg Bulclc over - the - stretoh and made It utltiwai - inianer otjtucicuicia Yiliolnn Amtl reerve cower and iklllfnli 4Tlvlgit Atitlmea the tun nlnc board of - the husJiy - Bulok lx wereH leddlng on theboggy mtid whiletheKoham - oiM Qoodyear tlree epun like emery wheelshurllng huge cKunki - of - blaok adobe many feet In thift1r r It VM su - arlndr f arV bevond thi averages earfanddrtveiUand the oonaiuona win J in j au i prooaoiuiyoe irwdriVt tW winUr - eaionjiPro ivKMi Ttle af fAAHavthBtCthAre fcrflir - hanflVnmAre automobile travel afrUhenextihavy5tormfaii there li - noi ohanoei of making a short d i tour aroundlj the oonatruotlon work irheXTValnutlCreekAntlooh - Byron Jroad ii muddy flnpiaoeut it ha the aJvantage of being an - old road andfOifthatreM0nhaia goodihard bottom and the average - automobile eaulDedwltl - kldii - oUalnahould havevnotroiBlelnvnegotlatlnKUat ytlmiSL an - followrhgthlarouteuieriailltetl the Tunnel road from Oakland - to WalnutvCredkiiwhlBlt 1 lnf fine ahape wlth iheexoeptlon ofa few miles around JLafayette or take the - Foot - hUl - 1 boulevardi and - Dublin l Canyon 1roadandluliVbeyondiDubllniitturn Itoithe Jeft - ftwardAlamoi DanviJle andWalnut Creek Thleapproaoh Is about twenty miles - longer an J has almost much bad road oil It as has tile lfayetti ieotlon buti - lnvery bad watherr6rfoefour orsflveidayi after - aljeeverettorro it will probaily be rtrfrllgloUlCunnelrod irbWwMiiiiCtJetaCbnotditfi readi are fairly good aa they - are - to WtubiirgfxAntloohr aijd Brentwood rrom arentwooq toiVByron iome heavy going li enoountered and from Byron ao Bethany th i uroadt lav both rrtnlj iLfiillbul inetretoheei When JiUwdiiHIn iBethahyiotorlati ghoul turnv to the1 rigntrom awii - grayeiea nratmmmA whiOh i wllli brlnr them kirtxi en the main State highway about 7ftwomlleWesoi theblt tahklwHere - iirwi - iiri9riionrroad - Barftillelln - the - - V - - uj - i uiu SrWiroaQiL JOJneTviln mw rai - nvwiiail t way thJg aide OH yrafly mp M terna - fvei route via the TUMiet WJV It fabbuti twenty mMlorer Iandtyiay piMaww aj up ip f

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 27 Dec 1914, Sun,
  3. Page 43

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  • Assessment of roads to Modesto and Sacramento 1914

    minniear – 08 Sep 2013

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