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Chauncey about that!?! - ^w^w/yM,^^^ **· *v«W»- · · THE INDIANA...
^w^w/yM,^^^ **· *v«W»- · · THE INDIANA PROGRESS, WEDNESDAY MORNING, FERUBARY 23, 1910 S., 30; J: H. Heagy, S., 33. Justice- of the Peace -- Wm. Houston, R., S. M. Palmer, C., 4 4 ; D. A. Palmer S., 36. Auditor -- Chas. O. Smith ics; c. o. smith, c, 21; o. A. *.*4 Jos. A. J. Robert Milford T. ^ ; 5. 20; S., 28. Supervisor--Thos. R., 95; Martin Libengood, C., 26; Geo. Haser, S., 31. Assessor--Geo. W. Butler, R., 58; Jacob C., 48; Hi-ny Lukehart, S., Registry Asso:sor--Jacob Gerhardt, R., 77; M. W. Devinnoy, C., Jacob Cribbs, S., 37. Clerk--A. Smith, R., 78; Edward Ncibit, 27; Marshall Bimow, S., 11. Burrell No. 2. of Election--Wm. Campbell, 35; D. W. Clawson, P., 15; D. W. C., 5; F. R. Rager, S., 8. Inspector--Roy Nesbitt, R, 36; Rollie P., 15; Rollie Forsha, C., 4; Bennett, S., 8. School Director E. Gillespie, R., 27; William R., 35; Chas. F. Libengood, 23; Samuel Horrell, P., 15; A. E. C., 1; Wm. Campbell, C., J. Welling, S., 9; J. H. Heagy, 8. Justice of the Peace--Wm. R., 31; Wm. Houston, P., 8; Palmer, C., 14; D. A. Palmer, Auditor--Chas. O. Smith, R., John Stewart, P., 27; C. O. Smith 1; O. A. Bennett, S., 9. Supervisor Winkleman, R., 30' Martin P., 23; Martin Libengood, 3; Geo. Haser, S., 8. Assessor-John Forsha, P., 20; Jacob Brown, C. Harry Lukehart, S., 8; Geo. Butler, R., 25. Registry Assessor--Wm. R., 40; Slcwart Myers, P., Stewart Myers, C., 3; J. E. Uncapher S., 8. Clerk--A. Wood famth, 27; Edward Nesbitt, P., 23; Edward Nesbitt, C., 5; Marshall Barren, 8. District Constable--Josiah Cole, 27; Cyrus Cole, P., 9; Duncan McConnell, C., 13. Biirrell No. 3. of Election--Daniel Coders, 22; John Dunlap, C., 1; John S., 6. Inspector--George R., IS; George Kline, C , 1; Ferguson, S., 5; C. M. Stairs, 5. School Director--A. E. Gillespie, R., 21; William Campbell, R., A. E. G'.llesr.; 1 -. C. 1; Wm Campbell C., 1. -" ·"· Wailing, S.. 5; J. ileagy S.. a. .Justice of Peace-Wm Houston, tt., 22; S. M. Palmer, A. Palmer, S., 6. Auditor-Chas O. Smith, R., 22; C. O. Smith, 1; O. A. Bennett, S., 5. Supervisor--Thomas Winkleman, R., 22; Libengood, C., George Haser, Assessor--Jacob Brown, C., Harry Lukehart, S., 6; G. W. Butler, R., 18. Registry Assessor--John R., 19- Clerk--A. Wood R., 20; Edward Nesbitt, C., Marshall Barren, S., 4. District Constable---Wm. Hopkins, R., 23. Canoe No. I. Assessor--H. C. F nerick, 100; G. Braughler, 131. School Director-H Beezer, 114; James G. Fisher, Aaron Houk, 103; Robt. Penn, Supervisor--N. S. North, 116; Hugus, 112. Auditor--Simon 146; Wm. Uber, 80. Judge of Election--Samuel Morrison, 123; J. Daugherty, 100. Inspector--A. F. 81; Aaron Stiver, 136; A. M. 1. Registry Assessor--S^ P. 126; Adam States, 9 o ; Dan Canoe No. 2. Assessor--H. C. Emcrick, R., 58; Braughler, D., 15. School Director--H. H. Beezer, R., 20; James Fisher R., 34; Aaron Houk, D., Robt Penn, D., 20. Supervisor S. North, R., 46; G. S. Hugus, 2 8 ' Auditor--Simon Bowers, R., Wm. Uber, D., 26. Judge of Election--C. E. Work, R., 4 1 ; A. II. Braughler, D., 28. Inspector--.!. K. lord, R., 40; C. I. Tigor, p.. 2o. Assessor--Joseph Taylor, K. Center No. 1. Judge of Election--J. H. George, 34; J. W. Fulmer, P., 10; J. S. Anderson, P., 18. Inspector--J. T. R., 23; S. M. Stewart D 14; A. Henderson, P., 23. School Director--D. E. Risinger, R., 31; T. J. Brandon, R., 17; J. D. Dicki- D., - T. J. Brandon, D., 4; Dr. F, *. P., 6; J. H. Allison P, 31. Auditor--J. T. Davis, F., 33; J. T. D., 3; T. M. Clawson P., 22. Supervisor--J. J. Campebll, R., 26, J Campbell, D., 4; T. H. Geoige, 31; John F. Fox, 1. Registry Assessor--R. G. Johnston, R., 34; J. W. D., 4; J. S. Carssa, 20. Assessor--J. A. Henderson, D., 26; Dm- Risinger, P., 29. Center No. 2. Judge of Election--M. F. Walker, 50; M. F. Walker, D., 8; J. H. Sparkenbaugh S., 6. Inspecor---B. Harris, R., 33; John L. Henry, D., G P Palmer S., 7. School Director--D. E. Risinger. R . , , 4 9 ; T. J. Brandon, R., 43; J. D. Dickie, D., 6, T. Brandon, D., 4: R. E. Mikesell, 12 Auditor--J. T. Davis, R., 45; Davis, D., 12. Supervisor--J. J. Campbell, R., 49; J. J- Campbell, D., Registry Assessor--J. W. Comer ' 5 0 - J W. Comer, D., 9. Assessor T A Henderson, D., 36; J. C. Henderson, R., 3; Steve Sassala, 1 Cherry hill. Judge of Election--F. C. Ajnond, 64 Inspector--E. E. Hadden, C., J. R. Smith, C., 54. School Director--S. T. Gibson, C., 63; Oliver Holsopple, C., 62. Superv.sor--Edd. Gibson, C., 66. Assessof-- E. H. SPRING DRESS GOODS in Woolen and Wash, Are Here SPRING SUITS FOR THE EARLY LADY BUYERS Suits that are made by professional tailors just the same as made to your measure. New Spring colorings, they cost you no more than the common every day kind. Any grade from $ 10 to $50. Changes made free by experienced tailors. YOUNG MEN'S SPRING SUITS Are here with all the newest ideas of fashion, high grade tailoring, hand tailor made in clean sanitary shops. The new Grey colors, Blue Serges in plain, self stripes and plaids. They fit, they wear, they keep shape, cost you no more than the cheap kinds usually sold. Reduced prices are open to you on all winter goods of all kinds up to April 1 st. WHAT YOU GET HERE WILL BE RIGHT W. R. LOUGHRYCO. Stephens ., . C., 64. Auditor-- M. J. Golden, C., 69. Cherry Tree. Judge of Election--W. B. Shepherd, 4 2 ; Harry Goodman, 22; A. M. Schreckengost, 1. Inspector--John Garman, 41; J. L. Davis, 24. School Director--C. J. Cameron, 46; Finsthwait, 53; J. H. Peter- Bring Music Into Your Home A ND you'll be in good musical company if you buy a Chauncey. ^3,500 ^ discriminating Pittsbur R ers have Chaunceys in their homes Its the premier piano at a moderate price-the piano for the person who wants every dollar to count in securing piano value, but who wishes to invest a limited amount. , . How often have you said to yourself. "I want a piano. 1 he Monthly Payments DO seem reasonable and within my means." And yet you ve put it off till "tomorrow" again and again, and all these years you ve THERF is hardly a man, woman or child in without music in the home 1 this vicinity who, when they think "I'l ANO," "Isn't the fault yours?" do not inStively think of "MELLOR'S." Just because you didn't take the first stcp-because you didn t come For seventy-nine years we have been selling t(j MELLO R'S and have a C H A U N C E Y sent home. It's so perfectly the best of "Everything Musical," from a ;,-cent ^^ wait Qn those y a g u e " Tomorrows ." It is a deceptive word-Come harmonica to the superb Steinway, always giving Choose a CHAUNCEY in one of the many beautiful an ^\ d otl^Th?w^eSy r - c°ase de^f in felted mahogany, "oak," "walnut" or " m ission, »»d year We do not claim to have ALL the good a f t e r year you wiU rea li ze more and more what a good investment you have pianos made, but it is our opinion, based upon made pL y o Ca £ St3£ 'ATM!" "y'we ILLUST R A TED CHAUNCEY CATALOG-WRITE OR ASK FOR believe that we can give you a far better piano at any price from $165 up than you can secure from any other firm. Don't spend SI until you ha ve Investigated our pianos and straightforward methods of selling them. Steinway, Krakauer, Rudolf, HiLlier Hay, The Pianola- Piano, Organs, Victor and Edison Talking Machines, Etc. Established 1831 Central Store 319-32! 5th Ave. ' Pittsburgh 616 Philadelphia St., INDIANA, PA

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  1. The Indiana Progress,
  2. 23 Feb 1910, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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