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LEGAL ijGAi NpTICES 1M . OTHER In *ccord*nc* wHh the ·et* al . Assembly - of C«qunonwM|th of : · . ·* r«tli»9 te sale of Seated L« of Delaware, fcr r"??lhl ' r '" °" * In ft fhe Commfclloner's Mveiln* RPpm '" «« County Court Hous», IWth* Borough of Media, P«nn- ft**" 1 * . " ..October 27, 1949 it ]°l - jfc£f- E.S.T., the following described pieces of land In said County or, such part thereoj is may -be necessary to satisfy the arnqunt of taxes-; doe and unpaid apajns' the same and continue the sal?- from day to day as the s^jpe may be found necessary. ",.,.., TERMS OF SALE .,.lf' : shall be the duty of the purchaser at. this Treasurer's Sale, as. soon as the properly Is struck down to pay the amount of the purchase money, or such part thereof as may be necessary to pa/f.-all the taxes, Interest - a n SH S .', . ot , us 3n a d dm °" a l "% of tne';total sale price, where the bid exceeds the taxes, interest and costs, on the day of the sale ; or the sale . may be arid the property immediately sold again by Ihe Treasurer. After any sale; of property or lands for delinquent taxes has been confirmed by.'ithe Court, it shall be the duly of the purchaser, where the bTd exceeded the taxes, interest and r ,costs, to make and execute to the Treasurer, for the use of the persons entitled, a bond for the surplus money that may remain after) satisfying and paying zll faxes, interest and costs. After the 1 Surplus Bond has been filed «nd : ufxn request of the purchaser, Vi l # u " d ., of the. 25%, deposited at't'the time of ttie sale, will b* . , mad* by the Treasurer. If said · Surplus Bond is not filed within two years after said sale has been confirmed by the Court, the .--sale will be voided and al) monies disposed of the same is purchase money. It will be the Purchaser's responsibility to determine whether taxes for years subsequent to the year for which the property has been sold, are unpaid. ALDAN BORO 1-- Theodore Feldman et ux, »43, W. Providence Rd N 70.41 W. of Chester Ave 132x218.62 Fr Hs« Gar Dental Off. $538.91 ?-- Boiler Kleanlng Service, Jos. Czop, F-1129, Springfield Rd .NE 146.56 Glenwood .U.5JX38.61 Irr Gars. $60.61 3-- Boiler Kteantng Service, Jos. Czop, F-l 130, Springfield Rd E NW fr Elm Ave 15.50x244 Irr Gar. $4f,09 ASTON TOWNSHIP 5-- David Congleton et al, F-251, Central SW Cor Hickory WxlOQ Lots 1-2-3 Sec G. $47.82 4-- Joseph P. Flynn et ux, Catherine Flynn, Convent E 490 N. Mount SOX12J Fr Hse Lot, $197.72 7-- John Beaumont et ux, Mllfon Dresner, F-«5, Convent Rd 1-2B 1 NW fr Tillman Lane 69x125 B Hse-Uot, $214.38 8 -- B e n 7 « m l n Conaughton, F-M2-1, Diamond St C25X200 Irr Grd. $44.48 12-- Ralph w. Zebley ef ux, Hill 100 NW Central 60x91 Irr Lots 70 to T2 Sec K. $31.18 13-- Ralph W. Zebley et ux, Hill 40 Irr Fr Bung, SI47.74 15-- Paul Wtttouohby et ux, Mount Rd 33 SW Convent 19x93 Irr Fr Hse. $131.10 _ 1 7-John SJoyak, Samuel Cohen, F-2I44, .Ronald .NW Cor Pierce Ronald Av» 40x120 Lots 28-29 Blk 22 . J47iff2 BETHEL TOWNSHIP 21-- John Annella Lenlk, F-120, Concord Rd-Faulk Rd 16 acres 2'A Sty Sto-Fr Hse Bids. $471.55 22-- Walter P. Pa try els, F-273, Garnet Mine Rd Booths Cor. Rd 50x20 .510 Fr Bung Gar. $197.02 BIRMINGHAM TOWNSHIP -, J .,*-£ arl F Lean Anderson, F-27, Cor. Bait. Pike-Ring Rd 32 ·cres-2 Blk storas. Sheds un" - F. Anderson et ux, £-«· Bait. Pk BY Lands Richard k Bldfl ' * * Sty . - - w. Anderson, F-42-01, Baltimore PJk« 280x280x140x307 Grd. _ BROOKHAVEN BORO 24-- Joseph E. Downs, Lewlj E * Sukl Weiss, F6I9, Hillside E . -- Peter D*feo, F-713-01 Meadowbrook La. E 645.53 NE Cor Edgmont 121x106. ] Irr Grd. 531 .06 28-- Ben). S. Daisy Italia, F- 1078, Shepherd St N 257 2-2 .NE Dutton Mill Rd 37.50x230. Lot 7. , 2*-- Ben|. S. Daisy Ifalla, 1080, Shepherd N 332.22 NE $43 45" M '" Rd 37 - SOx23 ° L °t 9 , n 30-- Den|. S. Daisy Italia, \°M, Shepherd N Fr 407.22 Dutton Mill 37.50x230 Lot. $43.45 CHESTER CITY WARD 1 SI-- G«org» Loretta Qulnn, Cpnauohton, F-l-478, E 21st St N 20x130-2 S. Brk Hse. $53.50 32-- Penros* Co., F-l-854, B S2nd 33-- Robert J. Decesare, F-l-2450, «?»,Prov Av* W 203.4 N Chestnut 12B x74.5x35.4xM.3-2'A Sty Br Hse. c? 4 ^^ 01 ""^. 11 R ' Hlsnutt et ux, F-l-2820, Shaw Terr E 167 N 15^16x112^-3 Sly. Br Hse Gsr. CHESTER CITY : 35-- Qdls P. Dorothy A. w fr St 20x92.58-2% Sty Brk Hse. 37-- Patrycla Bros. Inc., F-J-1761, IM? Terrin E 19.6x47.39-2 Sty stuc rise, Wo.ul CHESTER CITY WARD 3 ,,-«0-- Ethel Irene Black, Joseph Black, Maretta Maslmo, H Ruth Selvel, F-3-370, E 5th St N 1 9.7x105.71-2 S t y " B, $82.75 ,^'-- Robert Mary -A. Mills, h S * N 16 ' 4x95 ' 2 s 'y CHESTER CITY WARD 4 J. pollschuk, F-.4-242, ld 23 - 2x2 °- 2 ' A s *y Bf k Bids! 47-- Najeeb Kassab et ux-Edward Kassab, Esq., F-4-522, Edgmont Ave 48-- Wm. A. Catherine Schmidt, $' , C ?u na i? f]for '' P-«'2 Atodison W 10th st 20.6x110-2 Sty Br. Row, CHESTER CITY WARD 5 . 47-- Dean Aharn, F-5-215, E 8th 213.83 SW Morton Ave 16x73-2 Sty Brk Hse., $34.00 50-- Tyler Jean Bohrer, F-5-38?, , E -.T en1h st s 18 ° SE Potter 19.8x78.4 lrr-2'ASty Fr Hse-3 Apts 5 1 -- M a r l o n Rose, F-S-935, Mcllvain St W 20x120- Wi Sty Brk Stu R., $35.46. 52-- John Anniela Lenlk, F-510)3, 929-931 Morton Ave-3 Sty Brk Hse-Apt. Gar., S166.56. ··p-.Peter J. Patrycla, F-5-1078, ?!? M , orton Ave W 124 NE 9lh 181.4x140-3 Sty Fr Hse., $34.00. 54 -- Louis Domlnoa Torres, F-51121, Potter SE Cor 8th St 24.2x79.1 1 Sty Brk Hse Store Add., $82.75. CHESTER CITY WARD 4 56-- Edw g, Viola Feathersfone, JV*; 8 ' W 2nd H 32.6 Penn St 17x93 2Vj Sty Brit R Hse., $63.24. , "-. Je «e J. Jackson, F-6-JO.W 2nd NW 66.4 SW Penn 27x98 3 Sty Brk Sto Hse-3 Apts., $60.79. 58-- John F. Simons, F-4-87, w 3rd St S 84 E Dock St 20x60 3 Sty Brk R Taproom, 592.48. 59-- Robert Wade Neighborhood House, F-4-103, 221 W Third St S 86 E Concord 17.«xl01xlrreg. 2 Sty Br. R aids 3 Apts., $84.68. 40 -- Samuel Spilker, F-6-148, St N 331.4 E Penn St 31x83-2 Sty Br-Fr BIdg-Stores-Apt., $78.84 61-- John 4, Helen Csnarls, F-6-150, W 3rd St N 291 .ox WE Penn St. 18x80 lrr-2 Sty Brk Hse-Apt- Store, $69.09. 62-- Foster H. McNair, F-6-151 V/ 3rd St. N 273 E. Penn St 14x30 2 Sty Br. Hse Sto-3 Apts., 63-- Jacob Sadie BayMn, F-4-154, W 3rd St N 227 E Penn St 14x76.27, 3 Sty Br Hse R StO-2 $71 .05 65-Bersh3d Realty Co., Joseph ZommlcK, F-4-472, W 9'h S 135 W Barclay 37x100 J Sty Brk Ht-e-9 Apts., 5203.61. 66-- Industrial Savings Loan Au'n, Louis Carletti et ux, F-4-7T2, 22! to 229 Dock E 104 S 3rd St 5-2 Sty Brk Hse*., $94.37. 67-- Samuel Taylor, P a u 1 Taylor F-6-848, Franklin W 24 H. Mary St 19.95x54 lrr-2 Sfy Brk Hse., $35.95. 4!-- Camillo M*rli Marusco, Albert A Citildl, F-4-9C1, Franklin St E 52J S MS St 31, IT x44 Irr-l Sty itu Stort, $n.75.

Clipped from
  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 17 Oct 1969, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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