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1894-07-03-AtlantaConstitution-p36-WinningKolbites - Illy oh trial. He k CuMied nth BelDgQin...
Illy oh trial. He k CuMied nth BelDgQin Accessory ti the Ross Murder. 'EACHMENT PROCEEDINGS NOW ON i Judge Denies the Charges, and De - jat Hs erodes vored to Restrain the Skettons from Killing Hess. HuntaviHe, Ala., July 2. - St8peclal.) - The supreme' court of Alabama convened here at 10 o'clck this morning to try the impeachment impeachment ras« of the state against John B. Tallcy, Judge of the - ninth judicial circuit; circuit; The courts charge Judge T alley with the murder of R. C. Boss,' tne banker of Scottsboro, in that he aided and abetted Robert, Jim, Walter (Tot) and John Skel ton ton In killing Ross On the 4th of February last In Stevenson, Ala., by sending a tele gram from Scottsboro tha£ morning to W1U at Stevenson, to not let the party warned, meaning Roes, get away, and to say nothing. nothing. It Is alleged that E. H. Ross, a brother, ad sent to R. c. Ross a telegram to Ste venson, warning him of the pursuit by the Skel ton boys, which. It Is charged, Talley Knew about. It Is charged that he had con sulted with the Skelton hoys before leaving Scottsboro that morning; that he knew and endorsed their mission, and as a peace offi cer failed to say or do anything to stop the* Skeltons and prevent them from committing committing the murder. In his answer, Judge Talley positively de nies these charges in detail and says the telegram he sent was to prevent the Skel ton boys from killing Ross; that he had no knowledge whatever of their leaving Scotts boro when they did, nor of their purpose. Only six witnesses were examined this afternoon. afternoon. J. D. Langston, Joe Delsell, B. Banders and J. D. Armstrong, of Stevenson, gave In detail the circumstances surround ing the killing of Ross. C. M. Houtoon and Lee Grider, of Hollywood, which Is on the public road between Scottsboro and Steven son, testified that they saw Ross pass there about 7 o'clock that morning In a closed hack and about two hours afterwards saw the SkMton boys In pursuit, armed and on horseback. The evidence today in no whatever implicated Judge Talley. All this evidence is admitted subject to exceptions by the defendant, which will be argued and A on by the court at the conclusion. About fifty witnesses wlU be examined. RESENTED BY THE SON. Young Reuben Kolb Publishes a Red } } Hot tarn. Montgomery. Ala., July 2. - fSpeclali) - Re. latlng to U.e recent publication In The Tuscumbia North Alabamlan, charging that a prominent leader of the Kolb forces. In that, Colbert, county had, two years ago when he was opposing Kolb, publicly charged that the agent for Landreth & Son's seedhouse, had stated .to him that while Captain Kolb was commissioner of agriculture of Alabama, the latter gentle nan nan proposed to nun tnatrii manure tn & Son would give him personally a check for 3600 he would buy the state s supply of seed from that firm, the following card la today printed in The Journal, or tnls city: "Mnntiromerv. Ala .lulv LV— Tn thp Filitnr of The Journal; I have read the article In entitled Some More of Kolb's Corruption.' "In said article accusations are made against mx father, R. F. Kelb, by The Tuscumbia North Alabamlan, by The Montgomery Montgomery Advertiser anJ one Frank Knight, a traveling saleman of David [Jmitrrth * Son's seedhouse, of Philadelphia. * wiau 10 state tnat i was cnier cierit in the office of the commissioner of agriculture during R. F. Kolb's administration of that office and all purchasing of seeds and all uiuer uunneaa went, inrougn my nanas. "Any man or any paper that makes o publishes any such statements, in mi in famous and malicious liar, a dirty scoundrel "REUBEN KOLB.' BOWMAN BROTHERS ARE OUT. Peyton's Bond Is Fixed at f 10,000 ai He Give* It. Birmingham, Ala., July 2. - (8Declal.l - Af ter ter hearing the habeas corpus proceedings Instituted by Peyton Bowman, the Kolblte leader, and his brother, John, charged with the murder of Eugene Jeffers, aged nineteen, nineteen, Judge Sharpe, of the city court, late "»s arternoon - otscharged John and ad - mittea Peyton Bowman to bail in the sum of 310,000. The bond was signed In the courtroom courtroom by J. Bingham, one of the rtrhMt mm in Talladega county, and T. Deans, of Shelby Shelby county. The verdict Is the talk of the city, opinion being divided. WINKING KOLBITBS. Coloael Oates Says That Democracy Is Not Losing a Han. Birmingham, Ala., July 3.— (Special.)— Colonel William C. Oates, democratic candidate candidate for governor of Alabama, reached Birraflngham thla morning from Blonnt Springs, where he spent yesterday. He was met at the depot by Chairman Mason, of the county democratic executive committee, committee, and driven to the Caldwell hotel. At 11 o'clock Colonel Oates and Chairman Mason took the dummy for Bessemer, where he spoke this afternoon to a large crowd, He returned this evening and spoke at the Wigwam to a large crowd. Colonel Oates spoke for moft than three hours tonight in the Winnie Davis wigwam wigwam to more than 8,000 people. He . denounced denounced the McKinley law and riddled the platform of the ptjple's party. He defended defended the Cleveland administration, and said he differed with Mr. Cleveland on the civil service reform matter. He was loudly cheered at inttervals. He rappad Kolb. saying a person was judged by hsf associates, associates, meaning tbat Kolb was associating no little with the republicans. Colonel Oates spoke at Bessemer twice today. Tomorrow Colonel Oates will speak at Warrior, where an old - fashioned barbecue will be given. Iu an interview today Colonel Oates said: "Wherever I have been I hnd the democratic democratic party is not, losing a man. but every day in gaining some from the other aide. It is strengthening all - the time. I find that some republicans will not vote either way, and there is a pretty general disposition among the colored people to vote the democratic ticket "NotwUhstandlris the advice of their leaders I find that Kolb men come out to hear me and listen In a very respectful consul to San Domingo during President C. H. J. Tay'or, who Is registrar of deeds of i the UlBtriCt or cojumoia bio quue a prominent prominent colored democrat, will be In Alabama to make wme speeches soon. The National Colored Democratic League, of which Taylor Taylor Is pr«*tdent, will meet in Montgomery or. the ?Sth." \ In rAiA - enee t" Kolb's open letter to Colonel (B*te* 'published* In yesterday's Con*tlturTor>. expre - slm» the fesr of an unfair »lec»io«. and asking that Colonel Oate* fflve Kolb an open letter to the county county ofnc«ri who shall rn«j>age the elections, requesting them to do all they can to assure fairness. *rc, toward each party, Colonel ••I will roplv to the letter In a respectful m*.nr> - « - . t h#v» s'" ' - " - >r of fair ele^iims. aiyi am still that way." Two Strikers Discharged. Birmingham. Ala.. July t— {Special. )— Pat Savage and James Bees, the two striking striking miners, who were arrested twelve days ago on a charge of arson, it being alleged tbat tbey dynamited a house la which wen six negroes, were discharged ass ttofatag. of .usuce eennera ssswisi 'cshhwmt Lee Bradley naked that fhe case be nolle prossed. • A Justice of the' Pence Vaster Arrest HuntsvlHe, Ala, July t - {Special.) - J. Monroe Stafford, Justice of the peace, of Chnvirs, DeKalb county, Alabama, also ex - (|ilted flutes commissioner and ex - depucy United State* marshal, who has for some years been prosecuting pension claims In north Alabama, was arrested and brought before United States Com - tartontr Bone today on the charge of falsely executing executing vouchers In the oases of deceased pensioners by coming Into i>osseaf*on_of their papers after the parties were dead. He has been in hiding in Sand mountain since Jfiuary, successfully foiling the He waived examination today and was immediately immediately rearrested on a warrant issued by Charles D. Alexander. United States commissioner, and was taken to Attalla for hearing in the cases occurring In DeKalb county. He Is accused of various crimes in his locality, both against the state tad the unitea states government , Passed Over the Veto. MonisVimerv. Ala.. July 2.— (Special. > - nAn ordinance wa* recently passed by the city council granting additional franchises ♦ft rh» «rt - A*t mit'fcv company. Today the mayor vetoed she ordinance for the reason that the company declined to agree to give transfer tickets over the different lines. Tonls - ht. by a vote of 8 to 8, the council panel the ordinance over the mayors veto. TEACHERS TEACHERS AT SCHOOL. The State Normal as Athens WHl Be Well Attended. 'Athens. Ga.. July i. - (Special.> - The Geor. gta State Normal school will open. on Wednesday. Already more than a hundred teachers have signified their Intention of taking the Bourse, and everything gives promise for u uiwi successiui session. The tu.tion Is free and good board Is furnished at Rock coLege to all teachers for 83 ner week. The college is situated on a beautiful Hill about a mile , from Athens, free from the noise and dust of the city, and surrounded, as it is, by a large grove of oak trees and fanned con - , stantly by a cool, refreshing breeze, It presents presents one of the most attractive resorts In the state for teachers, and these advantages aa well aa the normal training, maxe u exceedingly popular Lectures on popular themes are constantly lurnisneu oy ynntwurii oi me uuiveisuy of Georgia who are present In the city. Evening concerts and occasional excursions lulah Falls, are frequently Indulged In, add - Inir mnrh tn the nleajturai of the teachers. The railroads offer a rate of 2 cents per mile to and from Athens to those who attend attend the normal. In Athens a special rate rs given the teachers on the electric car which passes the door every few minutes, and everything possible is done to make the expenses light. A great number assert that It Is cheaper for them to attend the Sabjects Tonight. The theory and practice of teaching Is mugm oy Uie iirwuem iu uje kuuui, l of the Athens city schools, and one of the most accomplished educators In the state, has charge of the school of primary meth °The °The kindergarten is under the direction of Besides this regular faculty there number of special lecturers. Back from Wolf Island. The party of Athenians, Messrs. H. C. H Fleming. W. W. Thomas and W. H. Bocock, who spent the past ten days at They had' a glorious time and splendid luck with the finny Lrlbe. Professor Boopck led the record in weight landing 27! pounds of big fish. Mr. Benedict cantured the largest fish, a thtitv - flve pounder, that he had to play with for forty minutes before he would surrender. . iW1 ,. A party of els;ht young men. of this city WlU gO lO 91. OIIIIUUB omu.^J. Athens Cotton Receipts. The total cotton receipts of this city for the past twelve months have Just been ascertained, ascertained, and the statistics show that there were 88.824 bales received. This shows Athens to be a much better cotton market in proportion to its size than any city in ' His Name Omitted. In the list of graduates of the university law scnooi. puDiisneu me uay aaici mencenient in The Constitution, the name of Mr. J. Q. Wallace was unintentionally Mr. Wallace obtained his ' degree bachelor of law and was one of the b students in the class ss well as one of most able delegates. Some druggists try to substitute the bread fore sufferers who have decided to take Hood's Sarsaparilla should insist on having HOod s ana oniy wooa »■ MAY NEVER BE HEARD OF AGAIN. A Posse Is Hnntins for a Fiend In Ware. Waycross. Ga., July 2.— (Special.)— About 4 o'clock this morning an unknown negro forced an entrance Into the house of Mrs. Banks, a respectable white woman of this city, and aittempted to outrage her littli eleven - year - old daughter. Mrs. Banks wa: awakened by the child's attempts ti scream. She hastened to the room, caught hold of the fiend, but he shook her off and fled. The child was choked almost Into Insensibility. Mrs. Banks at once gave the alarm. Sheriff Miller and a large posse with bloodhounds are in pursuit of the CXIFTON IN SOUTH GEORGIA. His Own Section of the State la Solid for Him. Savannah, Ga.. July 2.— (Special. HMi William Clifton Is much gratified by the news he received today to the effect that he carried on Saturday Miller, Decatur and Berrien counties and Bulloch today. He Is making a strong race and carrying everything" everything" In south Georgia between the Chattahoochee Chattahoochee and Savannah. Liberty wUl endorse endorse him for secretary of state on Friday. tow - m m ; rt What do you Wish for, in the way of easy work? You can have it, if you'll use Pearline. ■With nnv. thing you can think of, that waict uoesn t nurt, tne easiest way^ t0 wash it Or to clean it is ta take Pearline; You oan't do any harm, by doing away with that wearing rub, rub, rub. Besides, with almost everything, there are special reasons why you should use Pearline. For instance : There's no shrink io flannels, flannels, if they're properly washed with it Beware psf^grs^z ,. „ ' thu mu good m " or the 3X 2» 2£ K a » U nsrer peddled, thuur to plsc. < 'P*ddl*d,aadif four meat sends taa ssasv «MP«srli«e .do tat honest thu« - '. '

Clipped from The Atlanta Constitution03 Jul 1894, TuePage 36

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)03 Jul 1894, TuePage 36
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