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1897-11-15-Courier-Journal[KY]-p3- - WELIrPAID Sc. era. Thousand Colored Hen la...
WELIrPAID Sc. era. Thousand Colored Hen la Uicle San'iEapUj. fOSIT.QliS OF HONOR AID TRUST Winy Hive Worked TbdrWiy Up In the Departments. HUT ORE FOREIGN MINISTER (WMUafn Star.) -1 What la th pnwBt status of ths ItBaerioan negro na a Federal official r employe At tb bt estlmat there ar about I.OM negroe entered upon Unci Sara's pay-rolL It la considered Inconsistent Kvltk tb poller of.th Constitution to make any distinction regarding race or color la tba blua book, which la tha only official Uat of mrn and women employed In all branchca of tha Government aarr Ice. Furthermore, by thooe who mark tlvll service examination papara It la tever known whether aa applicant be bvhlte or black, yellow or brown. About 1M negroes hare received p-folntments In the national service ind about 123 other have received promotion sine President McKlnley'g Inauguration. Tbla meana that the new Ad-mlnlatratlon baa benefited over 300 Afro-"Amerlcana to tb extent of over ITiS.00 k year within eight months? Seventeen f thoaa newly-mad have been presidential appointment, to be confirmed ly tha Senate. The moat exalted Federal office which lias been siren to a negro by tb new President la that of William F. PuwetL of New Jersey. Aa Minister to Haiti Le will hold a portfolio mad aacred by tha' Kanda of Frederick Douglass, who r. 41 ved It from President Harrison In 1 880. This berth paya IS.000 a year. HalU Is a negro republic. Inhabited by a po tl of considerable enlightenment and refinement Unlike the negroes of tbla rountry. they progressed under French Influence. In fact, they hare been called black Frenchmen Tha national language la French and tb national religion Roman Catholic Mr. Powell la b sixth negro who will have represent-d tha star and stripe among them, ails piedecessors have always been welcomed and highly respected at Port-au-Prlnc. tb capital, where our legation la situated. No mora appropriate offlc of high rank could be offered to an American negro. Haiti lately reciprocated by ending to Washington, aa her official representative, a negr Minister, who arrived hers two weeka ago. He la Moo. tear Jacques Nieolaa Leger. a lawyer, educated In Part, and a man of tb highest qualities. Ha la a mulatto, with rather straight black hair and a weU-developad mustache, which ha waxes out t tb end. . . From a peeunlaryWand point tha post ..tftm liafcl toy- ootgHi. Whit, who. r-Bjardleea of his nam, la th only colored member of the preeent Congress, Is equal to that of Minister Powell, air. White represents a large negro Republican district la North Carolina. He to a brother-in-law of Dr. Henry P. Cheatham, of North Carolina, whom President htcKln-ley made Recorder of Deeds of th District of Columbia. Dr. Cheatham Is a distinguished-looking mulatto, and la on of th beet educated Afro-Americana In public Ufa. He la aa alumnus of 8haw University. North Carolina, which baa conferred upon him th degreea A. B.. A. M. and LL IX Subsequent to bis wraduatloa h Was principal of a norma! school. County Register of Deeds and trustee of his alma mater, succeeding th lata Oovernor Fuller, of Vermont. In th Utter capacity. Dr. Cheatham waa four time nominated by th Republicans to represent hla district in th Hous of Iteprc ntatlvee. and waa elected one, to th Fifty-first Congress. II la a heavy-built man. with a clean-shaven the and an abundant growth of Iron, gray hair, rather loosely curled. Dr. Cbeatham'B preeent position la worth 04.000 a year. It waa said to pay US. 000 a, year in fees when occupied under President Harrison by ex-Senator Blanch K. Bruce. When given to C H. J. Taylor. Dr. Cheatham's colored predecessor, the remuneration from the ofttoa waa cut 'down to a salary. President at cKlnley has sent four col-Bred consuls to represent as In foreign porta M. V. Olbba. of Arkansas, who goes to Tamatava, Madagascar, will receive 14.600. Tb asm offlc waa held under President Harrison by John L. Waller, a negro, who after retiring under Preadent Cleveland was subsequently Impriatmed for an alleged local offense and subsequently returned to this country. Madagascar Is an island monarchy under a Frencn protectorate, th people being negroee who speak a dialect called Malagasy, which CVL Oibba will doubt-, aa suffer some difficulty In mastering. Th rettgloB of the Hovaa, who inhabit Madagascar. Is Christianity. Uahlett Van Horn, a negro lately appointed Coo-, aul at 8t- Thomas Island, will receltw a Alary of IXfioo. .John N. Ruffln, of IVn-etessee, and Ueovae H. Jackson, of CXm-necttcut, both colored mea. were recently appointed Consuls at Asuncion, tha capital of Paraguay, and Cognao. Franc. Rack will receive a salary of U.&00 a year, but Mr. Jackson Is perhaps th luckier of th two, Inasmuch aa hla station will bs directly at the center of th celebrated Cognae brandy trade. Th highest position held under tb War Department by a colored man la that of First Lieut. Char lea Young. Ninth Cavalry. He waa appointed to West THdnt from Ohio In 1HP4, and waa graduated In Us. Hs Is now Professor of Military Science at Wllberforc University. Oheo. a colored Institution, and receive aa annual salary of ti.fc.'w from th Government. Three other Afro. Americana holding ronuniasiona In th regular army are Chaplain Prloleau. AlleiuTWorth and Stewart, of the Ninth Cavalry. Tweisty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Infantry, colored regiments. They receive 11.400 a year each. Two ar Methodists, and one Rev. AUeiumorth ls Baptist. In addition to these officer there ar over !J0 negro soldiers In the army, comprising four regiments Although four colored youths have been appointed cadets In tb Naval Academy, only on has succeeded In gaining admittance, and none haa received a commission In th higher arm of th nation's defense When It waa recently announced that Bundy. a colored boy from Ohio, had been, appoint, ed a naval cadet, th raiiet at Annapo-U were greatly disturbed. Bundy. how. ver, failed to pasa his mental examina tions. It is estimated that there are about 7t colored men enlisted In th navy. They ar employed mostly In th fire-rooms aa coal paasers or firemen, receiving wage ranging from $23 to 135 per month. The most remuneratlv offlc held by a nearo under tha Treasury Department Is that of Collector of Internal Revenue for tb Georgia district. Henry A. Ruck- . er. th new Incumbent, will enjoy an annual salary of li.Wu. Htnry Dunn, a negro lately mad naval otllcer of custom at New Orleans, will draw $1,000 a year from Unci 8am. I MX) more than will be received by Jo. E. Lee. another -CRADLE ' v "- . f - i v i - c t . . i ... . V;. 1. V ' '"V v - .5 V - r ' ... .jBJaf-t Independeac HalL "th eradl of plan of th Philadelphia anthurlUe Is to colored man lately made Collector of Cuatom at Jacksonville, Fla. Milton M. Holland, a remarkably eapabl colored man. waa lately reinstated la th Trias ary Departmrat. where he now haa charg of th divkdotft of mails and files. Sixth Auditor's office. Ha Is light la color, with straight black hair, and resemble a Latin rather than an African. His salary te $1.80 a year, th bi-hcat paid to a negro In the Treasury Department building. Secretary Gag baa promoted fifteen of hla colored clerks since h haa been a member of th Cabinet. Ten of the recaiv salaries of $1,000 or mora. Mia 8. A. Somerville. the highest grad negio woman clerk In th department servtoa. receive $1,400 a year la th Treasury Department. Resides tb ill-fated official at Hog&aa-111. Ga, tb President baa lately appointed four pes 10 postmasters. Monro H. Borton. at Athena. Oa.. will recaiv $2,400 a year. Tb other office, at Beaufort. 8. CX. Rocky Mount. N. C. and Darian. Oa. will pay the new Incumbents tUCOO. O.100 and $1,000. respectively. Th highest offlc In respect to salary held by a us.no under tb Post-offic Department la that lately given to John P. Green, of Ohio, who will reailx IXSOO a year for bis duties as postage stamp agent. Ha waa formerly a negro lawyer la Oav aland, where. It waa aaid, h had built op a practice worth from $3,-000 to $4,000 a year. He spent fifteen years In public offlc In Ohio aa Justic of the Peac and aa member of th Stat Senate. Altogether fourteen colored people hav received appointments under tb Post-offic Department since March A A number of lucrative positions under th Interior Department have lately been given to colored men. Altogether elgbteew bar recelred appointments thr aine Inauguration. John C Lef t-wtch. recently appointed receiver of th Land Offlea at Montgomery. Ala will receive $500 a year In regular salary and about SXftOO mora a year te fee. James HiU and Hera he! V. Casbin. who hav ba made Rgistsr of tb Lavad Offlc at Jackson. Mlssv. and receiver of pablla moneys at Huatavtll. Oa. will get $3.-000 and $3,400, respectively, out of their aalarie and fee. J. William Col, who la a special examiner In th Pension Offlc at a salary of $2,000 a year, la a highly respected colored man who haa bea oonnecced with th Interior Department sine lm. when ha entered th senrtc an a messenger. H waa born of free parents and reared In Philadelphia. He was educated In th Quaker schools of that city, and baa sine profited by their highly refined influence. He la a light mulatto with a very Intellectual far, and now performs tb dutlea of an assistant chief of division. Another Afro-American who has worked himself up through th ranks of th Interior Department to Henry E. Baker, of Mississippi, assistant examiner In tb division which passe open Instruments of precision, acoustics, etc. He-has been connected wltb th department sine 1870. and la eligible, through examination, for promotion to tb grad of principal examiner, with a salary of $3,600 a year, although h now receive but 1 1.20ft Few reeponeibt positions ar held by negro tn th Department of Justic and Agriculture, whoa employes of any atandlng are devotee either of th tow or tb c4enca. Th only colored man worthy of special mention In tb former department I Albert K. Urodle. of North Carolina, a 11.000 clerk, who baa been detailed a acting chief clerk on on or two occasion. Over fifty colored men and women hav received appotutmenta tinder the present Admlnattratlon in th Government Printing Offioa, where they ar employed usually aa folders, binders or In similar occupations, Ftv colored people ar employed at th Wblt Hous. President of tb United State have always preferred negro to wait upon them. Wm. T. Sin-clan, who waa steward of tb Executive Mansion under Cleveland, was retained by President McKlnley. aa war practically all of th previous employe of th official household. Sinclair waa brought to tb WhH Hou by Mr. Cleveland, for whom a bad served, during many year, aa a personal servant and confidential messenger. In bis capacity aa steward of tb Whit Hons he la custodian of th costly furniture, silver plat and china there lnatalled for the ws of Presidents, and la under bond of 30,000 for Its safe keeping. His salary to 11400 a year. Arthur Blmmona, another former employe of th Executive Mansion, who waa retained by President McKanley, receive $U(00 a year for hi dutiea aa messenger to Secretary Porter, at whoa door a keeps faithful watck during th hours when that patient lieutenant of tb Chief lux cut iv la at bis desk. Colored man ar employed aa attendants In many of tba libraries connected wkh tba OoreroBMsl. Several of tbes In tna law library of Congress hav phenomenal memories of th title and location of tb books there Installed. Dan-k-t Murray, attendant In th national library, to an unusually intellectual Afro-American. He receives $1,400 a year. Librarian Ybong about a week ago conferred a similar poettioa upon Paul L Dunbar, of Ohio, th celebrated negro poet. How a person can gain a pound a day by taking an ounce of Scott'i Emulsion is hard to explain, but it certainly happens. It seems to start the digestive machinery working properly. You obtain a greater benefit from your food. The oil being predigestcd. and combined with the hy-pophosphites, makes a food tonic of ; wonderful flesh forming power, . All physicians know thL! to to be a fact, v Aaaracrtoai SCOTT h .sOWNB. aas ft.se. Mew Yens El . a

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