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lusitania 2 - EXTRA 5:30 A. IV1. All the Hews That's Fit to...
EXTRA 5:30 A. IV1. All the Hews That's Fit to Print" falhtc Tatar aavd fhtadar: Tatr. ONE. CENT NEW YORK. SATURDAY. MAY 8. 1915.-TWKNTY-FOUR PAGES. lmmj (Hr aad t4. TIIOCUtML VOL. LXJV...NO- 20.32X - . . -. .--- wy wir inr m r - ' 71 TFT. Ff TTIV C TWICE TORPEDOED OFF IRISH CO AS I; SlJVKS nv it muuir.j; CAPT. TURNER SAVED, FROHMAN AND VANDERBILT MISSING; ; WASHINGTON BELIEVES THAT A GRA VE CRISIS IS AT HAND TEE Washington Deeply Stirred by the Loss of . American Lives. EULLETWS AT WHITE HOUSE f Krzizn Feadi Them tfotefy. tut It Silent cn the - Nation's Cctme, ; ! H.UTs' CF CONGRESS CALL Lett ef Lu.itanla RtcaHa Frm Ton of Our Hnt Warn- . Irj to Carmany. CATTTAL FULL OF RUMORS Rtn Tt Um Wm Wr HmH ftafera AataJ WXJ?tIJGTOW. Mat T. Sfaaar t&M Am DtoS M TttaAia atsrrad a k koala ' t.a rto LaetraaA. Tto- aarty ra- mrt w4 cat tar e & a um rattof - , ara wmf to ta iiiln) wtoa W. kaar tarn ttora to! to-A MAT ,. jutMo praTBaal r..M(. ecia raniito - trwtyJ tA-ara. a tri.MA W "" A irUi'W ta tnwrtoOoaal ralatlaM u tSxtaA mm It la aaaa mmt etokiaa; mt ia LaaUaaUa hi ia f a .4 mUmu uau fc" M It te ktolat-a eWWtly aatrni pniimm to tto treat ii a m'l limn ana tata aaia It a, fc,,,.- t amr hM TfM - tM LoatiaUe eraMjti JU4 fiM UM BtU Ut ir--T tm ante elaO . n-n w rp if 1W uva aikJ ei C peeaeed to4 te latrmM UM mwm ta s , . , i, j TV ar U)a.t autty ltve McrtOc4L. aty a M a, tac -U wmm 3 to Wa t im wa lioe tM arctoOt UU li- . , . . , . ,-.-, . r. : - " r nv r. . . . , . . in i -. v - ' 1 v , . , ),-.'''" ' ' . . V V : ": ' . 1 " . : . - ' - .. . r: ; ;- . .. - : ' V it. - v. - i ' : ' ,i - I I t r ; ? - ? - - . , , - - . . I , . . ;,, . i iii - in i CnnflrJ 0ice rc Besieced for News; Fate of 1,918 on Lusitania Long in Doubt m ii I, .-I mi n Notlilnj Heard from the WetUCnown Pmxtengrn on Boms6 Story of. Disaster Long UoconTtrroed VhH Anxxxii Crowti Sek DeUU. OTfUtol ara ' 0a atnM a LaaitAlM aalair T " tViaMy Mvxrta. mm4 eal , lan ! jm I ra W raiar IX 1 toa a, j ul.i laid at eie-ftt aT I . ! t a mm af to nnara atf to Cm nan" . . TV. eiiy tova,Ma BM a La tar. M Utol frra k4 4 reaalr y Mr.aa ka4 to- taJwraA waa 0am A, KraeJer. Tto a Un a aaa a f re- A. O. Vaaaarlt. CtorW rtotoaaJt. Crto a4 CWI IfaatoM. to- tori ; ; , , The Last Cunard Steamship Lusltanla. i ; ! ' J .... m. tt- ciMk 5t Whjr Ihi Stcond Tondo Struck. I : I a tM fto tto Star. ! lt a !r S I iM AfWw ! w iao ni ' mm m v rtraa re Uifa a- inakto rf a: hmi aa tor4. Oata to lva lursUaM to a4 aaMWj IMM to tfr imm lu aa aaJta r. toM trar, H to toa Uaaa j to (t UM caarert n-a. birt vera l ftoUlr ! aa 3" firK. t aae-; aaa. a XS tlr U ara. M Miurt iturtjr-aLa a4 toaat traaaarred i ttm aU faatarnala , a tartar amlae Tktta Wlaa4 Ue I . , artfa f r m to tcack la UU r.M 4 ' BM. a aiaa fc iaala. A U1H le-4l ffaaa U '"" in Kara mmuw; tax i w toa arara ( .tef nf SnnPfl Inrlndes mmt e w ew r y Vanderbilt and Frohman Reported Lost Lo.xr-tf. Ha I or 4a T. Umf K 5:31 .V M-Tba -aa Ilarraa haa raeet fraaa tto luttaa AaaUraJty at Quaaaataa a raport utol ail I to tcarpado toata arxl lac 4 af ma. iraakara. amorp tto Hrea. aMrh oat from immmtimtamm ta tto r-liaf f Ito iMMimlM bava rTrar4. Ttoaa vraa-te haa kivM V awvtrore n4 for 4md- nfty-tao cnra aantTore ara rtfrfl atu rlrimrf. ahll. mUvma nthere mad ty, to4a hata toaa UmM at Klak. nvakkns tha total numtor f .jrtLM, ri. toafclr draA Tha mfn-rr 1 b a-rtftol Ulcr. a 4 u caJitVral paba Kliuata fUhm "-T a rarud a AaooaTa- tha af1nra ta tto taptala f tha IllaBlav. William T. Trr. lhaw U Ito awrl al Vf antaa aar t hat Alfryd li-inw aarrtill aaa droaoxl K..tT rtit lo flmj Mr aitVrWlt and ttuarwa ITotman. tto ItoalrVml tmnarr. aunvoe; lha aurlora haa faika. Tto Caacral Naa-a aar thai lha Habtr f tto Itattanla'a paaa-na aha atoa mt lajartoa ahto tola takaa lo am rtath lt4 Qt'KKXirTritrX. Halortiar. Majr lanLa . atrtor. to far ae eianpt Tl ItMKIt. lapUl. ( MATH E Wit. A. T- Mootrtol. nRAMoirrrz. a lank, a a MKTKRA. W. a -THIMVIINS. J. T. WITIIKKfiKK. Mra. A. K. MAt'KWOKTIi. I4r. AUAM. Mra. IIKNIlT. Ifcaton HANKIN. in iHKKT. ' York. fHAUf. K tMlKI. HYHNK. M 1. Nr York. CanL Turner: l. A M.Th Itet of lha Lual UAfKIAT. fllARUrt Jr, Hoa. toa. Maaa l-ATXTUt. Mlaa IRENE, Uvrr. pout. iZammmA. KINitAl.K. Ireland. Mar Klaraa aurrlvora of lha LualtanU haa toao laattot hrw. locathrt-aril h tha bodlra of fl pmrmona who 'aere ilrad. AmnT lha un vor HMITII. J RKHT N. Nra- Tork. rTTMI.KY. KREDKR1CK. TI.K. N U HTfHKIHM, nlARI.KX lSaw the Submarine and Watched Torpedo as It Struck Ship Em est Cowpcr, m Toronto Newspaper Man, Describes Attack, Sen from Ship's Rail Poison Gas Used in Torpedoes, Say Other PaAsengers. Quccntown. Saturday. May 8. 3:18 A. M. lookout for sub marine wat kept aboard the LuniUnia aa -.he approached the coast, according to Ernest Cowpcr. a Toronto newspaper man, who was among the survivors landed at Queenstown. He said that after the ship was torpedoed there was no panic amonsr the crew, but that they went about tho work of irettinjr passengers into the boats in a prompt and efficient 100 Yards Off in an orderly, prompt, and efficient manner. 'Miss Helen Smith appealed to me to save her. I placed her in a boat and saw her safely away. I grt into one of the last boats to leave. " Some of the boats could not be launched as the vessel was sinking. There was a large number of women and children in the second cabin. Forty of the children were less than a year old." Poison Fumes from Torpedoes. interviews with pas- From sengers it appears that when the torpedoes burst they sent which SOME DEAD TAIN ASHORE - . j Several Hundred SurvM ors at Queenstown ;J i i: ! otu ran a p im avpa One Torpedo Crashes Into the Doomed Liner's Bow, Another f Into the Enaine Room.; ! SHIP LISTS OYER TO PORT Makes It Impossible to Lower Many Boatt. So Hundreds ' Must Have Cone Down. , ATTACKED IN BROAD DAY i P a nnin a t LunehMiw.Wiriiliifl ' m Had Betn Given by Germans Ba-f fore the Ship Left New York-- Only 650 Were Saved, Few Cabin Passengers QUEENSTOWN, Saturday, May 8, 4:28 A. M. -Survivors of the Lusitania who have arrived here estimate that only about 650 of those aboard the steamer were saved, and say only a small proportion of those rescued were saloon passenger?. OHidml CmJammhmm. WASHINGTON, May 8. A dispatch to . the ' State Department . early today from American Consul Lauriet at Queenstown stated that the : total number of survivors of the Lusitania was about 700. LONDON, Saturday, May 8. The Cunard liner Lusitania, which sailed out of New. York last Saturday with 1,918 souls aboard, lies at the bottom of the ocean off the Irish coasL She was sunk by a German submarine, which sent twq tor- pedoes crashing into her side at 2:30 o'clock yesterday after-,

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  2. 08 May 1915, Sat,
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