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1897-09-12-CincinnatiEnquirer-p17-GreatestSilverCampMeeting - repeWae- b-V dia-aaecat a eore- I -prnda...
repeWae- b-V dia-aaecat a eore- I -prnda GREATEST :;Silver Camp Uectir Will Be That To Ccdtcco tt SpricgEcIi Delegations Ccnkj Frcn XTiny FarAway talcs Te Hear the Fames Spellers oa Dlnetilllsa. Kiaaeeota Will Seal a Delegatioa cf a TonjBi LUt of tae Orators. SruirariBXa, Oaio, September IL-ZTb IL-ZTb IL-ZTb fre ailver camp Bneetlrg te be held bar. esiBBHuctng Wadaesday, Saptessbsr IS, promises to be the greatest veat af Ita kiad ever bead to tha Uatted Ita tea. Fi ia every elty f aay sis withta a radla of several hundred miles reports have received that larg delegation will V 1 Colonel Roberta aad A. A. Brew, tb Baaa agera, hav tetters from Salt lab Clip aad Dulutb which state that each a will end a delegation f l.oufi, A teat which will seat .on0 baa beea seeured, aad will be reeled ea th fair ground. Every ar-rangemeat ar-rangemeat ar-rangemeat te being mad tar tb entertains meat f th erowd. and thy win be sUf eared for. Colonel Heheri aaax following programme for tb earns. Ing I lsaoci bat wemtraauar. sBwraaswa la. Ohio ValUy Lagu of rllmetallle Club Cbalrmaa. Hon. Alien W. Th ureses, Ce lumbua. Ohio. Speakers Hon. Charles TU Spahr, f Ksw Tork Or. editorial staff the Outlook. John Clark Rldpath, editor Area, Bos- Bos- loo, Mass. Hen. David A. IieArmoad, fluller, Me mam bar of th Flfty-flfttt Flfty-flfttt Flfty-flfttt Ceagree. Oeneral A. J. Warner. Marietta, Obi President American Blmetailie Uajoa, Hon. M. C Bell. Indianapolis, lad-, lad-, lad-, an Commtes loner of Pnlens. THt'asOAT. SBrTBHBBB It Chairman. Judge J. J, Harper, Wssbtng- Wssbtng- ton C. IL Speakers Hon. H. F. liartlne. Washington, Washington, D. C, es-member es-member es-member of Congress freva Me vada, editor of th National BlrBetalllat, Mr. Kllsabeth S. Till Ing heat, Oevetead, Ohio. - lion. T. B. Tarny, Detroit. Mleh aav member of Congress rrom Michigan. Judgs James P. Tarvla, Covington. Ky, Hon, W. L. Stark. Aurora, Nh. ssssshs of ths Fifty-fifth Fifty-fifth Fifty-fifth Congress. rajpAT, sgrrxuBBB 1J. Cbalrmaa, Hon, J. J. Lent. Columbus, Ohio, " Speakers Hon. Charles A. Tow as. Du luth, Minn., es-raember es-raember es-raember of Congress, Chair man National Committee, Sliver RapuMles party. Hon, Charles S. 11 art man. Baseman, Monf member of yl fry-fifth fry-fifth fry-fifth Coagrssa lion, Francl G. Newt and a. Mess, Nov member of Fifty-fifth Fifty-fifth Fifty-fifth Vi ogres. Mis Nellie O. Hoblnson, blew Terx, mssas bar of th New York bar. 1 Hon. C S. Collins. lat Us Rock. Ark, SATtTBDAT, SarTKNS la. iThairmaa, Henry T. Nile. Tolade. Ohe Speakers Hon. If. MarUa WlLiasas. Bi- Bi- Uua, Ha. Hon. Joha A. L, C Ixula, Ms , ex. Preeidant Coalmen, la I Travelers' Fteisrtlv Asauciatlon. Kx-Miiator Kx-Miiator Kx-Miiator J. C ft. Bleekbura. V real lis. Kentucky. . M ra. Helen Oousar, lafayatt. Ind. Kev. Ham W, amail, Atlanta, Oa, and evangalisf, SCMAT. SgrrXMBBB Is. Speaker Hon. James It. Sovereiga, Master Master Workman, Knights of Lslor. Hon. Walter L. ItanaaueU. Mayor of Lysn, Maasachusett. Hon. Champ Clark member Flftf -firth -firth Congress, iiow ting Green, Mo. lion. I-aul I-aul I-aul Junes (coloredi, Kansas City, Kansas. Hon. tt. W. Chlvla (colored ), Omsha. Neb. Hon, C H. J. Taylor leoloredi, lialilmoe. M l., ex-KgUter ex-KgUter ex-KgUter of Deeds; s-Mloiurr s-Mloiurr s-Mloiurr to Liberia. KOatpAT, SBrTBMBBB J0OOVBBJ10' BAT. Chairman, Oeorge Arthur, Utirlngfleld. Sneakers Hon. iiorare I. Cuaptnaa, oaa dldate for Governor nt Ohio. Governor Daniel W. Jenea, lAtti Meg, Arkansaa. Govarner Robert B. Smith, Helena, Mont, Kx-Goverrior Kx-Goverrior Kx-Goverrior V m. J. Mtune, Hi. 1OuU, Mev Hon. Jama K. Janes, Hop, Ark.. Chair-nan Chair-nan Chair-nan National Democratta Com mil tee. Senator Henry M. Teller. . Csntrai City. Colorado. TT'fCSOAT, PTKMSBB tl MV BBOLAaTO BAT. Speakers Hob. Oeorg Frsd WUJlAm. Boston, Ma. non. rierr iiunosn, vmmmmr, xkmb ton. Mae. Hon, Oliver Downing, author of "Th T4 tie ef the T Millars." Hoalon, Mas. Hon. Wharton Barker. dllee th can, Philadelphia, i'.on.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer12 Sep 1897, SunPage 17

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)12 Sep 1897, SunPage 17
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  • 1897-09-12-CincinnatiEnquirer-p17-GreatestSilverCampMeeting

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