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Jeff Kidd - tornado - 32 INJURED Texas Tornado Leaves 3 Dead...
32 INJURED Texas Tornado Leaves 3 Dead AMARILLO, Tex. (AP)-A .tornado swept down on the west Texas village of Sunnyside Tuesday night and lulled three persons and injured 32. Sunrise today showed the twist- Cambodian Prince Resigns Top Post PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) --Prince Norodom Sihanouk, former King and dominant political figure in Cambodia, has resigned as Premier and refused to form a new government. In a letter to the regency council, which took over the rule after his father, King Norodom Sura- marit, died 10 years ago, Sihanouk gave "personal difficulties" as the reason for refusing to continue at the head of the govern- found to be alive when she reached the hospital. She was in critical condition. Bui for a woman's warning cry '[J,eir"roofs" seconds before the twister struck, ment. As president of the powerful Socialist Community party, the er virtually swept the communityl offf the land. .. Originally there were four dead reported. However, one of the supposed victims, Mrs. Sylvia Phe- minister, describing how they kepi the roof of one shelter from collapsing on 30-odd persons. Sunnyside residents emerged to find the farming community shat- a on and Ian, mother of the dead girl, was terei · Rie writn j ng storm levelled the toll probably would have been much greater in the crossroads community of Sunnyside, about their church, store, grain elevator, cotton gin and four or five homes. A half-dozen other houses lost I Dead and injured were strewn amid rubble piled up to five feet high in an area 100 feet square. UUIlllllullllJ Ul uullllj^'uc, "UUUL m i ' . il 11. L halfway between Amarillo and ,. Th , nlst ' ng on l ° t h e n ° Arthea .f Lubbock. Mrs. C. M. Rogers, wife of Sun- the twister jumped over Amarillo, about 70 miles distant, and h e nyside's Baptist pastor, spotted I als ? me "ff d B 1 r ^'- White Deer|the - i a n d Skellytown in the Panhandle j cationj Wednesday morning asked oil fields, the Weather Bureau the dark and threatening cloud and sounded an alarm. Nearly 40 men at a meeting in her husband's church scrambled for two storm cellars close by Most of them made it. Several were too late. "The men had to put up their arms and hold up the rafters," Amarillo reported. Another tornado dipped into :'jedge of the town of Friona, about ' v , _ ,, - cUJiia tmu nuui u|* me i UILCIO, ... 37-year-old Prince recommended sajd Mur , R J0 son of the| VI " age ' t '"" ' and a third bounced through farm near Muleshoe, about 30 miles southwest of the shattered j that the new premier be selected j from the ministers in his former government. Corpus Woman, Son Held by Mexicans WASHINGTON (AP)-A Corpus Christi woman and her son were held by police in Merida, Mexico, for several hours and then re- TODAY'S MARKETS NEW YORK (API--The stock market was mixed in active trading at the opening today. Most changes were narrow. A few stocks moved widely. Instruments rose 2z to The Friona twister rolled a 50- leased into the custody of the U. S.!«9 on 1,600 shares. Eastman ho- consul in the city, Hie State De-;" rose Us to 111% on 1,100 partment said yesterday. The mother and son. Mrs. W. E. shares. Chrysler and Royal Dutch were Mansell and Sam McClure Man-[unchanged. Slight losses were are charged with helping in [shown by Republic Steel and CheS- thc escape of her husband 'apeake Ohio. 2 NEW BOXES lor me rnona tvnster rolled a foo thouse trailer 200 feet, trap- ping Marie Carroll, a public school nurse, in the wreckage. She suffered a severe back injury. Her husband Tom and her brother, Jack Davidson of Danville, III., I suffered minor hurls. At Friona heavyr ain sent water gushing through the streets up to 114 feet deep for a time. Hail the by Woodard size of pears pounded the farm country around Sudan. | ttle county j ai | Killed at Sunnyside were T. B.: have Hogan, a ginncr in the com-i "if canno Panel to Determine Precinct Delegates munity: Nona Beth Phelan, 12,! advi ' se daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earli may Phelan, and J. B. Kidd. 45, Plain-, view, a lay leader visiting Sunnyside church. j mllcn your pro inpt Before pouncing on Sunnyside, he vicious twister also struck at ne gas company booster station The decision on the size vole' two new Taylor County voting precincts will have in the counly Dp"iocriltic convention, will hi tnade by-the County' Democratic Executive Commillcc, Count; C ..v.ian Tom Webb said Wednesday. The new boxes arc No. 26, South Merkel, with 504 paid poll taxes, «nd No, 39, which voles at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, with 894 qualified voters. Webb last week asked stale party headquarters to clarify the matter of voting strength the two new boxes arc due in the county convention: The law says the dele gates from precincts will be do- I- '"/··' hv l'" vole for the par- ly's nominee for governor in the i 'n, one delegate for each 25 votes, The new Mcrkcl box has the number formerly held by Blair, a JMT. Tht Abilcm box It newly created, having a completely new number. State Demo Chairman J. E. nally of Abilene advised Webb that there are no cases and no ·ttorney general dulings on what vole such precincts should hav in the counly convention and sug tested that the matter be dccidct by the county excculive committee. Webb said the decision will be made at a special meclirig of Iho executive panel called for May ; when the election judges, most o: whom arc members of the county committee, will be guests at n dinner hosted by Abilene ncwspa ixr and radio nnd television sla lions. He snld he would recom mend thai each of the two ne« prccincls have at least one vole in Ihc county convention. The May 3 dinner will be a' the Woolen Hotel, Primary pur pose of II will be to plan for cov 1 about 2 miles lo the southwest razed a vacant farm home and heir cattle barn on ils path into lhej t h c "'Uage. them that "nothing is "As I looked up and saw t a t ln e cloud approaching," said Mrs. tiny voting precinct abolished this orage of the May 7 primary vot Ing. Rogers, the minister's wife, "it ! .ooked real wide and some of us wondered if it was a tornado. Then, just before it hit, we heard a violent whirling noise." Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Sadler arn,ong those dashing from the church. They got as far as (heir ir. "When the funnel hit our car rolled and rolled," said Mrs. Sadler,, one of those taken to a hospital at Dimmitt, 15 miles north of Sunnyside but. apparently not in serious condition. Her husband escaped with scratches. Of the injured, 28 were taken to the hospital at Dimmitt, three to Olton and still another to Little. ' brought physicians and their aides from Friona, Tulia and Hereford lo assist the four on the staff of Iho Dimmilt hospital. With them came totnnus vaccine' and otbeY medicines for treatment of U* injured. at An' appeal for doctors and nurses value

Clipped from
  1. Abilene Reporter-News,
  2. 13 Apr 1960, Wed,
  3. Page 44

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