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e n s a - of eligible e d . Mott Headquartered In NYC- Negro Extremism Involves Over 12 Active Organizations replacement of s a t i o n of $186,557,000 Commonwealth 1963 of w i t h Indiana payment 38,300 the totaling in the un- By AUSTIN SCOTT NEW YORK (AP) - The violence violence that flared in rival Negro Muslim groups in the past three days involved just two of more than a dozen organizations active active in the secretive world of Negro extremism. With the exception of Elijah Muhammad's Chicago-based Black Muslims, whose New York mosque was destroyed by an explosion and fire Tuesday, most groups of any strength have headquarters in New York. Police in a number of major American cities indicate that extremist groups command allegiance allegiance from only a comparative comparative handful of Negroes. Because the groups often re- I Jamaican Negro, counseled American Negroes against i n te-| com gration. i a diploma nursing He was convicted of mail fraud in 1923, deported, and in 1940. Harlem still annually celebrates Marcus Garvey Day. About half of the Negro extremists extremists are believed to belong to the Black Muslims, properly known as the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. Formed in 1930, it preaches complete separation of blacks and whites. * Wiry, 67-year-old Elijah Muhammad, Muhammad, who has led the since 1933, says the United States should turn over "several states" for an all-black nation. The Muslims have claimed many as 200,000 members. Other Other estimates put active mem- Rallies if Because tne groups on«n ic- - fuse fuse to say much about them- bership as low as 5.500. ,* ·-_,.,--. j-..«,.*sKiA »« open to the non-Muslim totaling o fa- to selves, it is almost impossible to get accurate membership figures. Four years ago the New York Times estimated that perhaps perhaps only 2,000 of this city's one million Negroes were members of extremist groups, compared with 25,000 dues-paying members members of the NAACP. the proportion proportion is believed to be considerably considerably less in all other cities. Yet officials agree that the influence of extremists can, in times of crisis like last sum- .mer's riots, be out of proportion |.to the number of persons involved. involved. In New York City last summer, summer, at least 17 Black nationalist nationalist groups were members of a coordinating body called the African Nationalist Federated Council. Most of these organizations were anti-white, and believed the American Negro could gain freedom only by linking his fate with that of rising African and Asian nations. The white man has never open -have -have drawn 3,000 in Detroit, 3,500 in St. Louis, 7,000 in and 9,000 in Philadelphia. The for as at than all experimental "space tests. federal and The insure you weeks of a liq- they ideal- 25, of of Am- led his herj she out." Gerald Ohio, is fas- given us anything without outside outside pressure," said a nationalist nationalist speaker at a summer rally. "We can never get anywhere in this country by ourselves, because because we are a minority. But what the white man doesn't understand understand is that black people are a majority in the world. We must look to people who are our color." The groups are organized along varying lines. Some, like the various Muslim groups are oriented toward religion. Others are primarily political. An example example is Harlem's Progressive Labor Movement, headed by self-proclaimed Communist William William Epton. A few tiny groups appear to be little more than individual attempts to gain personal power. power. Some, like the Cultural Association Association for Women of African Heritage, are primarily social. Historically, many are off- hoots of the Marcus Garvey - .. _* Although they claim to oppose violence, members occasionally have been involved in serious clashes with police. And, a number of former members have charged that a strong internal police force -- the Fruit of Islam Islam -- is used to keep members in line. Chicago's police, however, say they have "no problem them whatsoever," adding, "as a matter of fact, they seem go out of their way to avoid trouble." The Black Muslim doctrine teaches that whites are "devils" created 6,000 years ago by genetic genetic manipulation to sow discord discord in an all-black world. Muslim members profess an ascetic life. Smoking, drinking, gambling, violence except in self defense, and all forms of vice are forbidden. Their most famous defector was Malcolm X, an urbane light-skinned Negro who was shot to death as he stood on stage of the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan Sunday. Malcolm, who formed the rival rival Muslim Mosque Inc., said was expelled from Muhammad's Muhammad's group a year ago some of its leaders felt he getting too powerful. Malcolm also organized a second group, the Organization Afro-American Unity, to appeal to non-Muslims who would accept his teachings that Negroes should meet violence with violence. violence. Back to Africa" movement of the early 1900's. Garvey, a because the you H. He "I sat he the reac wore 1 ' took in five Real Estate Transfers Archie Floyd Weil, Jr. a n d wife to Joseph A. Pearce and others, track in Banks Twp. $1,300. $1,300. John C. O'Callaghan, Jr., and wife to Ferae McHenry and others, others, lots with two-story dwelling in 4th Ward, Indiana. $14,000. Craig E. Moore and others to Roy W. Rearick and wife, lot with two-story dwelling in 4th Ward, Indiana. $16,000. Pete L. Cavalier and wife to Michael Gazda and wife, tracks in Young Twp. $3,500. Ruth H. Mathews to Vaughn G. Heider and wife, parcel in East Mahoning Twp. $1,500. Albert Contrucci and others to Raymond E. Klawuhn and wife, tract in White Twp. $16,000. Although he was an effective and colorful speaker, it generally generally was believed his groups not really gotten off the Two points on which most such groups agree are that Negroes must pool economic political resources into power blocs, and that they must not look to whites for help "There is no use deceiving ourselves," Malcolm X once said. "Good education, housing and Jobs are imperative for Negroes. But they cannot the main Negro problem." Other New York nationalist groups include the United African Nationalist Movement, founded in 1948 by its current leader, James Lawson, 46. Lawson says his group, he describes as anti-white for meeting violence with violence, violence, has less than 100 members, but adds, "our influence considerably more. The which Muslim claims to Brotherhood, be the true three the said hot meal solid mm con* Mi) DEATHS FORT LAUDERDALE. Fla. (AP) - Raymond P. Upe, M, a founder of the Beechnut Company Company in 1H1, died Monday. Re also was a grata shipper and financt-l San er during World War I asrf lived small mm sYsBs1mmm%_ sfmsmsft. mlmT ms% femmmltt- msfsV hi ^^^ Ammmwmmi vs^smHia) sramt W V^MssTmw mww H V*aiivsa --.--. Muslims and is hostile to ihammad's Black Muslims, la membership estimated at than 100. Detroit is believed to have less than 400 active Black Muslins. Boston, the only other reporting any followers of Malcolm X, is believed to have more than SO Black Muslims with minor influence in the Negro community. Police say that if Chicago any other extremist groups, they are "very minor." Los Angeles police report fewer than 500 Black with negligible influence, and "two or thrtaV tiny extremist troops known to exist last November. San Francisco Police report Black Muslim unit of

Clipped from
  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 24 Feb 1965, Wed,
  3. Page 25

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