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1893-07-29-AlexandriaGazette-p2-FromWashington - FROM WASHINGTON. [Correspondence of the...
FROM WASHINGTON. [Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.] Washington, D. C, July 29. Geo. S. Weed was to-day appointed collector of customs for the Champlain district, N. Y. Assistant Secretary McAdoo who has beeii confined to his rooms here for the past week as the result of a painful ac? cident sustained by him while staying at the Hot Springs of Virginia, has suf? ficiently recovered to warrant his de? parture to-morrow for the Jersey coast. Assistant Secretary Scott Wike is Acting Secretary of the Treasury to? day, both Assistant Secretaries Hain? an and Curtis being absent. The former *s in Chicago and the latter in New York, and Secretary Carlisle, though at the Department, is still suffering from rheumatism. Consul Emmet at Smyrna cables the State Department that cholera exists in that port. The outbreak of the dis? ease in this important centre of Medi? terranean trade is regarded as of much significance. S.-cretary Carlisle has directed that the collector at New York accept a nominal bond for 18 horses imported for the Russian exhibit at Chicago. These horses came from the private stud farm of the Czar of Russia and are said to bp exceptionally fine types of the Russian horse. At the close of the ?air it is the intention of the Czar to ex? citative these horses for American trot? ting horses and carry these trotters to Russia. There is still another negro national democratic league in the field, of which C. H. J. Taylor of Kansas, is chairman, and H. C. C. Astwood, formerly of Lou? isiana, now of New York, is secretary. The executive committee of this league resolved to-day to call a mass meeting of negro democrats and all negroes de? siring to affiliate with negro democracy in this city August 21st, 1S93, to take active measures toward organizing the State leagues throughout the country, to popularize negro democracy. It was also resolved to establish The Negro Xatiun Democrat Ahe organ of the league, to perpetuate democratic principles throughout, the nation. Secretary Carlisle to-day appointed Alex. G. Morgan, of Kentucky, Dis? bursing Clerk of the Bureau of Print? ing aud Engraving at $2,000 per an? num and C. H. Warnecke, of Washing tou, D. C, foreman of construction of Post Office building at Washington, D. C, at $(.5 per day. It is stated at the Treasury Depart? ment to-day that Chas. B. Morton, of Maine, will be appointed Fourth Aud? itor of the Treasury, vice Lynch, tho Mississippi net^ro, who now holds the place. Mr. Morton was formerly chief of the bureau of navigation, under Sec? retary Manning. An additional purchase of 50,000 ounces of silver at .7030 cents per ounce made last evening in response to n counter oiler, was aunottneed at the Treasury to-day. This makes the to? tal purchase exclusive of "locals" 2,072,000 for the mouth. Next Mon? day is the last purchase day. Several oilers at higher rates than the above have been declined without any coun ter-otier being made. The Treasury officials have been advised by tho mint authorities at Philadelphia that the holders of some of the silver bought at the Treasury rates have failed to de? liver it. Notice has been sent them that the silver must be delivered with? in 24 hours or it will not be received. The total uumber of fourth class post? masters appointed to-day wan 97, of whom 52 will fill the places of removed republicans. The only change in Vir? ginia was the following: Louisa, Louisa county, Mrs. L. A. Goodwin appointed postmaster vice H. J. Wale, removed. Among the many here looking for homes in Virginia near this city is Mr. Jefferson Chandler.a prominent lawyer, who was once spoken of as Mr. Vest's successor in the CS. Senate from Mis? souri. Corporal Tanner, ex-Commissioner of Pensions, attempts to excuse himself for the part he took in allowing clerks iu the pension office whose pensions bad beeu improperly increased, to con? tinue in receipt of those pensions, con? trary to the order of ex-Secretary No? ble, by saying he never heard of such an order until he saw it yesterday in a newspaper. At the office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, as well as at that of the Secretary of the Treasury, it is thought that the nomination of Mr. Shepperd for collector of internal reve? nue for the upper.and that of Mr. Ryan for the lower district in Virginia will, be sent to the Senate during the first week of the coming session of Congress. Representative Catchings is here to? day. He says Mr. Crisp will not arrive until next Sunday night, the night be? fore the day on which Congress will meet. Mr. Catchings also says he does not think the extra session will be con? fined by any means to the considera? tion of the proposition to repeal the Sherman silver bill. A prominent democrat from Rich? mond, here to-day, says that judging from the newspapers of his State, near? ly all of which are for same reason, which they know best, in favor of Rep? resentative O'Ferrall for Governor, that gentleman at present has certainly the best show of receiving the nomina? tion, but it is thought in Richmond that when the delegates to the conven? tion reach there and find that the wisest and best informed Virginians think that a better man for Governor could be selected, they will be dis? posed to heed good advice. Ho also says that it is surprising to find that many of tho delegates elected to the convention are so ill informed of Mr. O'Ferrall's political history, and, that upon inquiring, he learns that the newspapers wont print it. He also says that little ro liance is placed in Richmond upon the reported strength of Mr. O'Ferrall, as it is well known there that some of the counties stated to have elected solid O'Ferrall delegations,will cast a majori? ty of their votcB for either Lt.-Gov. Ty? ler or Col. Buford. From King George county, Va., it is learned to-day that its delegation to the convention will be uninstructed, and from Loudoun, that the delegation from that county will be divided. From Fauquier it is learned that though the O'Ferrall men count upon that county, the delegation j from .there know that if a man from Rockingham be Governor. Fauquier cannot have the Attorney Generalship, and as they want the latter place for their countyman, they are not at all likely to chock their own wheel. There were many seekers here to? day for Senator and Representative Meredith, but neither of them was in the city, and the seekers went back to Virginia sadder than when they left there this morning. to tion on out ber, use for side at her Dr. he was To test are by the the of lar to for be of the in the the a he tea a tion first a ern

Clipped from Alexandria Gazette29 Jul 1893, SatPage 2

Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, Virginia)29 Jul 1893, SatPage 2
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