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1894-08-22-SanduskyRegister-p1-FromTheCapital - » f ending Fair. \ merid FROM THE CAPITAL....
» f ending Fair. \ merid FROM THE CAPITAL. Alien Anarchists to be Kept Out xne uountry. I The Colored Brothers to be Caught oy democratic unan. STA.TK ™>nty - hours endlnt easterly sill, inches, 7th ci I ..«»uu<un«, auj. si. — a strong report report favoring rigid and exclusion and deportation of alien anarchists tins Wr, mnrlo hi - the rxn.,Bn m,. _ juuiciary report says: "It is admitted on all hands that the question is one of very great importance and that legislation on the subiect is called for by every consideration for line puoiic - safety. "The committee is advised that owing v« „v,.tlc icgiamuuii reetjuuy auoptea by France and Italy a great many dangerous dangerous anarchists are making their way to the. TTnifo^l et.t^ „„j .1.. .J mcv wuuut utj uemea aumis - sion to our territory. The United States will soon be the rendezvous of these hu - — - ^.^..o^.o lug pioposeu legis lation is speedily adopted. .1 ~ * , 13 Ui lue opinion that the TTniterl Statoc ic f.illw l„r.i:c - ,i . ._ . ^wpp1CuiUie immigrauon ana .> ^u.vuU m mia wmitrj oi men wno pudiate all law, all government^and mies of mankind. The peculiar metim which they have adopted of imnressin g the. nnhlic of the i,ict;,.e .if destruction of property will not com - ux^uu iioen lu tne iavorawe consideration consideration of anyone in this country." ' ' u, JL1' ,iU"<" ^ - otevenson, ! Senator David B. Hill and Chief Clerk JohnS. McEwan, of the Senate, iei't over the Southern railroad this morning - tor Charlottesville, where they will be me guests oi jenerson SSL. Levi, at Mon - ticello, the home of Jefferson, returning tomorrow. "A formal request to abolish the - Afro American American bureau, an organization of the Democratic Congressional Commit - ™, ■■"■"""^ m ,1 ^uuimuaication aa | | dressed today to Senator Faulkner, chair - ~i tuLumuiee, oy a, ij. ^j. Ast. wood, chairman Qf the Xegro National Democratic league. Chairman Astwood, nothing to be accomplished by the bureau: bureau: he recounts its assessment r,f lot. iters now under investigation by the Civil (Service commission and characterizes its : methods as improper. He states the . - v. .v.^^ an tne ueeas ot the colored voters of the country and Ljiau tnuugri ^appreciating the recognition recognition of the negro as the head of the bu - reau and of tho. r.nmmittoo tu„.„ :~ _.. ason ior the existence of the bureau The action is the re*., it At - ti,„ ■ l; ham. f 1 0 7, Milwaukee Milwaukee J . I j T |ing uons given president C. H. J. Taylor j the 1 uiiiu ^n>wu .11 m« league I convention at Indianapolis. " bena.or I - aulkner. chairman of the ■ committee, said today that very go6d '"g .uiu aumoient reasons must be produced "id. before tie hum., ,, - ,^,,1.1 u , ,_ _ in 1 > 1.1 — "ULUU w iiwiisneci. 1 ~ T T 11U to conect con - tnbutions. Senator Faulkner said: "The H bureau is merely in its experimental! ncrs stages: it remains to be seen whether or I not it will be productive of good results, H hat we want to do is to rono.h thn thnv ored voters in the best manner possible, j ing to our best iiidnrnem irroc^o^t; organizations or individuals." Senator \ oorhees was in the commit e e room at the Pimit.d t^ri.,, - f„ hours, the first time In four weeks. He is still weak on account of recent ill but but is cheerful and savs he ic proving. He expressed confidence that ....... I the son alter with of follows: the The pnning. lie expressed confidence that I the President would act on the tariff bill soon after his return nn,l no,.rv,;t ilml ffress to ailtmirn We t,^,..., 11.. J he had no 'infnrm - i - ie.i ' 00 t„ .!.„ r>' , dent's intentions Xhe Japanese legation received i SfftaTlft 2^," ?"u^?n finding in the British Vav.i quiry, held at Shangai to investigate the fact of the ciiil. - in. - r ~e .1... , steamer Kow Shing when acting as a transport for Chinese troops to Corea bv the Japanese cruiser Naniwa Kna as favorable to Japan. The British 'ad - uil.v rrom today to miral officially stated to his Government ' — that he considers the sinking of the Kow ! Shing under these circumstances as! equivalent to the sinking of 1 fhino'col11urse and consequently advise;; the I ■ " . ms - more .^^v,. sun3C4ueiiiiv auv British Government to make no orul^u.

Clipped from The Sandusky Register22 Aug 1894, WedPage 1

The Sandusky Register (Sandusky, Ohio)22 Aug 1894, WedPage 1
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