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 - Sunday, Mnnry H, 1W--Von Nuyi (Collf.) T H I N...
Sunday, Mnnry H, 1W--Von Nuyi (Collf.) T H I N E W S E«*~-23-A Wwt---31-A Bur.--9-A Central---3T-*"'! AMERICAN LEGION, DAR AWARDS HIGHLIGHT EVENT Van Nuys American Legion Post 193 award is pre- regent, Fermandia Maria Post, DAR; Cadet Tom sented to Cadet Peter Bronson during ROTC awards Combs, recipient, BAR award; and Mrs. Sherwood ceremony at Van Nuys High School. From left are Dodge, DAR awards chairman. Special program was Bronson; John Ussen, member of Post 193, making held in school auditorium, followed by refreshments. presentation; Mrs. Glenn DeBray, representative School is located at 6535 Cedros Ave. .ROTC UNIT HOLDS AWARDS CEREMONY AT SCHOOL Members of Van Nuys High School ROTC are honored, for outstanding achievements during semiannual awards presentation at school Awards are for work done by students during fall 1966 semester. From left are Cadet Maj. Richard Funk, honor student, outstanding service; Don Groth, boys vice principal at school, Lt. Col. Jack Smith, pinning medal on Funk; CapL Alvino Corbez; Cadet Second Lt. Richard Roll, theory and Cadet Maj. Craig Mork, theory. Cadets must have given extra tune, efforts to be eligible for awards. ROTC unit achieved many honors in citywide competition. The NBK» Mayor Ruffled by Questions About Journey to Far East Mayor Sam Yortj- arrived injmy hand," before his car spediwhenever I can. I think far too\Philippines In April came be- Los Angeles Friday night, vis ibh: ruffled by newsmen's away. much has been made over mv Yortv said he would not at-,latest trip in view of all the questions about eastern trip. his far; Itend a "Back to Bataan' 1 eel- "Yes it's accounted for, it's always accounted for," the Mayor said in reply to a reporter's queo' about who would pay the bills -for his tour that began last Feb. S. "When (Norris) Poulson was mayor and went to Oregon every summer for one month, the public didn't say anything, but when I so on a business trip in lieu of a vacation, it seems to Iw everyone's business," Yorty asserted. Wrist Randa-;rd The first to disembark from a Pan American jetliner arriving at International Airport from Honolulu, Hawaia, the Mayor paused only briefly for questions and then enlered his limousine parked ne^r the plane's ramp. The Mayor, dressed in a gray suit, waved a bandaged right wrist and commented, "The trip wasn't very good for vacation coming,' time I still said Yorty. have lebration to which he was re-. portedlv- invited bv President Ferdinand Marcos'of the Phi!-|particLpate in the "Back to The Mayor's decision not to ippmes. "For no particular reason ..." he said. Cancels April Trip Yorty declined further comment pending his "Report iv* The People" set for tomorrow. Earlier, a spokesman in the i Mayor's office said Yorly ·would ranee 1 his plans to jleave the city again next i April. , Ynrty's derision, relayed through his 1.0s Angeles office from Tokyo, said lx»s Angeles, however, would 3e represented at the 15th anniver- jBaiaan" celebration in the cause of city budget discussions. raisiSTHE NORTH HOLLYWOOD NEWS OF Zonta Club of North Hollywood will present Gordon M. Browning, member of the board of trustees of the Covina Unified School District, at its dinner meeting tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the Smoke House restaurant, 4420 Lakeside Drive, Burbank. Mr. Browning, whose subject will be "The Three Eras of Education," serves on the Anti-Subversion Committee of the American Legion, 17th district of California. An Air Force pilot In World War II, he devotes much of his spare time to working with youth groups. He will be presented by Mrs. Phyllis Roberts, program chairman. Mrs. Marjorie Cox will preside. By FRAN ERWIN jresent honorary life memberships to two outstanding Hollywood residents. Mrs. H. A. Redack is Founders Day chairman. John Long, chairman of foreign languages, and an authority on the audio lingual method of languages, The meeting public. is open to the FAIR AVB. School PTA will celebrate the 70th founding of PTA Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium, 6501 Fair Ave. Mrs. Clifford T. Jones, president, will preside. Opening ceremonies will be presented by the White Horse Tribe, of the Woodcraft Rangers. Mrs. Jean Elson is the leader. A report on the nominating committee will be given by Mrs. Mike Basura. Characters Portrayed "Alice in PTA Land" a skit written by Mrs. Neil Weiher, founders day chairman, will be presented. Cast and the characters they portray are Mmes. McNeil Gene as Alice Stratum, "It (the anniversary) comes r- ' ii-insr thp ^itv's hndset rp- oara Duncan Birney; Phoebe Hearst; Mrs. Jones, white rabbit; Mrs. Weiher, Alice as a child; Norton Kurland, Tweedle-Dum; Sallianne Davis, Tweedle-Dee; Donald Putney, Knave of Hearts; Mike Basura, Queen of Hearts, and Orville Sackrider, Chesire Cat. Flowers will be portrayed by Mmes. Richard Alexander, Joseph Hugill, Walter Jennings, Mariel Beatty, Helen LaMonte and Miss Ann Wong. Guests Invited In charge of costumes and props are Mrs. Gene Stratton, John LeCieleci and Wayne Welsh. Special guests will be past presidents and honorary life membership recipients. Former presidents are Mmes. Sidney Reneau Jr., R J. Sharp, John Heilman, A. W. Zinser, Donald Needham, Eugene Kayer, Forrest Nelson Keith Gouger, Howard Thienes, Charles Kemp, Walter Mosher and Josef Meredith. Honorary life members are Mmes. Harriet Crane, Harold Cordoza. Harold Eisner, N. J. Downing, M. R. Reaves, Robert Lingscheid, C. B. Mansfield, Eugenia'Coles, Jane Simon and Robert Snyder. More are Mmes. E Mason, Robert Parker, Norman Banarer, Miriam Hamlin, Kenneth Mann, George Rhett and Richard Webb. Award 2vew Honors Still more are Miss Rose Yomtob and Jack Flynn, Charles Ellis. Donald Becker, Herb WaUiser, Floyd Brown, George Hoffman and HObert Gonzales. Ceremonies will include the awarding of an honorary life membership to a member for outstanding work with children, school and community. Refreshments will be served by inembers of the PTA the use of the method with the aid of pupils who are studying in this field. Mrs. Frank Wachsner, international relations and non- English speaking students 11- asion chairman, will present Dr. Richard Martin, chairman of the non-English speaking students of the school. Dr. Martin will discuss the school program which provides es- .ential help to foreign students. . Art work by foreign pupils will be displayed according to Arnold Bauer, chairman of the school's art department. He will be introduced by Mrs. Warren Moe of Studio City, art and art scholarship chairman. Special welcome will be given to new students entering the school from Walter Reed Junior High School, North Hollywood. * * * CHRISTINE METTKEL, 19-year-old art major at San Fernando Valley State College, has been named to Mademoiselle Magazine's College Board and is eligible to compete for a Mademoiselle guest editorship in June. She will be a member of the board until her graduation in 1969. A junior 'at Valley State, she plans a career in advertising Mrs. Herman Martin will.and a semi-finalist In an essay teaching foreign will demonstrate contest titled "What the Constitution Means to Me." Christine is a past honored jueen of North Hollywood Behel HO Job's Daughter. She is the daughter of Mrs. Foan Meukel of Granada Hills, formerly of North Hollywood. * * * FRANK KfSK and his son,! Tarry, were named the winners of the "Father and Son ^ook-Alike" contest which was one of the highlights in the special program presented art. On the college campus, she has been a member of both sophomore and freshman during the city's budget re view and it will be impossible | for me to get away at that! time," said Yorty. CHBISTDfB MEUKEL Honored By Magazine class councils, a vice-presidential candidate for the freshman class, participated in student art exhibits and is a recipient of a Mabel Wilson Richards scholarship and an art student's scholarship from the Reseda Women's Ciub. While a student at Hollywood High School, she was Girls' League vice-president and art department representative in the Bank of America Achievement Awards. She was also a member of the junior and senior class councils, Hollywood High publicity- committee, Girls' League Council, National Forensics League, Girls' Athletic Associ- jation. Service Club, Folk Song I Club, Booster Club, drill team HOLMTWOOD HIGH Schooljfor two years and an honorary 12324.Moorpork St North Hollywood PhoM PO 3-3747 by members of the Order of the Arrow at the annual fellowship dinner of the Women's Society of Christian Service of _. the North Hollywood Village.".; Methodist Church. Frank Kise won his second,, award of the evening for being the father with the nwsL gen-.,., erations present. ', ^ Other prizes awarded went.. "? to Gordon Nash for being the youngest father present, Fred Turner for being the oldest, father, and Harold Lee and V. C. Sheppard for having the/^ most sons in attendance. · .' Thomas Schofield Helps Link Vietnam by Phone PTA will celebrate Founders Day at its meeting Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the auditorium, 1521: X. Highland Ave. Mrs. Robert Xelson of Studio City preside. 1 ~- : - A ' r Thomas J. Force First Lt. Schofield .lr. of telephone calls from American military personnel in Vi- member of Camerhons, Girls' Honor Society, and tlie registration committee. She was also a semi-finalist will :n the KABC-TV Xews Hour iTeenage Xewscaster contest Hold Round Dance Class Open for 2 More Mondays " bimi Valley CC Fete Scheduled S1M1 _ The Simi V;i hold its annual awards T quo! on Monday, M.irr-h 17:30 p.m. in Kl ^yilvio !' 7-anl, IfliS S. T,-ipr Si.. The hoard mf-Hinc will »1 ihe Bank if A. 3/v Th» hoard mf-Hs the Tw'sdsv ^V'TV jnrifvnlh. ihe recapture of Bataan fromh the Japanese during \Vor3d War II. "1 should like to reniiaid ray critics," said Yorty," "that the Mayor works 3ong and jng RiJky Griffith and Evelyn Cress as round dance ctvrs for a designated set aict..»jn through the Military radio-i A f f i 1 i a t e Radio System -· UMAR.SI station at Norton 'AFK. C;d. Lit. Schofield, son of Mrs. T. .1. Schofield of 3^651 Sunburst St., Sepulveda. has helped 5o complete more than 3700 MARS telephone calls between U.S. fighting men and their families since the station became operational. His station often worked 24 hours a day to put the calls through. This beginners' for single at · hard hours and has had only one vacation 3n five years s1.;n1rd since taking office 3n IflfiL" l^p j^j Knliflfd lo Varatinn 'first The vacation, said Yfi-'y.ifonr Kv.?is a 1-rip if Mexico in Orto. si^iii-i frw (];iys ( f i n d i ended vriilvT''Si? olfiri;-)] .(--jiv husine^s in Mf-xi- ,-''''- adults cither alone or with a partner. The class is one of three network relays telephone caJIs from Vfctnam through amateur MARS radio ·opemlors 3n Southeast Asia al the same lime in j a n d the United States to com- MS Angek-s area and the jinrrcial telephone systems, in the Vilify for the lastj Lt. Schofield, a conimimirs- 3-hasjii(iiis ·ifii-cr with ihc 2.' : n"ri3 "C'linmirvilions S'^UHdron, r^- ivi'd lus rriin miss ion in 1W1 (] -,viih W r.; Kch.i bf "NYrirlv r.'vfty rily fi'Minal. 'have hc-fn in .including thr mayor, is rnli- ·'**' the- rir-xt Hr-'l 1o at lf;ist a tTvo--;vf'rk .p.m. in "\ .Y'orly. J 'I try i ' » -wnrrne frirnf- v;i- rnlion lime ·with citv rrnsinr-s? sincir- ;ninli i r d io ibis- cl.^ o Mondays al Nuys. .1'unioj- i Sfh'io] ril :-(·!.4 Odi ns Ave. Information may !*· ohisinrd hy ii-j £ i-, ,], ^ ,,f Arnrii- ; i i r f i r l r l , ("al. i-'l'-.-fii hi? KA deci r" in ! rum S^rT^mr-nlo -l?iif-j The lieulenant is a ! DIRECT IMPORTER I European Hwig Kong I SALE SAVE 507o 1007b HUMAN Wigs Falls 29? WIGLETS ONIYQ9Q STYll FREE TRY ON wi gs ho ps · BANKAM£RICARD solons inrited AMERICAN BEAUTY SUPPLY Sfudio City: 12S42 Vcn»uro Blvd. · PO 2-0707 M«m. 1iroufh So). 9 A.M. »o * P.M. Ue. Hollywood: 12107 Sylvan, Volley Ploxo · PO A-2435 »»,rv A Sal. '"il A «· M.~7lM»r«. A f«. 'Tfl ' The News photo LOOK ALffiJES--Frank Kise, left, and his soil/ Harry won Father and Son Look-Alike contest which highlighted special program presented bjt- members of Order of Arrow at annual fellowship dinner of Women's Society of Christian Service of North Hollywood Village Christian Church, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE UNITED ORTHODOX RABINATE OF GREATER LOS ANGELES H E N R Y BRAIT, Proprietor SHERMAN OAKS STRICTLY KOSHER MEATS AND POULTRY Formerly Weiss Kosher Meoti : 14054 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks Phon* . . . 784-8594 or 784^4987 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING IN'THE REAR · WE CARRY CHOICE AND PRIME MEATS' ONLY · WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN FREEZER ORDERS CUT, WRAPPED, MARKIQ · 550.00 ORDER OR MORE, 10% DISCOUNT 59; Fresh, Breasts, Legs Thighs CUT-FROM PULLETS DELICIOUS KISHKA 59 Ib ZION KOSHER SALAMI 79 FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF 45e Ib. or 3J1 29 FRESH SLICED BABY BEEF LIVER SHOULDER OR 0-BONE LAMB CHOPS KOSHERT REDI-MADE PATTIES .. 591 BEEF SAR-B-Q RIBS SALE PRICES GOOD MON., FES. 27 THRU FRI., MAR. 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