Add for imported rifle barrels 1771 Philidelphia

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Add for imported rifle barrels 1771 Philidelphia - Lately B irriported from London and Bristol,...
Lately B irriported from London and Bristol, and to fee fold, on the cheapeft terms, br " ' D A N I E B BN E Z E T, At his ftore, in Arch - fixeetr fear door? below the porner of Second - ftreet, LUE, green, fcarlet, claret, brown, cinnamon, drab, copper, and mixt coloured middling and low priced broadcloaths ; re'd and blue fix quarter wideiaffils ; green and blue broad naps j narrow Yorkfliire frizes 5 white and red flannels ; fpotted fwan - Ikinsj a large aflbrtment of common.Briol fhaloons; blue ftrbuds; fine mazareen blue, copper coloured, red, and drab London fealoons j fine tammies, of moft colours ; double prefled fuperfine durants ; bluegreen, and brown' calimancoes ; foftletand crimfon ibinch. wide ditto ; brown and drab worfted faggathies j broad and narrow 1 1 1 . . 1Z 11 a. 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Pomerania linen ; clouting diaper ; narrow Ruflia diaper; crimfon erminet : 3 - 4 - ths wide ftnped linen; German and Holland whited long lawns; double and fingle tandem Silefias ; coloured ginghams ; a very large aflbrtment of fine arid coarfe 3 - qr. j - ths and yard wide Infli linen: ftnped cotton hollands ; yard wide French Iripes ; double' folded brown Ruflia meeting linen ; yard i - 8tri fine Turkey cotton ftripe ; brown buckrams ; t2pe 'and large bordered kenting handkerchiefs; cambricks and '"lawns, in whrle pieces and patches; fine ftriped Bengals ; a great variety of calicoes, whole and half chintzes, and printed cottons, viz. double and fingle purple ground, 3 colours and blue, Pompadore ground, txxres nntrvV'm !lniir Vi1ii nnril1 ixnrl' Cry r f f - c - 1 inj f T n . 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Scotch gauze ; fine and coarfe piftol , lawns ; plain and masqueraded xpehiafcoes ; fint4 - pll' wide blue Pompadore, purple, and lipht pounds, true India chints mnorees : ti nails n.StKe yard, arid yard and half wide check linen; 7 - Sths, yard 3 - 8ths wide, cotton check ; broad and narrow true Wigan check ; blue, , Li '1 - i . . t'ir.t ' V L' T tn : 1 . uidiK.. iiiu L10111 LUiuurcu viiina liiiclics : r.ntTiiin mqnn. r u tactured plack ditto ; ftriped, cloth coloured, blue, green, pink, black 'and red, ell wide perfians; a very great variety of plain and. changeablemantuas, both half ell and 3 - qr. wide; black mantua ; pink, red, blue, black, green and white, haf yard perfian ; rich blue, black and cloth coloured full fattins; pink, . white, blue and black pelong ; broad ftriped luteftring; blue half ell wide farfenet; cloth coloured hair grazcts ; half yard wide , lowered tobine ; blue, black and white flowered mode ; black paduafoys ; ftriped damafcus and moozeens; red and white, blue and whitey cotton romals ; Englih manufactured blacjc Barcelona handkerchiefs ; fpotted Bandanoe filk handkerchiefs ; black Italian hat - band crape; India nankeens; a variety ef paduafoy, tattin, luteftring, taifety, mantua, farfenet, Perfian, and tinfelled ribbons ; 2d. 4d. and 6d. ferrets, of moft colours ; blue, black, reen, red, crow, . brown and cloth coloured, beftBaladirie fewing filk; three' corded white ditto ; black filk cravats ; fine ftriped filk - grafs handkerchiefs ;' fuperfine, middling, and coarfe ftamped Scotch thread ; red, blue, greenyblack, mixed, and drab coloured thread ; white Hitching ditto plain and diapered Holland tapes j ' bobbins ; "mens and wbmens white cotton anci thread ftockings ; black filk mittens j'nHens knit, ribbed and plain brown hofe ; fine and coarfe grey worfted wove hoie - ' ftriped and plain cotton and thread laces ; lettered, diaper, fcarlet and Tulley garters; Manchefter blue and white theck linen handlcercriiefs ; narrow and middling bltse and white ftriped cotton tapes ; black filk ftock tape, men and womens iwig horfe whips and half hunters ; flat fmall bar lead : pjdgeon, duck, and goofe ihot ; ' fine and Coarfe propatria and pot paper ; TurkejT, flowered, fprinkled, and emoouea paper; giu ana nan gut auto, xor DooK. - oinacrs uie ; marble paper, of the very beft kind ; German bibles; Britifti , ink - pewder; nutmees.cinnamon, cloves, and mace; beft faffron," . - i V j i. r c iron wire ; - in hay; common pewter dunes, plates and batons clavant, ' nog, large and fmall reeven, and bblto'p fine and coarfe brafs wire, fuitable for fcreening mills Englifh paireooaras; ayea pmow tuitians ; coloured jeans ; double and corking, middling, Ihort white, and ftake pins ; rough and ized F and FF Eunpowder. - n quarter ea(ks : Enelifti fteel, in faggots, marked A. C. 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Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 19 Sep 1771, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • Add for imported rifle barrels 1771 Philidelphia

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