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1893-10-07-HutchinsonNews-p4-ANationalIssue - no to no That is What the Negro Taylor Has...
no to no That is What the Negro Taylor Has Become. BETWIXT SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS and it circulating government new Re we the an th The. so A NATIONAL ISSUE. Thitt In Where the Democratic Sonntur* "Are At"—Damned of the [ Southern tlrlffiitllers lr Thuy Confirm Taylor, ami Dauiued of the Administration If Tboy Don't—The Nejrro Voto or Gront <!OIIM>- tinence lo VlrRlnla— Washington Not<!i». WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. — [Special. 1— There are few things of moment these days in which Kansas does ^ot cut a figure of some sort or other and for the past two weeks she has, In the person other colored son, C. H. J. Taylor, made life a nightmare to the spirit and a burden to the flesh, to sundry senators. Mr. Cleveland dug Mr. Taylor up, and being assured with modest frankness by that statesman that he was "the Frederick Doug- ass of the Democratic party," proceeded to send his name to the sonatc as minister to Bolivia, fat place paying $7,500 a year salary and 85,000 "legation expenses." The nomination WOB received with that uproarious enthusiasm which the pres ident has been led to expect. Perhaps it wasn't a good time to tickle the feet of the senatorial mule. The senate's bair was pulling, and it was generally out of sorts, with a bad stomach, over the silver question anyhow, Bjgd if the little birds sing a true story there have been some ancient and elevated times in the executive session over the Taylor Taylor appointment. Under ordinary circumstances, circumstances, a rejection would have been registered in short order, for al though a generation has grown up since the war that contlict witnessed campaigns of privation in which many brave Confederates acquired and accumulated a hunger and a thirst which has not been appeased appeased to this day. And the southern senators, with a thousand pegs and a limited number of holes in which to put them, have not been allowed to forget that fact. Without exception they sympatized with their constituents constituents who vociferously objected lo standing outside the barn ewhile d—nigger, sah," was led into one of the finest stalls within. But the tub ject has been burdened with complica tions. In following the administration on the silver question, the senators from the south know that they have been walking on very thin ice. Their con stituents are not with them, t,o any great extent. The south is honeycombed honeycombed with discontent against the Democracy, and it was held inline last year only by affixing the "force bill" as a scare-crow at every cross rqids. The festive Populist of tireless jaw is abroad in the land throughout the habitat of the late confederacy, and the Democratic leaders of that section have been brought to a point where the negro vote must be cultivated und captured. Just now the hottest campaign is going on in Virginia since the days of Billy Mahone; Mahone; and Populists from Kansas, Colorado Colorado and elsewhere are howling from every stump to a cheering gathering. The Democratic management has been forced to abandon the platform of the administration and chime in for free silver and almost everything else that the Populists are advocating, and still the tide seems to be running against them. Only the negro vote will save them, and Taylor has been expected to go into the campaign and pull the colored chestnuts out of the fire. On the one hand confirmation confirmation has.meant offense to a clamorous horde of office seekers and old-time haters of the "nigger," while rejectioo has meant the incidental conversion of Taylor to Republicanism and probable I OBS of the colored vote in Virginia and elsewhere. That's how Taylor has be come a national issue.

Clipped from The Hutchinson News07 Oct 1893, SatPage 4

The Hutchinson News (Hutchinson, Kansas)07 Oct 1893, SatPage 4
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  • 1893-10-07-HutchinsonNews-p4-ANationalIssue

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